US gaming publication Game Informer is set to reveal a new game on the cover of its next issue tomorrow. The magazine has clarified that it’s not going to be Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag which was meant to be announced today, but was leaked late last week. What game would you like to see announced by the publication?

And since people asked, we announce the next cover tomorrow morning, and it’s a next gen game I’m personally thrilled to get to reveal.



    • Thats already reveiled. This game will be something absolutely brand new that no one’s heard of yet. At least thats what the article says…


    • Seems very plausible to bet on any kind of FPS nowadays. Most of times I feel that it’s the only stuff west industry can offer to gamers.


      • yep. Developers are not ”creators” these days, not all of them. they just follow some trends, and invests their big budgets to make sure it will be a cool looking game. That’s why I don’t care about what is ”true nex gen” or whatever people call videogames now. I care only if i’m enjoying a new concept, a new gameplay experience, or at least something new inside a well know franchise.


        • “Developers are not ”creators” these days, not all of them. they just follow some trends, and invests their big budgets to make sure it will be a cool looking game” = Crytek. They have maybe the most impressive engine ever created in years, but Crysis 3 is a joke. Where is the novelty nowadays?


          • sure, all they do is for money, and only. they don’t want the industry to reach new levels, or grow, they just want new ways of getting money off people, like this ”social” thing on facebook just to generate free ads and ”online only” gameplay to make sure people is not playing piracy games. But on gameplay, their games didn’t brought anything new, fresh, they are just following the river’s stream


  1. This guy’s thrilled, so worst case: he loooves FPSs and… it’s an FPS.
    Best case: Its Metroid or a wierd crossover no one would expect.
    Custom Robo X Mega Man could work, just sayin’…


    • Because GameInformer is still the number 1 subbed gaming magazine in the world. That’s mainly because it’s owned by GameStop and the subscriptions come with GameStop membership.


      • Meh. They won’t last. Neither will Gamestop.
        I used to love GameInformer. But they started to feel just like EGM (Xbox and Playstation kiss-asses). And looking back at the many covers of GameInformer, they had an unbelievable amount of BORING covers based on BORING Xbox and Playstation games. I recently sold all of my issues of GameInformer because I no longer care about it.


  2. Shenmue 2
    Borderlands 3
    Bully 2
    LA Noire 2
    Red Dead R_________ (sequel to Read Dead Revolver and Redemption)
    I’m hoping for these ones


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