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Zelda And Secret Of Mana Inspired Cryamore Is Coming To Wii U

Cryamore, the Kickstarter project that is highly influenced by The Legend of Zelda, Secret of Mana, and the Megaman series, will now officially be coming to the Wii U. The developers have had their project funded and the total currently stands at $229,869. The team was asking for $225,000 to secure Cryamore for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. Here’s a taster of the storyline.

Cryamore is about a spunky bookworm who goes by the name of Esmyrelda Maximus! Cryamore is a mineral discovered by her early settlers on Noka Island to replace the now-ancient steam-powered technology. It was later found out that they could be used as elemental catalysts to power a wide variety of things, even humans.

But this is causing an imbalance on the island, causing monsters to appear out of nowhere and sapping the town’s resources. Since Esmy (the nickname she prefers to be called) is passionate and a good candidate for Cryamore research, she’s commissioned by the Town Council Chief to search for alternate Cryamore resources, which spirals into a much more ominous dilemma.

Thanks, Vectrex and Tiger Whippersnapper

109 thoughts on “Zelda And Secret Of Mana Inspired Cryamore Is Coming To Wii U”

    1. I know , the Wiiu is really getting me excited for indie games aswell , don’t know why , but wasn’t enthusiatic about them on PS3 , 360 , PC or especially Wii considering a lot of them sucked asshole .

      But yeah , Indie games are going to be very important for Wiiu owners that is for sure.

      1. Yeah i will wait for reviews for this game/gameplay but im mainly looking foward to Zen Pinball 2, and Toki Tori 2. Still waiting for TANK TANK TANK in the eshop too >_<

        1. TANK TANK TANK is pretty amusing , it’s actually pretty cool on the F2P model , cus I sure as hell would not of liked to of payed £40 for it. Maybe £30….

          1. It still pisses me off that its not in the North American Eshop. I have been waiting for 2 MONTHS. They can at least put the full version up. Maybe they will put it up for this week’s eshop update, or next week’s, or the months after that :(

            1. IKR ? What happened to ALL games being on the Eshop. It’s no good putting a game on the Eshop for full price 1-2 months after it launches…

              It doesn’t affect me , cus I buy , collect , trade , sell games so i buy boxed for full games.

              1. Yeah im more of a digital person. I prefer digital games. I have been waiting toooo long for that tank game. Eventually need for speed is gonna come out and im gonna forget about the tank game. Hopefully they release the tank game soon.

                1. TANK TANK TANK is amuzing in some ways , but you’re not missing anything. The best bit of a game is where it uses the front camera to line your face up with a variety of comical Masks and Helmets and hair cuts. I was sat their putting my face in pink silly hair cuts for like 10 minutes!!

                1. I’ve reported your childish behavior to the administrator. My Nintendo News is a blog dedicated to everyone who loves Nintendo, third party publishers who support the company, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U… and Nintendo fans and supporters. We do not tolerate having spoiled brats like you around here so If I were you, I’d stay the hell away from here and go to a Sony blog or IGN message board.

                  Get N or Get OUT!!!!!!!

                    1. I bet you want everyone in the world to act like that. Just because you love Nintendo doesn’t mean everyone else has to as well.

                  1. I don’t know about Neutron, but I for one am not one bit scared of the administrator. He can eats his Wii U too for all I care.

                    1. hes a little bitch thats why, if you say something that he may take the wrong way like, i prefer the color red, super mario kart doesnt hold up super well because the knew ones improved by a long shot, so fanboy, thats pretty sad, but to make accounts just to give him shit might end up being sadder

          1. Most indie games are available as download only, so I don’t expect this to be any different. The cost of producing and distributing physical copies is just too much for most indie devs

              1. I personally prefer physical copies since I’m a collector. It would be nice to have a choice, but as I said, it’s virtually impossible for most indie devs to offer that choice due to financial constraints, so I’m ok with it.

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                1. your pobably one of the people that bought 10 xenoblades, to sell at a high profit, so nobody else could play the game, i hope they get a reprint so that you dont get any money, and im actually not accusing you, just to make a point because people like that are nerdy assholes, who collect and then sell later

                  1. Not all collectors are like that…I only have my one Xenoblade controller bundle, at most I’d be tempted to buy another one to keep a sealed copy for myself. Even if I wanted to engage in that kind of fraud, I wouldn’t even have the money to make that kind of ‘investment’ in the first place

                    1. yea dont you think they should do a reprint, people who cant play games like that, its turning into earthbound, the prices are ridiculous, then those assholes cant get any money from it, i wonder if monoliths new game will end up the same or if nintendo will learn there lesson and bring more, look at ni nu kuni for ps3, namco is smart enough to reprint that game

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    1. Wii U my boy you just got another Gem :). They third party and indie projects have started arriving. In droves they shall come to the beautiful Wii U.

    2. YES!
      I am SO HAPPY that they reached their goal!
      It’s going to be FANTASTIC to see this on consoles.
      All the love and dedication they put into this title makes them more than deserving of every last cent!
      All three consoles are going to be better for having this game in their E-shops.^_^

            1. you have never played the snes before have you, all your little faggot muscle shooters will be dated and shitty, so everything you like will be garbage in 10 years, look at golden eye, thats all the games you like and people who just play pc are greasy nerds,

    3. Vectrex and Tiger whippersnapper

      I was referencing the Tiger handheld gaming device, but if it could be seen as advertising please put GameCom or remove the Tiger part please, I would prefer not to be thought of as a feline enthusiast.

      Misunderstandings aside, all this game needs is a Vectrex port and it’ll be amazing! Imagine all the wonderful stuff this game could accomplish with the Vectrex’s 4 button commands! Not to mention how much more enhanced this could be with overlays featuring real color! Alas, my dream port will not come into fruition, but for now I guess I can cope with a Wii U version of the game.

                    1. wholly crap are you blackbond, that guy sucks at trolling so bad, he is so desperate for any social interaction. ive seen one video and it was sad, i could troll nintendo better than him and if you look at my comments on one of his videos, hes such a little bitch, i was agreeing with him and he was like exposed and stuff, that little bitch got trolled by me

    4. The video itself showed me that they’re serious business. I hope the game has the same kind of humor as this video. The whole Steam joke made me cackle XD

    5. Sorry guys, but ever since i read the comments from Neutron, Bill and LOTNH, i am not longer interested on buying a Wii U. I’ll stick with my NES, SNES, N64, Genesis, PS1, and PS2, since their titles are MUCH better.

      1. Pay no attention to either Neutron, Bill or LOTNH. If I were you, I’d be more interested in buying the Wii U. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on everything that’s coming up next month… including Lego City: Undercover, Need for Speed: Most Wanted U (the definitive version), The Wonderful 101, Yarn Yoshi, Watch_Dogs, Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, and Bayonetta 2.

        Have faith… save up your cash and buy yourself a Wii U.

            1. No, he isn’t. People only think that because we both think Macarony is a perverted little freak (if you saw his comments, you’d understand why we call him that), I haven’t been on much because I’m planning a trip to Malaysia.

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      2. haha, you prefer to read retard comments, from retard people that doesn’t even tried the console yet? anyway, you have to know something son, trollers and haterboys will be everywhere just like bitches in the street, or roaches in the garbage (100% guaranteed), you just can’t do anything about it, and even less if you feed them (you know what I’m talking about), for me, they are just kids (probably), that wants to be the center of the attention all the time, and I just don’t give a single fuck about what they say, I let them cry all they want about the console, because they always repeat the same thing, over and over again, just like cheap annoying recorders.

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