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Nintendo Plans To Hunt Down Video Game Pirates And Block File Sharing Websites


Nintendo has urged the U.S. Trade Representative to put pressure on countries where pirating of its video games are rife. Nintendo says that its suffering huge losses due to the increasing amount of online piracy. The company also says that it wants certain file sharing websites to be blocked so that consumers can’t get hold of the downloadable games so easily. Nintendo will also pursue criminal prosecution against those who pirate games or facilitate copyright infringement.

220 thoughts on “Nintendo Plans To Hunt Down Video Game Pirates And Block File Sharing Websites”

    1. I know right U.S already did try to shut down Pirate Bay and failed. Nintendo can do shit. I’m a PC gamer and i need file sharing website’s i pirate games but buy them later. Pirating games for me is like playing a demo.

            1. To show the developer that you like the game and so they’ll hopefully make a sequel or continue the storyline. If the sales for a game are shit, a sequel won’t come out no matter how much someone begs for it. It may come as a shock to you, but game developers actually spend money to develop these games and they need them to SELL in order to break even or make a profit.

            2. Because if you don’t pay for it it’s illegal
              If you read the fucking agreements that you sign every time you download something from a ROM site, you’d know that if you don’t own it you must delete it after 72 hours
              You people are ruining the system for those of us who actually pay for our games that we download
              Anyway pirating is impossible with the newer systems so I don’t know why nintendo’s just deciding to crack down on this now
              the most pirated system is the DS, which is fucking dead (especially now that X and Y have been announced) so I don’t know what they intend to do
              anyway, if this is really bothering them so much, than I will not download a single game that I do not yet own, and I will buy them before trying them.
              Also, for those of you who claim that this is the only way you can try a game before buying it, those of us that don’t spend all day in front of a fucking computer, have this thing called FRIENDS
              no, not your facebook friends, actual people that you see in person and hang out with
              so go meet people! MAYBE you’ll find someone who already owns the game you want to pirate
              anyway, sorry for the wall of text, goodnight all and FOAMY BE WITH YOU!

              Go check out Foamy the Squirrel at it’s really cool – Jae

        1. Actually, i’ve bought like 800% more now that i can afford buying more games, and many of them were the ones i pirated before, because I LIKE THEM SO MUCH!
          So pirating actually has increased my spending rate in legal content.

          1. The only games I’ve pirated for Wii is the ones I never found in stores, such as Mario Super Sluggers (only released in the US) and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (seems to be very rare).

      1. I downloaded Wii and ds games… But I only tested them…
        I pirated dragon quest IX and got over 100 hours out of the game… After that I bought it and never played (Well I did but only around 30minutes)…
        Same with ghost trick… Pirated the game and bought it be cause I liked it… But I never played the real copy of the game.
        I pirated dragon quest IX… I really like dragon quest now.. I never played that franchise before… Now I bought the game, dragon quest VI and I am planning to buy dragon quest VII and X if they don’t have online fees…
        VI, IX(, VII, X)… Only be cause I pirated dqIX to see if I like it… Be cause I pirated it they made lots of money from me.
        Ghost trick. same thing
        Zelda… I pirated Twilight princess…
        First Zelda game I played… I liked the game and bought it…
        Twilight, Phantom hour glass, Spirit tracks, Skyward, Awakening (eshop), four sword(eshop), Ocarina of time 3d, (And I will buy the two newly announced Zelda games for the Wii U.)
        I bought 12 games NEW because I pirated them to try them.
        There is no game I didn’t buy because I pirated it.

            1. Might I add I never bouggt a pirated game I got for free.
              However it converted me into a fan of certain games or companies.. so I would buy newely released games on day one of release.

        1. Everytime a new Pokémon game comes out I pirate it, but as soon as it is available in my region I buy it. And so far I have Red, Yellow, Crystal, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, (had) Platinum, HeartGold and Black. Now I’m playing a pirated Black 2 because I can’t afford it right now, but I will buy it when I can. And Pokémon X will be a worldwide release so I will simply buy it.

      2. nintendo can try but im not sure if they will succeed or not ant like you i do pirate games but buy them later when i can, im like 60% of the way to completing my “pirate” list to buy. right now i need to buy black 2 cuz of dream radar and i managed co capture tornadus bird form. plus ds flash cards to me means that i can carry all those games on one card instead of lugging all the cards or boxes and i mostly use it for action replay codes (yes i cheat but not online, i play fair and square so if i lose, i lose).

      3. LMAO! Utter pish!! You pirate games coz u can and they are free…..why the fuck would u then pay for it if u got it already? This little grey area of trying before u buy is complete garbage. God still knows u stole…..wooooooooooooo!!!! LMFAO!!

        1. I have downloaded games to see if they are worth my money. The reviews/previews/etc. are not always enough. I buy the games I like because I like having the box, the manual and anything it contains. As of today I have bought more games than I have downloaded (and I’m only talking about PC here, I’ve never used pirate games on my consoles, nor I ever used imports or other things that require hacking or modding or chipping anything). And also that “god” doesn’t exist.

    1. im a Nin fan but i don’t agree with them interms of this, we need file sharing, just secure their games properly so that it won’t be pirated. Every dev. experience this especially indie devs. jailbreak here, root over there. I mean, i don’t pirate games since I play free to play games and steam games are WAY cheaper than in retail.

      1. Nintendo could just make it so certain words get blocked on sharing websites. Nobody can use or search for words like Nintendo or Mario or Zelda and so forth just make a long ass list. Anyone caught searching for those terms gets IP banned. It would only slow the process down but it would sure help lol.

      2. “just secure their games properly so that it won’t be pirated.”

        That is more cost in development…

        So they cut the extra in other parts of the development of whatever game, or they sell it more costly.

        Either way the consumer lose.

      1. But if you have a legit copy to make a ROM of, it’s better and easier to just play it on the original system…

        A few years back I wouldn’t have liked this news. Nowadays, I don’t care. Over three years since I pirated a game.

        1. Some people enjoy the features of emulators. Using them for things like savestates, or making TAS videos out of it (Tool-Assisted Speedrun, how fast it technically is to beat a game while removing a humans restrictions.
          For example, it’s possible to beat OoT within 20 minutes when TASing the game:

  1. Here’s an idea – stop charging anywhere up to double the cost for games in countries that aren’t the US, and maybe piracy will drop!

    1. Agreed, but i think the piracy will have to stop before they can lower the price! And lets face it, there will always be losers who pirate games, however cheap

      1. Gosh, do you have any other ideas as to why people pirate games? Because I’m pretty sure it’s so they don’t have to pay for them. Especially in this digital age when you don’t even have to leave the house to buy a full game. So, y’know, maybe lower prices would actually help with piracy, because maybe people would be more inclined to buy games when they don’t cost twice as much as they do elsewhere.

        1. There are 3 reazon as to why people pirate games:

          They want the games, but they do not have the money
          They want the games, but there are not a store to sell them

          Nintendo could do a lot for those people by only enter in those market places, in that way, there will be a Nintendo oficial store selling the game and selling them a little bit more cheap than trying to get them through an intermediate.

          And the last one:

          They got the money, but they do not want to expend it.

          I think Nintendo should focus more in winning the first two group of people, those one with people that really want to play their games, instead of trying to fight the minority in the third group.

          1. So true. In the USA the Wii U price is lower because Nintendo is absorbing some of the costs, in other parts of America someone else is distributing them, like LATAMEL, and they obviously have to make a profit son they don’t absorb any costs, so the price goes up. But for Nintendo to have presence in all the rest of the countries seems so far away…
            Then there’s the problem of availability of some titles. I would love to have had the 2 Dementium games for DS, but they never came here, now I’m trying to get them through Amazon, but their international shipping is not very clear to me in some terms.

            1. There were, not sure, a Nintendo of México in charge of distributing the Nintendo stuff through all Latin America, and that Mr. Gumpei Yokoi was a great support of this idea, but then he die and Nintendo stop giving support to Latinamerica, giving the job of distributing to LATAMEL.

                1. That is why i got mine in the USA with 3 game and the total still cost me less that if I had bought the Wii U here in México, saving more than 3000 pesos. But if you thing México got it bad, ask someone of Brazil, they really got it bad.

              1. Well, I don’t remember. As far as I know first was C. Itoh, later renamed to Itochu Mexico. After them came GAMELA and now is LATAMEL.

      1. Nintendo could do a lot for those people by only enter in those countries, in that way, there will be a Nintendo oficial store selling the game and selling them a little bit more cheap than trying to get them through an intermediate.

  2. This is great, but one way for them to stop piracy is to reach deals with third parties to get certain games on their systems that can currently only be obtained through piracy. I would pay good money for Banjo-Kazooie on the virtual console, but until that’s possible I have no other choice.

    1. Exactly. I don’t consider GBA or N64 roms piracy because those are discontinued and don’t make Nintendo a profit anymore.

  3. Won’t work Nintendo. Pirate Bay has the support of 4chan and Anonymous so they are untouchable. Other sites, go all out on ’em because I bet you it won’t do anything anyway.
    Companies are constantly seeing piracy as a bad thing but you know what, have a look at Anodyne then tell me piracy is bad.
    And maybe people wouldn’t pirate games if the prices were more reasonable Nintendo. There is no reason why Black Ops 2 is $100 on the Wii U. Utter garbage and disgusting.

        1. There like at least more than 5 reasons but i can say wich 1 if i dont know the political and economical status of Australia.

    1. So you imply THAT is what makes them untouchable? XD Oh god how I love you silly people sometimes. Soon I expect to hear stuff like that MKultra never existed and that the holocaust was a lie.

      The reason why they are untouchable is because they have done “nothing wrong”. They are not the ones who upload the files or download them, they just collects alot of links, that’s it. No more, no less.

      If there would be any group or organisation behind them avoiding judgement so is it the Illuminati who possess some ACTUALL power. It is in the Illuminati’s best interest that music is easily shared between people to reach out to as many people as possible you know.

    2. “There is no reason why Black Ops 2 is $100 on the Wii U”
      wow first of all know your shit, second of all its $60 in the U.S. i don’t know what country you come from, and third activition has control of the price not nintendo.

  4. I’m just glad I’m not one of the piraters that’s doing stupid stuff like that. I’m so innocent that I have no clue how it’s even done.

  5. I’ll admit that I pirate PC games and play ROMs from consoles that I missed out on (anything before the DS since I started with the DS and GBA) so I pretty much buy games for Nintendo only, and I NEVER owned an Action Replay/R4. I wish Nintendo good luck yet hope they don’t manage to screw over PC game piracy.

      1. Zigfried…get a life will ya?
        Microsoft is not only the worst company in the gaming industry but it’s also a money lender company too.You don’t belive me?Then ask your “boss” Bill Gates to tell you!

        Get a life idiot

        1. Microsoft had to pay Rockstar 150 million dollars to get GTAIV on the 360. The only reason Microsoft is one of the big three is because of pure luck, and their money used for bribes.

        2. Well technically Nintendo own the rights to two porno movies and I do not know if they still have those Love hotel in japan.

  6. Perhaps if they released older games to the public on virtual console/ios/android/etc. it wouldn’t be such a problem. They are making no money on their older games. The fake Pokemon Yellow ios app shot up to number #1 on the app store, people WILL pay for those games. Nintendo needs to wake up.

    1. Very probably, I really don’t see how they profit from the older consoles. Not to mention, if they keep the Virtual Console running, I think people will still pay for it. I know I would…

      1. Exactly, Tons of people having gamecube emulators, but seriously, who would miss up the chance to play Mansion, Sunshine, Double Dash or Pikmin 2 on the gamepad? haha. and thanks for responding,im not too intellegent when it comes to piracy stuff.

  7. The only reason I bought pokemon black and black 2 was because of the R4, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near it if I had not been able to try it for free

  8. OMG, Nintendo Wii U RIP X2! instead of dealing with how to get out of a hole after the publication of PS4, they deal with nonsense!

  9. Good Luck NIntendo. Even though Im against piracy, I almost commited it with Oracle of Ages and Seasons. Now I dont have to anymore, because it is gonna be on the eshop. I doubt piracy will ever go away, its just too easy and too common to try to stop.

    1. Going be way too many people doing it. Going to be crazy but least if they can get rid of certain like most popular sites then that could make an improvement. Be great to see people not stealing all the time though!

  10. If Nintendo accomplishes anything regarding this, I’ll be highly surprised.
    On the flip side, it’s going to be harder to pirate their Wii U games now that many of them use the game pad for unique functions.

  11. This is STUPID. Becausethe US cannot interfere with websites outside of its jurisdiction. Also, they are morons by trying to use their corrupted laws in other countries. Nintendon’t!!

  12. Only games I’ve ever pirated are one’s that I used to own but lost in moves and games the companies aren’t making profits off of. Like games that are no longer being made or sold anywhere. Like say Fire Emblem 7 on GBA or Metroid Fusion. Otherwise I go to great lengths to purchase games I want. But buying second isn’t that much better.

  13. The US interfieres with anyone whether it’s in their jurisdiction or not.
    Bunch of evil greedy bribe paying pieces of shit that deserve to lose all the money.
    The day Shitbox dies I’ll laugh so hard.
    Hopefully Sorny deals with them while we prevail once again hahahahahah

  14. How can I even BUY NINTENDO GAMES when in my country there is no official Nintendo retailer, games cost like 70e in shops, and eShop dont work unless I change my country to UK & Ireland? I want to buy games for 50-60 $, but I want pay extra 20-30$ just because Nintendo wont sell their games/hardware in my country!

        1. I live in Serbia, Europe. All ex communist countries like mine dont have eShop and proper price for consoles and games. Wii U cost 500 euros, that’s like 650$! Strange thing is that Microsoft and Sony have their branches here, games and consoles cost normal. So you can find Xbox 360 for 200 euros, and Wii U costs 500 euros. Nintendo is very, very unpopular in east and south Europe because of this!

  15. You probably live in a Sorny or Microshit area…
    We must convert it or you should simply move to a Nintendo area…

    We musten gastratten der grafikenwhoren! xD

  16. …Sales would go up, Nintendo, if you just put up all your old games onto the eShop for a reasonable price. Loyal fans, like myself, would rather download the game onto a console or 3DS. I’d like to play LOZ, AOL, ALTTP, LA, TMC on the go… And make MM3D DAMMIT. THEN SALES WILL GO UP!

    1. Yeah, i still can’t believe how few VC games are released so far. Pathetic. Offer them all Nintendo. So tired of waiting. The pirates can have them all,and the rest hope and wait.

    1. Only because they have the most games and are the oldest company out of the big three plus their games are so great some people just can’t wait to play them and have to turn to piracy just to play it. Though still I don’t agree with piracy in anyway possible.

  17. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

    Ahhhhahahahahahahahaha! Go ahead and try, Nintendo! Honestly, as much as I love your games… I really don’t appreciate you trying to stop us from downloading your games for free.

    Look, we don’t live in the 1980’s anymore, the World Wide Web has made things open to us and we have every right to download stuff, even if it belongs to some other company. We all have a free choice, we can choose if we wish to fund you or not, you can’t force us to fund you. You’re just being as greedy as any other corporation can ever be.

    Let me give you a suggestion: MAKE THE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT KITS FREE FOR THE PUBLIC TO USE!!! If you continue to make it so that only companies can afford it and only allow people who own a tightly-secured business to access, YOU WILL LOSE MORE DEVELOPERS!!!


    Oh… and one last thing: I’m a pirate, and I will take over your company and claim it as my own! Muahahahahahaha!

    1. You are the reason piracy needs to end, you cheap fuck. You probably think your “chippin in” or “doing your part” because you don’t have to ask mommy for game money. ” Look mommy, I dl this game, it woulda cost you $70 It’s like im paying for it!” Then go back and sit your worthless ass down and think you an adult or someone with a job. Cheap, fake fucking gamers this world can do without.

      1. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

        Just go ahead and fucking try to stop me! I’m SOOOOO fed up with rich and greedy corporations making billions of dollars and attempting to hinder people’s free speech. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and many other slimebag companies only care about making huge amounts of money and using it for themselves, they don’t care about the developers, nor do they care about helping smaller corporations.

        Let me explain something, piracy is ONLY making the small development studios close down just simply because they’re not funded by other corporations, the HUGE development studios survive even if we never buy their games… BECAUSE THEY ARE FUNDED BY OTHER CORPORATIONS!

        Guess what? I research games and find ways of editing them, so that any independent developers can see ways of developing their own modifications of games, THIS IS HOW WE CREATE FANMADE GAMES OF NINTENDO’S FRANCHISES! And we do have creativity, just like any of the huge corporations.

        1. Ahaha bull fucking shit, you are just looking for an excuse to sit your ass at home and do fuck all. Pfft, Creativity, HELLO you are ripping off an already created game!!

          1. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)


            Now, I’d like to ask you a question. What if a game that you really liked never got released in your country, what would you do?

                  1. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

                    Well that’s your decision. I would organize things to find out how the consoles work so we can bypass the region locking, ’cause I hate region locking. It’s the worst thing that has ever been invented.

  18. The only time I use ROMs is if the game is too expensive (EarthBound), or I’m just too lazy to buy it legally. I usually own the actual carts. I don’t pirate PC games, though.

    1. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

      This is another good reason why piracy needs to continue. ‘Cause if games don’t get released in your country… we’d never be able to play them. Especially many games that get released exclusively for Japan, and because the Nintendo 3DS hasn’t been hacked yet… it’s making it very hard for people to play games that haven’t been released in their country.

    1. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

      Guess what? I want piracy to continue, ’cause I care about people who aren’t able to afford games and people that want to create their fanmade hacks.

          1. All you have to do is get off your ass and look! There are lots of jobs out there if you are willing to actually work and not holding off for a manager position!

            1. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

              You’re just too rich to even realize how hard it is for anyone to get a job nowadays. Most jobs only pay very little in the amount of money, which would take more than a month to get enough to afford a game.

              1. Where are you from?
                I make $27/hr as a mechanic, how am I rich? All my nephew’s and niece’s they all have part-time jobs and go to school, yet they can still afford to buy thier own games despite making minimum wage.

              2. Kid, stop crying about how hard it is to get a job on a Nintendo website and go apply. You obviously haven’t considered many jobs because you already claim to be too good to buy video games. Last I checked, it costs money to be on the internet so now you just look like an idiot.

                I bust my ass and still don’t get paid well and yet, I still manage to pay my rent, bills and entertainment. Oh yeah those greedy corporations make o so much money.. roughly a few dollars per game and guess where most of that money goes? The people like me that bust their ass for a living and within a blink of an eye could be out of a job because of little kids like you thinking ripping off their hard earned work is cool and is for the people.

                You sound just like those retarded little shitheads that call themselves hackers; Internet terrorist is more like it. If they were so concerned with the people, they wouldn’t print private information, steal from companies and shut down services that really only affect us hardworking people.

                Regionlocked? Too expensive? Then learn a new language or keep searching the internet for a reasonable price or I don’t know.. maybe keep applying for a job. It isn’t hard to do some research and shop. You sound just like everyone I know who’s ever pirated anything: you did it because it was free. You can’t have everything in this world so quit acting entitled. You also need to stop lying to yourself and grow up. One of these days you’ll realize how stupid piracy is.

      1. Sure, it might be hard to get a job, but you have no right to steal from those who work TIRELESSLY on games. I’m sure I’m not the first one to tell you this but: Video Games should not be a priority if you are struggling to make ends meet. We all love video games, but sometimes we need to make sacrifices.

  19. I believe piracy comes mostly from countries that sell their games at a outragious price. In Brazil, for exaple, I may earn the same “amount” of money comparing to an US citizen. Say I earn 5k, as does my american buddie. The Wii u will cost me 2k and 180 bucks each game. Buddie is payin 40 to 60 bucks on his games, also he spent 350 on his wii u.

    Im not saying piracy happens only here, just saying that the prices here makes you think about piracy, or else you just cant aford the games.

    Ps: I have a wii u, dont feel like installing homebrew.

  20. Instead of hunting down those who want to be your client, you know what you should do Nintendo? Try to approach to them, show them that you care about your client at least as much you care about the money; grow up as a company, expand your territory , do things that put you and your stuff in more places and in a more accessible way, and about all inform your customers that you are there to show your stuff, not to hunt them down.

  21. How exactly has pirating increased in the last few years in regards to Nintendo system titles? You can’t pirate 3DS or WiiU games. Are they angry because of the amount of money they assume they’d get in eShop sales if no one could pirate an NES game?

  22. This will acomplish nothing. The music and film industries, which are potentially worth hundreds of billions, have been trying to take down piracy for years now without any real progress. I can still go on Pirate Bay very easily if I wanted to and get almost any movie, album or game. In the time they take down a website, five more will have already popped up.

    I am not endorsing piracy, but I am just saying that there is nothing anyone can do about it because of the freedom of the Interent. And the Interent needs to be a free platform, so basically there is nothing anyone can do.

    1. Yeah, but if Nintendo came out and said they “supported” piracy what do you think people would say then?-That they are an awful company and horrible role models. Piracy isn’t exactly a “good” thing ya know…

  23. This is not a wise move on their part. They once signed on as supporters for the now dead SOPA bill but backed off after seeing the opposition the bill got. If they go through with this, they will lose more rather than gain more.

    1. No, SOPA was different. It would basically destroy the internet because it would make everything from Google to YouTube utterly useless. It would make copyright laws so ridiculous that no one could post anything without “the consent of the owner.” Which is dumb because there are a lot of things out there that is not considered stolen that would be under SOPA. Lets say you go to a concert and film one song. You would be unable to share your experience on Facebook, YouTube or any other internet site. All because you technically didn’t “ask” the performer for consent. That is completely different from piracy. Piracy is just illegal and wrong….

  24. I could imagine Nintendo suffering greatly because people hear of Xenoblade and The Last Story but simply won’t invest in their Wii, or buy a new one for those titles. The Dolphin emulator has been insanely popular, so i genuinely believe them. Don’t think they can do jack though!

  25. Most countries have a very fucked up economy in regards imported products. From where I’m from, the Wii U deluxe edition costs something between 2.300-2.500 reais (something between 1100-1300 american dollars). It’s not just the currency money, but all the taxes from importing the product is what makes it so fucking expensive.

    What angers me the most is that Reggie and a few other reps from Nintendo have already said in interviews that they have a big interest in bringing Nintendo factories to Brasil, but so far nothing! Besides, if I play pirated games but don’t sell/make a profit out of them, it isn’t a crime. If they want to punish someone, they oughta punish ONLY the responsibles for leaking their games on pirate bay before the launchdate.

  26. I admit that i’ve been pirating some DS games with my R4-card the past year, which is the only thing i’ve pirated from Nintendo. Now I have the games I like in 1 card, instead of a box full of games (which I already have for the N64/GameCube and Wii).

    If nintendo would sell something similar to the R4, so we won’t have to carry a box with games with us everywhere (like travel/vacation, etc), could drastically reduce the piracy.

    Just an idea.

  27. I had never bought a game before steam! Now, thanks to steam i have bought like 40!
    Maybe nintendo could do something similar,in fact, yesterday i bought “paper mario sticker star” in $19 on amazon!

  28. You people are gravely underestimating Nintendo. There Ninjas are everywhere every Wii U has a chip inside that will send a beacon to Nintendo and they will dispatch a ninja to come to your house and strike you down. Only is you do stupid shit though.

  29. Hurting sales my ass. That’s making the assumption that if I can’t pirate a game, I’m going to buy it. Not true at all.

      1. I agree. But what I’m saying is, if Nintendo and the US crack down on piracy, that doesn’t mean all of the pirates are going to go out and buy all the games they would have pirated. A lot of times people pirate games because they are unwilling to pay for them. If they are unable to pirate a game, they might choose to just not buy it. In which case, Nintendo gets nothing either way.

  30. I hope that Nintendo suceeds. Nintendo works where if they make good profit, the series will be continued. So buy the game. Don’t test it peoples. If you didn’t like it, trade with a friend.

  31. The next thing you know, Nintendo would be helping out the U.S. Army by tracking down terrorists or help the police track down crime.

    What? It probably won’t happen? Oh well.

    1. Nintendo-themed military grade weapons, vehicles and equipment would be comical and a little awesome. I wouldn’t be surprised if pilots all wanted to fly Starfox jet fighters, troops to use Geno hand cannons and Koopa shell kevlar vests and fast, low-profile armored karts rigged with nitrous that can shoot all kinds of crazy things in all directions like bananas, shells and suspicious gift-wrapped packages.

      Who wants to be hit by a banana, especially one flying at several hundred feet per second? Not me. Nintendo’s Imperial Army has badassery written all over it such that no one could stand in their way!

  32. Lots of holier than thou’s in the comments. I’d really love to know how many honestly have never done anything remotely illegal. I bet few could seriously say that they haven’t.

    Piracy will probably always be a thing, so I always advise: make it simple, make it good value and make it worthwhile. Ask players to support the franchises they like and enjoy so that we can ensure that they see more games. There are games that I have purchased and repurchased over the years that I feel no shame about playing a copy of, and games that I value that I do pirate I make a point to either buy later, or at least support the developer in some way.

    Heck, I only got into Zelda because my dad obtained a copy of Wind Waker through less than kosher means, and since then I’ve bought many Zelda titles. Piracy doesn’t have to be a zero sum game unless you make it one; there will always be people wanting something for nothing, but there are also people with hard-earned money wanting to be given a good reason to hand it over. Pirating one game may encourage the purchase of ten more. It’s already been proven that music pirates buy more than non-pirates, I wonder if the same applies to gamers.

    Of course I understand that, like any business these days, it’s Nintendo’s MO to try to stop piracy regardless.

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  34. does downloading youtube videos and converting them into mp3 count has pirating?
    if so, then i guess i sort of pirate music, but games. Please I still own my GBA and N64 and I can wait to buy current gen games.

    regardless pirating isnt gonna go anywhere

  35. Pirating is such a huge problem, and it’s not gonna stop anytime soon. Hackers are persistent and will continue to find a work around for anything any of the developers throw out there. It’s a tough thing to try and crack down on….

  36. I’m a both in agreement and disagreement with this because:

    1) I consider the people who work so hard at Nintendo for developing and publishing the game, that includes the ads. I am student study in Graphic Design and I understand how much of a terrible impact piracy would do to me after working all sweats on my designs.

    2) Nintendo was in agreement with passing that mediocre bill called SOPA and PIPA, which I was fucking against with all my heart. I do not want Nintendo to be part of something like that, neither I want them to become like sony, who’s taking all the “copyrighted material” (that includes music) out of every single page of the internet.

    I can sympathize with then trying to protect their rights as owners, but not at some extreme in which they will hunt down everyone who fucking shares the games.

  37. I can see how this is a big deal for Nintendo. Regardless, they’re not the only ones who have suffered from piracy. Sony, Microsoft, and lots of other companies have suffered from it as well. I’m against piracy, and I say we do whatever it takes to stop these piraters in their tracks.

    Besides, Sony has been hacked a lot. They should really put up a strong firewall if they don’t want it to happen again.

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