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Nintendo Shares Have Risen After PlayStation 4 Announcement


Nintendo shares have risen after Sony revealed its long-awaited PlayStation 4 console on Wednesday. Sony’s U.S shares were down 2.7% to $14.08 by midday, with Nintendo’s shares up 2% to $11.79. Trade on the Japanese market were similar as Sony slipped about 1.8% by the close of that session, and Nintendo Japan gaining about 1.3%. There isn’t any real explanation as to why Sony shares dropped and Nintendo’s rose, but it’s good news for the Kyoto based company.

205 thoughts on “Nintendo Shares Have Risen After PlayStation 4 Announcement”

    1. Randomly beautiful nintendo post. It is good for Sony in the long run. You drones should realize, nintendo’s success is home console success. Be thankful nintendo released first, cause Mario moves consoles, that leads to families randomly visiting walmart, play and trade, amazon to buy nintendo consoles and thus seeing xboxes and playstations. Then choosing to tryout those other machines, I hope you catch my drift. Say nintendo = Toyota, Sony = Honda and xbox = FORD. People enmasse shall buy the Toyota Camry due to being the most efficient sedan. As they shop the dealers will also show them a Honda accord and new Ford focus, which they will buy for their children or husbands due to Toyota leading the way ( had to give a real world example for my Sony and xbox fans to paint a portrait ).

        1. Now that I have read my own words, I did call you a drone. Forgive me, my spidey drone detectors have been malfunctioning lately.

      1. That´s true. It´s not uncommon seeing people on the shops coming for Nintendo products then trying other similar products as well. In many cases, people ask the shop clerks about several products before buying anything. While Nintendo always appeal to families and casuals due to their famous franchises, those when going to shop may also find other consoles interesting as well. The market is not just about fanboys, while it´s true that the videogame marketing is getting smaller sales year by year, there always will be a good part of new consumers

      2. Sony’s share price going down is good for SONY in the long run how?? These guys need to beg, borrow, and steal to keep the company afloat and every time their stock moves downward they are getting in deeper.

        In other words, your post makes *zero* sense in the context of the OP.

    2. No I did not call you a drone. Trust me I address drones directly. Your post even drones and xbots I respect :). You make an interesting observation, this post does lack the sickr and Alba sensational war of the keyboard and keypad flavor. Forgive me if my words implied that.

      1. It’s okay :)
        I was just trying to say, that this article (like the UK Top 40 news here) doesn’t really has some kind of content in it.

    1. Sort of. Nintendo also presented a Nintendo Direct exclusive for Japan presenting only 3rd party games for the 3DS, in the same day of Sony´s conference.

    1. eh? i was really hoping for sony to offer something that i cant already do with what i have. i have a pc that can push better graphics than what was shown. and i already have onlive which can stream games anywhere i go. what else is there to the ps4? the touch pad/not screen?. idk, i’ll have to actually get my hands on one and see how the controlker feels, since that was basically the main reason i avoided the ps3 lol

      1. yeah the reason i buy a console are for its games and if there isnt anything on playstation that you like you might as well save your money.

  1. I see this as bad news really. I was hoping Ninty would have to come out of the hardware business, as I’d rather play Mario/Zelda on a well built, sony system.

    This comments sounds awful I know, but there is an obvious difference in quality between sony and nintendo hardware. Nintendo do fantastic games though.

    1. Flamebaiting much? Nintendo games excel because they are built for hardware that has these games in mind in the first place. But if you want to be blind to that and join the specs jizzing bandwagon, go right ahead…

      1. Nothing has ever been better than th N64/OoT marriage. Ever.
        I know it’s old, but it’s just the best example of the hardware/software coupling Nintendo still excels at today.

        Mario/Zelda on a PS ? It’s like imagining heterosexual sex with a person of the same gender.

      1. Why do you need to insult him? He is simply stating his opinion and in a civilized manner, unlike other people such as the trolls.

      2. The only one here being idiot is you.
        I love Nintendo games, and bought each console and handheld on release day, except for Wii U.
        Why? Because every time I played a good Wii game I wished it was on another console instead. Reasons for this are better graphical capabilities and ESPECIALLY having the option to use a NORMAL controller. Skyward Sword and Donkey Kong Country Returns were great games, but I’d happily dish out 599usdollahs just to play them on a console where they look amazing and being able to play them from my couch instead of having to swing my arms around like a total imbecile. And now I have kinda lost faith in the company as a whole, and even the casual crowd that got a Wii only had a few hours in with Wii Sports/Fit before the console turned into a dust collector and realized it wasn’t worth their money. But of course, fanboys will remain fanboys, and I don’t give a fuck if I get any hate because you know it’s true.

        1. I wouldn’t compare the wii to the wii u. The u is completely different, and I’ve already played it more than I have my wii. ( If you minus the days I spent playing brawl ) I’ve yet to play a game that seems gimmicky with the controller, and nothing seems forced like it did with the wii. Once a few more games come out you’d be missing out on a lot if you didn’t eventually get a wii u :) just sayin’

        2. The Wii U allows for the following controllers :

          1) Wii U beautiful touch screen game pad
          2) Wii U pro controller
          3) Wii-remote and nunchuck
          4) Wii controller pro
          5) Miscallenous off brand Wii U controllers
          6) 3DS as a controller of the Wii U
          7) Ubisoft Camera as controller in Ubisoft dance, sports and exercise games.

          BUY A Wii U.

          The Wii U also offers :
          1) 1080 P native, 720 and 480 P resolution.

          The Wii U supports the following :

          1) Unreal engine 4
          2) Unity engine 4
          3) CryEngine 3
          4) Shigeru miyamoto Zelda on the Wii U outside graphics

          1. And why the hell would you want to use a regular controller on a wiiu ? Is it just me or is the gamepad feel better to use on ANY game than the pro controller. They’re the same thing except the gamepad has a more ”imperius” feel about it :) .

            Are you playing Mass effect 3 online tonight ?

              1. I agree the touchscreen is useless on a couple of games , but I still will use it instead of Pro controller , I prefer the way it feels and find it very comftorble :) . The pro controller feels cheap and light as do all other controller to me now XD

      1. Specs are the most important factor! That’s Why Mario galaxy 1 and 2 , Skyward sword , Metroid prime 3 , Smash bros brawl , Xenoblade are better than any 360 or ps3 game. Wait what ?

          1. Yeah they are and I own all of those games , But my point still stands , NIntendo made games that are as good , if not better than the games you mentioned on a 480p wii.

            Just let your imagination think of what they can do with the Wiiu. Nintendo’s ability as developers means they don’t have to have PS4 specs to make games that will be as good and even better than some ps4 games . The gamepad also adds lots of interesting possibilities.

            The PS3 and 360 have amazing games , and more overall than the Wii due to better third party support , but all it takes is a playthrough of Galaxy or Skyward sword and you realize who is the daddy.

            1. gamespot gave it a 7.5, and i was pissed at first because i didnt think a zelda game deserved it, untill 2 months after i finished it, i didnt care that it wasnt as good as other zelda ad it did look like shit, now xenoblade is way better and looks better to, is that ok or are you going to have a spas attack, and ign stands for ignorant, i actually thought twighlight princes wasnt as good as the others either

                1. IGN is way more biased than Gamespot. Don’t let your blinded fanboyism tell you otherwise. Skyward sword was terrible.

                    1. Sorry dude , I played every zelda game and I will give all of them a 10 on 10 except skyward sword … The fact that there was no exploring areas and motion controls worked about 7 out of 10 really made it bad ..

          1. No , Skyward sword had an amazing art style , looked amazinf for a wii game , has a metacritic of 93/100 and got 10/10 from the likes of IGN and Edge.

            It’s one of my favorite ever games aswell. The motion plus controlls were perfect and really something special.

            1. i like your response, why do people hate on you, and i dont really hate it, i just think it was over hyped, a lot of people dont like the game that much, and if the motion controls were taken out, it would be more boring since the game was made for it, im just more of a fan of ocarina, majoras, and windwaker, than this and twilight princes, i actually like how dark that one is

              1. That’s reasonable , it was a love or hate game. No shame in loving or hating the game.

                Why people hate on me ? cus they’re sad mother fuckers who’ve got nothing better to do in life.

                  1. I can honestly understand why you/people don’t like it! You’re not the only one , 50% of the Zelda community LOVE it like me and 50% of them think its OK or even disliked it compared to other Zelda games which is fine.

                    I have a bit of a Nostalgia thing going on with Zelda , the Music and the Epicness just gets me everytime.

                    Nealy every zelda game is an epic masterpiece for the platform they are on. I never cared that much for 4 swords adventure though….

    2. Agreed. A massive difference in quality. Every launch-model Nintendo console i’ve ever owned has lasted me flawlessly till i would eventually sell it for the next gen. Not a single person i know could say that about brittle Sony hardware. So yeah, obvious difference in quality of course. Nintendo hardware is far stronger, more resilient, less likely to breakdown in any way, and has very developer friendly architecture.

          1. do you mean the gamecube by gcn? because then i have to strongly disagree. my gamecube fell from hights of 40-60cm multiple times and it still works perfectly, ok the “reject” button sometimes gets a bit stuck but other then that it works like on day one.

    3. Your comment confuses me. Sony hardware is better built??? I’ve had 3 PS3s break due to their lasers going bad. Also, Nintendo games require Nintendo hardware because of that innovation. Ninty games wouldn’t be the same on other hardware. So, your point about their games being good would no longer stand…

    4. Well you have a much higher chance of seeing sony’s first party games on a Nintendo console than the other way round . Sony are on their last chance. All or nothing with PS4 , if it doesn’t sell well , they’re fucked. Nintendo doesn’t have such problems.

    5. When people say that. They realty don’t know that Nintendo does the best simply Cuz they can go at thee own pace n know there hardware. If they went all software. Then they’d be like Sega and mess up terribly before finding the rpghr pace. Notice how Sega did great until they became third party

    6. That’s the problem. I get so tired of hearing people wanting Nintendo to go out of business, because they have dreams of playing their IP’s on other systems. First, if Nintendo left gaming, gaming would become dull, not to mention all the money that would be lost. Why? Because Sony and Microsoft are doing the same thing, more power. Trust me, that would get old quick. Once that happens, people would go for true power, A PC. Anyhow, I want all the companies to do well, why? Because people get to KEEP their jobs. Too many people have become unemployed in the gaming industry as of late. If that trend continues, then we ALL better start looking for a new pastime!

    7. It might sound good in your ears but if Nintendo leaves the hardware business the innovation will drop. Yeah sure, consoles needs to be more powerful, but they also need to feel new and fresh which is what Nintendo does best.

    8. You have NO IDEA what you’re talking about.

      Nintendo, with intense collaboration from IBM and AMD, spent A TON of money to develop the most powerful MMU (the core processing chip containing both the CPU and GPU on a single die) ever for a game console. It’s able to run better or at least as good as other current gen machines despite the fact it’s actual qualitative specs are LOWER, and it does it with an incredible efficiency that’s never been seen before on any machine, gaming or otherwise. It’s easy to plug in any chip that manufactuers develop for the home computer market and do it cheaply since the computer industry has already invested in making them powerful, but to force innovation for a completely different purpose without the influence of a GIGANTIC computing industry….. THAT is incredible.

      Nintendo also made similar INCREDIBLE achievements in memory architecture, doing more with less.

      However, since gamers are mostly idiots who like to think they know what they’re talking about, took the idea of lower specs to mean the Wii U is a weak machine, something that has been proven incorrect well enough now, this went mostly unnoticed/appreciated. The PS line and especially the Xbox lines are LITERALLY just mid-grade PCs with some specialized interface devices and a custom OS. Anyone can do that.

      Nintendo consoles are built completely from scratch, with every part made and specialized for GAMING.

      And THAT’s just the console itself. That’s not even scratching the surface of the Gamepad (i.e. the completely customized/new wireless communication protocol and accompanying image compression/decompression technology used to stream a moderately large data-intensive display with literally ZERO latency and able to handle difficulties caused by the Doppler effect arising from the use of motion controls).

      Before you go spouting crap, make sure you actually understand what the hell you’re talking about.

      1. You truly deserve an A+++ for that comment. You have made excellent points about why the Wii U is an affordable and ecologically friendly video game (social and entertainment) console.

      2. And however stupid you think it was for Nintendo NOT to emphasize how much they put into the console, making it more of an afterthought compared to the controller and the gameplay possibilities it gives rise to, history has already proven you wrong.

        The only reason the video game industry is as big as it is now is because NINTENDO single handedly saved it after the 1983 video game crash where a bunch of tech companies made these absurdly powerful (for the time) and incredibly expensives consoles and did not put any focus on the games it was going to play. As such, crap game developers flooded the market with crap games and the public lost all confidence in the video game industry and it quickly collapsed. Nintendo chose to do things differently, making a modest (still quite powerful, but not obviously so) and affordable machine called the Famicon/NES and implementing their “Nintendo Seal of Approval” only licensing the best games for sale on their console while putting a huge amount of effort in creating their own games. They focused on making games FUN to play and nothing else. Consequently, the video game industry was salvaged within less than 3 years.

        History then repeated itself when Sega decided to compete, again making the same mistakes the old tech companies did. They bragged and bragged about how their machines were incredibly powerful and bash Nintendo consoles for being “crap.” Nintendo continued doing what they always did…. Nintendo’s console division survives till this day….. Sega’s failed and died and now they’re making games FOR Nintendo consoles.

        And now we have Microsoft and Sony…. mostly making the same mistakes (especially Sony) and the more they do it, the faster they follow the same fate as the other companies that tried compete head-on with Nintendo. The 360 is gaining better traction thanks to help they get from profit from the Kinect,but while the PS3 was technically a success, they risked making a machine they couldn’t make a profit on and they are now facing severe consequences. Since Sony is also full of idiots, they didn’t learn from their mistakes and did the same thing with the Vita which is essentially dead,, and made the PS4 with the same stupid ideology in a market that REALLY can’t handle it like it did in previous generation and the future looks very bleak for them.

        Has Nintendo had a perfect record of success? No, but the important thing is, they now how to learn from their mistakes and fix them. They’re acutely aware of and make an effort to cater to the ENTIRE video game market, not just so-called “core” side, and because of that, they’re able to survive any turbulence in the stability of the market. For example, look at the 3DS… before they came out with it, everybody mobile phones were going to kill the handheld market and when it came out the gate very slow and almost died, everyone was quick to say “I told you so.” However, Nintendo refocused their efforts, made some financial sacrifices no other video game industry would be willing to make, and the 3DS is a conclusive success and on a path to surpass its successor even though it hold the title of best selling game machine ever.

        Admittedly, the Wii U is struggling, but not nearly as much as the 3DS was. If Nintendo can do what they did with the 3DS, they can easily do it for the Wii U.

        Sony, on the other hand, doesn’t have the capacity.

        1. You, my friend, just said everything I’ve always tried to when explaining to people why I place Nintendo above the others and why their way (gameplay before graphics) is better.

        2. Wii U isn’t truly struggling, now shares go up when there’s more proof others are copying the idea. Once even more people see that MS’s wall is the same bullshit as kinect, a simple innovation, (that hopefully isn’t slow receiver,) and Nintendo finally releases their 1st party IPs they’ve been working on than Wii U will sell.

    9. Nintendo don’t need to race Hollywood Production value… they keep doing great what they used to be… even you say catching up next gen. I feel excited when new Zelda comes out on every new system of Nintendo. Different art style and unique gameplay stay well on my side. That’s next gen to me.

    10. Wow, if you wanna talk quality of hardware, then Nintendo wins pretty much hands down everytime, almost no contest. Their systems are made out of Nintendium from whatever planet they find that stuff on, and I can be practically certain that when I make my purchase its gonna last me until the next gen comes out. And why are they like that? I believe its because they are built from the ground up to do one thing: Play games. Every time u add another function to equipment, it presents just one more thing to break. Look at cars. The more electronics they put in, the more that seems to go wrong, and the more nobody seems to have any clue as to what or why something went wrong. Dedicated equipment works much better for its purpose than watering down functions for the sake of adding 800 features…

  2. Nintendo stocks have been falling for quite a while, it just regained value from 15 days before

    Sony shouldn’t show PS4 so close to the end of the fiscal year, it was obvious it would pull their stock down, I have no idea why they did it

      1. I don’t think so, if I could predict it so easily, they could too
        The last thing you wanna tell your investors when the company is in ruins is “we’re gonna launch a new product”, doesn’t matter how good it is, you wait until after march

    1. probably trying to cut off any kind of momentum the wiiu might have in the next coming surplus of games, definitely a good business move by sony. I’m surprise they didnt wait until e3 to talk about the ps4 and its games..

  3. NINTENDO is humble. The good LORD blesses humble, for the Atheists ( a bunch of my closest friends ) and non believers alike, humility gives success. The awe and wow! factor of nintendo’s closest competitor has now been shown and has settled into people’s minds. Thus realization is also that the Wii U can play playstation 4 multiplat games. It is not the Wii scenario anymore, the Wii U like the PS4 is a tremendous machine that packs the nintendo Shigeru Miyamoto and Aonuma seal of approval.

      1. If you had bothered to read his post past the tenth word, you’d have read an interesting non-religious opinion. Too bad.

      2. Dude thus the disclaimer in my comment. If I wanted to preach I would have a long time ago. What I did above was share my joy and excitement. Read it again; context wise it most singularly and with no emphasis points at humility. The ‘Good LORD’ snuck into their to express my personal feelings. Do you want me to get aggressive and stuff, well I will and can, but that’s for another time and comment. Right now am happy and smiling.

          1. No.. You can pray in them. It just can’t be endorsed. You can still pray in school but it can’t be teacher lead prayer.

    1. You know what?

      This guy is right. I’ve noticed this myself and sony’s trolling comes back to bite them EVERY DAMN time…

  4. I think shareholders were worried console gaming wasn’t going to continue, so now that the next gen is confirmed, it’s good news for consoles in general.


  5. Who would have ever thought, that Sony would be this kind to nintendo and the Wii U? No matter how February sales will be, this will give some of our whiny nintendo investors confidence and shut them up until march when the Wii U’s big guns roll out thundering ( lagaricrus style literally ). Phew! Thank you Sony.

    By Sony showing off the PS4, they breathed life into Nintendo stock, I bet even they didn’t see that coming lol.

  6. hmm EBgames in Australia has estimated the price of ps4 at $899,, even though WiiU was estimated at 599 and sold at 429, even if there is a 200$ margin of error, I don’t think ps4 will do to well. The WiiU is at 400 here now and struggling. This gen has gone for to long and with the amount of money EA, Activision and Ubisoft rake in with yearly installments of their popular franchises, the average consumer wont be easily persuaded into next gen consoles as they were previously.

    1. Yeah, game industry in general isn’t strong in Australia. And the reason why nothing really does well here is because most people import.

  7. Am I the only business marketing major here? As far as Sony dropping its expected, all companies drop in % wen they announce something new esp in the gaming industry and hardware. As far as Nintendo gain it could be that they are making a bigger profit worldwide or that watch dogs was announced to b on Wii u as well showing that it won’t be out of multiplats sharing this time around….or cuz MONSTER HUNTER DEMO CAME OUT YESTERDAY :p ha

    1. i doubt investors give a damn about Watch Dogs. It’s also on the ps4 don’t forget that.

      If investors cared about Watch Dogs, sony shares would have risen more considering it was the focal point for the ps4.

  8. Allow me to propose an explanation.
    For my explanation I will propose points, and it will be up to you to compare these points and see for yourself what I am trying to say, “as I can think of no more efficient way of conveying them to you.” Also, remember, some points may just be my opinion, and some of them might be facts, or even a mixture of both, so take what I say with a grain of salt and try to not get angered or call me names for my simple observation.

    Why Nintendo stocks have risen
    * The Wii U and 3DS are both already released
    * With already released and established consoles, people feel more secure purchasing them, instead of unreleased hardware.
    * Nintendo is releasing and even promoting old school titles, and showing that they still support them via the eshop, and Nintendo fans like this much more than Nintendo trying to only push the limits of the systems and be trendy.
    * Many very anticipated titles for the Wii U and 3DS are either about to release or already have, or are confirmed to be in development.
    * Prices for Nintendo products are “acceptable” for the time being. {understandably debatable}
    * Nintendo is a great gaming platform, not emphasizing on anything other than great gameplay, Miiverse is a social integration, but at least the game controllers don’t have a facebook share button directly on the controller. -____-

    Why Sony stocks have fallen
    * We still haven’t even seen the actual PS4 console -we wasted 2 hours just to see the one thing they didn’t show us.”
    * Sony’s PS4 games shown during the press conference seem less than lackluster, even to the most loyal of Playstation fanboy.
    * Diablo III
    * The share button on a gaming device is one of the lamest things anyone could have ever invented, believe it or not, there’s a lot of gamers that might not have any friends at all, or a facebook or twitter account and just want to play the game, all the while that share button sits there, taunting them to get friends.
    * Fear of losing used games, while Wii U has optical discs, and already a thriving used game market which is growing.
    * The price point of the Ps4, who knows how expensive this thing will be, $400, $500, $600?
    * The Playstation 3 is now officially DEAD, because who wants to purchase a Ps3 now that the newer, shinier, Ps4 has been announced? People that might have been saving up to buy or on the fence about buying Playstation 3, now, is most certainly going to wait to purchase a PS4.

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t think Sony was stupid enough to announce the Ps4 even this year, but they have ruined themselves now, and the only thing that can save them is for them to come out screaming with the Ps4’s launch with consumers as excited to purchase the PS4 at launch as they were to purchase the PS3 when it launched. All in all, the whole press conference announcing the PS4 was a mistake, and to add insult to injury, they didn’t even show the console, and every single person who tuned in to watch the press conference was there only to see the console, and that’s the only thing they didn’t show, and for that, Sony deserves to crash and burn financially speaking. For that, I honestly hope they have to sell the PS4 at a great loss.

    1. You made great points, and it makes me smile even more, know that investors will be silent now even up to march when nintendo Wii U season is in full swing. Talk about great news, nintendo has someone watching over them :). On your last point about sony as you stated we could do, I have to disagree; with some salt and pepper, I want Sony’s playstation 4 to do well so even I can have a blue ray player and uncharted 4, plus the last guardian which Sony needs to release in the launch window.

    2. You may be on to something there. Since there is no physical backwards compatibility for PS3 games are sales going to slow down now with people knowing the new system will be out in maybe 10 months and those games wont work without keeping both systems. On the flip side will vita sales pick up now with people buying it ready for the PS4 launch so they dont have to blow £600 in one go.

      1. I think sony degraded the vita from cool handheld to spencive peripheral. They should have show vita games too and some tipe of interaction from vita to ps4 too not just ps4 to vita.

    3. Friend you’ve actually struck some good points. Especially about how Ninten systems are built specifically for great gameplay and how the ps4 games appeared a bit lackluster. What burns me the most is the whole issue of not being able to transfer game saves from one console to the other. I can guarantee they pissed a number of ppl off and even lost some potential sales right off the bat

    4. The share button bad? Oh that one sir is the thing I am the most excited about in the entire console. If done right it will be gods gift to mankind. If done wrong it is still cool. Win/Win. I love it.

    5. Coming from the guy who stated the PS4 wouldn’t be released for 3 years, I’m not going to bother reading because it will probably be loads of fanboy drivel.

      By the way, eaten your words yet>

  9. I blame Diablo 3.
    Thank you Blizzard, you entertain me on PC while silmoutanously hurting Sorny hahahahahah…

    Now where is my Wii U…

  10. Before all the console stupidity gets way out of hand, stocks are based on what some guys in Wallstreet (or like places) feel how a company will preform over the next 6 months to a year. A stock could go up or down based on someones gut feeling to sell shares, which basically means someone didn’t think the announcement was enough for Sony to sell systems, not that it won’t sell systems. And someone thought it was worth it to buy Nintendo at a high price point cause they think things are going to get a better for them. Judging by the price ever so slightly.

      1. Yeah that is one possible from investors. It could have been cause of lack of price and this is a temporary dip. Investors are people with short attention span.

  11. Un-freaking-believable. Nintendo’s stock have risen up while Sony’s stock have went down after their PS4 announcement. I hope the Big N’s stock continue to rise before and after releasing more Wii U games next month.

    1. The only big games out for Wii U next month are monster hunter in the west and i think Game & Wario for japan. Most of the other big games will be out later on, after E3. I think Pikmin and W101 got delayed until after Spring.

      1. Lego city undercover says hello. NEED FOR SPEED PC edition reases next month. Drought in Wii U verse is officially ending. Spiderman DLC included edition releases next month. Games are here, which makes this news even sweeter.

          1. Watch Dogs is an old port?

            I’m honestly waiting for Pikmin 3, Mario 3D, Smash Bros. and Retros Project.

            X looks AMAZING but I don’t have 300 hours to spend on gaming.

        1. i actually really want there new stuff to come out, that means that, more console sales, and then more support and games, after e3 seems like when that may happen, hope they give you an option to play most to all games with the wii u pro, that would fis all the issues it seems, if people want to play wind waker with it, let them

  12. When the PS4 is released we’ll be seeing shares go up and down for both companies.
    Sony has the most powerful next gen console.
    Nintendo has the most unique console.
    Microsoft will have the most family oriented console.

    All three companies in my opinion will be doing great, though I’m worried that Microsoft might slip and possibly leave the console market to aim for the TV and Tablet market due to many rumors about the NexBox being a tablet console with a hub for the discs.

    PS4 will be incredibly successful and the Wii U will most likely pick up in sales by the following weeks

    1. you are right. the only one missing here is Microsoft, and they have to hurry, and quick, because the Wii U is getting more and more games and the PS4 is comming soon.

      1. Yeah, from news I’ve been hearing its going to be the mid range console on the market if the specs are to be true (which is seeming likely) then it needs something to prove its a good competitor

      1. It will be WORSE than the ps3’s launch. Why? Because there was MORE reason to buy a ps3 in 2006. The biggest reason for sony fans being the graphics leap from the ps2, this time around it’s not there.

    1. I really don’t liked that PS4 event, they didn’t show us what the console was, but yeah, I liked that social feature, and the graphical performance, but it was nothing mind blowing to me, and that Dualshock 4, dude, forgive me Sony fans, but I don’t like that controller, I don’t know, it just doesn’t have the PlayStation soul in it.

      1. You are forgiven ^^
        I know a lot of people hate it and it doesn’t really bother me. It looks comfortable to me but I think we all need to get first hands on the controller before actually saying anything about it.

        Though I will say this…. the controller looks weird it both a good way and a bad way

  13. I feel a little bad about the shares of Sony dropping…but as far as Nintendo’s shares rising….it puts me in a good mood.

  14. This kind of thing happened before, except Nintendo’s shares were what dropped and others’ had risen when the Wii U was announced. Everyone here had the common sense to say that the stock drop may have had little to do with Nintendo’s Wii U conference and that stock drops happen all the time. But when circumstances head the other direction, when Sony’s stock drops and Nintendo’s stock rises after the PS4, suddenly all common sense goes out the window in the name of hypocrisy. Suddenly it’s perfectly justified to correlate Sony’s stock drop to their PS4 event even though we set a precedent by saying that an event like the Wii U conference or PS4 event could not possibly be the direct influence of a stock rising or dropping. How can this be? How can one be so ready to give up all reason just for one’s own satisfaction and convenience? If you can somehow realize these concerns and how important they are, then please don’t resign yourself so easily to negligence of reality for your convenience.

  15. Nintendo shares rose because the PS4 didn’t impress anyone and they predict a failure because everyone thought the PS4 doesn’t look like a step up from PS3 and average consumer will buy PS3 or Xbox 360 or Wii U over PS4.

    1. Really? The reaction seemed opposite. In fact, I do think the PS4 unveiling was better than Nintendo’s E3 2012 press conference. Other than that, the fact that Sony’s shares had gone down isn’t surprising. We’ve seen this happen before when the big 3 reveal their next-gen consoles. We should all be hopeful that Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft do well in the next generation as the console market has been stagnating.

    2. your correct, ps4 is going to be very expensive and people don’t have that kind of disposable cash for videogames anymore

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  17. So what is this article implying? That once people saw the PS4 everyone decided to jump ship on Sony stocks and jump on board with Nintendo because they think the Wii U is awesome?? If so ten thats GAEAT!!! :D

  18. With the ps4 on the horizon and the wii u’s potential starting to be tapped by game developers… i can’t help but think that this year is just gonna come up to my wallet, have a nice talk. get to know each other a little then…. BAM, flipped over and raped. D:

    1. Share – A unit of ownership that represents an equal proportion of a company’s capital. It entitles its holder (the shareholder) to an equal claim on the company’s profits and an equal obligation for the company’s debts and losses.

      Two major types of shares are (1) ordinary shares (common stock), which entitle the shareholder to share in the earnings of the company as and when they occur, and to vote at the company’s annual general meetings and other official meetings, and (2) preference shares (preferred stock) which entitle the shareholder to a fixed periodic income (interest) but generally do not give him or her voting rights. See also stock.


    2. you can invest in a company and you buy a percentage of their whole companies profit lets say 0.1 percent. So lets say 0.1 percent of sony is $1000. If sony makes money and growns as a company by double than your 1000 dollars surns into 2000 dollars and you can then sell your share or keep it.

  19. Wii U have Nintendo exclusives + multi-platform games + 3 party exclusives from time to time… who needs more than that? … LONG LIVE NINTENDO WII U !!

    1. the most popular games last gen were ALL developed by Nintendo.

      Mario Kart Wii alone sold more than Halo 3, Bioshock, MGS4, Killzone 2, God of War 3 and GTA IV COMBINED!!

  20. Cuase they realize the ps4 is going to be very expensive and people don’t have that kind of disposable cash for videogames anymore

  21. I expected both consoles to launch with a $400 model. Some of the extra hardware components seem kind of pricy, so I think it’s less likely they’ll be able to both hit the price point and present a major graphical jump to entice consumers. Most of the hardware seems optimized for social instead of graphics. Then again they’re not trying to push anything crazy like Bluray and the Cell processor again, so it will def be able to be cheaper than the PS3 was.

    The graphics look better, but once you hit Battlefield 3 level consumers can’t hardly tell the difference. It’s more about big open areas and more objects on screen than the detail level of individual objects now.

  22. I thought it was obvious, Sony was doing really well with the PS3 right now, and the announcement of another console coming basically kills all that momentum they had and places them in the hot seat right next to Nintendo. Everyone acts like it was only natural for Sony to release another console, but I don’t think it was a great idea. The market is too unstable and they want to make a console that’s even more expensive just to try and bury Nintendo. It would have been better to just keep to the PS3 for another year….

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  24. If I had to guess at the cause of this change in shares, I would say that there are people who were on the fence about whether they wanted to get a Wii U or a PS4, and wanted to see the announcement for both first, then, after seeing the announcement, decided to go for the Wii U.

    1. Unfortunately, investors and consumers don’t work the same. This news has nothing to do with buying Wii U, just simply investing or buying Nintendo stock.

  25. The one who care about graphics and spec, isn’t a true gamer.
    I don’t remember at last one generation of home console dominated by the videogame with more “horse power”, Sony needs to acknowledge that instead of horse power, what really matter is the gameplay quality.
    So for the next gen, I would go for Wii U, let’s wait for the new Microsoft console to my final veredict.

    1. The problem is you can’t stop Nintendo’s domination. The Nintendo 3DS is STILL the #1 selling portable system in Japan. The Wii U will return with more games including MonolithSoft’s X and Nintendo/PlatinumGames’ Bayonetta 2.

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