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New Assassin’s Creed Game To Be Revealed On Monday


You may remember that MCV reported that they had been sent a press invite for a special Assassin’s Creed event which took place today. Well, it turns out information from the event is currently under embargo until Monday. The publication says that while the information won’t be officially announced until Monday, they admit that some of it has already leaked out. The new game is apparently titled Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and the main characters name is Edward Kenway, father of Haytham Kenway from Assassin’s Creed 3. The game is reportedly set in the Caribbean. Both a screenshot and the world map for the game have leaked onto the Internet.

69 thoughts on “New Assassin’s Creed Game To Be Revealed On Monday”

    1. Wait I see my country!!!!!!! Jamaica….. I see the capital of jamaica… “KINGSTON”

      I am definitely getting this game… day one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  1. Cuba! :D So it’ll be taken place in the Carribean. I Hope we’ll be able to explore the Islands alot like the virgin islands and Cuba, it really is a beautiful Country. :P

  2. Great, I only hope they keep a balance between gameplay and story. while I enjoyed the 3rd game, I think the 2nd has the best balance, and less loading times. I prefere a small ”world” to explore full of gameplay, than a big ass world with nothing to do, after all it’s a game. I hope it comes to WiiU too :)

  3. sounds like a fun setting, I was a little disappointed with how little there was to do in ACIII compared to the sheer size of it. It was enormous, but void of content, other than animals to hunt

      1. on monday you will be crying like a b¡tch when you see ‘AssCreed4 NOT to WIIU’ hahahaha and i will be laughing so hard HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        1. Just like AC3 never came to Wiiu! hahahahaha , funny because I played AC3 right on my Wiiu. I think their intention is to put it on as many platforms as possible.
          And the Wiiu gives some of their studios like Ubi Bucharest something to do.

        2. I could care less about the series. It’s stating to feel stale. Theres a new one announced ever week it seems… *sarcasm.

        1. Yeah, it is Call of Duty that is causing this. I think Hitman is going that way too. Not trying to hate on CoD, but it did cause a very bad mentality for the industry.

  4. If it’s anything like 3, do not want.
    They need to change so many things for me to end up liking it again. Spending hours doing pointless missions, then doing dumb trading things, just so i can upgrade my pouch capacity and quiver is fucking retarded.

    Just give me loads of areas varied areas, nava battles, simple shop system and pirate stuff and i’ll be happy

    1. This Will make you happy. Ubisoft reports that watch Dogs is using their new disruptor Engine. It is already running on the Wii U and they are only trying to figure out how best to utilize that Wii U’s gamepad.

      Other news Ubisoft said the designed Watchdogs for nextgen consoles; thus proving a challenge to release-program, downport for my xbox360 and PS3. Now smile they are giving a good game also.

  5. AC3 was on Wii U. Obviously this game will be on PS3/360 (and maybe next-gen later). If a game is on these consoles, there is no reason for it not to be on Wii U. I:m pretty confident.

    1. Watchdogs is being made on the disrupt Engine for eighth generation consoles, being the Wii U, PS4 and Xbox720. Ubisoft says it will be hard to make the down ports for the PS3 and xbox360. Guillermort Yves or however you pronounce the president of Ubisoft, confirmed that it is already running on the Wii U. Hopefully they can make a Watchdogs prequel on the 3DS ( the best next Gen console ).

      1. I can safely say nothing watch dogs related will come to 3DS. If anything it will come to Vita (Seeing as AC3 Liberations was on there)

          1. It was shit though. If any handheld is to get something watchdogs related, it will be Vita or to a lesser extent, iOS platforms. 3DS won’t get anything, I’d be surprised bigtime if it did though.

    1. Videogames are for everyone of every size and personality. That means even small weaklings like you get to play awesome games like Assasin’s Creed and Mario.

  6. SIMPLY G, I apologize for being rude two posts back when you supported EA’s bonehead idea of making all their future games with micro transactions.

    On another note how am I to but assassins creed 4 when monster hunter 3 ultimate and Pikmin 3 shall hold all my attention?

    1. That might be good! Wait!..You just made me think of something cool… Lord of the Rings made by Bethesda…! That would be so sick…

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