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Rare Responds To Fan’s Request Of A Banjo-Kazooie Remake For Nintendo 3DS

Banjo_KazooieA fan of Nintendo 64 title Banjo-Kazooie asked its developer, Rare, via Twitter, whether there is a possibility for a Nintendo 3DS remake of the game. Rather than replying with a definitive answer, and although it’s not very likely, Rare told the fan that anything’s possible. I, for one, would love to see a remake of Banjo-Kazooie, as it is one of my all-time favorite 3D platformers and Nintendo 64 games.

This is probably an annoying question to you. Is there any possibility of a Banjo remake in 3DS? Like they did to Ocarina of Time.

Rare: Anything’s possible, even if it’s not very likely :)

Thanks, Komaru.

97 thoughts on “Rare Responds To Fan’s Request Of A Banjo-Kazooie Remake For Nintendo 3DS”

  1. Isn’t Rare and the BK franchise 100% owned by Microsoft?
    If it’s not, or if there’s some sort of clause that would allow them to do this, then I say YES!
    I’m surprised that nobody has talked about this before!

    Oh, also, because it was posted a bit late on the last article, repost of an article that I’d like some[non-troll/non-hater/non-fanboy-of-any-company] opinions on:

    1. It is owned by Microsoft, but since Microsoft doesn’t have its own portable console they’re still allowed to make games for the 3DS. There was a B-K game that came out for the GBA back in the day after the buyout.

      1. Then why say it isn’t likely?
        Fan demand?
        I think if this was spread widely enough, and petitions like Operation Rainfall were started, that might change things…..

        1. I think it may be a license cost of doing it being to high and they where 2 bn games on the gameboy advance i think.

      1. I thought so too. I especially liked how he called out Patcher on so many things and yet still has other articles admitting that Nintendo has some work to do ahead of them if they plan on gaining the prestige from past generations.

    2. Hmm, on that article.

      Very interesting. Personally, I’m glad someone researched the facts and bought them to the table, because honestly, I’m sick of analysts and trolls who just bash to join the anti Nintendo bandwagon.

      However, I’m actually quite sad about Sony. I think they’re not seeing the big picture with behemoths like the PS3, Vita and PS4. I love some of Sony’s IPs, and although I play most on Nintendo’s hardware out of all the consoles, I really do enjoy some Sony exclusive content.

      I can’t say the same about Microsoft, but I think they’ll be around longer than Sony(‘s Playstation department).

      In all, this gives me a weird sense of happiness, but at the same time I really want Nintendo to just support the crap out of their consoles along with third party devs, because the amount of unused potential of the 3DS and WiiU at the moment for IPs and other titles is just tremendous.

      Give us your best, Ninty!

      1. Same here about Sony.
        Honestly, I want to see them succeed with the PS4, but some of the things they’ve announced about the system have me worried.
        The recording and sharing feature for videos isn’t, to my knowledge, currently confirmed to allow uploading to Youtube, only to Facebook. Who goes there over Youtube to watch videos, especially potential Let’s Plays?XD
        Then there’s the ability to let other people take control over your game to help you clear stuff.
        Can you imagine the damage a troll could do to a save file if they fooled someone on PS4 into letting them have control over a session?
        Especially in a game where auto-save is present when doing certain actions.
        Imagine, in a loot-based game, a troll taking over a player’s game under the premise of “helping” them, journeying to the nearest automatic save point, then dropping some or all of the Player’s gears over a cliff or something, then the game auto-saving those changes before the player can regain control and stop the troll.
        Potentially tens or hundreds of hours hunting the rarest of rare loot, all gone in a single instant.
        Similar could happen on a game with limited lives and scarce save points, with the troll waiting till they’ve gotten control then committing suicide, losing an hour or more of gameplay progress due to having to continue after losing their last life.
        The trolling possibilities are endless with that feature, and that’s a scary thought.
        Can you imagine the various forums being filled with complaints about that sort of thing?
        We get enough complainers as it is!X_X

        I could mention a couple of other things, but I think I’ve ranted enough here.
        Suffice to say, I want to see Sony re-think their approach to the PS4 going forward so that it can be an undeniable success.

        1. I was thinking about that take over feature for the ps4 also, couldnt you just let someone play an entire game that you purchased without purchasing it themselves, kinda like legal piracy. I can picture the fanmade web$ites coming soon charging a small fee to play the game.

          1. Oh, I didn’t even think about that!
            Yeah, I CAN imagine someone using Paypal to let those without a PS4 play a game for free for a while….
            The only thing that might block that, though, is the potential requirement of having the same game you plan on playing through for someone.

    3. Dang, that was a great article! I always see the amazing sales of the 3DS posted on this website, so it always bugged me when people like Pachter tried arguing that Nintendo was going down the drain. It’s just refreshing to see someone taking a stand and taking notice to all this analyst crap going on.

      1. I know, right? I feel the same way.
        I don’t expect this post to go un-trolled, though. I can imagine them getting all sorts of resources together to counter such an article on this site as we speak…

  2. Translation: There are no plans at the moment, but we want you to start a fan campaign like Operation Rainfall so we have a better argument for our higher-ups.

    1. In other “shorter words”: “a butthurt hater”. but, who cares anyway, just cry like a loser if is that what you want.

  3. Microsoft is not going to let them; even if they can do it for 3DS.
    Nintendo! buy those franchises and gave them to a good studio like Retro, or form a new studio with those amazing guys from Rare that left the company, damn it !

    1. Those former Rareware guys are all over the map. It would take Nintendo awhile to not only track them all down but to convince them to leave their job just to reform the old team under a new name.

      1. Yes, it’s possible; and maybe unrealistic; but there are at least the 3 guys who wanted to make Banjo inspired series(reborn), so if they pick them, the others will come with time. Because people keep saying to the new Rare they want a DK or BK game, but they don’t realize that mostly all the talent is gone now. The actual Rare only have the franchises; they can’t produce a good quality old game. That’s the truth :(

  4. Well they did put out Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty’s Revenge and Banjo Pilot on the GBA and Diddy Kong Racing on the DS, despite being owned by Microsoft so anything is possible. If it does happen, make Banjo-Tooie as a remake as well, why not both?

    1. My heart doesn’t want to agree with you, but my brain telle me I gotta agree with you. At least they gave the fan a glimmer of hope (false hope, but at least it’s something to hang onto)

  5. Not to be greedy but, I would have prefered a console remake instead of handheld but that would be EVEN MORE unlikely.

      1. oh i would hardly call it a remake, it was pretty much, add the stop n swap, boost the graphics, and rewrite the script to cater to xbox controls, pretty much not a remake just a porting.
        It was still pretty awesome though :D

  6. As much as I’d prefer there to be a Banjo-Tooie Remake instead, I’d love it if they could bring Kazooie to the 3DS!! I’d love it even more if they brought both games! Tooie just has a special place in my heart :)

  7. Diddy Kong Racing DS, back in 2007. It was a remake of a game that originally appeared on Nintendo’s N64 system, but notice that Banjo and Conker were both removed and replaced with Nintendo characters due to licensing issues since Rare is now owned by Microsoft. It does seem a bit curious considering Viva Piñata is a Rare-owned and Rare-created series with Rare-owned characters that made an appearance on the Nintendo DS back in 2008 after DKRDS came out, and yet Microsoft didn’t seem to have a problem with Viva Piñata appearing on a rival’s system despite Microsoft not being in the handheld market (at least not yet) themselves. However, I myself asked Rare on their Scribes page at one point a few years ago asking for a Banjo-Threeie or some sort of B-K remake and they replied in usual snarky Rare fashion that “it was never promised” and “we have no obligation to” do such a thing. Fast-forward here a few years later and it would seem Rare hasn’t exactly changed their tone.

    It’s not happening, and it’s never happening. I’ve given up any hope of seeing a remake or port or even a new B-K title of any sort ever again on a Nintendo platform. Rare’s just not into it, it would seem.

  8. Funny how this pops up right as I start playing through it…

    Anyways, the 3DS would do this series good. HD on the Xbox does not fit it at all, and I own the original N64 version and the XBLA version. The 3DS can balance it between the classic style feel (dem feels) and stunning colorful visuals. And 3D no less!

  9. To bad there isnt 1 single Rareware employee left at Rareware who was part of the original team lol. I dont know if I would trust them to even attempt a simple remake.

    1. I wouldn’t trust the current Rare roster to fry an egg, much less make a game based on any of the franchises we saw on the N64.

    2. Exactly! Why people keep saying stuff to Rare, better tell them to sell the franchises to Nintendo, they will do better things with them. Rareware/Rare good team is gone. The only ones that has been around in the web, are the trio who wants to make a BK type of game.
      I prefer them to the ones at Rare right now. :) . Damn a good new studio with formers employees, bringing that amazing talent to the industry, those ideas and creativity that lacks most games right now.. could be awesome. Nintendo… do something!

    3. Kinda like remaking Back to the Future which would simply try to add as much gross stuff as possible for *shock* value ruining the franchise.

      Back to the future had cussing but at least it was kept appropriate instead of every other paragraph.

      Did you know you can get swear word filters for movies that not only censors a cuss word but you can make custom sounds like the sound of a duck to cover up the word F?

    1. No!
      Not until the franchise is redeemed, somehow, some way!
      There aren’t enough great adventure games out there recently. Even a remake of a classic at this point would be welcome.

  10. No make dinosaur planet, u no that amazing game that was changed into stupid star fox adventures, rare please, i dont want bango kazooie remake for 3ds, i want a wii u version but i must say bk on 3ds would sell millions along with majoras mask 3d,or they should remake all theyre n64 games and put it on 3ds like one every 6 months, it would be better than nothing thats for sure

    1. If Rare would do it for 3DS Banjo Kazooie could be a SSB characters for the 3DS. But i know it wont happen. Thank you Microsoft for killing a wonderful franchise. Not only are there no plans for remakes for 3DS but it also appears there won’t be a Tooie successor coming for Xbox neither.

  11. Wasent there a rumor a wile ago that rare is working on something for the 3ds? I could be wrong, but I swear I thought I herd something like that. 8)

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft, at one point would’ve been willing to allow other developers to make games for Nintendo Handhelds using the IPs they owned.

      But Nintendo kinda destroyed the goodwill Microsoft had towards them when Nintendo screwed over Microsoft on the Golden Eye game.

  12. Fuck rare, they can keep making their kinect shovelware if they want. All their actual talent left the studio ages ago

  13. Microsoft have destroyed RARE! I want them to remale Goldeneye 007 for 3DS with online multiplayer, that would be insane!

    1. 1. Nintendo sold Rare for a profit of 300 million dollars in 2002.
      2. The Nintendo Wii has sold 100 million consoles (without Rare games.)
      3. The Nintendo DS is the best-selling console of all time with 154 million sold (without Rare games.)
      4. The Nintendo 3DS is the fastest selling console of all-time to date even after a slow start (without Rare games.)
      5. The Nintendo Wii U has sold over 3 million consoles in 45 days to which the PS2, PS3, 360, and Wii it took 5 months to sell as many (without Rare games.)
      6. The Nintendo 64 sold only 32 million consoles worldwide (WITH Rare games.)

      What you said makes absolutely NO SENSE. Have a seat.

      1. Rare games are amazing. the N64 was one of the best consoles because of Rare games. can you imagine Wii U and 3DS with Rare games… Mind Blown!!!

        1. yea the only support nintendo got during the n64 and the only good games besides nintendos games was rares that is what i was getting at retard, so where is all the support now, with rare at least they could be a lot of good exclusive titles, did you know that ps1 had over 1500 games and n64 only had around 390 and gamecube had about the same amount of games and ps2 had around 2000 in the same amount of time. why do you think that nintendo systems arnt as good as they were, there is no fucking support and rare helped with that with all there franchises during the n64. is that enough for your retarded brain to comprehend, i just gave you the real facts

          1. Hey no need to be a dick, i was just telling the guy above me how good Rare games are. and those are not facts… RETARD. Nintendo is better than they were fyi. Mario galaxy is the highest rated game ever, and with Retro studios they are even better. dumbass.

            1. i wasnt talking to you and skyward sword isnt that good of a zelda game, so i dont think that nintendo is exactly better than before, i just beat yoshis island for the snes and that game is better than almost every new game they made

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  16. I just like the Rare platforms by collecting jigges and the player had the choice when he/she wanted to leave the stage. Sometimes when I get a Power Star, I want to stay on the stage not get kicked off. One reason why I perfer Rare’s concept over Super Mario 64. Now it’s dead. Get used to it guys. it’s not even a new Banjo game comeing to Xbox. Even if it did, I’m 95% sure it woudn’t be the same. You would need to hire the old cast back. Oh well Pikmin is my my favoirte game too. Thank goodness its a Nintendo exculsive.

  17. Basically, they could have given this answer for any questions.
    -So are you guys gonna start making good games again?
    -Anything is possible, even if it’s not very likely.

    1. Only when Occupy removes the evil banksters from Wall Street and removes the media thugs (Both Left and Right* for selling our country out! Then we could see a 3DS remake.

      Buy then the remake will be better yetter!

      Say NO to Big Corporations!!! They want to control our lives and now our last link of imagination. The gaming world!!!

  18. Fan:Is there any possibility of Killer Instinct 3 on the Wii U or Xbox 720?

    Rare: Anything’s possible, even if it’s not very likely :)

    Fan: Okay then, is there any possibility of Killer Instinct 1/ Killer Instinct 2 HD arcade for Xbox Live?

    Rare: Anything’s possible, even if it’s not very likely :)

  19. BK needs to come back WITHOUT VEHICLE CREATION I HATED NUTS AND BOLTS. give me platforming when you put banjo kazooies name on it!!!!!!!

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  21. The only people who are real are media thugs!!! We need Occupy to go after the Ball Street Bankers and kick them where it hurts!

    1. Sadly Occupy got kicked where it hurts because they let their group become so big that it became lost on what they were protesting.

      It became to the point that people were protesting just to protest and have their 15 mins of fame drowning out the original purpose.

  22. What I hate worse then *Nintendo bashers* is those who think you don’t have a right to critic their demi God at all so we should all shut up so we won’t shatter the fanboy’s dream world where everything is all perfect.

    Nintendo is basically a religion.

    Now let me know when we see a BK3DS or on Vita!

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