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Crytek Had A Virtually Finished Version Of Crysis 3 Running On Wii U


Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has revealed that Crysis 3 didn’t come to Wii U due to a lack of business support from Nintendo and EA. Yerli also revealed that they did in fact have Crysis 3 up and running on Wii U and were extremely close to releasing it. However, the game was never released due to the souring relationship between EA and Nintendo.

“We did have Crysis 3 running on the Wii U. We were very close to launching it. But there was a lack of business support between Nintendo and EA on that. Since we as a company couldn’t launch on the Wii U ourselves — we don’t have a publishing license — Crysis 3 on Wii U had to die.”

123 thoughts on “Crytek Had A Virtually Finished Version Of Crysis 3 Running On Wii U”

    1. Sir James Paul McCarthy

      EA is still butthurt over the Origin/Wii U fallout. I couldn’t care less about EA games so it’s no big deal to me. Nintendo rolls their own way and some people/companies just can’t handle that. So long EA, I would never give you any of my money anyhow.

      1. This is so funny…”Since Origin’s launch, the service has received criticism over EA’s practice of suspending or deleting accounts for disputed infractions, suspected monitoring of users’ computer activity. Origin users are identified by their unified Origin account, which supersedes an EA account and may be canceled if left unused after 24 months if there are not any premium games on it.” I can see why Nintendo said…NO! EA monitoring Miiverse? Let them be mad for attempting such stupidity!

      1. That is the dumbest article ive ever read. The idea that a bunch of homophobes are mailing EA complaining about same sex relations in Star Wars and Mass Effect is not only stupid, but 100% believable.
        But im pretty sure most EA hate comes from them being massive shitlords

    1. thekidnintendowiiman

      But, I think EA is more butthurt than just that Origin deal, probably the sales of their games on Wii U since I didn’t buy shit from them, what did they expect with FIFA when they rereleased FIFA 12 on Wii and called it FIFA 13 and with FIFA 14 missing things? Or when they gave us Madden with missing features? Or when they thought it was a good idea of giving us a somewhat gimped version of Mass Effect 3 with no promise of delivering the rest of the DLC AND releasing a trilogy set for PC & PS360 the same price as Mass Effect 3 U? Or the thought that their games would sell like hotcakes on a system’s launch. I would rather get Crysis 3, Bioshock Infinite and Need for Speed Most: Wanted U.

    1. for sure, I’ve never heard someone telling me something good about the story, or gameplay inovations, its aways about graphics… that’s not what I’m interested. It sure has its audience, but I don’t care.

  1. Fucking EA are still butthurt over Nintendo denying origin integration.

    Fuck EA , they are probably my most hated Publisher in the indusrty : Micro transactions , IOS shitty games , Copy and paste fifa game on Vita , Bear hugging people like bioware.

    It’s a real shame devs like Criterion , Bioware and Even Crytek have to go through EA….

    They can shove their micro transactions up their anus.

    1. nintendward with nintendo saying that they will support various “models of bussisnes” please dont start with the fuck you ea for your bussiness practices, there are already 2 free to play games on wii u that expand if you spend more money, i don’t agree with the whole pay me and i’ll give you a shotgun that shoots nukes!, but it is an interesting bussiness model that we shouldn’t rule out, because we don’t know what could happen next, but yeah fuck EA! (not really, i enjoy their games sometimes, i feel like confession bear saying this xD!)

  2. Why could’t whoever targeted the WTC towers…target EA headquarters instead lol xD

    So for next time…whoever you are, get rid of EA buildimgs instead…
    With their bosses inside them.

        1. No, I’ll pass. What you just said effortlessly proves how the majority of Nintendo fanboys are just socially awkward little whelps who’ll say shit like this when a company denies them of games.

          Get the fuck outside already.

          1. I’m against the policy most american companies have right now.
            I couldn’t care less if they released their games on Nintendo consoles.
            And my hate towards EA began years ago.
            How about you piss off if you don’t like us.

            1. So hundreds of people need to die because they didn’t give you a fucking port?

              You’re really not helping your case.

              1. That’s nothing close to what I said.

                And my hate towards EA had nothing to do with the EA/Nintendo relationship no
                or ever.

                And if I wanted 100’s to die I would have said “Bosses AND employees” which ofc I didn’t *rolls eyes*

                1. “Why could’t whoever targeted the WTC towers…target EA headquarters instead lol xD

                  So for next time…whoever you are, get rid of EA buildimgs instead…
                  With their bosses inside them.”

                  you implied exactly that, lying gets you nowhere.

                    1. Don’t fucking spin what you just said, what the hell would targeting buildings do if the employees aren’t inside of them? Lose them some hundred million they’ll easily get back anyway?

                      You’re literally every inch of an idiot. lmfao

          2. yeah cause one guy is a majority *rolls eyes* Seriously this guy is an idiot but me and a lot of other Nintendo Fans are far more level headed and do not wish death on people

            1. Aelous the idiot who twists words and makes other idiots believe him.

              And I wasn’t even talking to you Aelous from the start so pisd off.

              The amount of shit you have spilled all over this place is far worse.

            2. It really does seem like majority of Nintendo fanbase, are more level headed than ps360 fanbases, and I have been following them both, when I had those consoles.

              1. No lol. I wasn’t talkin negatively bout you bro :) . I was saying the Wiiu’s ”madden 2013” is actually ”Madden 2000 and asshole” . It’s a terrible prime example of how not to do a multiplat. peace.

  3. I doubt it’d sell well. It seems that wii u owners seem to enjoy better games rather then FPS with a fancy graphics n engine.

  4. i’m not upset at all about crysis 3. i played crysis 2 on pc and it was boring. in crysis 1 you had atleast more freedom to go you own way.

  5. but… but… but… Aeolus told me that wasn’t truth …. that Wii U didn’t had Crysis 3 up and running…. oh wait … once a stupid liar, always a stupid liar…

    1. When it was a rumor at that time, I had every right to say it didn’t.

      The game still hasn’t released for Wii U and probably never will, so fuck whether or not they had it running anyway. It’d probably just be a console port, dumbass.

        1. Therefore it doesn’t mean two shits whether or not they had the game running, because at the end of the day it would probably be just like the PS3/360 build.

          And that game is not coming anyway, so I definitely do not give a fuck what they “had running”.

          1. yes… let’s move on… now, you can entertain us with your next stupid liar about Wii U to make us laugh.

      1. no, stupid liar, everyone knew that “rumor” was truth, it came from Crytek, moron… just do the math, and “It’d probably just be a console port, dumbass”? That’s why anyone will never respect you, piece of shit, just say it, “My name is Amir and I suck Sony”

        1. A rumor is neither true nor false until proven, there was nothing to directly state it was either of those until now

          if you cannot grasp this simple concept, then it is not my problem

          you’re just a pussy little kid online anyway, so keep your keyboard hot when you can’t do shit to me otherwise. =P

          1. The problem with rumor always is the source, with in this case, it came from Crytek, even Cevat yerli told about Cryengine 3 running on Wii U while you denied, liar.

            Next liar to be told, please.

            1. Nobody cares, Crysis 3 is not coming to Wii U and that is all that needs to be said.

              Now go on bragging about your Gamecube 2.0 that can run 360 ports, but doesn’t get them anyway.

              1. I’m not the person who tried to denied something the said, you are the fucking liar. I don’t give a shit for Crysis 3 on Wii U, because I have it on PC asshole, but try harder to tell some shit again, like the 1080p games for PS3, you remember? Who knows if someone believes you.

                  1. I know, this not the case, Aeolus already claimed that some games that runs in 720p are 1080p, and others that have dinamic resolutions are truly 1080p games, which is a lies. He is just a moron.

                    1. it’s funny how you never quote my exact sentences

                      but you’re too much of a fuckwit to actually do so, I’ll let it slide

                    2. “it’s funny how you never quote my exact sentences”
                      Go fuck yourself, you are going to lie about a lie? LOL

                      By the way, English is not my native language, but I don’t need to be an expert to prove your fucking lies.

              2. Who cares they are damaging there own engine. If they would have released the game on wiiu more developers would have licensed the engine. Even if the game floped they would have made money from the engine licenses.

      2. Erm, no you didnt?
        “I had every right”
        No, you just say “rumours are rumours”, you dont call bullshit like a massive retard, just because you don’t want it to be true.

  6. The ease with which Crytek had Crysis 3 running on the Wij U. Include also the quickness that they ported it to the Wii U. Third party developers are beginning to sense the Wii U’s climb :).

    1. This sound more like a cry(tech) call for help has they are seeing that the next gen graphical leap is to expencive.

  7. AEOLUS used to claim the Wii U couldn’t run Crysis 3, wow! Guess now he know the Wii U runs all game engines and has more than enough to port directly PC games. Beautiful :).

  8. This sound to me like this: we crytech try our best to make a wii u version of crysis but the way we did the contract fuck us in the ass but our new game is coming to wii u and our engine runs on it so please license our engine.

  9. Bad move, EA.
    Nintendo survives everything!
    You’re gonna come crawling back with your tail between your legs…

    1. The real problem is if crytech would have released the game on wiiu even if the game floped it would have served has advertise the engine to others developers that wanted a good engine that worked on all consoles.

  10. Sad to hear! Nintendo and EA need to mend their relationship, because they lose money and we’re losing potential games.

    1. I don’t want games that are made by greedy companies to squeeze as many money out of people as possible.
      I just hope Nintendo doesn’t do this.
      Which is why I won’t buy NSMBU right away or never

    2. Eh, not a big loss with EA. They basically release the same games with a fresh coat of paint put on them.

  11. This is just annoying. Bad company relations preventing a game being released which would have benefited both EA and Nintendo… Even if Crysys 3 isn’t really that good, the Wii U still needs more games right about now.

    Fuck online passes, fuck Origin, fuck micro-transactions, fuck copy-and-pasting old games and selling them as new ones, and fuck EA. I’m done with EA now, and I won’t be buying anymore games from them unless their used.

  12. I am glad Nintendo didnt gave up and turn their system into a corruption EA platform… Thats what they wanted.. To control the entire thing via wii U. Thats why I am not buying their games for years now in any platform.. I wish them bankruptcy.

  13. Aaaand, now the truth comes out about EA’s Origin butthurt. Seriously EA…you’re literally the worst.

  14. How badly did Crysis 3 suck? It’s good to know that gamers every where see how bad some of these so called aaa games really are. What’s next? AC4 ? Am sticking to proven greats Monster hunter 3 Ultimate, Pikmin 3 maybe even Lego undercover. Games that are more than already classified great with replay value :).

    1. Crysis has never been good.
      Its always been mediocre. Its like, “hey, heres some awesome abilities, but we dont give a fck about them, so heres level design thats atrocious, and doesnt support it”.
      Its not like Dishonored where the level and game design is designed around the optional abilities you choose to use.
      And the only reason Crysis is like that, is because alot of gamers are just fucking stupid, and want Target Practice Simulation 3.
      The only reason Crysis gets hyped up is because of its visuals.

  15. EA does not like Nintendo because Nintendo is in it for the gamers and based on the actions of EA they are in it to screw the gamers out of money. If it wasn’t for good developers like Criterion and others they would not have good games. The only thing I really play from them is the Need For Speed series.

  16. please stop with the “it doesn’t matter, crysis 3 sucks anyway”, “is just a game with only visuals!”, PLEASE STOP, i know crysis is not so “innovative” or “creative”, but is a fun game, is different, i’d rather play Crysis 3 than COD, because think about it, maybe Crysis is about visuals, at leas they got AMAZING visuals, but COD, its just the same over and over and over, run stop shot, keep running, crysis on the other hand maybe isn’t a memorable history or something, but in its core gameplay is ten thousand times better than COD, so please stop, the i guess is damage control, saying that doesn’t matter, is not even good game, because probably if the game was being released for Wii U you would be using it as an example of 3rd Party support as well of the console capacities.

    1. Or, instead of buying a game that can pnly be called “least its better than COD”, buy a good game, like Metal Hear Rising, or Ni No Kuni, or one of the many games to come out recently. Heck, even DMC is better

      1. but these games aren’t coming to Wii U, at least for now, so froma “possible” better game than COD to COD, i rather buy COD, OF COURSE, if these other games were being released on Wii U, i would buy them, but, i don’t even bought them for Xbox360, so the point is, i rather have crysis 3 than COD, but i rather have another game than Crysis 3, if they were coming for Wii U

    2. I’d rather play my SNES, as both Crysis and Call of duty suck giant ass and are extremely overrated. You butthurts read way too far into this shit, you do know this right? I mean do you really need an ENTIRE PARAGRAPH to explain your butthurt.

  17. I don’t get it, They still plan to release the better version of NFS. Crytek are clearly just bullshitting. If you spent the resources to port a near-fully working game on the system, you can release the game. Fucking idiots.



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  20. GOOD because Crysis is almost as overrated as Call of Duty.
    hurr durr lets put an end to regular single player and switch to online single player, hurr durr Hurr Durr, HURR DURR HURRDURRHURRDURR!!!!

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