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Mario Kart 7 And Wii Sports Are Nominated For The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2013


Nickelodeon has revealed the games that are nominated for an award at this years Nickelodeon’s 26th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards. There’s four games which have been nominated: Just Dance 4, Mario Kart 7, Wii Sports, and Skylanders Giants. The event will be held on March 23, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET live from the Galen Center in Los Angeles, California. Which game do you predict will win?

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135 thoughts on “Mario Kart 7 And Wii Sports Are Nominated For The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2013”

        1. Never. Considering even more than a decade ago, the terribly untolerable, Rosie O’Donnel. Hosted it for almost a decade.

      1. Yeah it sucks shit now, if only nickolodean had brought adventure time when it was trying to find a station they would be gooBut they probs would’ve fucked with it and had icarly a sponge bob guess appear in it, I’m glad cn owns it

          1. Ur such a hipocrit if u acturall found out the back story of some characters and of course the the land of ooo it a very sad and depressing world yes some episode are are a little studid, but if u here some of the songs for this show like I remember you its some really deep shit , yal just ating on one of the best shows since whatever and seriously animae cmon leave that up studio guibli , animae shows are stupid theses days pokemon bakegon bey blade, I miss toonami on cm it had a perfect ballance of everything. Adventure time for life

    1. Because Nintendo only makes shit that little kids love. Once a self-respecting gamer hits 10, they abandon unmanly Nintendo forever for a manly game and console.

      1. Only a little kid would make fun of nintendo on a nintendo fan site.You think you are mature because you play CoD, please.

        1. Shit just got real! Two Nintendo haters on a Nintendo fan site with the same alias? Which one is the “REAL” Bill? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

  1. LOL! this is the ideal flamebait for the trolls of this site. I’m 21 and play Mario kart 7 regularly. I even still play the odd game of Wii sports Golf. Suck it beeyatchs!

          1. Yo Mama is so fat Bill , when I was on top of her last night , I burnt my god damn ass off the light bulb .

            And another thing , tell Yo Mama to stop wearing so many different types of lip stick all the time , my dick looks like a rainbow !

            1. Perverted Nintenfag, you have never had sex in your life. Not with fake Bill’s mother, not with anybody.
              ~THE REAL Bill~

              1. Our two Bills have teamed up and are wrecking havoc! How will our supposedly homosexual heroes get out of this one? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

  2. Just dance is played by girls of all ages. I know some old ass women (20+) who play those stupid sing and dance shovelware games , lol.

    1. old ass women 20+? are you a pedophile or something? haha, and what’s the problem with women dancing in your living room? i didnt think that you were that type of gamer ? c’mon dude anyone can play whatever they want

      1. I’m 21 lol. I was just saying , they’re saying Just dance is a kids game , but I see loads of grown ass women playing this game.

        I wouldn’t be suprised if more 16+ year old people had bought Just dance than kids….

          1. lol , true. I still play Wii sports golf every now and again. I find it quite relaxing sometimes! I also play real Golf often and find Wii sports Golf to be a suprising accurate experience.

            Why they didn’t make a true Mario golf game on the Wii with motion controlls , I do not know :S

            1. its funny, i rememeber when the wii u was revealed, one of the features was use the gamepad to “put the ball” but i suppose it was only to demonstrate the possibilities

              1. Tell me about , I’m pissed that feature has not yet been realized , I was really excited for that feature.

                Wii sports U is rumoured to be in deveopment , let’s hope it’s on that!

  3. Why did this have to be on here? It’s bad enough the Wii U, Gamecube or Wii didn’t sale because consumers looked at it toward kids and family. Now more Sony/Microsoft trolls are going to come on here and say, “I told ja so.”

    1. Wii did sell precisely because of that! Idk what you’re talking about. That’s why Microsoft and Sony copied. Microsoft’s best selling game is Kinect Adventures lol Oh and let’s not forget Sony’s Wonderbook.

  4. Even when people are spewing hate towards nintendo. Someone great is looking out for them in the entire Cosmos. Great news :).

    1. And why is Tom & Jerry nominated for best cartoon? Who is the idiot that chooses the nominees for the Kids Choice Awards? Where is The Legend of Korra?

        1. I love Avatar: The Last Airbender more than almost any cartoon out there, but Legend of Korra beats it in many aspects. They’re both awesome.

      1. I think Regular Show would win(lol).But they suck,please even if you were going to choose old cartoons, loony toons or 2005- cartoons are better.

        1. Lord of the Nintendo Haters

          Wow, you guys still watch cartoons?! Pathetic! Maybe try watching the news so you’re aware of what goes on in this world outside Shitendo.

    1. Tom and Jerry is even older than that, also Tim Tebow didn’t even play this year. There is so many things wrong with these nominees.

  5. To those confused, Mario Kart 7 is on the 3DS. Wii sports was on the original 100 million consoles sold marvel.

    Question we all started playing games when young. Let my nephews and nieces also enjoy video games. Let them play nintendo games, that has a diverse genre. Rated from e to mature ( mature used to mean common sense not COD ). This like I said before is great news.

  6. Sickr & Alba can suck my Nuts

    See, I told u virgins, only little kids and babies play kiddie Nintendont. Hahaha all u nintenDorks are pathetic. I feel sorry for all u virgins.

        1. Lord of the Nintendo Haters

          That’s funny, because many times I’ve heard you brag about how many women you’ve had sex with. MACARONY64 EXPOSED! Go eat a mushroom with Mario you Nintendrone virgin.

                    1. You admiting that you are a kid? Now i know why all the rage but dont worry we can fix you just masturbate 2 times a day and you will be has peaceful has a budist monk.

  7. Let’s be honest gamers,Wii Sports is shit.Skylanders is shovelware shit.Mario Kart 7 can be beated by Mario Kart Wii.Assasins Creed would win.NickeLOADSHIT is also vveeeeerrrrry shitty(and 98% of tv).

  8. It relly depends on what platform most kids have. I think most kids played wii sports, but Mario kart 7 is more new and the 3ds is picking up in terms of sails. Who knows what can win…. 8)

  9. Mario Kart 7 must win because of it’s awesome music! Wii Sports your too old. Just Dance 4 you WON LAST YEAR, SO GET OUT OF HERE! Skylanders Giants sorry you ruined the series, no way you are winning.

  10. I can’t believe I still never bought Mario Kart 7. I really should get that. But I wanna wait until I have a 3DS XL.

  11. Lord of the Nintendo Haters

    Lol! Regardless of what Nintedward says, Nintendo games are for little kids! Having fun having childerns games you pedophiles!

    1. Not only, that LoTN, but anyone over the age of 13 who plays these games is basically asking to be beaten to a pulp.
      ~THE REAL Bill~

      1. Lord of the Nintendo Haters

        Yes I did get into gaming as child. My first system was a SEGA Genesis, after that I moved to Sony consoles. I HATE NINTENDO!

              1. Thats evidence that traumatic events has a kid could lead to dementia and brain damage. First he asked for a nes he got a sega máster instead. Then the snes came and he asked for a genesis cause even though he cry because of the master he slowly liked but when the snes came the big battle came and the genesis lost bringing a lost of hate towards Nintendo

    2. So you guys show up on a nintendo site everyday to troll? Imagine how great nintendo games are, while you play halo Spartans and Sony drones play god of war with a god that wears a SKIRT.

  12. I don’t care about the Kids Choice Awards at all, but why are half of the games nominated not released in 2012, and whay is one 6 years old? Seems a bit stupid…

  13. Oscars
    Primetime Emmy
    BET Awards

    Daytime Emmy
    and Finally Kids Choice Awards

    The lowest honour you can ever get.

      1. The little ones? In all honesty though, the nominations in every category don’t surprise me despite their age (bar Tom and Jerry which they didn’t bring back onto the tube anytime in the past few years). Let kids be kids, these nominations don’t mean a thing even if they win (bar those involved in music).

        No more One Direction, please! Give me two PATHS; this schlock or some nice classical pieces.

        1. So many things could have taken Tom and Jerry’s place. Gravity Falls, Amazing World of Gumball, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Legend of Kora, ADVENTURE TIME.

  14. Are we…still replying to these guys? I thought it was clear they weren’t actually serious. I’m sure half of them are Nintendo fans, it’s just so easy to piss other Nintendo fans off.

  15. Bill needs to fucking get a life! All he does is come on this sight and call us gay for enjoying a form of media! we know hes trolling and people still plead to reply to him if you dont reply he’ll leave!

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