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Michel Ancel May Leave Ubisoft After Rayman Legends?


Michel Ancel, the acclaimed developer behind both Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil, could be leaving Ubisoft to concentrate on his own projects. The move would allow Ancel to detach from a large company and find more freedom in creation and organisation. Ancel and six other developers within his team are apparently looking to leave the company. Ubisoft denies the report.

40 thoughts on “Michel Ancel May Leave Ubisoft After Rayman Legends?”

  1. Good. With the way Ubi’s been acting, they don’t deserve his talent. Its about time developers stand up to the CEOs and publishers.

        1. It might lack appeal to you, my friend. It seems you didn’t notice the thousands of people who were pissed of Rayman Legends being delay. That fact only could prove to you that Rayman Legends could have sell very well during the spring season.

    1. I think he would work well with many of Nintendo’s developers or founding a new developing team under Nintendo’s wing. As long as he doesn’t have to respond to that sexist idiot of Sakamoto, he’ll have way more liberties than with Ubisoft.

      1. Sakamoto IS NOT sexist. Trolls created that idea, the same trolls who hail lollipop chainsaw and GTA as classics. It was an anti-Nintendo campaign that started all that crap. There is NOTHING wrong with Samus. She’ll never be a whore with a chainsaw or hooker in GTA.


    2. Nintendo is like a tight knit family. They don’t hire outside help. Devs have practically begged to join Nintendo and have never been able to.

      Valve, Resident Evil creator, Suda51 etc….

  2. I see another big one falling down slowly in the future, just like THQ (R.I.P). come on Ubisoft, can someone explain me what the hell is happening to this company?

  3. Good , this will be good for the Nintendo fans who were quite frankly betrayed by Ubisofts higher ups. Micheal Ancel leaving Ubisoft would make me feel a lot better about the Whole Rayman legends thing.

    Don’t be suprised to see it get delayed until the PS4 and 720 launched …. *sigh*

    1. The thing is though then Legends might be the last quality Rayman game it it probably won’t sell as well as it would have without the 7 month delay. Also that means that the future for the sequel to Beyond Good and Evil looks grim and those are both very high quality franchises I’d hate to see die

      1. I know :( . But honestly this whole thing is just unacceptable. Nobody cares about the game going multiplat , but finishing the game and delaying it 7 months and breaking promises that stem back to last years E3 is just retarded.

      2. The franchises do not matter, the artists behind them do.
        I don’t care if Ancel’s next game doesn’t have Rayman in the title because it will still be a quality game.

  4. Can’t read article :/
    I hope he gets some offers or starts something up with the others. Such a bold & scary move to quit a job…

    1. Working under pressure, and when everything is ready to roll, boom, they delay your hard work like 7 more months only because your boss wants more money?. (If I were him, I would be doing the same thing).

  5. I kinda did expect Legends to go on all consoles, i did however expect them to atleast let it be out on the Wii U alone for a couple of months – what them actually calling it an exclusive.
    Seriously, that was a dick move.

  6. Nintendo! Publish beyond good and evil 2. Tel ubisoft that they cant shovel crap onto their consoles anymore unless they get the rights.

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  8. I know its a rumor, but I would like it so much if he did. After what Ubisoft did to the Rayman team, Mr. Ancel and the rest of his team should leave them for sure. Nobody deserves to be treated like that.

  9. This is really bad new for Beyond Good & Evil 2.

    And all over a distribution dipute. Shame on you video games industry. Putting money in front of great games, once again.

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  12. Die Ubisoft die. Once, I loved you. Now, you’re dead to me. Years ago when I was child, everything was fine and you brought out great games. You still bring out some good games now but you treat some members of you team like shit? One of Ubisoft’s best selling franchises ruined by your greediness.

    It’s a tough choice to make. Not buying Legends means not acknowledging Ancel’s hard work but buying it aids Ubisoft and gives them more money…

    I’m torn about what should happen. Only one things is clear though, Ubisoft are now dead to a lot of people, and with good reason. Ancel, whatever you do, good luck.

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