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Watch Dogs Wii U GamePad Use Still Undecided, Game Up And Running On Wii U


Senior producer Dominic Guay has revealed that Ubisoft Bucharest already have Watch Dogs up and running on Wii U. Guay also stated that Wii U tablet features have yet to be decided, though the game’s themes of hacking with mobile devices is seen as a natural fit for the controller. He also revealed that all the game’s social features will be all be possible on Wii U.

“We’re still investigating how we’ll use the tablet on the Wii U, but with the things I mentioned before, for us it’s not going to be a weird stretch.”

“It’s natural. What’s really cool with Watch Dogs, when we start thinking of those devices, it’s not a weird abstraction, it’s not like I’m a space alien and now I’m using a tablet. Why am I doing that?

“Aiden Pearce is using a device to control the city, so it’s quite easy to imagine what we could do with that.”

194 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Wii U GamePad Use Still Undecided, Game Up And Running On Wii U”

  1. Well, I hope they put the gamepad to good use with this game. That’s going to be one of my deciding factors on whether or not I get it for the Wii U.

    There are a lot of possibilities and a lot of potential for its integration in the game, so please, no lazy inventory/menu/map usage.

    1. And this is why making a miiverse of the game now to ask how they should use the pad will be helpfull or ask in the facebook page.

    2. I’m already sold on Wiiu version cus it will have off screen play. I dream of a kick ass sandbox game like GTA on Wiiu where I can just drive around on my gamepad under the security of my bed sheets.

      1. That’s true, but then again, the PS4 version will likely have that via its PlayStation app and the Vita (remote play). I don’t think off-screen or remote play will be a deciding factor for me though.

        I guess we still have a lot to see from the game, so I’ll patiently wait for them to wow me with the unique features and/or content from each version of the game.

        1. I think it’s fair to say you should be cautious regarding PS4 remote play and how universal it will actually be, given how the internetz spent the best part of a year saying how the PS3/Vita remote play would be just as universal, only for it to end up being used with a very small number of games.

          1. Yeah, but Sony never actually said anything about PS3/Vita remote play in that regard, people only assumed.

            On the other hand, their PS4 press release indicated that they are working with all publishers to make sure that every PS4 game is playable on the Vita.

            With that said, as I stated before, remote play and off-screen play are not going to sway me this way or that. Whether the game has them or not I couldn’t care less.

            1. It’s not like that, Sony have been talking around with remote play since PSP, this isn’t starting with PSV and I’m afraid it will be the same destiny.

              1. Yeah, they have talked about remote play, but never to the extent that they plan to use it with the PS4 and Vita.

                With that said, we just have to wait and see the final outcome.

                1. thay’re talking it up with the vita in order to sell more vitas. it’s the same exact streaming, but they’re desperate to sell vitas. considering the vita does not have clickable sticks and only two bumpers, i find it hard to believe that most ps4 games would even be playable on the vita. if they would ad a circle pad pro kind of extension that ads two more bumpers and two extra buttons to replace the analog clicks, then i can see the potential.

                  1. I hardly see this as a selling point for the Vita and it’s not that difficult to implement the control schemes.

                    It has been done before, it can be done again.

                    Will it be the best experience? Probably not – but it’s workable.

        2. Hammonds comment was part of what I was going to say.

          And I prefer playing it on the Wiiu’s big ass 6.2” screen with extra comfy buttons , a Vita pails in comparison to the Wiiu gamepad in comfort.

          But I agree the actual game will have to be awesome.

        3. Another thing is , the Vita has no clickable sticks and no L2 , R2 . Ho ware devs gunna re-asign those buttons ? There’s only so much a rear touchpad can take. ANd I don’t wanna use rear touch pad or touch screen to replace a clickable analog stick…

          1. As I said, remote play and off-screen play are not going to determine whether or not I will get the game for one system or another. Chances are, I will not use either of those features much.

            On that topic though, the Sony execs made the statement that they’re working with all publishers and devs to make sure that most if not all PS4 games (possible, they did say except for games that require the PS4 Eye) will have remote play compatibility and a control scheme for the Vita.

            Anyway, as I said, I’m waiting to see other features for the game, not those.

            1. Will be interesting to see if they can pull it off. It’s gunna be a pain in the ass having to reformat the controlls of every game just so people can play it on the Vita. I don’t believe it. It will just be their first party games and about a third of third party games.

        4. The quality of the PS4 and Vita off screen wont be as good as the Wii U Gamepad with its one Single frame of lag lol.

        1. It still will probably have off screen play. Xbox and PS3 won’t have ”essential” touchscreen capability.
          So hopeful Wiiu version has awesome but optional gamepad integration.

          1. exactly. i mean games like darksiders, batman arkham city, and mass effect all have awesome useful touch screen additions, but all support remote play since the games play just fine without those features. i dont see why watchdogs wouldn’t support off screen play seeing as every other platform that it’s on don’t even have second screens to begin with

            1. Presicely , the only Exception so far is ZombiU the core gameplay relies on two screens in an awesome way. Even nintendo land allows off screen play on about 5 attractions! i play Pikmin adventure and DK’s crash course and Baloon trip off screen all the time. And Metroid blast in flight mode and battle quest in Archer mode.

        2. Antidisestablishmentarianism

          I think it will
          what they would do is make the gamepad important when using the TV but when using off-TV play they can use the control scheme that the PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360 versions will use.

    3. I would like to know which version is the Wii U game based on (PC or Xbox360/PS3). I hope they up the visuals and physics to make it based of the PC version. If its going to be just a straight port from Xbox360 then I will just wait and get it for the PS4.

      1. I can tell you it is very likely that the Wii U version will be BASED (keep the “based” in mind) on the XBOX360 version because the 360 (from the hardware side of things) seems to be similar to the Wii U. But because of more memory and the availability of a General purpose conputation GPU they SHOULD be able to up the res to 720p and add some fancy stuff like a bigger draw distancebor the cloth physics. But DO NOT expect something that will differ a lot from the PS360 version or else you set yourself up for disappointment.
        I personally will get that game on the PC because it is cheaper but has better graphics, a higher resolution, the possibility of mods in the future and MUCH faster (or almost no) load times.

    4. Of course they will not. No self-respecting games company would implement the Weak U’s gay-ass controller. That’s a death wish, Nintendo virgin.
      ~THE REAL Bill~

            1. Haha, stupid Nintendo virgin! You exposed yourself by using your unmanly real name, PiionU! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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      1. Seems that Aiden Pierce uses a smartphone, and not a tablet. That’s why I inferred that that Mr. Guay was talking about the Wii U gamepad.

    1. So ? Assassins creed 3 Wiiu was done by Ubi bucharest I think it was , and it turned out just fine. Although the core game was a bit iffy.

      1. 2011: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (PC)
        2011 : Abba: You Can Dance (Wii)
        2012 : Ghost Recon Future Soldier (X360, PS3)
        2012 : Assassin’s Creed 3 (X360, PS3, PC)
        2012 : ZombiU (Wii U)

        and all of these were in collaboration with other Ubisoft branches. Looks like Ubisoft don’t want to waste time on the Wii U build by handing it over to them, lol.

        No surprise at all though.

          1. Stopped reading at Abba: you can dance.

            Outsourcing to themselves Aeolus ? OMG Ubi Montreal outsorced their game to Ubi Quebec :O

            1. Fanboys like you cannot listen to logic and reasoning. You stopped reading because you cannot handle the fact that Nintendo is shit and gets all of the crappy games and ports from hardcore publishers.
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                      1. Says the pathetic little 13 year old who uses about 10 different trolling accounts on a Website he doesn’t even like.

                      2. Shitedward don’t worry that faggot is a copycat. That retarded virgin is just jealous of my manliness and is angry because he can’t afford a high-end PC.
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                1. By definition, you can’t outsource to yourself. They own the branches in various territories, thus it isn’t outsourcing which requires a 3rd party. I believe you’re thinking of offshoring which is utilizing resources outside of the country, in this case is say France to Canada.

                  Besides, will offshoring to a studio some place else make a worse product? I don’t think so. I’ll find out for myself when it’s released.

              1. Rather hilariously, Ubisoft have today said they haven’t started work on the last gen versions of Watch_Dogs yet, and that they’re focusing on the “next gen” versions first, after already saying the Wii U version is up and running here.

                That’s one in the eye to all the “Wii U is last gen” bollocks.

    2. That is pretty smart really. Using Gamepad to be used like a device to hack into things. Not only is it something new to the game, but it also makes features exclusive to the Wii U so it will change peoples decision to play it on the new console to get this extra cool feature.

    3. Why not just have it be a view of what’s happening on the top screen, but with a vision filter tat allows you to see and tap on everything you can interact with? I think that’d be easier than shuffling through menus with the controller…

      1. If you want sub-hd, no AA and a low framerate. Watchdogs is something that is simply too much for the Wii U, the PS3 and the 360. The Wii U version also suffers from being done by a different team which has most likely no Wii U programming experience.

        1. If it’s too much for the Wii U, 360 and PS3, then Ubisoft would have to have been really idiotic during development. Plus, don’t expect the PS4 to be drastically more powerful than Wii U.

    4. I can’t wait for this game to be release. It’s gonna be a epic adventure….. the wii u gamepad gonna make this game the definitely version…. based on gameplay alone… and we all know it is gonna look great also.

      Get N or get OUT!!!!

        1. The graphics will be cake ? XD !

          I like the idea of using the word Cake to describe things , eg: ”damn girl , that ass is cake!”

            1. No don’t expect something very special graphically. I can tell you that the Wii U version is going to be limited to 720p30fps, a smaller field of view and most likely a smaller draw distance than the PS4/PC/720 version because (AS MUCH AS I HATE TO SAY THAT) the Wii U just can’t keep up with them :'(

              1. But need for speed has PC assets and a significantly better look than PS3 and 360 , the comparison screenshots are amazing.
                Stop being pessamistic and wait and see.

                  1. I know right ? It’s like looking at I dunno , one of the PS3’s HD collections and saying ”the PS3 only has HD Ps2 graphics , look at god of war HD collection!”

                    Just because they ported say AC3 or ME3 or Blops 2 onto wiiu doesn’t mean that’s the WIiu’s graphics , just means the Wiiu is running unchanged Xbox 360 code , which i find pretty remarkable considering the Difference in Clock speeds and lack of multithreading.

                      1. Why ? That comment was purely logical.

                        People presume Wiiu is only on par with 360 or ps3 cus that’s all the devs have put onto the system third party wise (ME3 , AC3 , BLOPS 2 , Etc etc). Just because they look the same as they do on PS3 and 360 doesn’t mean the Wiiu is the same power as those systems , it just means the devs didn’t bother to optimize the game.

                        Now if you look at NFSMW , the devs clearly have optimized the game and have managed to get most of the PC Assets up and running on the game.

                        And Like I said , i find it really impressive how a game like ME3 which was developed with the 360’s 3.2GHZ clock speed and multi-threading in mind , runs exactly the same on Wiiu which has a 1.24GHZ CPU wit no multi-threading , and it took them less than 6 months to get ME3 onto Wiiu,

              2. Monoliths X game that right there has amazing draw distances. PS4 and the next Xbox with them being power focused they wont try for far draw distance they will stick with smaller amazing graphics junk. Wii U will hold up fine to the other systems.

          1. Well, I can’t think of using any other word to describe perfect better than cake. It’s just the pinnacle of mankind’s effort.

            1. Definitely. It’s the perfect term for a scivy stoner to describe all of his favorite things ”Dude! this game is cake man!

    5. I think its fine to have a map, people think its bad but games like this benefit heavy from having a basic map on screen and voice through the pad.

      Up to you guys but don’t think badly of a map, ME3 is better with a map simple as. Just because people are used to not having one or having a tiny little one in the corner doesn’t mean it isnt making the game better. I would kill to have a big map in GTA!

    6. LOL , it is next gen in many ways, just because its a map doesnt mean its a basic change its actually a big change.

      If you actually mean that fair play, but these basic things make gameplay better , I dont know the story or the way the game works in enough detail to give a solid idea because that requires knowing the story and the game in full.

      1. Some additional casual mini games won’t make the technical mess of what will be called Wii U “version” better. But be happy to play “Watchdogs Slideshow edition”

          1. As you may REMEMBER me I am the guy who made you even more mentally unstable. And some Nintenyearold defending commemts won’t make it better. Have fun with 10fps.

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      2. Getting this one on the Wii U… they have already said that the game, across all platforms, would be content identical. So, with that said I’m getting this on the Wii U, even if the touchscreen is only used for off TV play and Maps with inventory management, that’s fine with me! I hate pausing a game to slog through the clunky pause menu and take care of management that could easily be done on the gamepad. No down time in game if inventory and the like are on the gamepad.

        1. HA! Mario is for retarded little kindergarteners. No self-respecting gamer plays Mario once he or she hits the age of 7. If they still play it, they are unmanly faggots. Your comment is so laughable.
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      3. Bro this where the whole “difinitive version” thing is starting to take effect. Wii U will have the best version of Watchdogs hands down unless Microsoft blatently (no spellcheck on cellphone) copies the gamepad which I have a feeling they will do. OR ubisoft want to be bitches and give an underwhelming set of utilities to the Wii U in order for everyone to have “the same experience across all consoles” if they do that fuck ubisoft and I will be buying all of their games from there on used.

          1. lmfao gtfo u fuckin drone, gameplay wise Wii U WILL have the definitive version. We will literally have the cell phone in our hands if ubisoft does this right. You drones will only have a regular controller or mouse and keyboard LOL

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        1. But that’s what u actually have to do in real life…. It’s an immersion factor, something you drones can’t handle, you all like the easy way.

      5. That’s why Nintendo makes new things so games get harder and more diverse.
        30 years of same controller gameplay crap, it’s time to play different now.
        Can’t handle 2 screens at once?
        Then I guess it’s no child’s plaything like your precious Shitbox Billy the Noob

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      7. The PC version of Watch_Dogs will crush the unmanly and gimped version that has the curse of being on the Weak U.
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          1. Lord of the Nintendo Haters

            Why don’t you won’t him to compare PC gaming to the pathetic Wii U? Are you scared how laughable the Wii U is compared to PC and real-next gen consoles?

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      8. Lord of the Nintendo Haters

        I can’t believe people are actually excited for Watch_Dogs: Framerate and Graphical Issues Edition.

      9. The Wii U runs :

        1) Unreal Engine 4
        2) CryEngine 3
        3) Unity Engine 4


        The Already have WATCHDOGS running for the Wii U. What’s left is how to implement the use of the Wii U’s beautiful gamepad. As seen from the need for speed most wanted game, the Wii U is a beast in the hands of a talented developer or indie developer as well. Why are sony fans damage controlling augmented of screen play? We all know the Wii U pads screen is bigger and better than the vita’s. This game shall be most likely best played on the Wii U. Not hating just stating, apart from better visuals slightly at that; what more will the PS4 have to offer in this game? PS 4 will have the same basic controls as the PS3 and xbox360/720.

      10. I’m a PC gamer aswell but I don’t bash Nintendo like you do Silly Billy, did your dad leave you when you were young and now need your PC to make you feel manly? pathetic

        I rather stand on the creative side than the shallow arrogant PC noob that you are.

        Just because some ports have small framerate issues doesn’t mean future games will but what to expect from a hater who by no reason wastes his time on a Nintendo domain

      11. Being able to map a larger real time map where you can see all the hacking points could really be something that’ll make it sell, as well as the obvious hacking mechanics in the game.
        I’ve seen loads of people online that played games like Darksiders 2 on the 360/ps3, and didnt really enjoy them, but enjoyed it on the WiiU because you have that ease of use and real time quick inventory, it makes a difference.

        1. Also the fact that people forget that the Wii U does native 1080P and 60 frames per second. Trine 2 directors cut, need for speed most wanted are representations of smart and knowledgeable developers. Ubisoft are both when need be.

          1. Except its not for all games, even now.
            And im pretty sure if the WiiU can out out Watch Dogs at 1080p and 60fps (very unlikely), the PS4 and 720 certainly will.

            1. Nintendo confirmed the Wii U is 1080 P native. It also handles the other configurations. Criterion has need for speed using PC resources, while a certain THQ got the first dev kits which were still too advanced for THQ so they stated metro was not to be on the U. Where are THQ now, had the got the fifth generation dev kits on the Wii U and put metro there they could possibly still exist. Am getting watch dogs for the wii to complement my monster hunter 3 ultimate and need for speed most wanted. See already how diverse and entertaining the Wii U’s game library is sounding. Not 20 FPS with different names.

              1. If its native 1080p, why arent all the launch games 1080p? Cmon dude, even PC gamers dont have 1080p in all their games, unless they have an expensive rig, and set all features to medium.

                1. Nintendo was not experience in HD….. they said this themselves… they were still hiring for the HD era…. In the future we will get games at 1080p games… so don’t worry boss.

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        1. lol I have no idea who is even the real Bill anymore…he should just leave. It is kinda embarrassing for him, I think…

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      13. I wonder if this game sells well on Wii U if that would be the deciding factor for GTAV on Wii U??! They seem pretty similar to me.

      14. A very good way to start a work and school week for nintendo GAMERS and gamers alike. Watch Dogs on Wii U up and running, using the new DISRUPT engine from Ubisoft. All we need now is a 3rd party nintendo direct and we are golden. In fact am off to watch two nintendo podcasts on YouTube.

          1. Kfd3d

            featuring kfd3d, the shooter and Tony Rende. They get crazy but have common sense unlike Sony and worse still xbox pods that praise everything.

      15. @jcnba28: at some industrial place. @Virus: hopefully you get the job you appplied for. Then we can friend each other!

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