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NPD Says 29% Of Core Games Will Purchase Next-Gen System At Launch


U.S. market research firm NPD Group believes that around 29% of core gamers are looking to buy the PlayStation 4 and next Xbox console at launch. The data for this survey was conducted by  U.S. respondents age 9 and older who currently play games for five or more hours per week on an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, or Mac. Out of the of the 6,322 respondents surveyed, only 887 qualified as a core gamer. The survey suggests that just over one in four plan on purchasing the PlayStation 4 or the next Xbox.

87 thoughts on “NPD Says 29% Of Core Games Will Purchase Next-Gen System At Launch”

        1. Blinding yourself isn’t going to change the truth.. ~.~ It’s more of a bad thing than a good thing, like it or not.

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      I agree, that is such a load of rubbish. It really annoys me. So if people play monster hunter for 10 hours a week, plus other retro virtual console games, from the history of gaming, they are not core gamers? FUCK OFF

  1. Well I can’t wait to get my PS4 but the Wii U is awesome too and I’m enjoying every moment I have on it :)

    Though I’m a bit iffy about the Next Xbox since I had over 4 Xbox 360s that broke down within a month so I might skip the Next Xbox until I hear people saying that there is no problems with the system.

      1. Not as bad as the Xbox 360 which had a LOT of problems with it.
        The PS3 never really had many issues, one or two here and there but nothing too major.
        Wii, hardly any issues

    1. Yeah, calling someone a “Core Gamer” or a “Casual Gamer” is just stupid.
      We all play video games so why shouldn’t we all be called Gamers, its just that easy.

      1. Same thing, they are still gamers. They like playing dancing games which are games.
        I hate dancing games but I still believe people who play those games are still gamers.

      2. I play Just Dance and I love it. I have also clocked a shit load of time on SSIV. Labels aren’t anything.

    2. I think they classify “core gamers” as “gamers who purchase the product at or near the launch date”. Now, which would be easier to say?

      Frankly there is no difference; gamers are gamers. There really is no such thing as a casual, hardcore, core or mature gamer; they’re just gamers. The only reason they (the industry) create labels is to conveniently place consumers into neat demographics for specific genres. In other words, it makes it easier to market an item. The only reason I see a consumer using it is for defamation.

      1. In other words it was set to make some people think that they are better than others as we see with bill who thinks he is a hardcore gamer and he is better than other people who plays , for example , mario or sonic games .

    1. They’ll all be buying those systems for CoD.
      I’m buying the system because:
      1. I love the Playstation (But I don’t bash other systems)
      2. Two games on the system actually peaked my interests in the system
      3. Just the games…. that’s pretty much it.

      I’ll most likely stay as far away from CoD in the next gen.

  2. Over 1 in 4? That doesn’t sound that good to me, though Sony have only just announced their new console while Microsoft hasn’t announced anything yet. And I don’t think people would like to go with another Rrod like with the 360.

  3. Since when did they start interviewing kids, really. And I didn’t know “core gamer” was officially defined. Where was I at……oh not giving two shits about the term

    1. i expect a 450$-550$ price tag on PS4. that controller wont be cheap and the specs are more advanced than Wii U’s by a mile. and im sure sony wont make the same mistake as they did with the PS3.

    1. More like Wii U 2012-2019. 3d Mario and Mario kart are coming out in 2013 and the Wii U sales will be skyrocketing. then Zelda and Smash bros. in 2014, Wii U sales again… skyrocketing. Starfox and metroid and other great games will also boost the Wii U all the way to 2020 until nintendo announces the Revolution U or GameCube U or whatever the successor will be called. thats what i think will happen :)

      1. I’m not being mean but the 3D Super Mario and Mario Kart haven’t exactly been confirmed that they are releasing this year, only that they are going to be playable at E3 and the same with The Legend of Zelda and Super Smash Bros. they haven’t been confirmed for 2014. Also even though it’s likely that there is going to be a Metroid and Star Fox, nothing is official yet.

        P.S. I’m guessing Mario Kart and the 3D Super Mario will be released this year but I just wanted to point out that they haven’t been confirmed yet.

  4. Im just curious…does ‘core gamer’ mean that you buy and play every COD game, and do it for 15+ hours a week, especially online with your offensively vulgar childhood buddies? Because if it does, I am DEFINITELY not a core gamer…while I don’t mind COD, and I own BO2 for Wii U, I think they are(and most shooters in general) are the most uncreative, unimaginative, bland pieces of shit to ever hit gaming. Walked into a gamestop the other day and you know what I saw on both the new walls of xbox and ps3? 8-10 shooters, 2-3 ultra stylized violent games, 3-4 sports games, and only like one game that even looked like it had something new to offer…if thats ‘core’, then I tell you I am glad to be casual with games that actually try different things and tell good stories…Eternal Darkness, Xenoblade, Scribblenauts, Viewtiful Joe, Paper Mario:TTYD, Metroid Prime, NintendoLand, Okami, etc etc…these are the games I want to play, and I see very few of these o. either of the other systems…they have lots of good games, but Nintendo systems always have the majority of ‘standout’ games, IMHO.

    1. The only thing good to happen to the shooting genre for ages was Splash Damage. Just find some videos of Brink and Dirty Bomb; they’re unique shooting games.

    2. well you are what we call a midcore gamer (its basically the forgotten type of gamer that play a lot of games and doesn’t stay for one game (like hardcore gamers) or play mostly for passing time (casual)).

  5. A lot of my core gamer friends decided to get a Wii U after the PS4 announcement lol.
    I was also dissapointed of the PS4, i wanted to see something new, a diferent way of playing, but all i saw is a PS3.2.

    1. Yeah I got that vibe too. The controller is what really ticks me off. There was nothing wrong with the old look of the analog sticks so why did they have to make them go concave? The games they showed off were way too “western” imo and I don’t know if the system will be that big of a hit in Japan. Capcom’s new IP looked good but I didn’t really care for anything else. Watchdogs? Thanks but I’ll be buying that on Wii U. Killzone? I expect it to be a good game just not the best Killzone. The graphics and overall performance of the system are impressive but that is not enough to justify a $500-$600 price tag at this point.

  6. I find it doubtful they actually will, we haven’t got a price, release date or list of launch titles, its all subject to change.

    1. Also, thats super dumb, less than 900 people? How does that qualify as a survey for a triple digit million market?

    2. I don’t think you always need a price or the other things you just mentioned to be sure that you’ll buy a product at release.
      I know that I will be buying the PS4 at launch too, eventhough I don’t know about the price, the exact release date or all of the launch titles. Sometimes the functions and features of a product can be appealing enough for people to convince them in advance to buy it at launch.

      1. The functions and the features to me are plain PC things, at least on the ps4, so for me the only factor is price and exclusives ATM which at this point wont sell me the console if I have to believe the rumors.

  7. Is this suppose to be good? 25% of the “core gamers”? Sounds like no one really wants to waste the money I guess… Even the core gamers who are known for pissing away tons of money just to play online.

  8. I have about 300$ already saved up for my ps4. I expect a 400-500$ price range. Which isn’t that bad. The PC I got this past summer has around the same specs (probably better) and it was 800$

    The problem is now so many damn games. KILLZONE 4, watch dogs, and all the good ps3 games still slated for this fall….

    Not gonna say infamous because they have no solid release date.

  9. How much does the PS4 cost?
    Will it come with a game?
    What games are launch games (not launch window)?
    2 controller ports or 4?
    Seriously, how much is it- with tax and 1 game?
    I feel like people are hyped, with their ‘RIP WII U, I’M GETTIN’ PS4!!!!!!!!’ mentality.
    But these are the questions that haven’t been answered, so until after E3, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

  10. Sorny is selling their Tokyo headquarters for 1.2 billion dollars hahahahah, desperate much?
    Good, leave Japan, Nintendo’s empire!

  11. Lol at the PS4 controller, it’s so damn terrible. I’m not getting the next Xbox or PlayStation, they’re going to be so overpriced and why would I need one anyway? I have a Wii U.

  12. True, and Microshit wants to supervise everyone and everything just like the american goverment.
    I will ofc buy a Wii U when I can :)
    I’ve never owned consoles from any other company except Sega untill they went down, so Ninrendo ftw always.

  13. What a crappy study, “age 9 and older who currently play games for five or more hours per week” –> Core ? what the fuck ? im pretty sure kids from 18 and less would be able (without their parents able to buy them one) to buy a PS4, so, if anything, that a really bad analysis, theres quite a difference between “i will buy it” to “i can buy it”

  14. il let you know when dualshock 4 is next gen LOL AS IF

    and il let you know when wiiu cannot do ps4 killzone graphics LOL

    sony your over…




  16. I’ll be buying the PS4 regardless of the price. However, I hope for Sony’s sake it’s not $800 or $1,000. Prices that it should be: $450.00 (or $500) or $550 (or $600).

  17. All the fanboys are now outraged…. But let’s be honest, the Wii U is behind… The Wii was behind. The reason the Wii sold was because it was a family console. The Wii U looks like an HD upgrade, and really feels like that. The PS4 looks like a CGI film. Wii U just won’t be able to do that. Nintendo really should’ve taken more time for their next console, dropped the Wii name and gone all out. I hate seeing these types of articles, but the truth is, Wii U just isn’t gonna cut it. I love the Wii U, but seeing the PS4 it just kinda leaves the Wii U in the same position as the Wii, but without the mass appeal. The Wii U will probably have a very short lifespan, Nintendo’s going to have to get right to work on a high quality system or they will be left in the dust, which I hate to admit.

    1. In this day and age, never say never. The Wii U will survive… it’s just the developers are too freaking lazy and not taking full advantage of the system’s hardware… especially the GPU. Nintendo’s HD console’s lifespan won’t be very short, Magoo. You’ll just have to accept it. If you love the Wii U, but you shouldn’t compare it with PlayStation 4 or XBOX. Gameplay, replay value, fun, and the unique quality are the things that truly matter to me… not just graphics. You should see Nintendo’s stocks have went up according to as they’re now up at over 100 yen per share at 1.21%. No matter how messed up our economy is right now, the Wii U is here to stay and will deliver some the best and most unique games out there… especially independent game developers.

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