Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Coming To Wii U?


The Brazilian ratings board has listed Castle of illusion starring Mickey Mouse for release on Wii U.  The ratings board says that the game is being published and developed by Sega and will be coming to Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. The Brazilian ratings board also revealed Need for Speed Most Wanted Wii U before the game was officially announced by EA.

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      1. I damn near squirted milk out my nose from laughter when you used the term “ankle-biter”.XD
        I thought I was the only one around these parts that used such old-fashioned terms!XD

    1. If you actually read the article, it says it’s coming to Wii U, PS3, 360, and Vita. So, no, not that in all probability.

  1. One of my childhood favorites.

    My favorite Genesis games were : Castle of illusion , Desert strike , Jungle strike , Jurassic park , Alladin , Echo the dolphin , Sonic games (obviously),, Winter olympics , Micro machines , The lion king , Robocop vs terminator and many many more.

    Genesis was really an amazing console , I played it more than my SNES at the time , but the SNES had the better games like Starfox , F-zero , Mario , etc…

      1. Even the Genesis version of games like Aladin & The Lion King were 100 times better than it’s SNES counter part.

      1. We were out playing video games with the latest technology while the children in Brazil were playing with the lastest mud from their last rain fall.


          1. You mean that 1 fighter who got destroyed but not even top 20 opponents in Japan & fights in the UFC’s weakest division & ducks all opponents who actually pose a threat, I gladly say it to his face.

            1. I meant “by top 20 opponents”

              Typing on my phone, something people from Brazil will be able to do when they get Smart Phones & Internet in 10 years.


              1. Take it easy, man. I was just kidding. I’m Brazilian but I find Spider a questionable fighter. He’s so arrogant, covert and masked. And regard to the smartphones and internet: you should read more and get out of the box.

                1. I’m actually joking too, I have nothing against Brazil.. in fact there’s some beautiful places in Brazil.

  2. I got sooo disappointed with Epic Mickey for 3DS that now I miss Castle of Illusion even more than I used to.

    Also, I miss another Disney’s game: The Lucky Dime Caper. The best I’ve ever played on my Master System.

  3. I never relly got into the classic Mickey games as much as I wanted to…. Relly hope it comes to the e shop! 8)

  4. So happy bill the faggot’s not here causing trouble for once makes this communtiy great without him!

  5. Its highly unlikely it’ll be better than the genesis game,video games aren’t as fun and enjoyable as they were in the 8 and 16 bit days. Modern consoles are only good for downloading old games from 8 and 16 bit games. That’s not a opinion its a fact jack.

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