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Pre-Order Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon For $29.99 On Newegg


If you’re looking to save some cash then you might want to consider purchasing Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon on Newegg for $29.99. The offer is only available if you use this promotional code EMCYTZT3040. The offer actually expires tomorrow, so if it’s something you’re looking to purchase then you’ll need to be quick. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is due to be released in North America March 24th and in Europe on March 28th.

32 thoughts on “Pre-Order Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon For $29.99 On Newegg”

    1. Normally $40… I just put in my preorder with Newegg. Its a steal, PLUS I get a free game out of (Prof Layton MM, Super Mario 3D Land, Starfox)

    2. They closed the offer early… I just had it in my cart with the promo granted and was filling out the billing info and it got removed immediately before I submitted my order…..

  1. I’m so Envious of American prices I really am…. So sick of seeing things like this.
    They have Wiiu games for like $30 already , NEW. The price of Wiiu games hasen’t dropped at all yet in UK :( …
    Luigi’s Mansion 2 for $30 ? it’s gunna cost me £35 …. :/

    1. It’s £29.86 at ShopTo.

      Why can’t people shop around? Retail stores will have Wii U games at £45 to £55, and 3DS games for around £35 or £40.

      But if you look online you’ll never pay more than £40 for any Wii U game and £30 for any 3DS game.

      Just shop around. It’s quite easy to find prices that, while still too high, are the same prices we’ve been used to for years.

      1. I don’t shop much online , apart from Ebay , but maybe I should buy more stuff off the internet. i don’t like having to wait for delivery :S

          1. IKR ? especially when it doesn’t come on the day it said it would…

            I went through a MASSIVE phase of Ebay-ing last year…. Buying lots of Retro and modern games alike.
            I have a decent little game collection going ^_^

        1. ShopTo have free delivery by Royal Mail First Class, which if you preorder they usually dispatch a day or two early to ensure it arrives on release day. If the game is already released, they dispatch the same day.

          They’re really quite good.

          1. Yeah , I’ve had a few games delivered a day or two before the release date :) Last year I got Mario tennis open for 3DS 2 days before UK launch and the same with one other game which I forgot…

    2. I have an European 3ds.
      Guess why I am switching to the ntsc version? I even ordered one already.
      I’m getting it tomorrow.
      I already bought kid icarus, paper mario and professor layton for 50 dollars at bestbuy NEW.
      I live in Germany but have a American post address so shipping was 6 dollars (my father bought it local and shipped it to me).
      My father (he lives in Texas) also sent me fire emblem with the three other games.
      I paid 90 dollar for the four games. In Germany I would pay 180 euros.
      90 Dollars are around 65 euros.
      I already saved 115 Euros.
      And guess what? My new 3ds was on sale for 140 (which is around 105Euros).
      I paid 105 for my new system and already saved 115. Which means my 3ds was for free and I even earned 10 Euros with doing that.

      I am sooooooooooo glad I bought a US Wii U in the first place.
      My brother is glad that I bought a us wii u and 3ds. I he bought moster hunter 3 ultimate (wii u and 3ds) and got a 20 dollar discount for buying both. He wouldn’t get that discount if he had to buy the European 3ds version and the American Wii U.
      So he already saved around 40 euros be caused I bought the American 3ds (if I hadn’t bought it he would had bought the European 3ds moster hunter.

      Moster hunter Wii U is 60Dollars(45 Euros)+45Euros for the 3ds version=90 Euros.
      But because I bought the American 3ds he only pays 60dollarsWiiUversion+40dollars3dsversion=100 dollars PLUS he gets a 20 dollars discount.
      100dollars-20=80dollars which is 57 Euros.
      So he saved…33Euros … Okay not 40…

      So because of my new American 3ds I saved 115Euros and my brother saved 33Euros.
      We both saved 148Euros because of the American version. I bought it a week ago. It don’t regret anything. You should consider buying a US 3DS.

      Sorry for writing a whole book. And sorry for all the spelling Errors. My main language is German.

      1. WOW! You saving a lot of money there bro. I used to contemplate buying American hardware because the games used to release before Europe. But that has changed. Now sometimes they release before Europe sometimes after….

  2. Ill still pick it up at midnight like at walmart or something. Im going on a trip the same day so ill be playing this game ;)

  3. Done deal. Got my newegg preorder in… PLus I just bought a 3DS XL last week and registered it. Now Nintendo will give me a free game when I register Luigi’s Mansion.


  4. I’ll definitely buy it, but, if Castlevania MoF have 20 hours of gameplay, Luigi’s Mansion will have to wait a month to be in my busy hands.

  5. I wanted to preorder this but they don’t accept paypal.

    Seems like I will never order from newegg

  6. If you are canadian you have to use the website that does not offer the promotion, the american will not ship to canada.

  7. You think it’s expensive there guys? $70 over in Australia!! You could almost buy 3 Luigi’s Mansion over there for the price here!!!

    1. It also isn’t as cheap here in Mexico (We get fucking taxes for EVERYTHING), but $70 bucks seems a bit too much, even by my country’s standards.
      Oh well, it may very well be that expensive in GamePlanet or Sanborns around here, but I haven’t bought a game from a major retailer in years (I’ve found quite a few places where you can get games 10 or 20 bucks cheaper.
      Still, it really sucks you have to pay that over-inflated price, I feel you, man.

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