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Zelda Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons Coming To The West On eShop


Zelda series producer Eiji Anouma has revealed via the Zelda Miiverse community that The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages will be coming to the West. The games are already confirmed for Japan and will arrive individually on the Virtual Console February 27th, priced ¥600 each, and then in a combined pack next month at ¥1000.

“The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Oracle of Ages will be released for Virtual Console on Nintendo 3DS in Japan, but it’ll be a little while longer till the’re out in other territories. We”d like to ask for your patience until they’re ready for release. Thank you!”

Thanks, Mike S

53 thoughts on “Zelda Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons Coming To The West On eShop”

      1. All decent websites put on their title the games will only come out after a while, so I don’t click any of them. My Nintendo News says “they are coming to the west”, I click it, they aren’t coming, they will come, in a distant future

        This website has been doing click bait for way too long. I have to put up with this, I work with this stuff, but you guys shouldn’t

        1. Misleading? He said they will come in the future and so be it. He actually didn’t say anything about the time and that information concerns only to Aonuma. He would give us more information, if there were any out.

    1. Dude hahahahahahaha. You need to go have some lunch. Eat something ’cause you have become light headed and delusional due to lack of carbohydrates lol.

  1. Oh wow! omg yes so happy! That means eventually they’ll be released here in the UK, maybe in the summer or something? Either way I’m happy!!!

  2. What games on the PS3 can compare to the Wii’s Monster hunter tri, super Mario galaxy 1 and 2, Xenoblade, The Last Story and Smash brothers brawl? Please don’t add demon filled ridiculously hard dark souls. Give me games that anybody world over can play without being insulted.

    While am at it, fellow gamers MONSTER HUNTER 3 ULTIMATE demos are now available on the 3DS and Wii U eshop.

    Also yesterday the wonderful PS4 was revealed. It’s a purchase am making in two years :).

    1. Infamous … GoW Uncharted Battle Royale , and a whole lot more. And I too will be getting a PS4. I predict a lot of gaming in the future.

  3. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    Yay, I have wanted these two games for a while now.

    On another note, I’m having trouble killing the snow monster in the MH3U demo :/ I keep attacking and attacking and he just won’t die >:@

    1. You mean the Blangonga. Use a fire weapon, his face is his weak spot. You shall get him in no time. Wait! I don’t even know which snow beast they put in the Demo lol.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        Nah, it was the Lagombi. I finally beat it but I had to try 4 different characters and it took me 15 minutes of attacking to kill it >_> This is my first time playing a MH game if you couldn’t tell….

  4. Already have both on GBC :D They look great on the GBA SP because of the backligh and you can make it fit the GBA SP screen!

  5. OK guys, I guess just for fun, What gameboy or gameboy advance games would you guys like to see come out for eShop? Personally, I would like to have the Megaman Battle Network series.

    1. Megaman Zero Series. Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku Series except fourth dbz game. Any Pokemon game from red to emerald. The sonic advance series, sonic battle. mario & luigi super star saga…. a few others that I’ve forgotten lol but those are the ones that I want to come to the 3DS eshop

  6. I wonder how they will handle the link cable features?

    They may not have an epic story, but thinking back on it, the Oracle games are some of the most fun I’ve had in a Zelda game. Really good games.

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  8. FUCKING FINALLY!!”! I havent bought squat off the store since Mario Land :D

    I cant wait to get these again! Ganon here i come! >=]

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