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UK Supermarket Cuts Wii U Price


Asda has announced today that it has slashed the price of the 32GB Wii U Premium Pack with Nintendo Land and the 8GB Wii U Basic Package. The 32GB Wii U Premium Pack which comes with Nintendo Land bundled in is selling for £250 and the 8GB Basic Package is now available for £200. The offer is now available from the Asda Direct website.

15 thoughts on “UK Supermarket Cuts Wii U Price”

  1. Nice. Hopefully this should help sales but don’t expect too much. The main thing which should help sales is the fucking games. They better market monster hunter to hell and back

  2. It’s down to the retailers to slash the price cus they’re the ones that set the price.

    The problem is they all priced the Wiiu too high so they could make more money off of the launch rush. This problem is apparent when almost every store has a different price.

    1. True only now with 50 quid price cuts are they becoming the same price they are in america but o well worth it for the extra months I had with it

      1. Yeah. The retailers were thinking : ”maybe we can make £70 on each console sold instead of £30!’

        And now they’re like ”we priced it too high , let’s just sell more for cheaper and make £30…”

      1. Yeah , 3 months and it’s finished ? lol. The wiiu is still a brand new baby. By the end of the year all will be well :) . Mark my words.

  3. “Supermarket???” You sell Gaming consoles at your grocery stores in the UK? Wow you really must like gaming.

    1. All UK major (Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s) supermarkets sell video games. Have for a while. The one I work in usually has some good deals. eg Assassins Creed 3 for Wii U for £29 whereas online it’s currently £41.50.

  4. I planned to buy it when Rayman Legends comes out….. but now I plan to buy it when Wind Waker or another great game comes out holiday or fall 2013. I also hope there will be a new Zelda-bundle or something. :)

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