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Bravely Default Team Once Again Hint At Localisation


The official Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Twitter team has hinted once again that they are looking at bringing the acclaimed Bravely Default: Flying Fairy to the West. The team say that they have had a lot of comments regarding localisation and it is something they are considering. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy launched in Japan in October 2012 and received an overall score of 38/40 by Famitsu.

There is very much comment from overseas one! I do my best to have all of you play!


48 thoughts on “Bravely Default Team Once Again Hint At Localisation”

    1. The Lustful Sly Lover Boii

      gyes i love sly cooper! but shhhhh shhhh i love all those Nintendo boiis 2! da big man star fox get my all hiipee jeepee and animanl crossing make me sooooo hawt <3! but sly still da best cuz he shake dat big tush like no other. soooooo nice! but don't be mesan too me or sly will bite your ochinko!

        1. Oh, Square Enix. I remember liking them when they were Softer. Hope people wanting to play this get to play it though.

            1. Fifth time re-reading that article.
              Still love it.XD
              There isn’t enough intelligent pro-Nintendo news out there anymore, outside of news regarding games releasing.
              We need more of that.
              Negativity only draws trolls.

          1. If it goes on IOS I will make it my life goal to go to Japan and fuck up the guy who made that decision.

          2. So it is coming.. there is just a bigger secret to why they aren’t “reveiling it” yet. Rumor has it, the game will be on iOS!!!.. that would suck…

              1. That would be sad. Who would continue some of their better known stuff? Then again, if Nintendo bought their stuff, if they actually went out of business. I am sure they could make their major franchises(Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy) that much better!

            1. Attention new and Old gamers :

              1) sell-trade your resident evil 6 and that awful Crysis 3 while the still have value. Pre-order resident evil revelations for the Wii U. Trust me it’s going to be the best console version out. Play RES4 if you are new to the series, probably selling cheap used( buy the Wii U edition ).

              2) pre-order Need for speed Wii U DLC edition, support a western developer criterion that actually is worth their weight in video game gold.

              3) Buy the above game bravely default in droves, because we support publishers and devs that actually make long and wonderful IPs. Plus we support our handheld and don’t make excuses for it unlike the VITANIC drones that say it’s wonderful and still don’t buy a great handheld lol.

                1. Even when I stooped to the level of brain functioning, my mental faculties were sound and I managed to still defeat your Sony worshiping ways. You are on a nintendo news site promoting Sony constantly.

                  Irony is you don’t even realize how much more nintendo is great that you have no friends on Sony sites lol. You are welcome, am happy you are here it keeps us entertained :).

                  1. NFSMW is really that good though.
                    Buy Metal Gear Rising and save up for Bioshock Infinite and Luigis Mansion.

                      1. My work is done. By the way am advising new and gamers that might have missed out on great titles such as

                        1) Monster hunter freedom unite ( PSP ) + Monster hunter tri ( Wii ) + HD Visuals 1080 P + all the other goods such as off TV play Capcom is adding that equal = Monster hunter 3 Ultimate.

                        2) RES4

                        3) Redsteel 2

                        games that shall fulfill ones gaming diverse needs :).

                        Also if you feel the need skip my comments and read others it’s your choice.

                                  1. 1) Got rid of them ages ago. Not pre ordering Revelations (Crapcom will ruin it)
                                    2) Played it, got bored with it
                                    3) Agreed. I’m starting to get fed up with the lack of games on my Vita (I’ve played all the ones that interest me, cept Persona)

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