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Retailers List Xenoblade For Wii U

Xenoblade_Chronicles_charactersAmerican retailers Best Buy and Walmart have both listed Xenoblade for Wii U. Could this mean that Xenoblade Chronicles is being remade for Nintendo’s first HD console? Perhaps not, as the game’s only released last year in North America. But it is, however, probably referring to Monolith Soft’s first Wii U game, which is code-named ‘X.’ Let’s hope this means that the studio’s upcoming Wii U role-playing game will be released sooner rather than later.

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      1. Yep, like they did in the past, heading remakes of OoT and Zelda 64 to 3DS. Now this is happening with Wind Waker for Wii U. But what is said is that Monolith is indeed working on a new, unreleased game. And all the evidences point to a sequel of Xenoblade Chronicles. Of course, anything can happen, and “X” can be just a port of the Wii game. But time will tell.

      1. No, that’s not what I meant… I corrected a small, insignificant typo… but… butts… uhm… so, yeah… hmmm…

      1. It’s more story than gameplay for me. Seriously, how in the world can they pick up things after everything that’s happened in the first game?

        1. I’m still playing it, so I can’t answer.

          But also, it could mean ”same universe” instead of a story sequel. As I could see on the gameplay, those mechs are advanced technology, and the mechs on Xenoblade are kinda ”old tech”. We’ll have to wait SUM TIME until E3. lol

            1. What…? How can you not have another sequel, granted yeah I can’t think of how they’ll come up with another villain but the outcome of what happened can lead to multiple scenarios as the new creatures, places, and events to happen.

  1. This doesn’t mena anything since Walmart have also listed:

    Yarn Yoshi (Wii U)
    Mario 3D (Wii U)
    Bayonetta 2 (Wii U)

    However if all of these games are going to be released this year, I will scream like a little bitch! :)

  2. I would love just to have Xenoblade be rereleased with HD graphics. Loved the game and if It looked even more amazing. That in itself would make me wanna buy the game again and play though it again.

      1. Trying to figure out how you guys missed this when it was announced earlier. Either way, looks cool. Missed out on the first one. Amazon has it priced at 269 canadian for a new copy… Yeesh…

        1. It’s just that good.
          Seriously, it’s one of the few RPG’s on the Wii that truly stood out, and I believe[do correct me if I’m wrong] it’s the second highest selling game that Monolith Soft has ever done.

    1. As beautiful as Xenoblade was, the textures was still not up to par with PS3 and Xbox, so they would have to redo a lot! If they could somehow scale it up without it looking to pixelated, and just release it on the Wii U downloadable games, then it would be cool. Absolutely love Xenoblade, the irony is that while PS3 and Xbox owners were whining over Final Fantasy, the Wii got Xenoblade and The Last Story ! :D Not like there aren’t any good JRPG’s on those consoles, i’m just sayin’

      1. Having X already in development (Basic gameplay, textures, models, etc.), they needn’t do much more except replicate the Xenoblade exclusive content that X probably lacks, which is simply a matter of inserting the models and mechanics from Xenoblade and re-skinning them.

  3. It’s probably just “X”, but i would buy a Xenoblade HD…mainly because there like 10 copies in existance (dont worry, its hust an overexagruation! Its sad that i gave to say that).
    Plus Xenoblade didnt sell THAT well so it makes sense they’d put out a HD version to gear up to the sequel/spiritual successor

    1. Is Xenoblade really worth it? Because my gamestop have one, and I’m not sure if I should give it a try…

      1. I give the game a 9.8/10 . It’s one of the best RPG’s ever made and one of my favorite games ever.
        Highest recommendation

      2. If it is in store and you live in America, BUY IT! In worst case you can resell the game at ebay for profit..

      3. It’s the best JRPG ive played since Chrono Trigger, and it stands next to CT and FF6 as best RPG’s. Again, my opinion, but it’s basically how modern JRPG’s should be, rather than..what they are…

        1. Well well if that’s the case and it stands up against final fantasy six they better do hd version,my third favourite game of all time.This is why am sticking with the wii u not bothering buying ps4 all I was doing playing killzone online and playing the worst final fantasy game, I missed out on games like this and last story.

      4. Definitely THE BEST JRPG for ages! A lot of reviewers gave The Last Story a better score and more praise, but Xenoblade has SO much content, it’s just scary!

      5. It’s rare as hell dude, pick it up FAST
        I haven’t played it but judging from other peoples opinions, it’s a fine JRPG

      6. I bought it yesterday, and played for 4 hours straight when I started! The controls was a little hard to get in to, but when I learned them, I really enjoyed it! Thanks for the help, I almost missed one of the great games of the last generation! :D

        1. Probably a mistake, Wii U games don’t have such high pricing, even if they are a little on the expensive side.

    2. I got lucky on Xenblade Chronicles when my local gamestop had one copy left someone decided they didn’t want. One of the few games I can say sells more for a used copy then I paid retail for it. If you can pick it up at retail price or less I highly recommend it.

      Aside from price, the game was amazingly deep for an RPG. Took a little while to get use to the commands and controls, but easily one of the best RPGs I’ve played in the last several years. The amount of plot twists, character development, and a story of epic proportions is unrivaled in the last 5 years.

      1. Man, I bought mine in MercadoLibre (A site in Latin America kinda similar to eBay).
        The dude who sold it to me only wanted $500 pesos (Less than $40 bucks), I bet that when he found out how rare the game is in USA, not to mention in Mexico, he broke all his fingers punching the wall.

    3. The sales where shit because the promotion was shit and the units were incredibly limited.
      I had to search for the game for weeks here in Mexico (The same market region as USA) and it was impossible to find anything relating to the game, not even publicity.
      Finally, I got a brand new copy from some dude who probably was on crack (He sold it to me for less than $40 bucks), like six months after the launch.
      Too bad that while they do seem to listen, they keep playing it safe releasing such a little amount of copies and giving the games no promotion whatsoever, I don’t get how are they expecting the games to sell well if they don’t advertise and there’s only like one or two copies in the highest shelves in a store per state. It’s exactly the same problem Namco had with Tales, Symphonia, Abyss and Vesperia didn’t sell in America because nobody was aware of their existence; and years later, when they finally decide to launch Graces, they make the same fucking mistake again.

  4. I want this sooo bad…never picked it up for wii (got last story instead) so if they do this this is just perfect :D

    now just waiting for pandoras tower…

  5. I’ve said all along Xenoblade deserves to be rendered in full 1080p resolution. I would buy it again just to play it in HD , day 1. Same with Skyward sword and a few other wii games.

    Imagine Skyward sword given some native 1080p treatment ? *drools* .
    I know SS only came out late 2011 , but I would just die to see that games amazing art style in HD…

    1. SS artstyle is debatable though, it is like that because they wanted it to, or because the draw distance is terrible and it was just a clever way to cover it up?
      Otherwise, i love the animations and general style, i still hope if they used it in the WiiU game that they really elaborate on it, so its sort of has influences of Okami in there, what the “watercolour” style sort of flows like water in the sky box, and with wind, and it looks more actual painted than imitating painted

        1. I know right, when i played the HD version on my ps3 a while back i couldnt stop thinking how much simpler the game would be with a touch screen, that i jjst wanted a new Okami game xD

          1. Play okamiden then imagine that in hd. When i played the ds version it got extremely hard to play it back the original.

      1. Skyward sword is developed to make the most of 480p , but I think it would look jaw dropping in 1080p. Maybe touch it up a bit here and there.

        Skyward sword is one of my favorite looking games ever. In terms of the art of course not technically…

        1. I duno, it depends. Thats why i think they’re practically remaking Wind Waker, simply because in HD it looked a bit derp, and different work as well, i think it would be the same with Skyward Sword

        2. Not to mention a SS HD is most likely never going to happen because the WiiU doesnt come with motion plus, and motion plus is the only control option

          1. There is that obstacle yes… But it could still happen. It would sell over a Million probably even with forcing people to use Wii motion plus which is still fully supported with Wiiu after all.

    2. I liked Windwakers artstyle more, to me that was a perfect fit for the series, or that game in particular. A game I’d love to see in HD would be Twilight Princess, I felt that the hardware didn’t do that game any justice. Imagine seeing that game in HD if they redid the graphics, it would look awesome.

      1. Twilight princess was a gorgeous game , can’t believe they squeezed that game out of the gamecube ! the lighting was amazing. But yeah I would love see twilight princess remade on Wiiu with new graphical assets like Windwaker.

        1. I know right, it was graphically impressive for it’s time. It would be cool if they remade it. What’s your NNID btw?

        2. While I do think TP is a stunning game even by today’s standards, I also think that it is the Zelda that needs an upgrade the most and the one that has aged less favorably (Except for SS which was ugly to begin with); while WW is the one that needs that update THE LEAST.
          Wind Waker, upscaled by an emulator, looks like anything that would have released on PS360 last year.
          Ironically, TP’s main problem is also it’s redeeming feature: Detail. While WW’s textures are completely monochrome and SS’s are basically simple smudges, TP’s attention to detail was amazing, each rock has a markedly different texture, each pillar has hundreds of details carved into it. Just the southern exit of Hyrule Castle Town boasts more detail in it’s textures than the whole worlds of WW and SS.
          But that is a problem too. The low resolution of the textures, while hidden masterfully at a certain distance, becomes evident in proximity, mostly due to the very, very detailed surfaces. Too many details that become horribly pixelated when you come near.
          So, in order to heal what was probably the only graphical flaw of the game, TP needs to be remade in HD. This also helps further the fact that WW does not need an update, since the textures and models are so basic they can only lose the few jagged edges they sometimes show.

          1. Skyward sword looks amazing , best looking Zelda game by far in my opinion. It runs at 60FPS like all other modern zelda games aswell. The game would look stunning in HD.

  6. A sequel to a game that most people never got a chance to play because of being a stupid Gamestop exclusive. For that reason, it might be the same game, just on Wii U instead.

  7. It would be nice to see a June or July release. But its probably coming in the Fall.
    (Nintendo is being so clever, I love it!)
    The drought’s almost over- just hope there’s not another one during the Summer…

      1. Virus (make my Custom Robo X Mega Man!)

        I never tried Animal Crossing, but I’ve heard legends of its greatness. Looks addictive!

  8. On one hand, I’d love to play the game again in HD, and a re-release would give my friends a chance to experience this perfect, masterpiece, flawless, outstanding, game, along with any other compliment I can give this problem free game. (Fanboying) On the other hand, it’s probably X. Either way, we’ll be getting a fantastic game.

    1. And considering it had a very limited release in America, it could go either way. It’s possible they’ve stumbled upon Amazon, saw the high-ass prices, and said “Fuck man, we gotta re-release this with more copies”.

  9. I was kind of curious of Xenoblade but passed. Out of print before I understood what it was, and the nearest gamestop that would have it is 30 miles away, and the price of it actually went up everywhere else.

    Think I’ll wait and see about this HD Re-release rumor.

    1. It sells on ebay for $100 plus so $55 at game stop is a great price.You should snatch that copy up before it gone.It’s well worth a 30 mile drive if you love great rpg’s.

  10. judging by the trailer it looks like it’s pretty far along in development, it could release next year or christmas 2013 if we’re lucky

  11. I won’t buy it if it’s just a redo of the old, but if you haven’t played the old game and you like games of this style, you have no choice but to buy it. I took my time and put over 200 hours into Xenoblade, completed nearly 100% of it and enjoyed almost every second of it. The possibility of a sequel for this game and with Nintendo owning Monolith is why I bought the Wii U.

  12. nintendo just reissue the game, or a downloadable title on wii u, its in high enough demand, an hd remake would be a waste of time. it was just released guys, do you know how much of a waste that is you graphic whores

    1. It’s a rare game to find, so I might be more understanding of the rereleasing the game. Honestly, I’m glad I got it the same day I got the Prime Trilogy (another rare game I might add).

      1. i got it the first day not knowing how i would like it, it took a while to get used to but im glad i tried it, one of the best games ive played along with secret of mana and some zelda games

  13. I at least want Xenoblade Chronicles as a digital release
    It’s rare as hell and I’ve always wanted to play it
    Oh yeah, by the way
    That’s another game that’s rare as hell
    Oh look….it’s another fantastic RPG that’s rare and is critically acclaimed

        1. i havnt played it but i emulated it with a bunch of others that nintendo wouldnt release, as i say its not stealing if they dont fucking release the game

  14. I’d rebuy Xenoblade in HD, plus that will give people the chance to buy it if they didn’t, instead of paying such insane prices for it. Still excited for X too.

  15. I never got to play this, and I can’t find it anywhere for an acceptable price, so if they even put it on the eshop I’d get it.

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