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Activision Not Happy With Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U Sales?


An Activision employee reportedly told Calvin Hall at this years DICE summit that the company is throughly disappointed with sales for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on Wii U. The employee says that Activision gave Wii U owners the definitive version of Black Ops 2 with Off TV features, and Nintendo fans quite simply didn’t support it. He went on to say that developers just aren’t enthusiastic about Nintendo’s latest home console and the only reason publishers are still going to bring games to Wii U is because they don’t want to damage their relationship with Nintendo. However, he did say that Activision will continue to support the platform.

“Activision didn’t expect much from Wii U sales of Black Ops 2, but they sure didn’t expect it to be that abysmal.  Activision gave Wii U owners the best version of Blops 2 with Off TV features, and Nintendo fans didn’t support it.  It’s easy for Nintendo fans to trash publishers for not giving them ports, but publishers have wisened up.  They realize Nintendo fans are all talk.  Nintendo fans are vocal with their mouths, but when it’s time to open their wallets, they’ll spend that $60 on New Super Mario Bros instead.”

“There’s just no enthusiasm for it.  The only reason publishers are still going to bring games to Wii U is because they don’t want to damage their relationship with Nintendo.”

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.

Update: It turns out that this story by ‘Calvin Hall’ was fabricated.

182 thoughts on “Activision Not Happy With Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U Sales?”

        1. all i play is cod on wii-u its great but what the hell they expect the console is only 3 months old its not like ps3 and xbox that been around more than 7years most people already owned ps3 and xbox so all they have to kick up is 60 bucks with wii-u you have to pay $380 tax included for the console $50 for a pro controller(optional)
          and $60 for the game itself. and the only reason cod is getting a bad rap on wii-u is because 3arc are doing a crappy job with the patches especially the game freezes forcing you to unplug your system

          1. And that’s my issue right here. Although apparently this story was fake, I preordered my Wii U, and instead of buying Black Ops 2 on my 360 or my PC, I preordered it on Wii U to see the cool features they were praising. And after a few weeks of constant freezing, etc. I got annoyed. Plus, they originally said we’d get Nuketown 2025 if we preordered like everyone else, and took it back right before release, and now just like with the Wii versions we aren’t getting the DLC. I like that they at least supported the original Wii but some of the other stuff, like never coming out and saying no DLC, etc. leaving Nintendo fans hanging is getting kind of old.

      1. I will bet u that no games sell that amount on either of the other two new platforms this year. They are only going to be able to put out so many. They will get sold to people selling em on ebay, and will sell less than one game per system at launch.

    1. That whole is made up. Guy doesn´t exist, Twitter acoount deleted… people should stop believing everything on the Internet.

    2. I don’t think wii u really needs AAA titles just the big ones like assassins creed, cod, bioshock, ect. Nintendo exclusives has always been the selling point of nintendo consoles, also with cod being only big in america and haveing about 1 million console sold in america, they can’t expect all of those customers to buy it.

      1. wii u sucks i have one.

        It’s okay. I hate my Wii U. Only play my 360. Wii U isn’t worth shit. Nintendo exclusives suck. Grow up.

    3. Nintendo fans really need to get their act together and support third parties on wii u. the console won’t survive on nintendo games alone simply because nintendo can’t release those games fast enough. wii u games will generally take longer to develop than games on the original wii.

      1. im with you man I am a Nintendo fan but I kinda feel like Nintendo fanboys only hate game that do better than Nintendo first party games.

      2. To be fair, it’s hard to support third party developers who make Wii U players pay $60 for a game that is cheaper on other consoles and/or don’t support their Wii U versions of the game with DLC. Hell I really wanted to play Mass Effect but why buy it for the Wii U when I can get the whole trilogy for that price on another console. I think third party sales will pick up when they simultaneously release on all the consoles.


      Activision et Nintendo nous prennent encore pour des vaches à lait ! Pas de DLC COD BO2 comme sur les autres plateformes pour un jeu vendu largement aussi cher… De mon coté je boycotterai Activision s’ils ne changent pas de méthode. Quand à Nintendo, j’ai déjà empêché/retardé l’achat d’une bonne dizaine de WII U auprès de mes relations et collègues de travail. Par ailleurs, je ne manque pas d’informer mes proches sur les jeux vendus “incomplets” … pas de DLC à venir pour BO2 et NFS MW, peut-être pas du tout de BF4, etc. Une WII U avec Mablette + HD + connexion + E-shop pour jouer à un nième SuperMario XX comme sur une simple WII c’est vraiment se foudre de la gueule du monde et ce n’est pas avec des TANK-TANK-TANK que cette bécane va voir ses ventes se multiplier. Ne comptez pas sur moi en tous cas !
      A bon entendeur salut !

    5. DLC BO2 WII U la couillonnade continue… rien à l’horizon de positif, payez petits moutons vous verrez après ! Si si le prochain COD GHOST aura ses DLC achetez braves couillons, et si ce n’est pas lui ce sera le prochain ou bien celui d’après, ou un autre plus tard, achetez on vous dit !
      De toutes façons si vous n’êtes pas assez nombreux pour les DLC nous attendrons que beaucoup d’entre vous achètent notre jeux incomplet et si et seulement si, vous aurez peut-être droit contre monnaie sonante et trébuchante aux mises à jours et aux DLC comme pour les autres consoles ! A-CHE-TEZ !
      Vous imaginez acheter une voiture sans roue de secours et sans service d’entretien parce que le fabriquant attends d’en avoir vendu suffisamment pour proposer ces services aux clients ? Alors là moi je dis : Couillonnade !
      Pour tout cela et en attendant, jour après jour, chaque semaine qui passe à attendre, je me fais un malin plaisir et surtout le devoir d’informer les acheteurs potentiels de la réalité.
      Ainsi, chaque fois qu’il m’est possible, j’empêche l’achat d’au moins un BO2 WII U et de cette console qui ne respecte pas ses utilisateurs.
      Achetez qu’ils disaient…
      A bientôt Activision… Bye bye Nintendo ! See you soon as DLC.

    1. The guy is complaining because Nintendo fans aren’t like drones who buy their shitty game just to shoot crap up. We complain about getting ports of good games like the upcoming Watch_Dogs, but call of duty I never gave two fucks about.

  1. The reviews were rubbish so I dodged them. But they are right we don’t buy Nintendo consoles to play 3rd rate games on other consoles. Nintendo fans don’t lap up any old tat like an Xbox fan.

    1. Yeah, they just lap up any first party rubbish instead. $60 for a “new” Mario game that is almost exactly like the Wii version from a couple years ago and is not even full HD? Suuuure, anytime!

      Please, you make it sound like that’s any better than XBOX fans buying CoD or Halo. At least Halo games are different each time and only come out every 2 or 3 years, unlike Mario which is plopped into every game Nintendo can think of. Coming next: Mario Tennis 5, Mario Party 26, and a new IP: Mario Tax Return 2013!!!

      1. U are witty, and u need friends. u would like telling jokes in miiverse. u get to experience frustrations in a mario game with everyone AT ONCE. The jokes that have been told in that game are some of my favorite moments i have had while playing a video game.

        Stop posting a novel about nintendo sucking till u have purchased a wii u for yourself and experience the HYPERSUPERULTRAMEGA thought bubble called Miiverse. But for right now, nintendo is not getting any of your money, and u are satisfied, so why do u care?

      2. “At least Halo games are different each time”

        This is why everyone thinks you’re a fuckin idiot, you go and say dumb shit like that. GTFO

        1. In his defense at least the stories in halo are different? I’d love for Mario to take it up a notch when it comes to story. So far we’ve got new levels and prettier graphics and that’s about it….

          ps. Don’t hate me! I’m a nintendo fan but I do like the halo series :)

          1. I dont even mind the Halo series, and actually, in 4, i was really surprised how good Cortanas story was, her voice acting and facial animations are great, and i liked that they focused it down like that, but the “main plot” was still “oh look, some bad guy, better be Chief again”.

            I meant gameplay wise its still the same, like exact.
            I like how Halo feels, its just got something to it where every gun feels good, and gameplay is smooth, but its the same thing i played back on my brothers 360 with Halo 3.

            Its not a bad game, its just not new, and i have to knock it down a notch because of that, trust me, its not like i want to.

          2. As for Mario, its only really NSMB series thats spawned this rehash talk, which yeah, i am sick of the “New” series, and unless there really is nothing to buy one day, i will probably buy NSMBU, just because i know what to expect, but that doesnt mean im sick of Mario, Mario Galaxy is my 2nd favourite game ever, so im extremely excited for the WiiU one at E3, and i like Mario Kart too. I personally dont buy the Party or Tennis, or Sport games (although i did enjoy the Wii football one, i thought it was pretty fun), so its not like i think Mario is overused as such, the only other Mario games i buy are the RPG ones, which i almost forget are Mario games to being with, thats the thing, everyone and dumbasses like Icy, sees the name Mario and just thinks “derrr all the same”, HA, fuck no, they’re all different.

            The only similarity between Mario 3D and Mario RPG is that it has Mario characters and themes, otherwise they’re nothing alike.
            But, i do think other series should have more spin offs, i just think its risky with games like Metroid and Zelda, you’d get people complaining how “its not a Zelda game”, like people are saying with Metal Gear Rising, simply because you dont sneak around, but id love an RPG Zelda, or a Metroid themed mutiplayer game.

        2. Not very different and the last one was barely 3-4 hours long. As for Cod, those are low res, shitty shoot up games designed for mindless “gamers”

        3. Halo games ARE different each game though! Halo CE, amazing campaign, awesome multiplayer, halo 2 great deep campaign, online multiplayer, Halo 3, good gampaign, great multiplayer, forge mode, theature mode, file share, Halo 3 ODST, a spinoff but firefight was added. Halo reach, a good campaign, new characters, redone multiplayer with armor abilities, heavilyb improved forge mode, Firefight was also greatly improved and much more addictive. Halo wars. A well made and simple RTS completely different from past games. Halo 4. Is not much of a change. They did add spartan ops but I never play it. Multiplayer is pretty good and improving, but this is seriously the first game that HASN’T had a major improvement from the last.

      3. Halo is different each time…


        Last time i checked it’s still a FPS, and you know there is almost nothing you can change about a fps, of course there are some exceptions but halo is not one.

        1. I’d have to agree, the last real good FPS was goldeneye on N64, a great story with great game play. Not cookie cutter games like COD or Halo.

          1. Halo is cookie cutter. Whatever. I have had it with you pathetic fanboys. Halo is an amazing game series, but you wouldn’t know as you most likely haven’t played it.

            1. halo sucks..maybe good storyline but worst control scheme ever , COD is alright but they gota change it up its stale hopefully ghost will do that but blops 2 zombies are the best thing ever and this is coming from someone who before playing blops 2 thought zombies was stupid and sick of ppl thinking there right just because they think something is better when the fact is..i own a wii u,ps3 ,360.3ds.vita and probably will buy a ps4.but my point is i love all games thats what being a gamer is all about….playing the games you love and giving the ones you dont atleast one try before condemning them because you never know until you try it yourself…but when did it become this giant online dispute between anyone with enough money to buy a game system and a few games has to get on there pc and hate on everything that isnt what THEY like

        2. Each game in the halo sereis has had a substantial change for the better, except for the newest I explain it in some comments above. I am not typing it again.

  2. Wow! This is actually really offensive! Generalizing the Nintendo fans and telling us its our fault we didn’t buy their shitty cod game that we didn’t even ask for! Also, the WII U is a new system! Maybe you should have marketed it better since all the adds I saw just said xbox/ps3! Oh, and did we get the limited edition? Nope. We felt left out from the beginning and therefore did not care.

    1. Exactly!!!

      and let’s see how many games they sell on PS4 and xbox-subscription-console this year. 3rd parties need to start embracing nintendo. If they know how to market they can get games like Just Dance that have sold 30 million copies.

  3. I bought my wii u to play nintendo games if i want to play cod ill buy it for my ps3 or xbox with more players and better service

    1. Stupid decission, are you retarded? So u are gonna buy two or three consoles, when you can play the same shit in one? Wooow, genious.

      1. First of all, if you’re going to sarcastically call someone a “genius”, learn to spell.

        Second of all, there are dozens upon dozens of exclusives, top selling AAA ones at that, for both 360 and PS3. So it makes complete sense for someone to have both. Just because YOU don’t like them doesn’t mean millions don’t.

        But I don’t expect someone who only buys Nintendo consoles to understand that. You’re too busy getting a hard-on about a second screen on a console that is literally 10 years behind in tech otherwise, with barely any third party support and rubbish first party games, the flagship being a slightly dressed up port of a fucking 2009 Wii game (NSMB U). Wow. Good choice.

        I’ll stick to owning multiple consoles and enjoying ALL games, because I’m a big boy and can afford them. Sorry your mommy and daddy will only buy you one.

        1. Dude, who gives a flying fuck about tech. It’s little graphics tech pieces of shit like you that the gaming industry is so bad right now. You hate Nintendo That much, then get the fuck out of here. Why are you here when you sound like you want Nintendo to burn in the abyss. Second of all, unless I see some certification that your a tech specialist, stfu. 10 years old tech? Please like Microsoft and Sony uses current tech. The PS4 is using ducking x86 processor. that’s 4 decade old tech. Just go away

          1. Tech is very important to games in more ways than you’d care to release. Better tech = new ideas that couldn’t be realized otherwise. You think Assassin’s Creed could exist in the same way it does now on the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox? No. The crowd technology and large maps wasn’t possible there.

            It’s also not hard to figure out how old the parts in a console are. The Wii U is using essentially 360 and PS3 equivalent-hardware, which is *pretty* old at this point. The PS4 is also using a x86-*based* processor, as opposed to the goddamn nightmare that was the Cell processor. The actual model, the AMD Jaguar, is new stuff.

  4. roflmao. the industry just turns more and more into a piece of shit. i wonder how long it takes for the next video game crash. cause everyone is fucking bored of this cinematic, scripted, shooter shit

      1. Yep… If I watch a video where all years best games are listed I see:
        Call of duty
        oh … and the Fire Emblem game. And Mario… But the get the last spot. Seriously… Aren’t people getting bored?
        (No word of Pokemon)

    1. As opposed to a Mario-themed game every 6 months?

      Mario Kart? Mario Tennis? Mario Party? New (lmao) Super Mario Bros? Mario Tax Return 2013? Mario Dog Walker? Mario Gardening? Mario Bathroom Break Bonanza?

      Give me a break…

      1. lol at mario kart every 6 months, one new super mario bros pro console is really milkin it right xD 9 mario party games after 17 years, mario tennis cause it was released last year on 3ds? give me a break and write a valid argument. so now let’s watch how many games include shooting, quicktime events and cinematic cutscenes with scripted shit? right, over 9.000. done my friend, you are done

      2. I don’t get why you put the spinoffs with the actuall games… things like that make it look like your a retard and you don’t know what you are talking about. And it doesn’t seem like you play Nintendo so your just blindly trolling… and failing at it.

      3. There was ONE Mario bros. on ds… Before that we didn’t see a mario bros. in a long time..
        A mario bros was released for the Wii. One for the 3ds and there is one for the Wii U.
        Nintendo said they only plan to release one mario bros. per console. Nintendo’s next console might launch 2018…
        four Mario games in 12 years. 2006-2018) Man Nintendo is really milking Mario out.


          If you meant one “New Super Mario Brothers” game per console, then yes, you’re right.

          If you meant “one platformer Mario game per console”, then you’re incorrect (there’s Super Mario 64 DS on the DS, Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii, etc.).

      4. COD= 9 games(not including expansions) over 10 years
        Mariokart= 7 games over 21 years
        Now Halo I can see a not being a clumped together piece of fecal matter, but Call of Duty has not changed any since MW2.
        + Bungie is now third party and Destiny Has been implied to be coming to Wiiu

  5. The reason people don’t buy your game Activision, is because at the end of the day you’re cash driven assholes.

  6. I have money to buy Mario, Mario And Luigi, mario kart, Zelda, Mega Man, Fire Emblem and more (Enough for 20 games a year). But for call of duty I just do not have it.

  7. No surprise there. I’m really enjoying the game. Much better experience than on my PS3.
    Shame really. Why can’t shooters and mario games get along and live on the same console in peace?

  8. As a WiiU owner and a Nintendo fan, I can only feel sorry for Activision. It’s not our fault if Nintendo offers much more than just the same franchise EVERY year with no changes, no inovations.

    I’m here to support you, just don’t act like COD is the best game ever, because it’s not. I didn’t bought my WiiU for COD, I bought it for Mario, Bayonneta, Wonderfull 101, ZombiU and Zelda. Games that offers more than just shooting people and 4h of gameplay, games that aside the fact that is making money, it’s not following trends, they are trying to innovate and taking risks.

  9. I love Nintendo and Call of Duty. This was the first time I didn’t buy a Mario game at launch. I still don’t have it. I’m on Black Ops2 everyday. I’m just happy to have HD and NOOOO hackers like the Wii had. With that intro I’m not happy about the way Activision treats me like a bitch cause I’m a Nintendo gamer. The way they never say if the next game Is going to be on Nintendo. Why are we the last, if at all to, get map packs. I’m sorry Nintendo Wii U has only been out for 3.5 months and we don’t have 3 million players online. That would be awesome. Then I could test out the League matches. It’s hard for past COD players to be excited about Activisions approach to Wii U. We are here give us DLC!

    1. It’s good to see the call of duty fans side of story too. thanks for sharing. So it looks like they gave us the best version, and hope we support it. But they don’t ever say “don’t worry call of duty fans, our games and all content will be on WiiU too.”

      this is not supporting the WiiU, its testing the machine. you put the coin, spin it, if gives you money you play again, if not, you search for other machine… so predictable…

  10. “They realize Nintendo fans are all talk. Nintendo fans are vocal with their mouths, but when it’s time to open their wallets, they’ll spend that $60 on New Super Mario Bros instead.”

    – Saw some people say it was fake, and i believe that, because ^ THAT is the most unprofessionel thing to say. That would be like trashing fans AND trashing Nintendo. I’m happy with my Black Ops 2, and i hope whatever CoD installment comes next is gonna be arrive on the Wii U too, it’s not a series i MUST HAVE, and having skipped the last 2 installments might be the reason why i like Black Ops 2, but all in all it’s a fun game to jump online with, and enjoy for an hour or two.

  11. Yea we are all different and the reason it didn’t do to good its because this is their first real version on Nintendo and most of the Call of Duty fans are on Xbox then PlayStation. Advertise more.

  12. IMO its one of the greatest Wii U titles at the moment, its a good game, with a lot of replay value because of the multiplayer, but if you have played other call of dutys, this one is not that good, but still ok. To boost sales they should add Nuketown, because a lot of ppl are getting xbox and ps versions because the lack of dlc on Wii U.

  13. Maybe it’s because they released a game for a platform that only just came out and thus buying their damn game would also include a $200-$300 in that you have to buy the console too.

    Fuck, it’s the same case with every Wii U game. We should stop being so shocked about the abysmal software sales.

  14. Missing features, DLC, and Nuketown isn’t what I would call the definitive version as Off-Screen Play doesn’t make up for it. Also, where was the advertising for the Wii-U version? Not to mention, most Nintendo fans are multi-console owners who would’ve already gotten the game on the PS3/360. If it was at least as good, maybe we would’ve bought the Wii-U version but you couldn’t even do that. Don’t blame us for your incompetency

    At least we’re still going to get ges as they don’t want to harm their relationship with Nintendo

  15. Well fucking duh, the console literally just launched and doesn’t have the same install base as PS3/360/PC. is he a retard or something?

    1. All the american developers in this industry are f*cking biased against nintendo. They know this console just came out and it doesn’t have an install base over 30 million yet. What are they expecting? 4 million copies sold?
      The system is new its an infant. A lot of games was released and is also in direct competition with it for consumer dollars. But its just not activision expecting millions upon millions to be sold for their launch Wii U games, its all the publishers as well. They all expect their games to be over 4 million sold or more by now. They are clearly anti nintendo and wants an excuse to abandon them. They would never pull this sh*t with microsoft or sony.

  16. Maybe if you market the Wii U versions of your games just as muchnas to the other consoles and if you made these games the best you can instead of half-arsed ports and if you didn’t trashtalk everything Nintendo related, maybe then the Nintendo community will start supportimg your games.
    Don’t expect us to buy your games just like that.
    We are not Xbots.

  17. Calling BS on this.
    The guy doesn’t even bother listing sources for his article.
    He just claims to be a developer who goes to all these events, and that he “talked to an Activision employee” about this stuff.
    Sickr, do yourself a favor and put a disclaimer up on the top of the thread saying that this is possibly, if not probably, a fake report.
    Or at least make it clear that the claims made inside of it are unsubstantiated and unproven.
    A question mark at the end of the subject’s title isn’t going to cut it.

  18. Activision is so unprofessional. When did we ask for their repetetive CoD shit!? I dont remember asking for it… The only people who like CoD probably didn’t buy it because they aleady had it on ps3/xbox360 and they probably figured that since Activision always screws Nintendo fans that there port of the game was going to be shit. And not all of us have money to buy every frieken game in the world honestly…so fuck them. For their information I did not buy NSMBU I bought Batman Arkham City, which is a hell of alot more fun then Black Ops 2 because RockSteady actually made an effort.

    1. Well holy shit, that’s some damned fine sleuthing you’ve done there!
      Any chance we have a way of showing this to Sickr?
      If he knows it’s just a drone using a fake name and picture, maybe this info will be put up on the front of the article and dismissed like it deserves to be.

  19. I’ve got a number of reasons why Call of Duty: Black Ops II didn’t sell well on the Wii U.
    It’s a new console and not everyone has enough money to buy a Wii U.
    Like Activision said more Nintendo fans buy games like New Super Mario Bros. U which isn’t a huge surprise as they are Nintendo fans, NINTENDO FANS get it.
    A lot of people like to play online and most of these people that like to play online choose the PS3 or Xbox 360 version as they have a larger amount of people online and more people own a PS3 or Xbox 360 anyway.
    The Wii U version seems to be more expensive than the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.
    The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions where released before the Wii U version.
    Not everyone one praises Call of Duty as the best game ever like some people do.

  20. I don’t believe this story. Why? First, no business is going to keep spending money on something if they feel it won’t reap a profit (share holders to answer to). Secondly, definitive version? We’re getting no DLC. Developers have to understand, that if you charge the same price for something, make sure your content of your product is even across all platforms. Third, New Super Mario hasn’t sold that we’ll either. Finally, there have been quite a few publishers who have praised the Wii U, such as, the Need for Speed and Bit trip runner developers.

  21. Its because its a lazy port! When i play with my brother (he plays on the gamepad and i play on the pro controller) the frame rate is just horrible. If i play alone its fine.

      1. YoshiNintendoLover

        Haha, you serious. Obviously you don’t have a wii u, and you don’t have metroid either, and if you keep lying about saying that yes you do own them, you just watched youtube. So at least, you know a little bit about the game. So please, stop talking shitty trash.

  22. Ok so maybe I’m the only one.. But I ONLY buy Nintendo systems. I love both first party titles AND third party titles. Also I’m a grown ass man. I DO buy Nintendo systems for ALL types of games. Anyone else like that?

    The Wii U has been my first chance to play Assassins Creed, Mass Effect and a truly up to par (graphically) version of COD. Each one of those games were Vulcan amazing. And I’m excited for more to come. (Watch_Dogs, etc..)

    My point is I’m a “Nintendo only” kind of guy but I like all types of games. As far as I’m concerned.. If they release an epic game on this amazing system (first OR third party) I’m getting it.

    Not all Nintendo fans are alike.

    1. Here… I only buy Nintendo consolew. I hate the xbox and playstation is okay.
      I would buy a playstation but there are no games that wake interest in me.
      I hate the xbox because the online fees, Pay for demo and it’s wonderful red ring.

    2. konami hates nintendo

      The problem is that there are millions of people just like you. Millions of nintendo only gamers out there that support both 1st & 3rd party games. The problem is that the 3rd parties don’t give a shit about nintendo and the nintendo fans. They are looking for a reason to abandon them. Just look at konami and ea.

  23. I rented the game with the intention of purchasing. I returned it quickly. Its boring. Compared to a game like Galaxy 2 its just a little too repetitive and dumb. Dont dog Nintendo owners cause we need more than explosions and yelling.

  24. Well I love COD games and definitely want them to keep coming to Wii U regardless of y’all who don’t like them. As far as the definite version of the game, honestly they care more about 360/PS3. We still have no word on DLC, and our updates/patches happen well well after the other consoles. AND there’s no Elite service! AND we pre-ordered and didnt get Nuketown 2025!! AND no uploading matches to YouTube! Off-tv play doesn’t make it “definite” in my opinion since that just the new standard for the console. I love CoD and play it everyday but they can’t say the Wii U version is the best!

  25. This game is simply too darn expensive. Even with the ridiculous initial 100$ price to get the game, there is no guarantee that you will get the whole game as you have to pay even more to get the content. Also. I would not pay 100$+ on a game that will be useless after barely a year due to a new game in the franchise.

    Cod is worth 50$ including all DLC

    1. It’s quite hilarious that they think just because they have a bunch of 12 years old ho go nuts for their shitty game, that they’re gods among us.
      COD is making the industry WORSE, because now every game has tacked on shitty multiplayer, and nobody wants to take risks with a new game, theres that new game Project Awakened that no publisher will support simply because its a new idea and its “too risky”.

      Is that how bad the industry has gotten?
      I mean i bet, that Crysis 3 sells more than Metal Gear Rising. Disregarding the fact MGR isnt on PC, im 90% sure that Crysis 3 will sell more (certainly make more money, thanks EA). But guess what? Its a boring shooter with pretty visuals.
      Fuck Activision and their COD franchise, for ruining gaming.

    2. wii u sucks i have one.

      Black Ops is the best selling video game of all time in North America and Europe.
      Fuck you, little kid.

      1. That doesn’t make it good.
        Angry Birds has sold a ton of copies, is it good? For £1, yeah.

        Black Ops 2 is just one of those “play it safe” games, you buy it, you know what to expect, end of story.
        I’d like you to find out how many people who bought it, still play it, and how many people returned it.
        I bought it, for reviews sake, didnt finish the story and only got to level 35 till i decided, “no, its the same shit all over again”, and then i sold it

    1. It’s an alright game, don’t focus too much on the campaign since everyone knows CoDs bread and butter is the multiplayer, well if you every decide to pick one up just to try it out; Don’t let the repetitive nature of the future installments in the series turn you off because most games are like that, with certain exceptions and improvements of course.

  26. I really do hate COD but I picked this up hoping the off TV play would work well and honestly the wii u port was by far the best one. Never used my tv.

  27. I just wanted to buy CODBO2 for my WiiU, but it doesn’t offer any improvement compared to the same version for other consoles (It is a low budget PORT). Not the same textures and performance. A lot of problems in online matches, anyway.
    I WANTED to buy it, but I am not going to buy $%&# that you want to sell.

  28. It’s not that Nintendo fans doesn’t like Call of Duty, I mean, I’m a Nintendo fan, and Black Ops 2 was actually quite decent. But not that many people bought the Wii U, and people won’t buy a game if they don’t have the system to play it on (obviously).

  29. All you guys disappoint me we finally get good games on our system Bt we don’t support em? Grow up!! All I here is complaints complaints complants. I’m a huge Nintendo do fan. And I’m proud to see games like call of duty make it to the Wii U. We need more hardcore alone with Mario. Give the devs some appreciation. then Maybe this console will be the console of choice if you just stop complaining so freaking much!! Have good day.

    1. …every COD game was on the Wii anyway.
      The fact its in “OOO HD, DEFINITIVE EXPERIENCE”, isnt a selling point, thats just how the game should be in the first place.
      People arent begging for COD on WiiU, people want games like Dark Souls 2, Metal Gear series, Watch Dogs, Destiny, (as much as it pains me to say) GTAV, nobody is or was asking for COD…

  30. That’s completely false. The problem is that obviously people buying a Nintendo console will favor Nintendo exclusive IP instead of a rushed PORTED third party game that is having FPS issues.

    And treyarch’s past performance in support hasn’t been all that great. In fact, when the game launched on Wii U, I had bunch of lock ups, freezes, buggy wiimote control, online connectivity issues and we waiting for months to get these things fixed. On top of that, they never confirmed that DLC would ever come on Wii U, so why support a game when you know it has no life extension.

    The real problem is not Nintendo, it’s actually Activision decision to just launch a rushed up half ass version instead of giving us the same experience they intend on XBOX 360 and PS3.

    The ONLY real reason they made one on Wii U is so they don’t make the mistake like last time on Wii and they assume it would take off just as fast as the previous console.

    It’s all about money, has nothing to do with loyalty. Give us decent value and we will buy it.

    1. Then why are they still supporting the system? Its the first cod on wiiu development teams haven’t figured out the systems architecture yet. onley thing that’s holding us ba from dlc is the lack of sales.

      1. Still supporting? In what way? Where is our DLC?

        Why would they support if no one is buying their game on this specific platform? Which begs the question, was this quote from activision fabricated? No developer even if sales are bad would trash talk like this, especially if you are not the head of the company.

  31. I have COD Black Ops 2 on my Wii U and its good and I like it. I had COD Black Ops on Wii, it was good and I like it. The Wii U is new, it will catch on if Nintendo supports it with more than New Super Mario Bros U.

  32. I’m not sure if this is true or not, according to Leaker’s post, but the game is already out for the other platforms and has been for several months. Most people don’t see the need to purchase the game again for a for extra features, and they removed the 3D option for the Wii U; not that it matters but it definitely isn’t the definite version if stuff is removed and no DLC is released.

  33. i bought the game at launch for wii-u and its the first time i brought and played a cod game and its really fun i don’t know why people knocking the game saying its sucks its crap but its not seem most of the people in here are talking out there ass and never bother to give it a chance. maybe is because every time they play they die. just cause you suck at the game doesn’t mean the game sucks.

  34. Well that sucks! I’m a big CoD fan on Nintendo, people just need too try it out on Wii U and they’ll see that it’s the best.

    1. Well Activision I’m on your side with this (meaning the game on Wii U), I have a better play experiance on Wii/Wii U then Xbox 360 or PS3, I hope you guys keep bringing the game to Wii U cause it’s awesome, can’t get better then that! :) What I think Activision/Infinity Ward/Treyarch needs too do it advertise it on the Wii U more cause that’s one of the reasons most people don’t like it on Wii U, not enough people working there saying it’s the best way.

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  36. What complete and utter bullshit from a greedy company. Firstly, the way he addresses “Nintendo fans” was derogatorily and totally unprofessional. He is basically trying to blame the consumer for not spending £60 on a game they aren’t obliged to buy, rather than the fact that their OWN product has failed to meet their own expectations, due to their own business short-comings, more-so then “all talk Nintendo fans”. This looks to me that Activision are embarrassed that their beloved Call of Duty franchise did not do so well for once and so jump on the industry-wide bandwagon and blame Nintendo and its consumers. Pathetic.

      1. It seems that the story here was fake/fabricated. So what I wrote was probably kind of not needed and mean, so I’m sorry. I was annoyed at what I read and yeah.

  37. Simple…Xbox and PS3 already have this game, so sales are not going to be that strong. And if they don´t like, then don´t support. And stop trolling around, this game is good but if you want to play on wii u, then buy it. If not just skip it.

  38. And how much advertising has Activision done to promote COD on the Wii U. Looks like ZERO to me. Word of mouth doesn’t always get it. I love the game myself and will continue playing, but give me a break Activision!

  39. The Nintendo Reviewer

    Definitive version you say? If that’s the case why is there still no DLC for the Wii U version?

  40. YoshiNintendoLover

    Why all you fans hate so much COD and I love it. I bought my wii u just to see that this HD version was the best one, and the first game I will buy is Black Ops 2 like it or not. I will eventually buy other games, but until that I will let Black Ops 2 suck my brain. Hopefully, after MH3U comes out. And of course, I will buy NSMBU. Just please stop hating COD so much.

  41. Nintendo players are generally not FPS players. DUH! Now get off your lazy asses and develop something that’s not used for military training for fuck sake.

  42. How about most Nintendo fans didn’t buy it because we didn’t buy it because we want a game that doesn’t require a DLC pack in only a few months. I love playing COD, but it’s things like this that piss me off.

  43. The game was buggy in the Xbox version as well so that is hardly Nintendo’s fault. I liked the original Black Ops. This one requires too much on-lines presence which I cannot afford nor is offered in my area. That is the mistake made by the developer not the console maker and its gamer base.

  44. Of course it was fabricated. This story should have been treated as a RUMOR like most decent websites. If you don’t have all the facts or a legit source you RUMOR: the title this is like the 3rd or 4th time this has happened on here. Starting to lose quality control like Kotaku did years ago please pay attention more I like the site. But I don’t need another website like kotaku urging for hits with bad titles.

  45. I guess im the only Nintendo fan who loves COD battlefield and other FPS I don’t care if that’s whats I like that’s what im gana buy but to say a game like fire emblem is better than call of duty is a fuckin joke. fire emblem to me is like professor Layton and that’s pathetic. but I do love the fuck out of Metroid and Zelda and the only Mario games I like are the ones where Mario isn’t side scrolling. if I want that ill play Mario bros 1 2 3 and super Mario world.

  46. This looked very fabricated from the start, no professional would ever speak like this, or speak this way about potential customers. Most companies would find the leak and fire the person for talking in such a manor.


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  50. Not very happy that Treyarch is leaving Wiiu without map packs. If this is the way the cod creators are, it changes it all. Firstly the console is new. You can’t expect everyone to go buy it immediatly, especially since the Wii original left a bad rep. If I get this game I hope to have map packs. If the companies support their fans, shouldn’t it mean all of the fans?

  51. halo sucks..maybe good storyline but worst control scheme ever , COD is alright but they gota change it up its stale hopefully ghost will do that but blops 2 zombies are the best thing ever and this is coming from someone who before playing blops 2 thought zombies was stupid and sick of ppl thinking there right just because they think something is better when the fact is..i own a wii u,ps3 ,360.3ds.vita and probably will buy a ps4.but my point is i love all games thats what being a gamer is all about….playing the games you love and giving the ones you dont atleast one try before condemning them because you never know until you try it yourself…but when did it become this giant online dispute between anyone with enough money to buy a game system and a few games has to get on there pc and hate on everything that isnt what THEY like

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  53. how about cod is extremely overated. Anyone think of that?Its the same damn game with slight variations with new versions.stopped playing after blacks ops one for a reason.

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  57. Mmm ya, last couple of comments are from the backyard subordinate folks out there. The lesser intelligent ones. Ghost came out for the wii u!! What dogAlso wii u currently holds better sells than the xbox one this year. don’t call it a comeback; )

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