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Forbes: Nintendo Is The New Sega

Sega_Dreamcast_ControllerForbes contributor Tristan Louis yesterday published an article in which he called Nintendo the new Sega, which once made consoles but now only develops video game software for multiple platforms. In the article, by linking to a post published in April 2012 – several months before the Wii U was released – Louis claims that developers see the Wii U as an underpowered console, one that ‘can’t even match the graphics firepower of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.’ If interested, you can read Louis’ entire article here and the outdated post he’s linked to here.

… If Nintendo intends to remain competitive in the next-gen console business, the fact that developers see the Wii U as underpowered is not a good thing.

More of game is moving to mobile. Game developers have started looking at iOS and Android as viable and lower-cost platforms. One study pointed up mobile engaging players at a deeper level than consoles (arguable but directionally accurate).

Nintendo’s mobile standby, the DS, is being heavily undermined by Apple’s iPod touch with kids. Surveying playgrounds in Manhattan, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, one can now see more iPods than Nintendo DS’s whereas only a year ago, Nintendo seemed to rule the roost. …

-Forbes contributer Tristan Louis

406 thoughts on “Forbes: Nintendo Is The New Sega”

      1. Well Sony showed more Killzone, in the future thy’re gonna show more LBP, more wipeout, more twisted metal, more gran turismo, more GOW. And MS era going to show more Halo, Gears, Forza and shitty kinect games. Those exclusives are the diference between each console

            1. there’s nothing better than the new super smash bros. that nintendo is going to announce in the e3.

        1. Yes but Sony not make this games from 30 years and Nintendo only knows to milking cos they are stupid and not have ideas

          BOW BEFORE ME GOD OF WAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Sony has milked those franchises more in the time they were released compared to Nintendo franchises, and ofc Sony weren’t around in the industry 30 years ago
            But by all means, continue with your double standard drivel. It really makes you look smart

            1. You’re really pissed me now tell me the games Sony milking cos i don’t know about them and pd course you gonna say that you Nintendo fanboy and i am sure you gonna ignore the thing i’ll show you here one list of all Mario games and that who involved Mario even Activision hadn’t milking COD so much

              All Zelda games list

              I am waiting to tell me the games Sony milking

              BOW BEFORE ME THE GOD OF WAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              1. The character Mario is milked as hell, but the games he is in are all different like platform, tennis, golf, racing, party, fighting and football games. People who claims 3d platform mario games are milked don’t know what they are talkig about. We’ve got 5 3d mario games one for n64, ngc, 2 for wii and one for 3ds. That’s not milking. 2d platform mario games was milked this year but, nintendo has said they only will release oóne per platform.

                Zelda isn’t milked every new zelda has a different theme.
                zelda 2-rpg style
                alttp-paralell world + much improvements
                la-basic+few improvements
                oot-3d + timetravel and ocarina
                mm-time travel (different from oot) + masks and time limit
                oos and ooa-season change and time travel + link between games
                fs-action multiplayer game
                ww-sailing + cel shading
                fsa-action and multiplayer
                mc-being able to shrink
                tp-wolf transformation (not big difference here)
                phantom hourglass-sailing + returning to main temple
                spirit tracks-driving train + retunring to main temple
                ss-motion controls + improvements and different styles + flying (same as sailing)

                Teh games which has barely any unique or worthless themes are: ooa, mc, tp, fsa (from fs). La was an early handheld game so you couldn’t expect much difference from it.

              2. How many Uncharted games have come out in just one generation? Just for starters.
                Or….how about…Little Big Planet. The series you seem to love so much is another example. Need I go on?
                You give me a list of games such as Zelda? You think I need your pathetic Wikipedia list you googled up to know all the Zelda games that came out over the years? I’m not a child like you. I know them by heart because I was there when most of them came out. But again….how about moving away from childish lists that factor in the 30 year history of Nintendo vs the much smaller one of Sony, and instead make a ratio of how much space is left between entries of key franchises? No? Ofc not….this argument goes way above your head.

              3. There’s a reason why Mario has been in a lot of games: he’s a mascot. In other words, he can fit in just about anything.
                Do you picture a game like Kratos Kart? Or Drake Tennis? No because both of these characters are made so they would only fit in the genre of games they were designed for.

          2. Nintendo has more console exclusives than anyone out there…. if they would actually start to make more games of their good titles they wouldn’t be having this problem…. Nintendo wont die out.. they are the oldest gaming company around… the only thing keep Sony and Microsoft alive are the idiots that keep buy those damn Call of Duty games…

          1. … What? The Xbox and Xbox 360 combined have made a huge loss. Sony lost all the profit they made on both ps1 and ps2 combined. The only reason they are in the console business is because they have other divisions to take the loss.

            1. Proof?
              Last Time I heard that Nintendo also made a huge profit loss and the reason that there is a lot of news about people saying “Nintendo should go 3rd Party” is because they only have a gaming market.

              Sony is gaining more money from the PS3 and the Xbox 360 has outsold the Wii U (which isn’t really much since the Wii U was only released a few months ago). Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are NOT going to be turning into 3rd parties any time soon so stop bitching.

              I like Nintendo as much as the next person but at least I know if Nintendo screws up, they screw up and I learn to live with it and not bitch about it. Same with Sony (Whom I’m a huge fan of), if they do something stupid like for example the Vita launch then I will speak my mind, same with Nintendo and Microsoft.

              I like to play on the Wii U and I’m enjoying it but even I know the system is having a hard time and I don’t believe that Mario and Zelda games are going to make much of a dent into the sales. I’d say games like Watch_Dogs and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is a good sign that the Wii U isn’t dead and they could help boost sales.

                1. Sounds more made up to me because Microsoft and Sony still seem to own the West while Nintendo only owns half of Japan along side Sony.

                  Still not proof enough.

                  1. thats right…. They make tons of sales in Japan because us dirty americans don’t obviously seem to enjoy Japanese culture and don’t like the the Wii U because we like black consoles and are CALOF DUTIEZ…. Japan doesn’t even have to sell their product to the rest of the world to make money…. if they just sell to japan and not anyone else they would be set…

                    1. You DO know that there’s black Wii’s, black Wii U’s, Black NDS, Black NDSi (guessing on this one), and black 3DS’s?

                      Also, there WERE Call of Duty titles for Nintendo Consoles: While the Wii U game seems to be taking more attention, it seems like almost everyone forgot that there’s older Call of Duty titles for the Wii and (if I can recall correctly) the NDS.

                  2. Go back 5 years and no one gave a damn about anything other than the Wii and DS anywhere in the world. Nintendo have slowed down in the West, but look at the 3DS. It’s sold 30 million in 2 years worldwide. Neither the PS3 or 360 even got close to this. The 3DS holds Nintendo up on its own, covering any kind of loss on the Wii U.

          2. Uh both Sony and Microsoft are reporting losses.
            Nintendo have reported a 2m profit.
            Has been profitable on 3DS since 2012.

            1. “2m profit”

              lmfao, making that sound like that’s something to write home about on a business scale.

              That’s literally pocket change to ANY of those companies.

                1. a 2m profit means fuck all to a company as big as Nintendo, therefore it means next to nothing.

                  Dumb cunt. :)

                  1. 2m profit may be next to nothing in your eyes, but it’s still better than the losses that your beloved companies are making

                    1. What companies?

                      And losses like?

                      More importantly why do you care about their losses? You’re not a stockholder, you’re a basement dwelling Nintendo fanboy, lol.

                    2. am replying to aeolos…

                      The argument starting some dude say that nintendo is post a loss while sony and microsoft doesnt.

                      Nintendo actually made money (IT NO MATTER HOW MUCH, FROM THEY MADE THAT’S ALL THAT COUNTS)…. Sony nor Microsoft HASN’T MADE SHIT!!!! They are LOSING money.

                      In a business the main objective is to MAKE MONEY you dumb fucking idiot!!!!!!! So stop damage control pussy face. Go suck out your mother stinking dry out pussy upside with a blood claat straw!!!!!!!

                      Get N or get the FUCK OUT!!!!

                    3. venomjamaica, you’re black, go chimpout elsewhere, fantard.

                      also nintendo is still losing money, wii u is not profitable nor is it selling and a price drop will just sink them deeper, microsoft and sony have other ventures beyond gaming, therefore nintendo is in more danger because they only have their shitty gaming market and nothing else (significant).

                      1. because Sony in particular is making soooo much money from their ‘other ventures’…

            2. Sony’s gaming division lost all the profit the PS1 and PS2 made them and more before they started making profit on the PS3. They’ve crippled themselves in the last generation and haven’t started this one any better, maybe even worse.

        1. Oh please, if we’re going with that old card, then what about Assassin’s Creed, Killzone, Call of Duty?
          Whether you like them or not, it’s a fact that those names sell.
          Being frequent doesn’t make them bad, unless one hates them with a purple passion.

                1. Yeah, Super Mario Galaxy isn’t a change nearly as interesting as God of War III, Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, Assassin’s Creed III or Modern Warfare 3. e_e

                    1. The first Super Mario Galaxy was a major hit, so they made a second one 3 years later. There was very little change and I found it not to be as good as the original, but it appealed to everyone who enjoyed the original and it wasn’t too soon, like with NSMBU and NSMB2.

                2. Mario games are divided into sections.
                  Mario Platformers (Main)
                  Mario Kart
                  Mario Sports
                  Mario Party
                  Mario RPG

                  These are the sections for Mario Games.

                  From Super Mario 64 in 1996 to Super Mario Sunshine in 2002-2003.
                  Oh that frequent.

                  1. I’d like to split Mario Platformers into 2D Platformers and 3D Platformers.
                    They’re maybe the same genre, but they’re way too different to be put in the same section IMO.

        2. and again…, wow, just wow…, all the entire freaking day commenting just pointless things about Nintendo, seriously, your hating level is just out of this planet., why are you so mad with Nintendo?, why do you hate this videogame company so much?, tell me, what in the fucking hell do you have in at brain besides hate?, because all your comments are just the same thing, repeating and repeating the same freaking cycle, what do you want to prove us? tell me, WHAT?!.

          1. Hey, are you okay? Let them hate, Nintendo first party games sell Nintendo consoles and how many N-first party games have there been since lauch? Like 2. Nintendoland and 2d Mario. Wait till The Big-N call in there IP’s. Hell it hasnt even started yet

              1. not really… why would you wanna buy games that have already been out for other consoles…the reason to buy the Wii U is Pikmin 3, Animal Crossing, Zelda, Metroid, The rumored Starfox game, and every other great exclusive title Nintendo owns to their name…

                  1. so is pokemon,kirby,star fox,fire emblem,f-zero,super smash bros,kid icarus,earth bound and freakin donkey kong

          2. LET them hate the company man, they are fucking living on a fucking fantasy where they wish nintendo WAS sega, its like they can’t say shit without nintendo. I see SOO much bullshit even if they say that they have no proof at all, even the trolls link to an article is not even reliable, its justs a guy who post articles that the company never said or anything with nintendo bash=/= fact.

          3. do not trust kojima and the team at konami, they are anti nintendo

            People hate nintendo because they are different. Plain and simple. People with common sense know that having at least one company focus on younger gamers and casuals should be seen as a good thing. Not a bad thing but no00o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o00o0o0o0o
            Sony drones believes that its better to have 3 identical hardware manufactures in this industry. I prefer nintendo focus on innovation instead of pumping out more POWER !!!!

        3. Yes, Mario and Zelda are timeless.. Then factor in other first party titles that outsell everything else and you have a winner. Of course you probably prefer another less innovative Call of Doody or something. Nintendo has already sold almost half in 4 months what took the dreamcast 3 years.

        4. One problem, Sega was in financial down fall.
          Nintendo on the other hand aren’t, Sony is sort of in that zone but they are slowly picking up pace again.

          So calling Nintendo the next Sega is just the most uneducated and idiotic guess anyone could make…. also, Wii U can do PC ports much like the next gen.. just saying.

          1. Its not even out yet.. -_-

            I’m guessing you are a super Fanboy of Nintendo who thinks everything Nintendo does is right like releasing the 3DS at the wrong time so sales go down, not really giving people a clear idea of what the Wii U is, and don’t get me started on the Virtual Boy, Gameboy Micro and Wii Mini.

            I like Nintendo and I’m enjoying playing on the Wii U but you have to see that Nintendo is always a 100% good all the time, they make mistakes just like Sony and Microsoft.

        5. hey champ… ya know why Nintendo can keep cranking out Original games. Why people keep buying Mario and Zelda. Because, generally speaking, each installment for each new game, some how makes use of the new tech in a new way that they couldn’t make a Mario or Zelda game ever before. That how they stay fresh…. Ya know that shooter you buy every month or so? for the same console, over and over again, the PS4720 is just going to add some more social things so kids can curse at you more effectively, and its going to look a little cuter. That’ll be about it. So maybe Nintendo fans buy a new CORE Mario or Zelda every few years, but most people do it with shooters and sports every few months.

        6. Sega lost about a billion dollars after a decade of screw ups which culminated in the Dreamcast and them going software only. The Saturn, the 32X and other stupid decisions cost them equally as much.

          Nintendo’s much publicised recent losses total a couple of hundred million, yet they have already returned to profit.

          Might the Wii U see similar sales as one of those Sega failures? Perhaps, but it won’t be a financial black hole that kills the company.

            1. I’m wiling to bet that the ps4 will be under 500 dollars. 349.99 dollars. Likly they will take a loss but the are not stupid enough to sel it for anything over or equal to 600 dollars, same goes with the next xbox.

              1. If the PS4 is $349.99 then you can kiss Sony goodbye because the net loss on hardware sales will kill them within 5 years. .It took them as long to turn a profit with the PS3 and it will take even longer or the PS4 to sell at a profit if it even does at all, Plus, that is when they had a cash pillow upwards of 50 billion dollars in the market cap. Now they are down to 13. The PS4 will NOT be $349.99. PERIOD. Even Sony is not that dumb.

              2. They will be taking a huge loss if that’s true. At $599 the PS3 reportedly was sold at a $250 loss during the initial launch.

                I think the PS4 will be cheaper because Blu Ray has come down and they are not using some insane custom architecture CPU, but the PS4 will still be expensive. Over $500 on the premium bundle

            2. Wrong, PS4 will be around about $400 at best since its not using hardware made by two different companies which manufacturing costs meant that the PS3 had to be set higher because of its hardware.

              PS4’s hardware however is being made by a single company meaning that its a lot more cheaper to manufacture the PS4 whilst keeping the power of the system very high.

              Try again and this time, do some research.

                1. And again, its not even out yet.

                  You are starting to sound more and more like the people saying the Wii U was going to fail so you are basically showing them that Wii U owners are just as childish if not more.

                  Do more research the next time and stop acting like a Nintendo Otaku.

                2. You do know he has a point.
                  You are starting to sound like Nintendo hasn’t done any wrong and that they have not lost any money at all when clearly they have.

                  Learn to live with it kid because its people like you and almost every member on this site I feel ashamed, no disgusted to even be a fan of Nintendo and might actually return my Wii U for a Xbox 720 or even a Xbox 360.

                  You brats don’t know the meaning of the word GAMER means anymore. Its means you game on ANYTHING, board games, console games, mobile games, handheld games and even fucking PC Games because a Gamer doesn’t say “This console is shit” just because they haven’t played it yet, no they decide whether they like the system or not by actually playing the console and also they still respect other peoples opinions.

                  That my friend is a true gamer which most of you kids aren’t really now a days -_- I say to the trolls keep trolling these guys because they deserve it and for the people who do like Multiple console I hope you guys find a better website than this bullshit site.

                  I don’t like the Playstation and I won’t be getting the PS4 but I don’t see it failing. Now wise up or get out of gaming you snotty nosed brat.

          1. 2GB for Wii U not 1.5GB. Sony wants to make it a Gaming PC with a PS4 attached. Have fun spending $600-$800 on a PS4. If you care about specs so much then put that $800 towards a gaming PC.

            1. I will ^^
              Also it won’t be that expensive since the hardware is being made by a single company this time round meaning its going to be cheaper.

              1. Dream on, even if they made those things using volunteer workers and interns, they would still make loss that wont be covered with 1 or 2 software sales.
                My guess, basic set wont be below 450$, and even then, the loss wont be covered with just 2 software sales.

                But I’m more interested, if they can actually make their next gen consoles run cool and quiet, and without any rrod and ylod epidemics this time.

          2. PS4= Regular GPU. Wii U= Custom GPU. Memory is little to be proud off, it only brings a higher price point.

          3. you do realize that the reason why ps4 has a 8gb ram is for multiple app running on ps4 AT the same time, not to improve gameplay.

            1. Actually yes and no. I’d say about 4 GB of the RAM will be used for running Apps and such in the background whilst about 3GB will be used for the games and the OS will use about 1GB.

              Will still don’t know yet so even basing off what you said is pretty false.

            2. GDDR5 is GRAPHICS RAM, you twit. You seriously think they’re going to waste that on the OS and multitasking?


          4. Because PS4’s OS will use 0 of it’s RAM. That fancy OS that they spend a lot of the conference talking about.

        1. Not really

          Wii U is using a 550Mhz GPU whilst the PS4 is using a 1.84TFLOP GPU which I believe its around 5 to 7Ghz which is more than the Wii U.

          Also the GPU is a tri-core in the Wii U
          PS4 CPU is an Eight-core which though clocked the same has more space to move about in.

          RAM in the Wii U is rumored to be a DDR4 2GB which isn’t too bad considering the RAM in the next Xbox is DDR3 but in the PS4 its GDDR5 which is a more modern type of RAM that is usual only for GPUs.

          1. What the hell did you just type ? PS4 is using a 5 to 7GHZ GPU ? LMAO. No .

            PS4 is using an 800MHZ GPU believed to be an 8XXX.
            PS4 is using a 2GHZ 8 core CPU AMD x86 jaguar with 4M cache
            PS4 is using 8GB of GDDR5 RAM

            Wiiu is using a custom 550MHZ GPU believed to be a 4XXX or a 5XXXX
            Wiiu is using a 1.25ghz TRI CORE custom CPU based on power 750 with 3M cache
            And Wiiu is using 2GB of GDDR3 memory

            1. That GPU is shitty by modern standards, so not sure why you’re fluffing it up when it wouldn’t even be recommended for extremely low budget PC builds.

              1.24 Ghz triple-core CPU based on PowerPC 750 (mac G3 much?), wow so incredible….NOT.

              with 1GB of ram dedicated for the games, lol, is this a joke?

              Sorry, Wii U is just another Wii, just like I always told you guys. PS4 smashes it in literally every single aspect, and not by small leaps, but really significant ones.

                1. I know damn well what I’m talking about, the fact you said nothing to back up this claim is a telling sign YOU don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

                  1. Ps4 = 8 core cpu running at 1.6ghz 4 mb (.5mb/core) cache with 12+ stage pipeline.
                    Based on the bobcat core
                    WiiU = 3 core cpu running at 1.24 ghz, 3mb cache(1mb/core) with 4 stage pipeline.
                    based on pc750 core
                    *pc750 has much better performance then the bobcat

                    1. PS4 CPU isn’t a stock Jaguar to begin with

                      it’d be best to do your research before going google warrior on me and throwing numbers around without even knowing what they mean to begin with

              1. A joke?

                I’m sorry, I had to say something. I know this isn’t last gen, but the PS3 (yeah, that little thing that pulled off Uncharted 3) had 256 freaking MB OF RAM.

                Would you guys just quit already? The WiiU will produce great visuals, and the next PS4 will, too. Now just wait to see how this turns out, rather than arguing to kingdom come.

                1. if the wii u can produce great visuals then please tell us where the hell are they, and why the PS4 is showing them from the get go with practically every tech demo sony had

                  1. Just before I answer, I hope that you, instead of just arguing for the sake of it, actually look at facts. I’ve seen some sensible posts from you before, but some other really stupid ones have made no sense whatsoever.

                    1. The Playstation 4 is marginally more powerful. No one’s denying that.
                    2. Most of the early PS4 ‘footage’ was the PC build of that game, and yes, the actual PS4 footage was great too.
                    3. The WiiU is not only in an early stage, the Zelda Tech Demo (which was on an underpowered dev kit) looks great, NFS uses PC assets, and the pure specs prove that it can, indeed, outperform the PS3 and 360, and significantly so.

                    The point I was making is this. Yes, the PS4 is much, much more powerful than the WiiU. No one said otherwise. However, the WiiU will be able to pump out much, much, better visuals than that in Uncharted 1, 2 and 3, and that’s pretty darn undeniably pretty.

                    And for pure graphics indulgence, I have my PC.
                    So in conclusion, the only trump the Playstation 4 holds is its exclusives, and to be honest, that’s not worth over 400 (I’d say more than 600 for us in Australia, the original PS3 at release was hitting 800-1000) dollars.

                    1. Good luck, Sony. You'll need it.

                      1 retail Jaguar chip has 4 cores and is a small upgrade of the weak bobcat, fact. The tricore in the WiiU outperforms this chip by a significant margin, fact. The Ps4 contains 2 of these Jag chips taped together, fact. The Ps4 will use a miniumum of 2 of the 8 cores dedicated to run the OS, fact. The ps4 has 8gb of gddr5 ram, fact. The ram is shared between the gpu and cpu, fact.

                      The gamepad = best.controller.ever, fact.
                      The ps4 controller = worst.controller.ever, fact.

                      *By the time the ps4 produces graphics that will be significantly better then the WiiU, Nintendo will be unveiling the Wii3(hopefully they drop the Wii name, but whatever) which will obsolete the ps4.

                      1. you say alot of ‘facts’ yet don’t provide any sort of benchmark specs or sources to back them up

                        that controller part alone is -opinion- so now I’m definitely not interested in any further posts out of you just by doing that.

                    2. 1: No it isn’t, it’s fucking SIGNIFICANTLY more powerful. Anyone with a brain in their head and any knowledge of hardware can see a fucking night and day difference in specs on paper and in practice.

                      2: Err the only “PC footage” shown for the PS4 was Watch_Dogs and probably Square Enix’s Luminous demo (I don’t think they confirmed if it was or not). Killzone, DriveClub, Infamous were all real time and the former even demonstrated gameplay which was shown to be actual gameplay on Jimmy Fallon. Deep Down was an IN-ENGINE demo that was run on the PS4 as well.

                      3: The Zeldo demo was 30 fps, 720p, no AA and in a closed environment. Are you…retarded? This “underpowered dev kit” excuse is fucking old and retarded as shit too. Also no, NFS MW only has those better textures due to more ram and time to polish up the Wii U version, now let’s look at DriveClub which is likely a launch window game and ABSOLUTELY OBLITERATES THAT RACER VISUALLY.

                      Also, uhm what? You just said PS4 was “marginally” more powerful, now you’re saying it’s much better? Make up your mind. Also, there is no evidence that the Wii U will be doing that, you’re riding on the thought that it can, did the Wii ever started looking better than one of the early games shown for it *Mario Galaxy*? It didn’t right? Therefore you have no reason or argument to suggest that games will be getting “much better” than some of the best titles look *or demos* now.

                      good day

      2. Yup and they’ll be at GDC this year as well. I’m optimistic about the Wii U’s future along with all of Nintendo. They’re like roaches: They’ll even survive a nuclear war (industry crash).

        1. Im already happy whit the course Nintendo took and you may ask why and thats because even if developers are making the jump to the graphical leap not many have the money to push the graphics. Many big developers are already showing concer about that even kojima who is a certified graphics whore is taking the leap whit caution.

        2. People also seems to ignore that indies are flooding to the wii u way faster than they did whit the 360 and that some developers who never touched a Nintendo console are being happy whit it.

      3. Nintendo is definitely not the ”new sega” the 3DS is a mega seller. One that will outsell every piece of hardware Sega ever made combined.

        This is a pathetic analysis. It seems people just say what they want to be true , not what is actually true.

        What did Nintendo do to upset all the haters ? They’re the nicest little company going and all people do is want them to fail in some ritualistic fashion.
        Not gunna happen.

        And as we all know , Sony is going down before Nintendo if anything.

        1. Such a stupid article. One that can’t even keep up with PS3 and 360 graphically ? lol . We all know that is untrue. Infact the Devs of Need for speed most wanted said they are going to prove it untrue.

          More Ipods than DS’s ? shut the fuck up….

        2. Kojima will never take nintendo hardware seriously

          Because people hate nice guys. People love bad boys. Girls love big bad boys too. Nice sweet and cuddly characters like mario, pikachu and kirby isn’t popular anymore in the west. I think nintendo needs to create some new big bold muscular military characters and hire a western CEO to run the company or face elimination in the video game industry.

          1. “new big bold muscular military characters”

            With all due respect, it almost sounds like you are turned on by this.

            Remember, it is just a game.

      4. I wonder when idiotic journalist will try something new every Nintendo hardware cycle. Its like a broken record now.

      1. I know right… This idiot saying kids all over the world all in parks with iPads playing games… Nintendo is doom. Doom I say.

    1. He lost me at “More of game is moving to mobile.”

      That’s a prediction that has been unfounded with zero research and is just assumed that since Apple dominates the ‘app’ market, it will translate to core games. Well, Sony Microsoft and Nintendo are still here, along with HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of core game / core console developers.

      1. THEY ARE!!! believe it or not when you get hits on your site, thats profit for them, nintendo bashing is more profitable because its like pc PlayStation and xbox fanboys are against us.

        1. Again, I am a Playstation fan but I like to play on all platforms. Its just I like playing on Playstation more, also basing that argument on all fans of a type of console is just plan stupid.

          Sounds to me you are like a otaku for Nintendo

          1. beemothelittleboy

            Man, I wish every play station fan was like, I meaan u just put in the best words, I also own nintend and PlayStation tho I love Nintendo more I still respect Sony and there games there awsome especially little big planet… Keep it. Up

            1. Yeah, I like Nintendo and I still own a Wii but I just like Playing on my Playstation more but even then I know when Sony fucks up I’ll speak my mind, I won’t defend them and that goes for most companies but really I just like playing games no matter what.

              I like playing Ratchet and Clank on my PS3, some people like playing Mario and thats cool.

              1. I like Nintendo and Sony, but I bought a PS3 and have been majorly disappointed by it. For the first few years, I had very few games, whereas I had to buy another shelf for my Wii games, and as time went on, I bought less Wii games, but more PS3. Even so, I have a shelf of Wii games and another that is half Wii, half PS3, mostly due to PS3 games pushing towards multiplayer. Unfortunately, my kind of gaming is completely single-player, because as a child, I always played games to get away from the real world and not to play games with other people. Eh, times change, I guess.

        2. I couldn’t possibly be MORE SURE about that this is the EXACT cause.

          Psychological warfare on all them drones only to undermine The Big N***

          Amazingly, Masterpiece of BULLSHIT!!!

          1. Yeah, people like that believe Nintendo can do no wrong when clearly they’ve made a LOT of mistakes in the past.

            I know that Sony fucks ups from time to time, same as my Friend who is an Xbox fan who says he know when Microsoft fucks up from time to time.

    2. He makes decent posts, EXCEPT the whole “Wii U can’t perform as well as the PS3 and 360.” The specs were revealed by other people, and this was already confirmed, Wii U is more powerful than both those consoles, but completely falls short compared to the PS4. Can we finally put this ridiculous “Wii U is weaker than PS3/360” claim to rest?

    3. He has a valid point. However, it is at this time that we need miracles. But don’t worry. I’m sure Nintendo will have the Wii U selling like hotcakes if they can, and most likely will, impress us at E3.

      1. People keep saying that Nintendo need a miracle. They really don’t when the sales of the 3DS more or less cover the current losses of the Wii U.

    4. the most interesting pinkie pie in the world

      They have the most sold console of all time. Also, AN IPOD IS NOT A BLOODY GAMING DEVICE!

      1. I feel however that Apple products are slowly becoming a lot more compatible with Games now though. And I personally would consider them Gaming devices, not necessarily catered towards lengthy and deep experiences, though a Gaming Device all the same

        1. ios games sucks my ipad became a paper weight for a whole year collecting dust because the games fucking sucks in other words it really fucking sucks

      2. It’s an entertainment device that plays games.
        Video game consoles are gaming devices that play entertainment.

        Simple as that. /)

      3. Yup the 3ds is king in sales not slowing down the DS is the best saleing console of all time did good with the wii got ssb4 new 3d Mario new Mario Kart new Xeno RPG but Nintendo is still doom its been this way since the game cube days

    5. what with these reports
      nintendo is not going anywhere
      they said the same when the gamecube launched
      don’t they see wii was the best seller don’t they see ds is the best seller portable ever
      they said the same thing for the 3ds it just sold 30 millions why you post these nonsense
      Nintendo is disruptive, they said the wii is not going to sell the ds is not going to sell look at nintendo now, and then the ps3 and xbox360 got their sensing tech, and then touching was added to video games.

    6. The moment I saw the title I chuckled. This is Nintendo. They’ve been in business for over 130 years. I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to be like SEGA for a Very Very long time. Let’s not forget they still have several hundred BILLION Yen in the bank. Nintendo can afford to have another Gamecube incident with the Wii U.

      1. They’ve been around for over 100 years and have been doing gaming for 40 years, but I get your point. They could lose 250 million a year until 2052 before going bankrupt. Nintendo has sold more consoles than Sony, Sega, Atari, and Microsoft combined. I think they got it under control.

        1. yet these fucker act like nintendo is next to nothing in profit, they never once talk about nintendo’s money in the bank. why? because they do not want to be proving wrong. FACT.

    7. Let’s just forget the fact that the Nintendo Wii was underpowered compared to the PS3/360 and yet it outsold both of them…

                1. Yeah. EXACTLY. Had they of toned-down the juggernaut CPU they had it probably would have been a lot cheaper and thus could have given the SNES a run for it’s money. However, it was necessary if order to sell a console with arcade-graphics.

    8. Gunman Clive 3DS version outsold the Android version (it had already outsold the iOS version one month ago)
      IOS sell better right?
      who wrote this article Michael Pachter? another one paid by Microsoft.

    9. DatInternetRandom

      There was something a while ago that said about how rich Nintendo is, and that they have a lot of money in the bank (Which every foo knows they do). That they could literally lose, and I quote foo’s, $257million a year until the year 2052 when they would go bankrupt and out of business. So if the Wii U were to fail and shiyeet, that would leave them with (Depending on how many years it will take them to launch new consoles) 5-6 MORE consoles generations AFTER the Wii U. They have AT LEAST 5-6 more console generations, and each of those new consoles AFTER the Wii U could all fail too until they would go bankrupt. Nintendo won’t be going 3rd party soon.

      1. actually it was until 2072 and then they could still sell their IPs for MASSIVE amounts of money.

    10. Forbes has been writing a lot of crap articles lately. I saw a discussion over this very topic on twitter. First off, Forbes’s article proves that they have very little knowledge of the gaming community. Second, they group in mobile phone/facebook gaming in with big title gaming. The big three gaming companies do not make their products based off of what Apple and other companies of that nature are doing. The big three are competing amongst themselves and are not worried about people buying phones as much as they are trying to prevent people from turning away from their devices for gaming.

    11. Oh yeah for sure you guys, there’s so many great mobile games that are just so engaging on my iphone that my Wii or Wii U could never live up to, such as Zelda or Mario Brothers, those are unengaging games compared to one of the many free to play games on the Apple store, I can download a free game, play it right then, and if I’m lucky, my finger will slip and press an ad and I’ll see even more things. All I’ve got to do is give everyone my credit card number, pay out about $5000 a month, and I’m all set to be super engaged with these super pay to win piles of COMPLETE FUCKING HORSE SHIT!



      1. I’m sorry but I think that Minecraft pocket edition, N.O.V.A, pac man, etc. Are much better and more engaging than spiderman 64. But iunderstand. Mobile gaming has to wait a LONG timebefore they ge the chance to trump consoles games such as Super mario galaxy, halo,gears, uncharted, MGS, zelda, metroid. Etc etc.

        1. Isn’t N.O.V.A just a Crysis game just with a different name and some altered looks?
          and might I remind you that Minecraft sold more on PC and Xbox 360 than on the iOS and Android.
          Just saying.

    12. Hmm, I was thinking of the same thing a while ago. It does make sense. Unless nintendo can do what they did with the 3DS but for the wii U, I don’t see how they can last much longer making consoles. In fact I believe that if nintendo soley made games as a third party dev, they would make a lot more money then sega ever did/does as a third party dev. Playing halo, gears of war and pokemon/mario/zelda/metroid on the console would be a dream. I think the only way Nintendo can stay relevant making consoles is if they really go all out with the wii U and create a continuous stream of high quality games, new IPs, and multiplatform titles. Its too early to tell but I feel this is wht they plan to do if they observed their strategies with saving the 3DS. Now something I think they should do is just take the handheld route, but instead of only being playable on the small screen, you should be able to stream the game to your television(via something similar to the wii sensor bar). This way you have a handheld that acts as your home console as well. This is why I believe the nintendo handheld development team is moving in with the console team. I have a feeling they want to change their future of gaming similar to this.

    13. I’m sorry, but I cannot help but cringe with every article that someone wrote who clearly has no idea what he is talking about with Nintendo. They are not the new Sega, and they have so much money to last them for 40 years. How are they not seeing that. I agree that some people are just paying these guys to give Nintendo a hard time. The Wii U just launched, and it is a more powerful system than the PS3 and 360, but one that is very good at saving power. These guys need to wake up and quit being completely asinine with their opinions.

    14. “One study pointed up mobile engaging players at a deeper level than consoles (arguable but directionally accurate).”

      I was going to debate what that article said, but that line, that line make me LOL so hard and make that article lost all possibility of credibility.

    15. Rememer this statement is from april last year nearly one full year.You can see graphics wise there better then ps3 and 360 and the console is only three months in, am waiting for nfs then me will start seeing lot of difference in the graphics.As for sales there very good at the moment soon they will be better no doubt of that.Lot of nintendo fans out there waiting for pikman 3 and the likes there’s people out there who had wii last five years who be wanting to upgrade soon with all the content coming out for the wii u.As for ipads games people who play them in general have never touched a console before.I see bright future for the wii u with some fantastic games coming.

    16. I belive nintendo will shift at least twenty million by the end of the year that’s how confident I am.

    17. Matter of fact to be honest our advertising for the wii u were I work starts in couple weeks,were getting plenty units in and games.This is coincide with game releases,as I stated on other column that’s when nintendo have to step it up with advertising I belive they will as we are for sure.

    18. “Game developers have started looking at iOS and Android as viable and lower-cost platforms.”
      He complains about the Wii U being the weakest(And it’s also the CHEAPEST) of the 3 Systems, BUT it’ll most likely be the CHEAPEST Next-Gen Console to Develope for!!! -_-

      1. i find that funny as hell, fact is these companies are going bankrupt as we speak and they have the balls to say they want the most expensive way to make video games…bullshit.

    19. These Nintendo doom & gloom articles are getting beyond a joke.

      Sony and Microsoft have lost FAR more money, yet Nintendo is always the whipping boy for these morons. It’s bloody ridiculous.

      Also, I love how this guy says the Wii U is ‘underpowered’, before espousing the benefits of cheap, downloadable mobile games. Using that logic, shouldn’t Wii U thrive in comparison to PS4/Durango because it is cheap?

      I mean, realtively underpowered consoles have NEVER thrived against the competition! Well, except PSone, PS2, DS, Wii & 3DS…

      …But aside from them, it has NEVER happened!


      1. ……And Nintendo Color TV Game, Atari 2600, NES, and SNES. Weaker consoles have one every console war. Period, Home console and handheld.

    20. Wow, people still believe the Wii U cant out perform current gen? jeez… but PS4 still obliterates the Wii U specs though.

          1. That ‘s same mistake they made with the PS3 though. The put the expensive BLU-RAY player in the PS3 hoping that BLU-RAY would do for the PS3 what DVD did for the PS2 and CD did for the PS1. The problem is, all people needed was a TV set for the PS1 and 2 to work. Everyone that bought a PS1 and PS2 had a TV. However everyone that went to the store to look at the PS3 did NOT have an HDTV because they were still too expensive for the average joe. Even core gamers did have them in abundance. Its wasn’t until the prices of HDTVs started to come down that you saw the sales of the PS3 and 360 take off. By the time 4K TVS will be anywhere close to being reasonable for the average person we’ll be at the 9th gen.

              1. Not really because they aren’t focusing on making 4K games, they just announced it ages ago.
                That’s it I’m out of the Nintendo fanbase -_-

                1. Yes they. did. Don’t know what that has to do with this conversation. We are talking about the impact of how ‘non-gaming’ functions such as CD, DVD, BLU-RAY have helped and hurt Sony. Why no concentrate on the conversation at hand? You are welcome to join us.

      1. When you consider that probably half of the memory and CPU cores will be dedicated to multitasking of non-gaming elements of the PS4, it kinda knocks the specs down a little bit. It’s still got more under the hood than the Wii U no doubt with will run a longer race before running out of gas, but after letting the shock-and-awe dissipate it’s not exactly the monster Sony is selling it to be.

      2. Good gaming isn’t about specs, Sony will fail again by overpowering their console. Good gameplay is the key, when the good games for Wii U come out, it’ll by a killer machine.

    21. All nintendo had to do was produce a powerful platform so all developers could make their best games on it.

      Nintendo should comeback with a unsuspected powerful and desirable system.

        1. If it had all the features that I cant live without…Hardcore gamers anywhere would find it rational to buy even if it was expensive. I would buy it.

          Id rather save up and buy an expensive console knowing that it will be worthwhile, than buying a cheap gimmicky system that wont be happy with in the long run.

        1. I want both a powerful and innovative. You’re stupid for ignoring power. You should run a modern innovative adobe photoshop on a old powerless PC…. and tell me if power means nothing!

        2. Nintendo should not be a next sega. I dont want it to be.

          Nintendo just needs to produce both a powerful and innovative system. Also, they shouldnt forget the modern internet user experience to go along with that.That’s all everyone wants.

          I would pay $400 – $600 easy for a high end system knowing that I will be happy with it in the long run.

          Can you image playing mario kart HD with voice chat? As I drive pass a competitor online I can make a comment through the mic. Can you also imagine smash bros online? How about mario party online? How about an HD zelda with online to buy new costumes or play co-op zelda..etc. Only possible if nintendo treats the internet maturely and trust it’s users. Nintendo should bring accountability online similar to xbox live if they are afraid of online predators.

          Im praying for Nintendo, but it is ultimately up to nintendo if they want to end up like sega. I still have some heart left for nintendo to give them another chance.

          1. Man will be in constant contact with intelligent alien species accross the universe and have established F.T.L travel before Nintendo goes the way of Sega.

    22. Thanks for sharing this, sickr. I went over there and gave that writer a piece of my mind. But instead of shouting and cursing like a mad man, I showered him with research, facts, and (hopefully) excellent writing. Thanks for helping me unleash my true potential. Nintendo will be around for awhile. :)

    23. Such a contradicting statement from Forbes. They said that “more of gaming is moving to mobile” and “developers see the Wii U as underpowered is not a good thing.”
      If gaming is moving to mobile then that means that people are now open to less powerful medium to get their craving for games as long as they are entertained. That is exactly how Wii U is right now compared to other next gen consoles. And that is why the controller is a gamepad/touchscreen to entice that same audience who likes tablets but also wants deeper gaming experience from time to time. It will cater to ALL markets. Nintendo is future-proofing the console with these controls as anytime if they want to, they can sell games through eShop very casual games like angry birds, etc. and those same audience won’t be alienated.

      1. Plus apps like those of android and IOS. In fact angry birds is coming to wii u soon and it has some sort of google maps already….

    24. These useless articles, if you going to smell blood in the water, the only company likely to not exist within 5-6 years is Sony simply on their financial books.

      Sony will have no money in 2 years, they already liquidating assets to stay afloat.

      PS4 costs will only accelerate their expenses and hammer in the final nail in the coffin.

      Nintendo on the other hand has a strong financial sheet and still have billions in cash.

      So for an article by Forbes, shows how “journalists” don’t do their homework and instead just follow the demagoguery of other blog sites.

      1. loads of nonsense from somebody who has no grasp with what’s actually going on in the market

        but good luck convincing anyone sony will ‘run’ out of money in that time, lol.

        meanwhile, they sold yet another building of theirs for yet another sizeable profit of 400m+

        yep, they gonna broke confirmed because a nintendo fanboy said so

        1. You think Sony wants to keep selling thier assets to cover thier junk stock and heavy losses? So foolish, these Sony fanboys are.

    25. lets keep it real sony is the new sega the ps4 is crap.the controller is a piece of shit there’s no backward capability for ps3, ps2 or ps1 games, no dvd player and no psn game transfer. yeah the playstation future is a old man with sad eyes what a piece of shit. and the new xbox needs internet connection 24/7 even for 1 player games. wow!!! sony and microsoft next gen is dead in the water. lmfao!!!

    26. Today I was told my posts are too religious. By a certain Wooferz and jellybean. Just because I like nintendo. To that effect a big FU to both of them, and if you are down with the FU too. In fact FU, all the MF western developers and their mothers. FU to all bitch western developers and entertainment journalists that cannot stand an eastern company giving us real entertainment not bullcrap mind control nonsense. If you don’t like what I have posted then FU too and your bitch ass, you punk bitches.

      P. S : FU to Tristan Louis as well.

    27. don’t you get it guys, it’s always the american media obscenely bashing the japanese game titan, they would never write such an article on M$ or Apple..

    28. what is everyone talking about? The specs for the PS4 are not impressive. It’s a low to mid grade PC. Only thing it has going for it is the 8GB of fast ram. But the CPU and GPU are low-mid grade PC parts. APU’s aren’t powerhouses when it comes to the GPU performance. You have to remember, Sony loves to put out specs with “theoretical” values, not real life values. I’m pretty confident the Wii U’s dedicated GPU will give the PS4’s integrated GPU a run for it’s money. Just wait for someone to put out a PS4 emulator for PC’s and people will have no reason to get a PS4. That thing should be easy to emulate on the PC.

      1. That’s a good point. However they seem to really be taking a aggressive stance to combat piracy this time around. I would ‘think’ they would have a contingency plan to prevent that but knowing Sony maybe they are that arrogant.

        1. Sony hasn’t learned anything regarding piracy.
          The harder they push against it, the more they spur it on.
          If it ever gets to the point where Pirates literally cannot get around the security no matter what, then the system might suffer in some way, like not getting sales from people who are frustrated that the security is too tight and affecting non-pirates as a result in some way.

    29. Nintendo proved it wasn’t Sega a long time ago. Graphics don’t matter for android/iwhatever games, but they do matter for everything else? Okay. The Wii ruled, and it had plenty of flaws. Now, with the Wii U, many flaws are gone, giving Nintendo a good future in my eyes. Nintendo has HD now, it can play the blu ray disc games now. Both of these hurt Wii a lot. The online functions are better, blasting away anything PS3 and friends could do. This console is much more developer friendly than Wii. Social network. Tablet controller. First Party games that WILL sell a console, SSB4 being the biggest one. This console generation will push Nintendo to make the best games it ever has. It should also get more 3rd party coverage than it has in a while. Plus the console is literally also a Wii. Also I’m posting from one right now. I always browse on Wii U now. It has such a legit browser. Haters gonna hate right. Too scared of being made fun of by their bigger brother to play a Mario game. Or a Zelda game, you know, the best game series in existence? Look at that track record… I’m done.

    30. Last time i checked, Nintendo werent in bankruptcy….oh, they still arent, theyre actually doing very very well

      1. Louis claims that developers see the Wii U as an underpowered console, one that ‘can’t even match the graphics firepower of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

        An offical idiot.

        1. Seeing as Ubisoft is a huge support for the Wii U right now and Activision says they are going to support it. Plus all the indie devs. I know there are many others!

        1. “Damage control” is a buzz term used by people whom either are not intelligent enough or too lazy to look up the facts. In a debate about gaming, it is equivalent to saying ‘NO MAS.’

    31. Fuckin asshole who doesnt know anything. Wii u can run pc version of need for speed most wanted, so its more powerful than ps3 and xbox 360. Oh btw Sega Dreamcast was much better console than ps2 and xbox, it was fuckin horrible day when they went 3rd party. That will not happen to Nintendo because they have money unlike Sega back in the day. And i am fuckin sick hearin all the time that wii u is underpowered, because its a lie. Yes there will be difference between wii u and next two consoles, but so there was between dreamcast and first xbox and it wasnt that big difference. And i had more fun playing with dreamcast and gamecube than with any other 6th generation console, because they were innovative and they did things differently. Fuck you Noobes(or whatever you are).

    32. Sickr & Alba can suck my Nuts

      “Weak U is an underpowered console, one that ‘can’t even match the graphics firepower of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3” oh god I jizzed all over that quote. The Weak U is a primitive console for pimple face virgins living with their parents. The 8th gen console will be between Sony and Microsoft. Gaytendo can take their shitty kiddie games to the App Store when they go 3rd party in 2014.

      1. Why not wait to judge it at the end of it’s life. When everyone realizes the Wii U sold more than the Xbox 720 and PS4 combined, and for some reason they are shocked beyond belief. They’ll be like “Oh my gAWD! I thought Nintendo was going software only!?”… :/ morons.

    33. The console has been out 3 months and people are worried, I’m sure it will be a best seller when 3D mario, zelda etc come out and that won’t be too long, forget that, by next Christmas it will. Tbh it needs more games, advertisements, because in my opinion it’s just the 3DS again. Give it time.

    34. if you hate the wii u you know nothing about gaming and your prob 8-14 years old (if not your a child in your head) all consoles have there own strong points and there are always flaws,nothing is perfect.a real gamer doesn’t hate,he games!

    35. It’s amazing how many of these analysts analysts/people who know nothing about games want Nintendo to fail. It’s like how many people want bigger football clubs (that’s proper football to your Americans, not your hardly-ever-involves-your-foot and takes all day to play ‘football’) to fail because of jealousy.

    36. Wow another fucking moron.
      First of all most devs don’t care about an “underpowered” system, the Dreamcast is still getting support to this day. The 720 is rumored to be not much more powerful than Wii U. A lot of devs hate having to risk resources on making big games simply for “power”, because of rising budgets.
      As for the 3DS losing to ipads, that’s fucking stupid. They’re two different markets. You don’t put laptops and games consoles in the same market do you? Sometimes these
      Nintendo are nowhere near the new Sega, it took a LOT of stupid decisions for sega to lose market share and end up fading into obscurity.

      1. I’m sorry, but I had to do a double-take when you said that the Dreamcast is still getting support.
        Tell me, in what capacity is that dead system still being supported?

        1. People are still “making” games for the DC, I use the term make loosely because it’s either some overhead racing game or a horizontal-scrolling space shooter, think gradius.

          While they are technically games, the development time for them is just too long; it’s great to see fans still making games for a great system that was ahead of it’s time but it’s a plug that should have been disconnected long ago. They remain unnoticed to those outside of the DC scene, which is pretty much everybody.

          That’s just my opinion though. The only benefit I see from “making” games for DC is to just test out your development skills before moving on the “Bigger, Badder” engines and whatnots.

          In layman’s term, people be “hacking” them DCs and wanting new games and fans “deliver”.

    37. Everybody needs to say something bad about Nintendo now. It’s the new trend. Wait untill they realise what the hardware can do with a new Mario, Zelda and Retro Studio’s IP. Forbes is so Well informed, that they think the WiiU can’t match the power of current gen consoles, well that’s not what Need for Speed shows at our eyes!

      It’s easy to compare games with cellphones and say cellphones sells more! of course! they CELLPHONES! everybody has a cellphone, games are mainstream now, and everything has games, but consoles and handhelds are not going ANYwhere, Before this generation is over, people will hardly believe what Nintendo will achieve with the WiiU, just like the 3DS.

      1. I agree with you, while I understand the worry over the fact that the Wii U has failed to meet expectation, I think it’s still too early to jump the gun and say that Nintendo will go 3rd Party or that the Wii U is the new DC or whatever people will say about Nintendo and it’s endeavors.

        Honestly I have a cellphone and I don’t play any games on it. I’ve never even played Angry Birds, I know what it is, which is the reason why I don’t play it…not that it’s a bad game, just not my cup of tea. I rather play a game with more substance to it, don’t get it mistaken with graphics though, I rather take a great game lacking in the graphics department but with much thought and love put into it than a game that just yells “Hey buy me! I have cool graphics!” a la FF XIII or whatever number it is…ummm the one with the goofy named characters; Lightning and Snow BUT I also don’t want something too simple, such as any mini game collection, think Nintendo Land, or as I previously stated Angry Birds.

        1. I see, but you know what man? Nintendo might be laughing right now. I don’t think this is a ”bad marketing” because the system speakes for itself. Just like the first time people heard the Wii name, they laughed, said Nintendo was doomed, but once Nintendo showed what Wii was about, everybody wanted to play it.

          All this talk about Nintendo and WiiU after 3 months with only the line up games and a few other, and even after the PS4 reveal, people just don’t stop talking about the WiiU, its a mistery! its the still unknow console. is it powerfull? will it have support? once Nintendo show, what the system can do, just like it did with the Wii, people will see what’s power is about! what they were missing on HD gamming. not just cool graphics, but what HD can do with gameplay improvements and innovations, things that I’m sure was neglected on current gen, because they focused too much on graphics over gameplay.

          1. Yeah, I don’t understand it either, but I guess it’s easy to bully on the “new kid”, I’m sure the same thing will happen with the Xbox720/PS4, we’ll be seeing articles soon enough about which system kicks the other to the curbs and how that company is doomed. In about 2 weeks I’ll be too busy playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to even bother to check up on any news, I might even pick up that Lego game as well as the need for speed, my nephew wants to play sometimes but all I have is CoD and it’s too violent for him, since he’s still too young and I don’t want to expose him to that kind of stuff, in due time lol jk.

            1. I’m getting all these games for wiiu, and lego is gonna be great! :D

              Nintendo did an awesome job building the WiiU and differentiating itself from the competition, because once those two godzillas come out, they might fight untill the death of both, iwata said it sometime ago.

    38. Anyone who refers to it as “graphics firepower” does not know what they are talking about. If said “graphics firepower” was the most important thing, then why is the 3DS outselling the vita like 10 to 1? and why did the wii outsell both the 360 and PS3? With 11 billion in the bank and the wii u only costing the company 1.5 billion, how exactly are they going to stop making consoles?

      also wii u has already sold 1/3 of the total dreamcast sales. in just a few months with barely any games to back it.

    39. People have been saying this stuff since the Gamecube. People underestimate and misunderstand Nintendo. And what would American economists know, they’ll all advising mergers right now, despite their history of failure when done under these circumstances. People seem to think companies have to be king of the world to survive and they think far more short term than they ever have. It’s a bad case of Twitteritis.

    40. Yes. Nintendo is the new Sega
      Because Nintendo has had 3 generations of losses from consoles.
      Because they don’t have a handheld division netting them millions
      Because they don’t have more money than most of us can comprehend in the bank
      You’d think that Forbes wouldn’t have articles that look a lot like tabloid drivel. Apparently not

    41. Tell that to Sony who is barely surviving. Nintendo is focusing on one thing, and that’s gaming! In these times it isn’t very smart to have a console that can barely sell 10.000 units a month, i get that, but i strongly believe that with this E3 coming up, with some of Sakurai’s projects revealed, perhaps a sneek peek at other stuff, hopefully Monolith Soft’s project will be revealed in more detail!

      It doesn’t really mean jack shit if Nintendo goes out of business as such, but they still have the 3DS, which is looking to become even more popular than it’s predecessor, so i think they can fall back on that, Sega didn’t have that oppurtinity! Sega had multiple failues before the Dreamcast, that had cost them a lot! Nintendo’s GameCube wasn’t a succes as such, but it was followed by the Wii and DS, which are two of the best selling consoles of all time… i do not believe that Nintendo are THAT ignorant. When the Wii U gets it popular franchises, it’ll get it’s momentum (even though the internet has somehow created this idea that Mario and Zelda can in fact get old and stale… lol then you SERIOUSLY don’t own a Nintendo product, that’s for sure!)

      The Wii U is a great machine, it has taken me back to console gaming, and the time i spend on core games will be on the PC, but the time i spend on good old fun for fun games will be on the Wii U! Nothing beats a good Mario game, and heck i have had a lot of fun with Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed! Still playing Xenoblade, and that’s a pretty serious game, one of the best JRPG’s of this gen, so if you’re on this site to convince me that i’m wrong, because Forbes says something – a company that’s doesn’t really have anything to do with the business, or know the strategies – then go away, you clearly don’t own a Wii U, you’re clearly biased as fuck, and you’re a graphics whore, i know you disagree with that, but WHAT does better hardware do? It allow for better graphics (and games packed with more useless stuff to convince you that you’re buying something stellar, when in reality, all it is, is distractions from the truly important thing about gaming: the simply joy and fun of it)

      I’m happy with my Wii U, i’m getting a PS4, Microsoft can suck me, and i will always have my PC, so i can roll the ‘elitist’ comments out now and then, when the console fanboys become annoying.

    42. “underpowered console, one that ‘can’t even match the graphics firepower of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.”
      Whaaat! -_____-

    43. False. Nintendo can not exist with out Nintendo Hardware. Nintendo hardware is innovative and fun. Even if it is “underpowered” They will always have innovation on their side. Wii U is going to be just like 3DS… It was kinda slow the first few months. but after it picks up a bunch of games, it will turn into a fantastic console, like no other. I’m sure the PS360 II will be cute but generally speaking, Im sure it will be more of the same. Except with Kinect, and move and smart glass things. Which I’m sure is going to try to be the Gamepad…. But I dont see it working as smoothly and nearly as well as the gamepad does. BUT back to the original point. Nintendo is original, they need an original console, if hardware goes, Nintendo goes. End of story. Nintendo is classy like that. Not that we have anything to worry about.

    44. Le sigh
      1. The Dreamcast is not what caused Sega to stop making consoles. It was the combination of: DC+ Sega Saturn + Sega CD + all the shitty add-ons to the Genesis (32x, if you want an example) that got them bankrupt. Even if the Wii U ends up failing, it’s gonna take much more than that to end Nintendo seeing as the Wii sold a lot and they’re still strong with handheld gaming which brings me to my second point…

      2. I’m not gonna hold my words back this time. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. about cellphones and tablets taking over the handheld market. No one, I repeat, no one buy these with the sole intention of playing games, they’re just a little plus for people who get bored while taking a crap. Besides, all of the games you find on these are purely casual. Can you picture playing Persona 4 Golden on the Ios? Or Fire Emblem Awakening on an android? Or Zelda on the Ipod Touch?

      3. The Wii U not being as powerful as the 360 or PS3…honestly I don’t see where analysts are getting that from. And I’m not being a fanboy here; I had no plans of getting a Wii U until that recent conference that showcased a lot of awesome games. If they’re assuming this based on the launch titles here’s two things
      – The 360 and PS3 launch titles weren’t all that impressive either, graphically speaking. They’re still in the first phase of the console and many developers stated that the console was very powerful.
      -Power isn’t what sells a console, rather new ideas. I was underwhelmed by the PS4 because the ”innovation” it showed seemed very superficial: gamers aren’t all that shallow. You need to add more than graphics or frames per seconds to sell something new. While the Wii U game pad isn’t that innovating, it shows Nintendo at least tries to add another perspective on gaming and developers will have a good reason to produce exclusives for it.

      Get my points? Those kind of guys need to get their damn heads out of their asses and stop assuming drastic crap like that will ever happen.

      1. TL;DR?
        Sega’s failure was more than the dreamcast
        Androids, Ios… etc are NOT gaming systems
        Too early to say ”the Wii U ain’t powerful” and power doesn’t matter that much anyway.

    45. I see there are Microsoft and Sony fanboys even writing for Forbes magazine. Everything the guy said is totally false. Wii U isn’t underpowered compared to Xbox 360 and PS3. Also, iOS is doing better than DS and 3DS in terms of sales, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo is failing at the handheld market…

    46. This article is full of $#!%, The Wii U isn’t as powerful as PS4, but it’s NOT the Wii vs PS3 all over again. Not by a long shot. The Wii U is much more powerful than PS3/360, and once the ports stop, OR if the ports are done right like Criterion did with NFS:MW, and games for Wii U AND PS4 are shown together, like Watch Dogs, this stupid argument will be put to rest. They are not going the way of SEGA. SEGA lost lots of money on the 32X, the SEGA CD, and the Saturn, before they gave up during the Dreamcast’s life cycle. Nintendo hasn’t taken a loss on hardware ever, up until the 3DS price cut. Even now the 3DS is selling at a profit. The Wii U won’t be a loss much longer, unless they cut the price sooner rather than later, but it doesn’t matter much because other than last year, Nintendo has only operated with profits, and have a huge stockpile of cash. SEGA didn’t have that.

      This idea that iPad sales being higher than 3DS sales means something, is a misnomer, and utter crap. Oh really? You mean a tablet has sold more than a gaming device? A phone has sold more than a gaming device? Big deal. Lots of people want to browse the internet, skype, make phone calls and use apps. That’s why they buy that overpriced apple junk. (I own an iphone 5 and yes, it’s vastly overpriced for what it is) Gaming on those devices is an after thought. Nobody says “gee, let me go buy a $600 iPad to play cut the rope and angry birds! That said, the 3DS is on pace to be the best selling video game hardware EVER, but somehow that’s meaningless these days. This guy may know finance, writing for Forbes, but he doesn’t understand a single thing about the video game industry.

      1. Unfortunately it will never be put to rest because people don’t care about facts. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here. People hate for hate’s sake. Not because they have tangible reason. People complained about the 3DS being too expensive. Nintendo lowered the price. People complained about the lack of games for the 3DS, Nintendo started rolling out a lot of games. People complained about it not having a second circle pad. Nintendo made an attachment for a second circle pad. People complained about the 3ds being too small. Nintendo made the 3DS XL.

        For the moment people have run out of excuses to complain about for the 3DS, but you get my point. No matter what Nintendo does people aren’t going to be satisfied. If Nintendo made every change people claim they want on the Wii U, they still will complain.

    47. Why do you judge the system when it’s only a 4 months old? Jesus, Mary and Joseph!


      If Nintendo really loss track to it’s gaming glory, they may be gone for good in the days of Gamecube but they still here. Mockery on Nintendo is pretty unbelievable. From Wii – Wii U and DS – 3DS. Look at Wii is an old tech but still we surprise what the company just did. Also developers make some surprisingly good games to this old tech. Also on 3DS, they manage to sell well in this generation even on the rise of gaming tablet and phone. In life or business sometimes we face falldown but doesn’t mean you have to give up. Nintendo always keep making good games, they keep innovating and proving themselves worthy as an gaming company and people will eventually find its place again in Nintendo’s Gaming World. So Wii U will have it’s own success for good. I’m not dreamin but I have found gaming is to have fun and I found that on Nintendo.

    48. “Louis claims that developers see the Wii U as an underpowered”
      Ubisoft:”Wii U is pretty good and sometimes too good that devs may find hard to develop it”
      im pretty sure im going with Ubisoft opinion
      Forbes, gtfo

    49. Can people stop saying zelda is milked like mario or cough ummm almost every shooting game ever. Wind waker to twilight princess to skyward sword was so much different it was great and different storywise and gameplay wise…….no milkin there

      1. Even if it is true, however, Zelda has his own universe, and a very complex one
        Releasing new games is not milking but expanding it

    50. Well I wouldn’t really say that, Nintendo might be in some financial trouble but I wouldn’t say they are the next Sega because Sega was spending too much money and quite a lot of developers got sick of the Dreamcast, which is a shame because the Dreamcast was an amazing console.

      All of the Big 3 are having trouble at the moment but I wouldn’t say any of them are the next Sega because they are all smart enough.

    51. This is the same old “videogames will perish, the future of game is mobile gaming”. I still waiting mobile to surface and destroy the consoles. A wild Nintendo 3DS appeared!