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Bioware Says It Has No Plans To Bring New Mass Effect 3 DLC To Wii U


A Bioware representative has told IGN that they have no plans to bring the Citadel or Reckoning Mass Effect 3 downloadable content to the Wii U. Both of these well-received packs were available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC at launch, but it looks as though EA and Bioware are ignoring Wii U owners. It now seems fairly unlikely that Wii U owners will get any future Mass Effect 3 DLC.

A BioWare representative tells IGN that “There are no plans to bring Citadel or Reckoning to the Wii U at this time.”

81 thoughts on “Bioware Says It Has No Plans To Bring New Mass Effect 3 DLC To Wii U”

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  2. Both of these packs are not out yet, so how is it “Both of these well-received packs were available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC at launch,”

  3. Of course they wont they need every cent to develope for ps4 and if people think that developing price and retail will not rise you are in for a hard time.

  4. Shit , this is multiplayer DLC which I would probably get aswell. Luckily enough the multiplayer is very fleshed out already , with many characters , weapons , upgrades , etc.

  5. Of course Not, EA Hates Nintendo, remember? -__- Oh well, I don’t think too many people really care about EA’s crap DLC for an this game. (;

  6. My goodness western developers have become evil. Oh! It’s EA the are still mad nintendo refused to put ORIGIN on the Wii U.

      1. It’s not a rumor, stop damage controlling. Is it a rumor Charles Darwin married his own cousin. Let’s face facts EA is butt hurt nintendo refused the flawed origin.

        1. What evidence do you have that Nintendo refusing EA’s Origin service is anything more than a rumour? Oh wait, why even bother asking that question? I know you have none.

  7. Wow its almost like ea dangled me3 in front of wiiu owners to get them hooked just to get the to buy the whole trilogy and dlc on the ps3 or xbox damn them.

  8. did you guys really think wii u will have this download after ea get mad with nintendo and the Mass efect 3 version on wii you dont sale like they want? am not saying is ea or nintendo faults is just that no sales no support and that is the truth am happy and in love with my wii u and i will support what companies create for the console and what is not there? well i dont support i dont own this game in ps3 or wii u becuse never catch me but i was thinking in buy this one when i go on marcj 19 and pick up need for speed wii u bith i think i will get need for speed and zombiu or darcksders 2 and not mass efect 3.

      1. they didn’t exactly try to make it popular.. and this isn’t the first time EA is ignoring the wii U.. or doing some other crap that pisses gamers off

  9. I have no plans to support you either Bioware, see how this works both ways? Fuck you EA, you butthurt sons of bitches. Ubisoft is much more deserving of my money.

  10. They’ve sold just 40,000 copies on Wii. If the DLC on Wii U takes significant development resources it’s probably just not profitable. Release the trilogy or go home.

  11. Oh EA….first you screw up any chances of selling ME3 on the Wii U by announcing Trilogy on the other platforms soon after….and now you won’t even support the people who bought your game even after that mess? You won’t magically build your consumer base on Nintendo platforms out of nothing.
    But hey, if you want to kiss up to other platforms instead, go right ahead….don’t come crying back to Nintendo when development costs for new platforms take a serious bite out of your company though.

    1. yea i know, people are saying of how nintendo will fail, but developers are losing money from ps3 and xbox, and wii u is more powerful, but think of the devolpment costs for ps4 and 720, i dot think a lot of them will make any money on them, resulting to the wii u

      1. Ironically Kotaku recently had an article on how long ppl have been saying that Nintendo will fail.
        But anyway, dev costs always seem to be ignored, or at most people claim it only affects smaller companies. Wrong. Large companies do not live in some sort of financial bubble. Capcom for example, is not a small company. And yet even they didn’t find putting MH3 on the PS3 to be profitable, and moved it to the Wii. I’m pretty sure we’ll see plenty of similar cases soon as higher spec systems continue to push company finances to breaking point

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