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Fire Emblem Awakening Dated For Australia


Nintendo Australia has announced that Fire Emblem Awakening launches Down Under on April 20th, which is a day after the game’s release in Europe. The tactical role-playing game launched earlier this month, February 4th, in North America. In our Fire Emblem Awakening review, we called it the best title in the Fire Emblem series, thanks, in part, to its beautiful visuals, engrossing story and deeply developed characters.

40 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Awakening Dated For Australia”

      1. Probably about 14-16 because of time difference, yeah. While I’d rather not wait until April, I don’t really get a choice, so no point in getting frustrated.

    1. I’ve got him level grinding with a silver sword that’s been forged. Trying to get him to level 16 +, then Master Seal!

      One Of my favorite Characters is Nowi though, the dragon girl.

  1. I hope Fire Emblem finds a good home when Nintendo goes out of business. It is a really good series, in the hands of a really bad company.

          1. Right. It’s always been about delivering fun and entertainment.

            The vehicle of delivery of the entertainment has evolved over time, but that’s what Nintendo does. Innovate. Evolve. Provide fun.

        1. Nintendo’s EAD is smarter than the whole of Sony’s and stupid Microsoft’s xbox game division combined. Kinectimals really lol hahahahahahaha.

  2. It really sucks you guys in Aussie and UK had to wait so long.
    This game is so fun, and looks just fantastic on the 3DS.

  3. Sickr & Alba can suck my Nuts

    Sony should buy fire emblem once nintendo drops out of the hardware business. Playskool should buy mario Kirby pokemon.

    1. That ‘s very true, I also have Lissa swinging an axe now.
      She can deliver healing or damage, and is officially Bad-Ass,

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