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Here’s The First Trailer For Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

Games Radar have posted the first trailer for Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag ahead of the game’s official unveiling on Monday. The game is expected to launch on October 29th for Xbox 360, Wii U, PlayStation 3, and PC, as well as next generation consoles. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is supposed to be under embargo until 5pm Monday, March 4th.

Thanks, Flanneryaug

Update: The original video has now been set to private as presumably they uploaded it too early.

63 thoughts on “Here’s The First Trailer For Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag”

      1. Assassin’s Creed is for wannabe manly gamers. It is a pitiful series that has been sold out by its unmanly publisher.

        1. So a game based on assassin’s in a Pirate era, also known as the manly era is actually girly to you? Wow… face it man, you are gay as hell

    1. because you can totally tell that the game is going to be crappy from all of the things we know about it so far.. oh wait..we don’t know anything about it yet

      1. to be honest here, ac 3 was crappy lol. i couldn’t care less for ac. i bought the first one and was so bored lol. what a shitty game. then i tried the third for wii u after people praising the 2nd one. and it was so boring, unlikeable characters and shitty fight and climbing mechanics. ac is nothing against the old prince of persia games.

    2. Get a life bill it’s saturday go hang out with your friends or at least do something with your life….Though I could agree with you on the “crappy” part since its starting to lose originality!

    1. It was made private because they broke embargo (probably by mistake). Trailer shows a Blackbeard type guy talking to a tavern about the new protagonist, who seems like an anti-hero.

  1. Edward Kenway leak seems to be true. I’m interested. I like the idea of a carribean Assassins creed very much.
    Watchdogs , AC4 , Project cars will give me some third party games to play on Wiiu in Q4.

        1. Nope , It will absoloutly not look like that on PS4. It will probably look like a Maxed PC version or a tiny bit worse on PS4. Does AC3 on Max settings look like that CGI trailer ? HELL NO.

          It will look the same on PC as it does on PS4. With the Wiiu , PS3 , 360 most likely getting 720p 30FPS versions.

          You can’t expect PS4 launch titles to look like that CGI , lol. No chance.

            1. Sorry , but there is absoloutly no way it will look near that CGI. BEST CASE SCENARIO = Assassins creed 4 on Ps4 looks similar to the watchdogs footage shown at Sony press conference.

              For the first couple of years of PS4 and 720 graphics , they’re not gunna be THAT impressive. After a few years they will start getting better. At launch you’re looking at PC graphics basically on your PS4. I doubt the PS4 could probably even run Crysis 3 on max settings , unless the game was re developed for the system and optimized from the ground up.

              The CGI of that Assassins creed trailer is probably what PS5 graphics are going to be like lol , certainly not PS4.

              1. when something like this


                is possible and shown running on the PS4, I’d imagine that in the future would be “close” to that video, which probably was CGI…but not very impressive at that.

                When watching videos of it (This “game” is Deep Down, btw), you can clearly see the aliasing going on. Hell when he swings his sword, his clothing pierce through the armor, which definitely means there’s no pre-rendering or CGI here.

                1. Yeah that is impressive. But that guy above me is just gettin carried away.

                  Sure the PS4 has massive potential , but it aint running that CGI trailer of AC4. AC4 on PS4 will most likely be a Port of the DX11 PC version.
                  Remember PS3 and 360 launch titles ? they were just slightly better looking , uprezzed PS2 and xbox games.
                  Same thing is happening now , PS4 and 720 launch titles (multiplats) won’t even look THAT much better than the PS3 and 360 versions.

                  2 years from now , god knows what sort of graphics PS4 and 720 , PC and even Wiiu will e pumping out , but for now , it’s safe to presume the first couple of years of PS4 and 720 graphics will find it hard to top Crysis 3 on max settings on a PC…

              2. I hope you’re wrong… :( I’ve been waiting for so long for graphics like that. Don’t want to wait for PS5!!!

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  3. Edward Kenway, huh.

    You know…I don’t think Connor is going to be completely retired as a character for this game. Obviously not Haytham as well. Probably cameos by both of them.

  4. I hope it’s true that you play as Edward Kenway. I loved Haytham a lot, even more than Ezio. Haytham would become the best anti-hero if he survived and if they continued Connors story. Because of this I hope Edward is like Haytham, but he seems more serious and not as charming as Haytham. But it looks like he will be a little anti-hero like, which is good.

    1. Have you read the book about Haytham? Really shows him in a different light. Plus you find a bit out about Edward, his father, and his sister.

  5. Ugh, its such a cheap move, because i bet theres realisticly nothing jew with this game…but they shove pirates and blackbeard in my face, and its like, i havent played a REALLY good pirate game ever…

  6. AC3 was just okay and this will also just be okay. I think i’ll pass this time the’re more original games coming out this year

  7. How can this game not be gay? It is forcing Blackbeard, the most infamous pirate of all time to gag on the cock of this new douche? Seriously, way to write a Mary Sue Ubisoft. Let’s get the biggest baddest pirate ever to say our new guy is even bigger and bedder than he! Profit!

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