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Nintendo Announces When Animal Crossing: New Leaf Will Land Down Under

animal_crossing_3dsNintendo today announced that Animal Crossing: New Leaf will land in Australia on June 15th, which is a day after the game’s release in Europe. Of the three regions, North America gets the game first on June 9th. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the latest game in the Animal Crossing series, and it’s exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. Right when the game launches, consumers will have the option to purchase its physical copy from retailers, or download its digital version from the Nintendo eShop.

72 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces When Animal Crossing: New Leaf Will Land Down Under”

        1. A commendable try at going off topic , but the point remains . You made yourself look like a penis with your comment above.

    1. My mind just took an amazement exam and passéd with flying colors lol. You statement just made my day lol. Mynintendonews encompasses all nintendo consoles :).

    2. WTF dude? This is a nintendo news site. The 3DS is a huge part of the gaming industry.

      You’ve got to be high on something, you’re not making any sense.

    1. How is it?
      What would you rather it be called?
      Animal Crossing 3D? Animal Crossing 4?
      Animal Crossing: Super Happy Animal Friends Pop Out?

      New Leaf actually makes sense, as in, turning over a new leaf, starting a life in Animal Crossing. Plus the items are shown as leaves in your inventory.

          1. No shit. Why do you think I said the article title is dumb as fuck?

            I swear, sickr and alba are such mediocre reporters. No One Capitalizes Article Titles Like This. You’re Supposed to Capitalize Important Words, not Every Word.

        1. No it doesn’t, it’s a pretty common expression to refer to Australia as “down under”, even Australians say it.

          You’re either a over sensitive butthurt Australian, or an over sensitive butthurt Christian, either way, pretty ignorant.

    1. I’ve never touched an AC game but really, is there something wrong with adults playing this? I know you’re just a lonely troll sitting in a dark room in front of a monitor eagerly anticipating responses with countless empty bags of cheetos at your feet who has nothing better to do with his meaningless life other than try and spread your misery to other people who actually enjoy theirs, but I can’t help but still raise the question, as pointless as it’ll probably be.

  1. I was on NEOGAF, the posters and commenters have realized that after the PS4 reveal, the Wii U shall be good this generation. Especially since watchdogs and other PS4 games can be ported to the Wii U. Interesting that some bull headed posters are showing maturity surpassing Aeolus there. They even acknowledge that it might be a 3DS vita situation all over again, with the Wii U and PS4. Great news though that the animal crossing game has been announced for Aussie.

  2. I still don’t know if I buy it Digital (day one) or physical (maybe a week to arrive) Well, I have plenty of games to play on my WiiU, 3DS and PS3 untill the arrival of the best handheld game ever made :)

      1. Bahahaha! How do you get girls?! With your amazing vocabulary and syntax?! LOLOLOLOL! Go play in your animal village, faggot.

  3. 3DS has a strong year so far between the best 3DS game Fire Emblem Awakening, a few good third party titles, Luigi’s Mansion in a month then this game, I’m glad I have one! Seems like first half of the year is 3DS heavy, second half will be Wii U!

  4. Sickr & Alba can suck my Nuts

    If you are older than 8 years old and plays animal crossing/Mario/Weak U/Weak/3gayS is obviously NOT Heterosexual. Nuff said.

  5. Awesome! So many good 3DS games coming out this year.
    Is there an Australian release date for Luigi’s Mansion 2 yet?

  6. Sheesh!!! June?! Why the Japanese got it with so much anticipation then?!?! Crud, at least it’s better that the North American version really gets Portuguese language option, like the eShop said so.

    1. I really hope the European version includes as well. Before, I used to play the Spanish version of AC:WW, but now since my 3DS is in Portuguese, if the game doesn’t have that language, the text will appear in English, what is way more difficult to read fluently than Spanish for me.

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