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Here’s The New Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Battle Trailer

Capcom has released an action packed trailer for the forthcoming Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. This Wii U trailer shows off the refined visuals along with some of the colossal monsters you will have to face. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate hits the shelves and the Nintendo eShop on March 19th in North America for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

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104 thoughts on “Here’s The New Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Battle Trailer”

  1. I wanna get this game..but after playing the demo, the awkward controls kinda scared me off :/ should I just wait for MH4? After all it’ll be built from the ground up for wii u and not a port…

        1. I was gonna say the 3DS controls are def weird if you don’t have a CCP (it’s probably still a little weird with it).

          WiiU controls are great as far as I’m concerned. :x


              This is just about everyone the first few times playing MH. You’ll be used to it by the time to reach the Barroth (at least, you’d better be).

              It’s not awfully difficult to adjust to, it’s just different. It took me about a month to really get the fundamentals down to the point where I was confident that I didn’t need to get carried by my more experienced teammates. The skill ceasing is insanely high, I have hundreds of hours in the series and know I could do a ton of stuff better. The controls only take like a week to get used to max.

              1. Yeash a month to get the fundamentals down…xD the only game I’ve spent “getting the fundamentals down” was brawl, and I adore that game. I might just wait for MH4 if it has such a high skill ceiling, or does MH experience generally translate from game to game?
                Seems really deep the game is really appealing to me…I just don’t wanna get frustrated by awkward controls

                1. The MH games aren’t all that different at all, gameplay wise.

                  Tri is the only game I have on my Wii with hours comparable to Brawl. Funnest co-op game I’ve ever played. :x

                    1. MH has a learning curve to it, but once you understand how it works, it’s hard to put it down.

                      1. Tri? I only played the original Wii Tri. Skipped the other versions until this one.

                        I’ve tiny bits of the PSP games years and years ago. I have the PS2 versions on an emulator. :x

                        1. *gasp* emulator….D:
                          Hmmm alright. I may just weight for 4, or until the price goes down…tho that bundle for both versions looks pretty enticing @_@

                  1. Yeash a month to get the fundamentals down…xD the only game I’ve spent “getting the fundamentals down” was brawl, and I adore that game. I might just wait for MH4 if it has such a high skill ceiling, or does MH experience generally translate from game to game?
                    Seems really deep the game is really appealing to me…I just don’t wanna get frustrated by awkward controls

                    1. They have a point. I have never played the game before the WII U demo so let me share my experience. I figured I would go after that bunny slash gerbil looking thing. So I played as my first character with the double swords set out on my quest and got rocked. I’m like I want to support this game but why I can’t play it how do you control it.. Now mind you I have been playing games since atari 2600 days and all the systems before and after. So I exited the demo pissed because I’m like I aint no punk I got skills and this game just sucks. Well I stopped playing the demo and was about to delete it but I said let me try it again. After about the 15th try I finally started getting it. I got the character with the hammer and I started pulling nice combo’s and got used to the players and how they play then it happened. The monster started running from me that’s when I failed because of the time limit but I got the dude with the ax and went ham ( hard as a muthafudger) killed the beast and felt self gratification. Then I got cocky and got my ass tossed up the next beast. The moral of my story is I sucked hated the game got better and now I can’t wait to support the cause.

                      1. I see…I guess this utter feeling of noobishness is part of what the game wants you to fell >.> (at first) I can imagine the satisfaction of finally beating nay slaying a monster after 15 tries lol, but my point is are those 15 tries worth it?
                        Great story by the way xD

                      2. haha awesome story i had that with the lagiacrus in mh tri on wii first time underwater i got my ass handed to me so many times .
                        but i felt so good first time slaying him using shock traps and switch axe cant wait till my preorder arrives and start all over again

                2. The controls on the 3DS can take a good deal of getting used to without a CPP. You won’t have to worry about that with the Wii U version though.
                  Learning curve was pretty tame in my opinion. In fact, I think Tri took too long attempting to familiarize the player with everything when it really wasn’t necessary.

                3. To hunt? Easy.
                  With the controls, use the Monster Lock. Makes the game really smooth. Even a veteran hunter with well over 1000 hours across psp and wii Monster Hunter had trouble with the demo. I made him use the monster lock, couple hunts later he was back in full swing of things and enjoying it. You’ve got to use the monster lock, it makes the game much smooth.
                  To master the hunt? Your gonna have to be in it for the long haul.
                  Every monster is different, every encounter is different. Go in 10 times, 15minute kills, 16th, get knocked out straight away. You have to focus when playing and have to work hard every time. It isn’t a game you just pick and finish straight away. This is a game you invest time in and work hard at. But, during that time, you will enjoy yourself, learn new things, and if you hunt with others, you can meet some awesome people and really have a great time.
                  Hunter is a fantastic social game and the online hunt for the Wii U will make the game highly enjoyable.

                  1. Hahaha you made it sound amazing :) Reminds me of the brawl community…any word on in game video chat for wii U? that’d make MH3 a must buy for me.

                    and what’s monster lock???

                    1. In the game there’s support for voice chat (both trough head phone and the Gamepad’s mic), USB keyboard support and also Gamepad virtual keyboard support.

                      Think he means by monster lock just that you can spam L to recenter.

                      1. T.T and how the heck was I suppose to know this?? THAT would’ve made the demo TEN TIMES easier!!
                        Hmm….Okay my want is getting stronger…

                        How many people here are planning on getting it? I like (the sane people in) this community not many of my friends have a wii u :S

                  2. I’ve spent over 3000 hrs on MHT (Wii), which I still play today, and had only last month realised that… I can eat Glutton Tuna and received Items from it and I can get MegaDemonDrugs from Mystery Pot Cha-Cha instantly without having to level it up first. Two things I hadn’t even tried before, for some reason. But yeah, so much stuff to learn and so much fun in doing so. The MH3U WiiU Bundle WOULD be a day 1 buy for me, but unfortunately I’m a poor hobo, so I’ll have to pick it up at a later date.

        2. MH4 is only going to be on 3DS I’m afraid. I’d say get it, the controls will come to you, it always takes time, use the demo to get a hang of it before the game is released :)

            1. Sadly yeah, 3DS exclusive, it’s rare to have a console version as they’re really big on having MH as a portable title. Still we’re not even sure we’re getting MH4 yet, there’s been no announcements about localization in the west, though I should imagine if MH3U does well, they’ll release it here but that could be ages. But yeah, keep chipping away at the demo and see if you can crack the controls! :) Good hunting!

        3. kj22np, I know what you mean. I played the Wii U demo too and was really turned off by the “clunky” controls. I don’t think I want to get it either. I was hoping it would feel more fluid like in the Elder Scrolls. :/ I’ll wait for MH4 too where hopefully the controls are upgraded.

          1. Good to see I’m not the only one who felt this way…maybe it just has a really steep learning curve. But even after playing the demo 3 times It still felt really really awkward. Even using potions and such felt really unnatural

          2. The ‘clunky’ controls are by design, they won’t be ‘upgraded’. The whole point is that you take time to put the effort into learning timing and being precise in battle, you can’t just mash a button like in Elder Scrolls and hope you’ll win. You have to learn the Monsters movements and make a strategy for delivering blows, when to use items, when to set your trap and so on. Monster Hunter has a very deep battle system that will take time to get used to so stick at it! I’ll look forward to hunting with you online :)

        4. The game “looks” great, but I can’t get over the pretty awful controls the game has. I guess it is a no-buy for me :/ Which is pretty sad because I really wanted to get into the franchise.

          1. The controls aren’t horrible actually there like real life. Think about it like this swing a hammer no effort at all. Swing a sledge hammer your range of motion is limited. Bowl with a 10 lb bowling ball you could lodge it down the bowling lane. Bowl with a 16 lb ball and you have to put more effort into it.

          2. its just how you feel when you play fps for the first time on consoles ….the controls are perfect and far from clunky it just needs patience to learn..once you got it you will say that its the best fucking jrpg you’ve ever played … level grinding once you get a full set of bad ass armor you can wear it …the community is pretty trolls and annoying whiny kids…….

        5. MH4 is only coming to 3ds not wii u… Yet:)
          The controls are clunky but you get used to it and the lock on camera is what hurts the gameplay, but just keep at it and you will get it!

        6. How are the controls awkward? They are identical to the controls of MH on psp except the d-pad and stick are in opposite spots. Plus that means no more dreaded claw hand thanks to the new target camera. The touch screen can be completely ignored and the game can be played like we have since the original freedom. If that is somehow awkward then use the cpp and it is like playing on the wiiu game pad.

          Glory to the clawless hunters

      1. So no weirdness or anything but ive always hunted solo and id like hunting buddies anytakers? 3ds only tho :/ can’t afford the wiiU yet :(

      2. i played the demo and it wasn’t that fun for me but after watching this trailer I going to give it another chance.

        1. It needs some time to learn. It’s not your typical action (that the vast majority of games are nowadays) that you can just pick up and start playing almost as if you had played it before.
          The game is kinda like Dark Souls in that you need to play it to get used to it.

          But once you start getting the idea, it feels really awarding when you beat the monster.

          Also in the game itself there’s a lot of other things too than just hunting the monster.

          1. Do not compare Monster Hunter to that abortion. There is a difference in a game being difficult and player death being the most important thing during game design.

        1. It’s a port with added content…with pretty much the same name, you’re surprised at the similarities…?

      3. Hells yeah!!! Who else has this one preordered and is gonna be playing the hell out of it?! Friend me if you are my nintendo id: Unit_DTH

      4. Not sure why everyone keeps complaining about the controls…they ARE hard, but it just makes the game more real ^^
        Can’t wait to get both the 3DS (Thank god for locking on to monsters now haha) and the Wii U versions :D

        1. I have played it on 3ds and controls were bad at first. Then i played the demo, couple more times, and heard that Demo had manual. From there i read some controls, and now i have awesome time playing it. Since my friend is going to get it too with the 3ds Xl he is going to buy. It’s gonna be awesome time playing multiplayer with him.

      5. To new players of monster hunter, the demo was the best way to introduce you to epic battling. You complain now but if you had played this game on the psp ( freedom unite ) you would know what control frustrations are. On the Wii U everything is perfect.

        P.S : new players use the sword and shield, then long sword, third use hammer. Next week all shall be easy, just follow us veterans and we shall give you tips.

        1. About to lose your ”Uginity” I see :P . What games ya gettin ?

          NSMBU , Nintendo Land , ZombiU , Trine 2 , Nano assault , NG3RE , Sonic Racing are all easily recommendable from me. Oh and most of the third party multiplat games are great aswell.
          ZombiU gets my highest recommendation , I am replaying it right as I type (it’s on pause) for about the 5th time :) , Might not be the most polished game ever made but the graphics do their job. Your first playthrough is a clusterfuck of being scared and disorientated. But your second playthrough is AMAZING. You figure out where all the shit is (mines , molotovs , grenades , bullets , shit , etc) and how to survive.

          Amazing game. I give the game a 8.5/10 . It’s an unmissable game play experience , even if it is in some cases severely rushed and unpolished.

          1. It should take like 40 minutes if your internet isn’t dogshit.
            Also I think Wii U’s should now come with the latest firmware but im not sure

      6. Can’t wait to get this game. I don’t care what people say, the graphics on this look way better than the Wii version (and the Wii version looked good). I’m getting both the 3DS and Wii U version. Can’t wait to see you all online!

      7. I see 3ds selling because of this game. Not so sure if the Wii u will sell much. I, myself will be buying a 3ds again since I stepped on my first one by accident and will be buying this game along with luigis mansion. I would buy a Wii u but I will wait until ps4 comes and the next xbox is unveiled to see what each console has to offer. I have one question about Wii u. Is the online more like xbox 360 or ps3? And ofcourse I mean quality wise all around. Specially speed because I tend to lag when playing ps3 but not that much when I play xbox live.

        1. If you wont the best interent speed you have to use a wired connection no wireless no matter what. That way the internet will all be the same, live sucks due to its servers and cost. Since with nintendo its free so Id say more.. Im going wii u and ps4 this gen with some PC as well. Cant see much going for micro. they lost my trust when over 30% of all there xbox 360 were defective. I was lucky enough to have it happen multiple times. Red ring killed microsoft in my eyes. Never again will I be buying one at launch. Im going to wait a year or so once they have another elite or whatever out ( if I ever decide to pick one up ). With nintendo I’ve yet to have any issues, accept once with my DS. & they replaced if with a brand new Ds lite free of charge and I didn’t even pay shipping :) Nintendo’s customer services is the best out of all the gaming companies out there. They have to be, gamings all they got supporting them!

          1. Thank you for your opinion. I know that a wired connection is better than a wireless. I always use my Ethernet cable when I play in my pc, xbox, and ps3. I agree with you about the xbox failure rate being a turn off but i still enjoy gears and halo in my 360. Those two games are a system seller to me just like super smash brothers will be once it is out. Im also happy that I wont have to upgrade my pc in a while to play the newest games considering the Wii U and PS4 aren’t that cutting edge. I don’t know what specs micro is going to offer but i would say it won’t be way more powerful than the ps4.

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      9. Okay… I’ll admit I lol’d when they said in the Trailer “Stunning HD” XD

        I’ve played the demo on Wii U and the graphics looked more like an upscaled Wii game with some “HD” textures and lighting but other than that it just looks the same as the original one on Wii. I’ll still be getting the game on Wii U anyway because the demo was pretty awesome (Despite the graphics) and I will glad to have it in my Wii U library.

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      12. Honestly I’m a bit scared of all these people taking an interest in MH all of a sudden. There will be so many noob ass hunters on the servers when I start playing. I mean on Tri there were quite many but I can only imagine how slow online will be with no one good enough to help me kill a rathalos and rathian together..

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      14. For people who dont understand the clunky controls, or timing,
        MH has, at its core, fighting game timing and mechanics, not unlike street fighter.
        Eg. Dont mis-time your uppercut or a hadouken will destroy you.
        Ie. Dont drink a frigging potion while a dragon is trying to eat your face.
        Timing is everything.

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