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Pre-Order Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U From Capcom Store And Get Classic Controller Pro


Capcom USA is currently holding a promotion for those looking to purchase the Wii U version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Those of you who pre-order the game with Capcom USA will be eligible to receive a free Wii Classic Controller Pro to play the game with. The free accessory is only available to those that pre-order and there will presumably be a limited stock quantity.

Thanks, SherlockWillFightBilbo

28 thoughts on “Pre-Order Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U From Capcom Store And Get Classic Controller Pro”

    1. Probably no

      Correct me if im wrong, but that buy both and received 20 off was a besbuy promotion, wasn’t it?

      Now this CCP is only available if you preorder from crapcom themself, so I’m assuming no, but I might be wrong though.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        The buy both deal was for Amazon. This is for Capcom’s store. Either way you’re saving $20. I would really recommend the CCPro, though.

  1. Capcom are such idiots – ”we didn’t include offscreen play because we wanted to use the real eastate of both screens blah blah blah” ”oh an it supports the pro controller so you don’t have to use the gamepad screen , which basically means we should of supported offscreen play”

    Basically they want us to buy the 3DS version to use as off screen play :/ . Still Monster Hunter Ultimate is looking awesome in Wiiu.

    1. I agree with you 100 percent. Imagine if they were to include of screen play, lets say three months later. Then also provide a way to play with a 3DS online with the Wii U game operational at the same time. My brothers and I would be running to Amazon to order 3DSs. We can start an OPERATION SOMETHING after the game has been out a month to petition Capcom. If whiny people can get Xenoblade, The last story and Pandoras tower; we can but try :).

  2. i’ve been playing the demo and i think the gameplay is too SLOW. why does walking make me feel like a turtle? why does the monster get to bite me five times before i hit the darn thing? that’s why i sold my copy of the wii version. i thought they would fix this. also, haven’t even looked at my gamepad once. this title had so much promise, but i think i’m going to skip it.
    wow i’m in a bitchy mood!
    why doesn’t frickin’ Nintendo ever offer any Download deals? why is the Download the same price as retail (which cost money to ship, retailer gets a cut, etc.), and then the retailer can still give a deal? why doesn’t Capcom sell download codes as pre-orders with this deal??!?! what world am i living in!?!?!?!?

    1. You must have been using Great Swords. Sheath that badboy lol. Now play monster hunter 3 ULTIMATE longsword and you are game :).

    2. A – You can run . B – The reason the monster is hitting you is because you’re not trying hard enough , I fucked up both normal and hard mode monster on the demo.

      The gameplay is very complex and has lots of depth. At face value it seems very simple , but it’s not. And it’s much much much better when playing with others…..

      It’s not for everyone , especially not casual gamers , not saying that you are one.

  3. Wii U and the PS4 support :

    1) Unreal engine 4 ( even though my Wii U gets the S600 Mercedes while the PS4 is the S600 AMG Mercedes ).
    2) Unity engine 4 with direct X11 equivalent features ( cause only greedysoft has licensed direct X11 Xbox720 )
    3) AnvilNext Engine from Ubisoft ( probably running the game watchdogs )
    4) Luminous Engine
    5) CryEngine3
    6) HavokEngine2
    7) Frostbite 2 or 3 whatever the badboy shall be called
    8) RETRO’s Engine ( wait only nintendo runs that Engine on the Wii U)
    9) Sony’s Engine ( Wait only Sony runs that engine )

    Everyday PS4 in sealing tone getting time sensitive ports that the xbox720 and Wii U shall get. Question to the Sony fanboys that have just shown their true colors alã Jellybean ( Australia ), what shall make a Wii U owner like myself move my two year plan of PS4 ownership to next year apart from the extra 6GIG of RAM? Keep in mind the one console exclusive xbox720 is fighting to be my second console.

    1. whatever rocks your boat, i currently own all 3 home consoles (OUYA will my 4th) but i sure as hell not getting a 720, specially since the 360 has been such a huge disappointment in terms of exclusives. see it all comes down to preference, i cant speak on Jelly’s part, but microsofts Exclusives are not enough for me to buy their console again. (tales of Vesperia, Blue Dragon, Gears and Fable do not justify the price of a whole console….. to me at least.)

      if you dont like jellybean, or Sony for that matter, then thats your opinion and youre allowed to voice it, but dont start flame-wars you ass hat.

  4. I saw the new monster hunter 4 trailers. About lost my mind celebrating. Is there anything that the Wii U can do to compete with the 3DS when the Wii U starts moving product?

  5. Capcom USA could have went for the Wii U Pro controller in the first place during that offer… but I digress. Good move for Capcom USA for that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate promotional offer.

  6. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    I recently bought a CCPro because I transferred my Wii data to my Wii U and couldn’t play my Virtual Console games. Honestly, the controller is really underrated. The only two “issues” are the non clickable analog sticks and having to plug it to the Wiimote. But neither of those are problems. And for $20, it really is a good controller.

  7. am I the only one playing that demos as if it was the real game? lol

    I still can’t beat the dragon on the hardcore mode, but I don’t faint anymore, Its days of glory will be over!

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