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Miyamoto Says Wii U Still Has A Long Future Ahead Of It


Nintendo’s senior managing director Shigeru Miyamoto is confident that the Wii U has a long future ahead of it. Miyamoto was asked by The New York Times if he had been disappointed by the sluggish sales that the console is currently experiencing. Miyamoto says in the short-term he is slightly concerned, but in the long-term he thinks that the console still has a bright future ahead.

“I think that the Wii U still has a long future. We really view it as being the ideal device that families are going to want to have connected to that screen in the living room that everyone is going to gather around and watch. Certainly in the short term I would want to see it performing with probably a little more momentum. I think in the long term I’m not at a point where I’m concerned yet.”

162 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says Wii U Still Has A Long Future Ahead Of It”

  1. Once it gets some worthwhile games, it’ll obviously start selling some more. There are barely any system-selling games on it as is, so it’s not very shocking it’s getting bad sales if you ask me.

    1. Oh, and just to clarify, a “system-selling game” in my definiton of it would be a Mario, Zelda or Kirby game. Those kind of games. And we know those games are coming.

    2. Yeah it needs those gamecube ports the 360 had at launch. or how bout King Kong xmen,Burger King games , Amped, EA and 2k sports games, Rockstars Table Tennis, Amped, MLB2k6 freezing up in the 3rd inning, The Outfit and ughhh. See 360 had a shitty launch, it didnt even sell 30 mill tell 08. And I will remind everyone about the ps3 ported launch if they want me to.

    3. I’ll agree with that, especially considering many of the very good games are actually ports to the system that many gamers likely already own. NSMBWU is good, but it has been over done with NSMBW, NSMB and NSMB2 all within a few years. They prob should have swapped NSMBWU for pikmin if it were possible. But soon we should have some stellar titles and by the sounds of it, they will be released shortly before the ps4 launch and i wouldn’t be surprised if there is a price drop right around that time as well to stir up a bit of hype too.

  2. The more i hear of what developers are saying about the next gen console the more i cant wait for my wiiu.

  3. Nintendo Commander

    Supreme Commander Miyamoto, we your loyal fans will stay by your side aslong as Nintendo does the thing they do the best…

    Even if ournsystem Wii U doesn’t expand our Empire, it certainly will be the beginning of something far better in the future…

    Heil the Holy N!

    1. i have a couple friends that where waiting for rayman legends to come out before they bught the system, and even more waiting for a new mario or zelda. i think all nintendo had to do to make sure that the launch of the system was amazing was to just release one of every franchise they have in some way shape or form. even if they were mostly rereleases touched up visually, another thing they should do in my opinion would be to add an attachable 3ds/ds card reader to make it possible to play those games on your tv. all of those things would ensure a great install base of the system

      1. if they did that ALL at once, they’d be blowing their wad too early, I’d prefer steady releases, which should hopefully be what happens starting next week

      2. I agree; the launch would have been fantastic if Nintendo had something to release for every franchise.

  4. Lego City: Undercover, Need for Speed: Most Wanted U, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will begin to add more sales to the Wii U. Let’s all hope that consumers all across the United States and Canada buy the U and its games.

          1. No he is right. Those two titles are very niche. Bayonetta 2 would be the only one that would sell more systems if anything.

      1. I’m not so sure… they are niche titles, mostly directed towards people already with the system. Perhaps not Wonderful 101, but we still don’t know enough about that one yet.

  5. yeah…. the fact that he actually has to say that the 4 month old console has a long future ahead is, in itself, a pretty bad sign

    1. Nintendo Commander

      Maybe, maybe not but Nintendo will still exist for decades to come!

      I expect the Sony Game Division to submit to Nintendo by the year 2020, if not earlier…

      After the Apple Hive destroys Microsoft…

    2. I don’t see it as a bad sign. However, due to all the negative press, he had to respond. Anyhow, I know the Wii U will be fine once games start to roll out. The same sluggish sales could happen to the ANY new console if it doesn’t have that game to define its worth. As for me, even with the current drought, I’m enjoying my Wii U. I definitely see the benefits of the gamepad, such as, playing solely on it, or playing multiplayer games. Prior to the Wii U, I use to hate multiplayer due to the split screen. Now, games like Call of Duty are so much better, because I can have a screen to myself, and the person I’m playing with can have their own screen. It’s a win win situation!

      1. +1 to that. Oddly enough I am looking forward to more of the multi player games like the different lego games (batman 2) without the split screen. I have to admit they split screen can cause a bunch of issues with those or in instances of other games where you have to stay in the same screen. Both of those ideas are obsolete now for 2 player with the game pad. Of course I play lots of the more mature games as well, generally by myself though, but I like lots of the games that are designed to be played by a much broader audience, like the party games and aformentioned Lego games with my nephew and nieces and my wife as well.

      2. the negative press is just bullshit from haters, ANY other console in the situation would have sold a LOT less so far, the Wii U sold nearly as much as the Wii in its first month

    3. Your monkey ass said the same thing about the 3DS. This is a fact the 3DS sucked at launch. It now is the greatest 8th generation console. We nintendo fans have been waiting for monster hunter, need for speed and Lego city undercover to buy the system. We won’t buy stupid COD, mass effect boring story 3 ports.

      1. I did. Well, I got COD: BLOPS2. (yeah, not that happy with it, BLOPS was much better…) Arkham City, AC 3, and Ninja Gaiden 3 as well. Just cause they are ports doesn’t mean they aren’t good games. They were ported because they are good games that players might have missed. Also, NFS is a port dude. Now I haven’t played ME3 but I did play the first one and if it’s anything like that you can’t call it a boring story… But yeah BLOPS2 story blows chunks…

        1. Hate people who bash the Nintendo but they ignore how the other sistem are doing. Microsoft xbox live hasnt had a raise in gold suscribers sony handheld is doing worst that his last and people bash Nintendo for something that comes natural whit each new console release? This is the gen in wich many gamers have been brain damage.

          1. Well, just because they don’t look at other systems doesn’t mean their bashing of others isn’t warranted, especially if said bashing really is warranted.

            1. How can you bash something if you don’t look at it, certainly it isn’t warranted if it’s an ignorant conclusion? Can you say “uninformed”? That would be like me bashing the PS4 or the next box. I can’t bash either of them because I haven’t played them. Once they come out I’m sure I will give my informed opinion of them after I have had the chance to play the systems. Admittedly I haven’t been super impressed with what Sony has shown with the PS4 thus far but that is because it’s nothing new. Just the same stuff that has been done on PC’s for the last few years, very few new ideas, but that is not saying it sucks, that just means that I’m waiting to give a full opinion of the system until it’s actually released and that I’m not very hyped up about it. I’m more hyped about what MS is going to bring to the table because they like to think outside the box more than Sony seems to, but at this point they are an enigma which is always fun.

    1. Mario Kart Wii or even 3D Mario shall be out by then. The best you can do is buy a Wii U and hate for 6 years, because that’s how much longer you have to wait for the nintendo Ultra with a similar architecture to the 3DS-2 to be released. Owning a Wii U shall ease your pain by half.

    2. Well, I’m not sure about your Pii U, but the Wii U is loads of fun, I’ll choose that over the Pii U for the next 9 months. Sorry to hear your Pii U is being discontinued :(.

    3. The Gamecube was continued for 5 years despite only 19 million sales. I don’t think we need worry about low sales at 3 million so far.

  6. Two month is long time with out any game released.Saying that that the figures of sales over three million is very good,I belive you will see sharp rise in sales very soon.I for one would chose this month to buy wii u as monster hunter,nfs and lego undercover are system sellers in there own right.From then on in we have releases each month and I don’t see pikmin to far from release.Nintendo direct at end of month give is some dates for released games and maybe show some more of.

    1. Agreed, if I hadn’t purchased one when it was released I would have likely waited till lego city came out, but I’m happy with my decision and have no regrets from it.

    1. They should re-do metroid prime hunders for the U. However doing a solid game that lasts for years takes years to develop. Even though that is Nintendo do.

    2. BLOPS didn’t fill the killing hole? heh. Yeah, it would be nice to have an original IP that is a FPS, kind of like the conduit or red steel (to a lesser extent) did for the Wii.

  7. Obviously , it has roughly 5 years and 8 and a half months left.

    People hitting the panik button to early , but they only do so to get hits and cause a commotion on the internet. Wiiu will be fine , no one expects another wii in terms of sales , but I expect it to be much better than the Wii in terms of games and quality.

    1. What was wrong with the quality of games on the Wii? Yeah, there was a huge amount of shovel ware on it, as there was on both of the other two systems as well. But seriously, what was wrong with Red Steel 2, The Conduit, Mario & Sonic games, Maramasa, Metroid Other M, Little Kings Story, Zack and Wiki, Punch Out, Monster Hunter Tri, Smash Bros, Cursed Mountain. The list goes on. If you have missed out on those you should pick them up, great games.

  8. Nintendo Commander

    I suggest Metroid Prime Hunters 2 for Wii U…

    I think that would be fun, with the ability to create your own bounty hunter but also include Rundas, Gandrayda, Ghor, Dark Samus (MP2) level and SA-X as bonus characters…

    And of course the few new bounty hunters that would be created for the game…

    But aslong as I get a new Metroid for either Wii U or 3DS I’ll be happy!

  9. Duh.
    X, SSB4, WWHD, New 3D Mario (Not the “New” series trash, it’s like 64/Galaxy/etc.) Hopefully localization of older Fire Emblem, and the Mother series, the same way they put Sin and Punishment on the US VC. It’s at least better than how the PS3 did, which arguably NEVER got games.

  10. The 3DS a nintendo machine is a great example of what why patience is prime. The Wii U shall sell and sell well it shall. Especially when the PS4 and xbox720 are officially released. Here is why :

    1) the PS4 and xbox720 shall have the exact same ports, 2/3rdS of those ports shall be on the Wii U due to

    a) the Wii Us ability to run unreal engine 4, unity engine 4, CryEngine3 etc. like a breeze, with ease might I add.

    2) Nintendo’s first party legend………..ary franchises :

    a) Mario 3D
    b) Zelda
    c) Metroid
    d) Donkey kong
    e) F-Zero or Star fox

    3) The PS4 will have games that will only bring shine and move-games but no real innovation. The nintendo stock spike-up is proof after the PS4 was announced and show cased.

    4) the xbox720 will have halo 5 and gears of war the insects prequel.

    1. I love how you pull stats out of your ass like “2/3 of ports will be on Wii U”. Really? Because majority of blockbuster 3rd party ports thus far have purposely skipped the Wii U, as have many future-released/announced titles.

      Secondly, being able to run Unreal Engine 4 doesn’t mean anything. The engine is scalable, which means they can run it on a damn smartphone if they wanted to. It just reduces quality of certain things, turns off features, and so on, to fit whatever platform it’s running on.

      Hell, XBOX 360 could run Unreal Engine 4 if it were DX11 compatible, but it’s 8 years old so of course it isn’t. But it would run UE4 in about the same capacity as Wii U will, which is to say not even close to “fully”. If you think Wii U, with it’s measly 2GB of DDR3 will run UE4 the same way or even really closely the same as PS4 with 8GB of DDR5 will, you’re pretty naive and are in for a rude awakening. The graphical difference may not be exactly the same as original Wii vs. PS3, but it will be pretty close to that type of gap. Look at Killzone PS4; in pre-beta stage and already looks WAY above any current or teased/previewed Wii U game. Graphics aren’t everything, but stop kidding yourself into thinking PS4 will be “almost the same” as Wii U.

      Also,, BECAUSE of that power difference, many third party devs will skip over Wii U. They don’t want to have to water-down their games for it, which takes time and money, and they also don’t want to have to forego making really big, great looking games simply because Wii U won’t be able to handle that level of game. We’re already seeing some of that in developer moments after the PS4 presentation last month. And the PS4 and next XBOX will both be x86 architecture, which means easy as hell to port games to, because they’re operating on the same environment as PCs. Whereas Wii U will still take extra time (and thus money) to port games to and even more time to water it down so it can handle them.

      Lastly, PS4 and next XBOX will have a TON of innovation. What, you think a second screen = innovation? That’s ALL the Wii U has! It’s basically an XBOX 360 with a tablet controller, yet you praise it as if it’s the most innovative thing ever, or as if THAT intrigues developers the most. It doesn’t. Developers have been making XBOX 360-level games for almost a decade now; having a second screen won’t make them want to keep doing it for another 5 to 10 years.

      PS4 has “play while the game is downloading”, integrated Move light bar in the controller for tracking and signaling, touchpad for tactile touch-response input, live video streaming built-it, spectator mode so friends can watch you while you play a new game and see if they also want to get it or whatever, controller mode which will let you TAKE OVER controls from your house without even owning the game so you can help them beat a boss or whatever (instead of just asking for advice by posting on Nintendo’s redundant MiiVerse and hoping someone sees it and answers), integrated video clip capture and editing and upload to various sources, sharing with friends, etc.

      And that’s just a few off the too of my head. Expect just as much if not more from Microsoft. So all that + hardware that is several times more powerful and flexible than Wii U, and it’s also not going to be $600 like PS3 was either. $400, MAYBE… but that’s about it. And no $160 controller to replace if if breaks, nor are you limited to just one per console because they’re not sold in stores (smooth move Nintendo, really).

      You’re a blind fanboy, and it’s pretty sad to see. I realize you WANT Wii U to be the best console, and maybe in your mind it is. But you ignore reality and say things like “Sony isn’t doing anything innovative like Nintendo” when all Nintendo did was add a screen onto an XBOX 369 controller. That’s not exactly genius stuff, since even TV remotes have had screens in them for about a decade now, and because tablets are all the rage these days.

      Apart from that, Nintendo is just playing catch-up in online gaming, in hardware power/trends, and in 3rd party support… you know, ALL THE MAJOR STAPLES OF GAMING THESE DAYS THAT ALL AFFECT GANEPLAY EXPERIENCE.

      1. The irony of you blinding yourself with power that shall be used for the following on xbox720 :

        1) Halo and gears of gray scale
        2) Kinectimals 2
        3) FPS after FPS, monotonus much?

        on the PS4 hahahahaha the power shall be used for :

        1) drakes hair that won’t even be blowing in the wind due to his ridiculous use of hair gel lol
        2) killzone 4 and 5
        3) Movie games with prompts lol
        4) Maybe move 2 and the touchpad ( lol ) controller.

        1. You didn’t even read half my post. Another blind fanboy claiming that all PS4 can so is nice graphics. And also claiming that I only care about graphics (which I clearly stated weren’t everything).

          You are what’s wrong with this website and gamers of all consoles in general. You’re the reason that reasonable, intelligent people can’t have decent, informed conversations about gaming.

            1. …even more display of the “intelligence” offered by the members of this website. Incapable of objective, informed replies/comments, so… post dumb videos. Good job.

          1. Actually PS4 uses GDDR5 which is graphics ram, not DDR5, and again is not really used as system RAM so who knows what smoke Sony is blowing up peoples asses right now. Also the guys from Need for Speed (Criterion) were porting it from the PC assets and it shows, which means not only is it possible, Wii U version holds up very well next to the computer version.

            And a good chunk of games are created on the Unity engine which all the major systems run. Scaling engines isn’t going to be a problem since the Wii U uses a modern architecture/pipeline.

            I think the reason you aren’t currently seeing games ported, is that most games are created on a 2 year life cycle.

            I know he pulled that 2/3 number out of thin air, but until two or three years go by, all we can do is speculate.

        2. I can make uninformed, asinine comments too! Watch:

          ZOMG LOL @ Nintendo! Wii U has (lol) stupid little touchscreen for menus? ZOMG WE LIVE IN DA FUTURE! 2d Mario launch game that is almost exactly the same as the 2009 Mario 2d game?! ZOMG SO INNOVATIVE! TAP SCREEN TO MAKE A BLOCK?! HOW DO THEY DO IT?!

          ZOMG ZombiU : another zombie survival game with terrible graphics and having to look down and hold up a controller in front of your face to “scan” around?! THIS. CHANGES. EVERYTHING! IT’S LIKE IM REALLY IN THE GAME!

          Before Wii U came out and before PS4 was shown: “ZOMG WII U IS HD! LOOK AT AWESOME VISUALS! FUCK PS3 AND XBOX 360!”

          After Wii U comes out and PS4 is shown: “Oh graphics don’t matter! Who cares what games look like?!”

          See? Not hard to do…

            1. In your opinion.

              The constant looking up/down is annoying, the holding up of the controller to scan is equally annoying (as annoying as trying to control things with Kinect); it’s jarring, feels wonky/cumbersome, and the graphics are absolutely terrible as far as art style and textures are concerned: blurry, washed out, plain… just bland all the way around.

              Also, the controls feel incredibly sluggish. Especially when trying to bash a zombie with the bat, which takes 15 fucking minutes. The menus are also overly detailed; no reason for them to be that detailed and disorganized just for the sake of visual fidelity. But that’s just bad UI design, and as a UI designer myself, I nit-pick.

              It’s a good concept for a game, I’ll give them that. And it’s not entirely un-playable. But the execution was way, way off. A game like that should have been purposefully simple; bare bones, because that’s what the game is about: survival. Not saying make it with 2 weapons and one type of enemy with nothing to do but wander about. But it should embrace simplicity more and focus on the experience, whereas it actually feels like it’s just trying too hard to scare you and to make use of the Wii U GamePad.

              Such is the fate of a launch game for a new piece of hardware. I imagine that if they do a sequel, and listen to the feedback it received over the last few months, they COULD make a really, really fantastic game.

              1. I’m pretty sure the controls were meant to feel sluggish as that give a feeling of being an ordinary person tossed into a hostile environment, plus it showed the heft of a cricket bat, as opposed to an extremely athletic well trained soldier like in COD, Halo or some other military based FPS.

                It’s a shame you feel it’s annoying to hold up the pad and scan your environment, I found it to be loads of fun and help with the emersion. The one thing I think they could have added is maybe a faint sound of zombie groaning as they get closer when your searching through your pack (invintory).

                Yeah, the graphics aren’t great, however didn’t you just say that graphics aren’t everything, but I certainly do agree they didn’t break any moulds with them? Oh well, all in the eye of the beholder I suppose, it certainly didn’t wreck my experience any, nor did the frightful graphics of the RE games on the PS1 at the time or when I go back and play them now.
                I find what kills a game like this is the sound which is actually quite good for the most part in ZombiU. Just like the sound of metal grating and the sound of metal on metal scraping takes me back to playing silent hill and still sends shivers up my spine lol.

                Of course it’s trying to scare you, it’s a zombie horror game, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and admittedly the majority of enemies are the same except for the occasional electrified zombie or spitting zombie, but the variation of how and when they attack was used well. Also the addition of finding your old survivor or another players survivor has an added fun factor.

                I actually think that ZombiU is a fantastic game, but the same as with most games you have to look past a few of the glitches. However most of the glitches have been ironed out with a couple patches since release. Once again it’s not a game that is for everybody, so it won’t satisfy everyone. But for those into horror games I thought it fit the bill rather well. It tends to be more atmospheric then the majority of other horror games released of late, something that seems to have fallen by the way side throughout the years. Another game I found quite similar that I really enjoyed but seemed to be similarly criticized is Cursed Mountain. Very ambient but what brings that game down the most is the sound.
                Well, done my rambling.

                Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

        1. Neither does the Wii U. What, tablet controller? THAT makes it worth $350? It’s an XBOX 360 with a shadow of the 3rd party support, and a tablet controller. And… ? What? Everything else a PC can do.

          PC’s have ALWAYS been able to do what consoles do. They just choose not to. You really think a PC isn’t capable of wirelessly using a tablet to control a game? Of course it can, they just don’t want to. Which is why developers have largely passed on the Wii U thus far.

          Innovation for consoles doesn’t mean “doing something that has never been done ANYWHERE before”, it means doing something that changes console gaming specifically. Steaming games, playing them while they download, being able to watch friends play over the internet, playing a friend’s game from your own house over the internet, uploading/sharing/editing clips or steaming your gameplay live straight from the console without any programs, apps, or software, etc. These are all things that have never been done on a console. Yes, they can be done on PC, but only with several different applications; software that not everyone is familiar with, or has a PC capable of supporting.

          Wii U has… just the screen. That’s it. MiiVerse is redundant; Everyone (mostly) already has either Facebook and/or Twitter, and MiiVerse is just one more thing for them to sign up to. And you can only share with and interact with people who also use MiiVerse. It’s limiting. VERY. Wii U also has a ridiculously inferior online gaming structure compared to both PSN and XBOX Live, and it took Nintendo 10+ years to catch up to it (Microsoft blew the online console multiplayer scene up with the ORIGINAL XBOX for crying out loud, and Nintendo is JUST NOW getting around to putting something structured together?).

          I never said Wii U was a bad system. I never said it will fail. I just laugh at you kids who a) think PS4/XBOX 720 will fail just because it doesn’t have a touchscreen controller (which we don’t even know for sure if XBOX 720 will or won’t), and that b) You think Wii U is the only console that will do well. It’s absurd. And quite frankly, pretty sad, because I know you’re 100% serious.

          1. Name some PC games that let you use use a tablet in the same way the WiiU does here:

            “Innovation for consoles doesn’t mean “doing something that has never been done ANYWHERE before”, it means doing something that changes console gaming specifically.”
            Says you. The PS4 offers me, who doesn’t mindlessly only game on consoles for no reason at all, nothing new. Absolutely 0 things I can’t already do. I don’t care about your opinions on the WiiU, I never asked for them.

            Making your posts long-winded doesn’t make them anymore viable, Icy Dead People. I’d also appreciate it if you’d stop putting words in my mouth when the only post I made was “The PS4 isn’t innovative in the least. It does nothing a PC can’t already do”. You sound completely ridiculous.

            1. Ugh. You terrible at reading.

              Re-read my post and see that I never said there are PC games that CURRENTLY use tablets. I said THEY COULD IF THE WANTED TO.

              I’m not reading the rest of your post until you clearly understand mine first.

              1. “THEY COULD IF THE WANTED TO”

                So they don’t.
                So then the WiiU tablet scheme is innovative. Thanks for proving my point.

                1. I never said it wasn’t. I said it’s no more innovative than what PS4 is doing. It’s just a different path. Nintendo is doing something new with a controller (as per usual), and Sony is doing something new with gameplay experiences. Both have never been done on a console, both are not currently being done by any platform without the use of additional, non-proprietary software.

                  You therefore still have not made a point that proves or disproves anything I said.

                  1. Except, no, the PS4 is doing things that I can currently do on my PC. It offers no new gameplay.
                    The WiiU is can do something I CAN’T do on my PC. It offers new gameplay.

                    There is a very clear difference you choose to ignore. Being the first to do it on a console is completely irrelevant. “But it’s the first time a CONSOLE can do this thing I’ve been doing for years” means nothing to people who don’t (FOR WHATEVER REASON) only play on consoles.

                    Since you’re not going to go back and read the rest of my post, let me repeat myself:
                    Making your posts long-winded doesn’t make them anymore viable, Icy Dead People. I’d also appreciate it if you’d stop putting words in my mouth when the only post I made was “The PS4 isn’t innovative in the least. It does nothing a PC can’t already do”. You sound completely ridiculous.

                1. I bet you really think you’re creative with your silly little video postings and your “Jack (Tretton)” comments huh? I bet after every post you think to yourself, “Ha HA! I got him good! WAY TO GO, N-DUB!”

                  It’s for that very reason that we laugh at you, kid.

                  Now, hurry up and rack that tiny, silly little brain of yours for another gem like “nameless ass kisser!”

            2. I honestly don’t know who “Icey Dead People” is or why everyone keeps calling me that. I literally started coming to this site like 2 months ago. Someone said my icon was the same as theirs, but hello: they’re randomly generated by the WordPress engine. I have no control over that.

              1. I’ll give you a hint:
                Your avatar is the same, no one else on this site has ever had that avatar.
                Your arguments are practically the same, except lengthened and a little more supportive of Sony.
                Your name used to link to the same site, which you changed as soon as people on this site mentioned it.

                It’s not rocket science and you’re not fooling anyone. Not sure why you’re so afraid to admit who you are, it’s the internet and no one really cares. It’s pretty cowardly and foolish.

          2. In reality, the Wii U IS innovative. U mad because you have zero experience in using the Game Pad with a 6.2-inch touchscreen. The possibilities of using the controller is unlimited… unlike the gimmicky Dual Shock 4 using spare parts of the PS Vitanic (touch pad). If you feel sad for me, Doofy… suck it!

            1. No experience… lol. Yeah, cause it takes a rocket scientist to figure it out. “Tap here to place a block for Mario to jump on!” Ooo, aaah! So special!

              I’m not mad at anything. I feel sad for people like you who can only afford and appreciate ONE console. Mommy must have told you she can only afford the cheapest console, so you got stuck with Wii U and now have to rage against anyone who makes fun of it.

              Poor kid.

              1. It’s funny that you’d call others kids after acting so immature yourself.
                Go back to waiting for PS4 and quit posting here.
                You obviously have nothing good to say about the console, and your only goal is to flame people who like what you don’t like.
                You’ve proven it, post after post after post.
                Go support PS4 on Sony’s sites if you hate the Wii U so much.

              2. WiiU : around 350$

                Most consoles are 200$

                And i like how you only used the mario scenario instead of the ZombiU one.

          3. Yup, that does make it work $299 actually (for the base model). Plus the hard drive that is in it is SSD as well as the rest of the innards. It’s a rather modes price really. Also third party development has nothing to do with a price tag of a system. Don’t be too surprised when the price of the new PS4 controller is around 80 – 100 bucks, each iteration has added 10 – 20 dollars to the price.

            In fact Nintendo has never relied on third party support for their system, that idealism is very flawed. You would essentially be putting the success of your company upon someone else… Can you say risky? That is exactly why MS and Sony do have their own first party support as well. If you fully rely on third party support you are giving them control which means you better cater the them, even if their demands become harsh or parasitic. It would necessitate that you rely on them to keep your business afloat, if that were the case you might as well hand your company over to them and just hope they do everything right.

            Everything you said about innovation is actually more of a step of evolution of Sony and MS gaming really. As is the pad an evolutionary step for nintendo from the Wii.

            Yeah, it took Nintendo a long time to catch up with online functionality, but as you said they caught up. At this point I don’t see how the other two services are any better then what is offered by the Wii U, as for the PS4 and next box I guess we will see what they have in store, it might be another jump or just more of the same. However as for online infrastructure these are fairly easily upgradable and Miiverse has already seen a few upgrades since it was first introduced. I don’t see it as redundant at all. How does hearing about someone baking cookies, taking out the trash, or seeing a relationship status (facebook) relevant to gaming? They have essentially compacted the abilities of twitter, facebook, and google + into one relevant online hub for nintendo centric gaming. Having facebook, twitter or google + would be redundant on the Wii U, as it is already available on nearly every other device. I seriously get sick of people posting the games they are playing on facebook to their profiles, why would I want what games they are playing on the next box, PS4 or Wii U to be updated on facebook.

            I as well don’t think badly on any of the systems out now or the ones about to come out. However if I were to guess as to which company might pull out of the gaming race, I would have to say Sony. Here’s why. Sony does have more first party IP’s then MS, however the majority of them are less successful then MS’s so if MS does make a system that is extremely easy to develop for (as they likely will and have the means to do it with their experience of PC’s, that is assuming PC’s are easy to develop for, which really, they aren’t because there is so many different kinds of hardware and drivers and different infrastructures even within windows its self, along with the different programming languages) then third party developers will be enticed with less money to develop for them over Sony. If both are equal then again it comes to how much money is offered and first party support, as said earlier MS’s first party IP’s are more successful then Sony’s. Nintendo isn’t playing the third party developer race like the other two, they rely on themselves to put out their own block buster games with their own first party IP’s and have been doing this since the beginning. This gives them the ability to stand on their own and not be taken advantage of or have to throw obscene amounts of money at third party developers and allow for mutual partnerships to be made instead of parasitic partnerships. The reality of it is that third parties are going to go where the money is, because that is how their business model works, the Rayman fiasco has shown that. So that means that if the next two systems of Sony and MS don’t do that well, more might jump ship towards Nintendo again like they did in the SNES days from genesis because there was a larger user base and therefor more chance of making more money. So at this point it is very hard to say how things will go until Sony and MS actually release their systems, but if they are that vastly superior technically speaking over the Wii U then the prices of them likely will reflect that, meaning a second go of very high prices like the PS3 and Xbox 360 had when they were released.

            Time will tell.

      2. Nintendo has already had the most powerful console before (N64). It didn’t help at all, nor did it help anyone else for that matter.

        He isn’t kidding himself. The graphics of games built from the ground up on both the Wii U and PS4 with the same amount of detail will be virtually the same for at least the span of the Wii U’s life cycle which will probably be 5-6 years. The difference is that once the Wii U tops-out in power the PS4 will be able to go longer and further because of all the extra memory. The PS4 will be able to skirt the bottom of what will be deemed “next-gen” graphics for the 9th gen where as the Wii U probably will not.

        The same way in how the PS3 and 360 pushed to their limits can and have produced next-gen graphics as well (i.e. Watch Dogs, Star Wars 1313, etc.)

        This isn’t a problem for Nintendo. For one, because of the tremendous financial investment Sony has made in the PS4 they MUST keep it on the store shelves as long as the PS2 and PS3 just to make a profit. Another reason is that when the PS4 and 720 start pulling away from the Wii U in terms of visuals is when Nintendo will be releasing it’s 9th gen console which obviously will be substantially more powerful. Also, it’s interesting on how people rave about the PS4 being able to run all these next-gen gaming engines. They spent half of the conference talking about UE4. Yet when it is mentioned that the Wii U can run the same engines it’s “oh, that just because it’s scalable. Even smart phones can run it.”

        C’mon. Give credit where credit is due. Despite all the nonsense, all the lies, and all the propaganda, the Wii U is a powerful next-gen console. Period. It is NOT as powerful as the PS4 is and the 720 will be. This is a fact. It will NOT have a shelf-life as long as those two systems will. This is also a fact. It will be the second to least powerful console of the next-gen. This too is a fact. The Wii U sales have been abysmal with 249,000 worldwide in January and 129,000 worldwide in February which is about half of what the 360 sold and 3-4 times less than what the PS3 sold in as many months.

        This is ALSO the truth.

        Despite having only on or two games released total in January and February for the Wii U, the Wii, DS, and 3DS have all sold very well. The Wii has sold nearly as much as the Wii U. The DS is selling nearly as much as the PSVita, and the 3DS is outselling EVERYTHING. In January alone it sold nearly 1 million units. It sold 600,000 units in February. The 3DS. The console that went through the EXACT SAME THING two years ago that the Wii U is going through now is the fastest-selling console of ALL-TIME. It’s on pace to surpass the Nintendo DS which is THE best-selling console of all time. Nintendo actually made a profit this fiscal turn. Nintendo stock went up 2 points after Sony’s conference, and stock has gone up yet again 8% with the weakening of the Japanese Yen. Nintendo has bought new studios and hired new employees. The Wii U has a boat load of heavyweight titles scheduled to hit the Wii U THIS YEAR. Not since the NES has Nintendo had a 1st party line-up this heavy just outside it’s launch window. 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Yoshi, Wii Fit U, Pikmin 3, Windwaker HD all in the same year? That’s crazy. That’s not to mention games like Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, the Monolithsoft games, Retro Studios game, Miyamoto’s new IP, and many other games that have not been announced yet. Nintendo has 10 billion dollars CASH in the bank. Not 10 billion in assets, 10 billion CASH MONEY. They could not make another penny and lose $257 million dollars for 30 years and not go bankrupt.

        But…….according to the naysayers Nintendo is all done. They are gonna drop out from making consoles and become a 3rd party company.

        Meanwhile, Sony has made a system that is possible going to be the most powerful of the next-gen. Sony has lost untold billion of dollars in all their divisions. Sony has closed studios. They have laid people off. They have sold headquarters in Japan and the US. The PS4 will be very expensive because of the hardware and sell at a loss. A major loss. For a LONG TIME. It took the PS3 5 years to turn a profit in an economy that is better than what we have right now. While Sony has a the majority of 3rd part support, it will take longer for developers to produce ‘quality’ games for the PS4 because of it’s architecture and power. Notice I said ‘quality’ games. There will be plenty of shovelware on the PS4 just like there is on the Wii U and will also be on the 720. In order to show off the true power of the PS4 it will take much longer and cost lot more money to develop such games which means that only dedicated developers will even have a shot at this. It takes YEARS to max out a console or even come close. We are in the 7-8 years of the PS3 and 360 and we are only just now seeing what they are truly capable off. That’s why I said earlier that the Wii U will be able to keep up with whatever Sony and Microsoft are doing.

        The point is that this will mean less software on the shelves for the PS4 and with it selling at such a huge loss they need all the revenue from software sales they can get. Despite all this, every think Sony is just fine. Everything is lollipops and gumdrops on candycane-lane. So are even projecting Sony as the winner of the 8th-gen already.

        I know that the hatred for Nintendo will continue on and on no matter how many good things they do. Everything positive will be looked at as not a big deal. The 3DS is a microcosm of Nintendo immediate future. Nintendo made an uncharacteristic mistake with the 3DS at launch. Undeniable fact. However everything people whined about Nintendo game them. No games, they brought the games. No dual circle pads, they brought circle pads. Screen too-small, they made it bigger. Too expensive, they lowered the price. Now the 3DS is the fasting selling console ever. So, if Nintendo implies the same strategy with the Wii U it should have similar effects. Considering that the Wii U sold more in 45 days (3.08 million) than the PS2, PSP, PS3, Gamecube, XBOX, XBOX 360, PS Vita, and Wii sold in 5 months with only badly-done retread multiplats, a few new releases, and no 1st party titles I would say the future is more than bright for both the Wii U and Nintendo.

        1. Wrong. Games will NOT be virtually identical.

          Not only does Wii U have anemic RAM compared to the other future Sony & MS consoles (herein referred to as “PS720”), but the CPU is also painfully anemic as well, not just in clock-speed either.

          Not to mention that a large portion of Wii U’s lackluster specs are demanded by the function of the GamePad. Exclude the power from the Wii U required to run the GamePad, and you’re left with a console that, once benchmarked, is on-par with an XBOX 360, a console that is almost a decade old. How is that “powerful” or “impressive”? Eight years later? Give me a break, man.

          Developers know this too, and they don’t want to have to keep making games that look the same as they do now, just so they can utilize a second screen… which many games really don’t have a genuinely useful purpose for. I mean sure, you could put menu items on there or something, or use it as a “goggles” kind of view, but is that novelty REALLY worth staying at the same graphical fidelity, environment size, frame rate, etc.? Not to most developers. They want bigger worlds with more destructible environs, more interactive pieces and characters, more characters on-screen at one time, better lighting and draw-distances, more power for more vast and huge MMO environment support, etc. They want to make bigger, more complex games, not just have a nifty little new way use menus or look at things via moving the GamePad around.

          I should know, I’m a developer myself. I don’t speak for all of them, but I can tell you most colleagues feel the same way I do. There will definitely be developers who have fun ideas for the GamePad and will pursue them; I’m not saying NO developer wants to program for it. But the vast majority of them don’t see it as a long-term station at all. It’s more of a “Oh, this would be cool, and doesn’t really push any boundaries, let’s try it and leave our big, vast, juggernaut idea for the consoles with the real horsepower.”

          Also, nobody was impressed that PS4 could run UE4; what was impressive is that it can run it with majority of the features in-tact and running at full-scale. The Wii U simply cannot; not even close. The PS4 also won’t be as expensive as you like to think it will be. The only thing really putting a heavy price tag on it, hardware-wise, is the 8GB of DDR5. But I can promise you that it’s not going to be nearly as expensive as the PS3 was. At all. At least, it will be $400, MAYBE $450 depending on the final details, but I’d put my money on it being $400 being that it doesn’t have a $160 GamePad controller to account for; that alone makes up for the cost of the GDDR5.

          And being that $400 is not much more than the deluxe Wii U, I wouldn’t get my knickers in a bunch over it like I’m sure most fanboys (both Nintendo and MS) surely will. And losing money on the console doesn’t really matter. The money isn’t *in* the console, it’s in the software and accessories. Sony knows this by now, I’m sure, especially after being humbled by PS3 after they got too big for their britches and resting on their laurels of the PS2.

          1. Hoooly fuck you take a long time to troll.
            This is how you do it.
            “Nintendo suxzors, Sony roxzors”
            You’re welcome.

          2. I’m thinking your kidding yourself on the price of the PS4. With all the functionality of the system, as well as the controller and the eye bar or whatever they are calling it, and an internal hard drive (likely SSD) plus the 8 Gigs of DDR5 RAM, plus their 8 core processor and new Graphics processor, plus the cost of manufacture as well as the R&D recoup… that spells yikes. That is equally as much as what has went into the the PS3, they will be taking a huge hit selling for the prices you are stating. I’m guessing at least 500+.

            Also if most developers, as you say, want ultra expansive games then why are so many devs breaking from the large companies that are attempting to create these vast MMO styled landscapes, to create their own indy games with their own visions? Small studios are popping up all over the place that are created from small groups of people that have left the larger companies in persuit of their own ideas. You keep saying your are a developer, are you part of an non disclosure agreement to not state who you work for or what you have done in the past? I get that you wouldn’t want to make that kind of statement on a public forum, but if I were a dev (which I am not) I certainly wouldn’t even disclose that I am a developer. With some of your speculations and neglecting the fact that despite the Wii U using some older basis for architecture but updated forms of them (likely to keep the cost down, plus it gives them a platform that they are somewhat familiar with) along with it’s very modern edram, even though is a small amount if used the right way can make a multitude of difference, is a very capable machine, and has the ability to far out perform the 360 or PS3, as has been shown with some of the new releases coming out for the system. Given that the so called benchmarks for the system have already been stated by the person that performed them, aren’t reliable to the actual performance of the system in comparison to the other systems on the market. That and proper benchmarks weren’t able to be done, only that the specifications of the components of the system were achieved.

            1. Agreed. It’s opinion versus fact yet again. I brought the facts, you brought the facts, he brought his opinions. When comes down to what people WANT to believing versus actual facts, you know what the popular choice is always gonna be.

    2. BTW, stocks ALWAYS fluctuate after a reveal. Look at how Nintendo’s stock plummeted after the Wii U reveal. Look at how Sony’s has spiked up significantly the past couple of weeks. Stock spikes and dips have ZERO to so with the quality of a console, especially when it isn’t even OUT yet.

      You’re basing your opinion (and that’s all it is, conjecture) off of just your love for Nintendo and your lack of interest in anything that isn’t Nintendo, as well as superficial “data”. It means nothing.

      And you saying “XBOX 720 will have Halo and Gears of War” and implying that’s all it’ll have is the same as me saying, “Wii U has Mario and Zelda, that’s it.” In other words, ridiculous. You’re picking 2 main franchises and ignoring EVERYTHING else as if it doesn’t exist. Hell, the next XBOX hasn’t even been officially ANNOUNCED yet; not a single scrap of official news on ANYTHING yet and you’re already predicting it won’t do as well, and already pretending to know what it will and won’t do/have.

      Stop being a 5 year old fanboy.

      1. Nintendo is so great that they lent ms rare ware. Nintendo has more than 20 hard hitting franchises don’t even try lol. To educate you I bash nintendo as well. Read some of my posts when the company from Kyoto goofs. Sony also makes bone head moves, ala the MOVE lol. 6axis, new controller lol.

        1. So? Every game company does that. Vitality Sensor? Virtual Boy? Taking 10 years to properly join the HD as well as the online-gaming community? Nintendo is pretty thick when it comes to moving with the market.

          Sony isn’t perfect either, but at least they listened to what their fans wanted, and what the developers wanted. Devs wanted x86 and more headroom (power) to create new types of games, Sony delivered. Core gamer fans wanted better graphics, video streaming support, etc., and Sony delivered. Casual gaming fans wanted integrated move support so that more games could incorporate it without relying on extra peripherals, as well as more social interaction (sharing gameplay videos, Facebook & Twitter integration, etc.), and Sony delivered.

          Nintendo loyalists seem to think that if Sony or Microsoft don’t offer some new type of controller, that it means they’re not doing anything worthwhile. Because that’s all Nintendo did: gave people a new controller. Nintendo loyalists ignore all the other things that Sony is doing, things that both fans AND developers WANTED, and just because they (Nintendo loyalists) have no interest in them, they think it’s crap.

          But truth is, Nintendo fanboys will NEVER think anything Sony or MS does is good. Even if Microsoft came out with a new console first that had a 6-inch touchscreen controller, Nintendo fans would slag it off and would STILL be slagging it off. But the moment Nintendo does it, it’s pure gold.

          And if Microsoft now DOES release a touchscreen controller, Nintendo fans will slag them off for “copying Nintendo”, as if Nintendo didn’t blatantly also copy XBOX 360’s controller as well. They’re dammed if the do, dammed if they don’t. Nintendo fans will ALWAYS have something bad to say about both Sony & MS, regardless of what offerings they have. It’s just really, honestly sad to see because people act like they have to commit to only 1 console, as if the FBI would hunt them down and kill them if they every tried to be a fan of more than one (or, God forbid, ALL of them like me).

          1. You do realize that because Sony are slaves to 3rd party devs, they have just done almost exactly what Sega did with the Dreamcast. Ps4 will be emulated and hacked inside 6 months. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the ps4 may just be the “straw that broke the camel’s back”.

            1. Most consoles will be hacked and emulated. Wii U will probably be hacked & emulated soon just like the Wii was.

              1. If they figure out how emulate the WiiU on the computer using the gamepad too and soon, I will be very impressed. The WiiU is also has a very custom and mysterious gpu and an emulator will prob run like shit anyways, I could be wrong though. The Ps4 on the other hand is for all intents and purposes a Sony PC, an emulator shouldn’t be hard to make for it. The worst part though, a PC with better hardware could potentially run the games better and maybe even look better then the PS4, all before the Ps4 is a year old.

      2. Dude Xbox really only does have Halo and Gears. Microsoft said themselfs they have no interest in exclusives it all about having the best multiplats on Xbox. Microsoft wants others to do all the work so they can take the credit.

  11. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is wonderful. Pick it up next week, new comers, experts and cross platform commandos. Let’s all get online PAL and NTSC and hunt graciously. Spread the news at school chaps.

      1. I have friends from brazil, Peru, the Caribbean Islands of Jamaica, Trinidad, Dominican republic and mainland USA all gearing to buy the Wii U for the wave of games starting to arrive next week. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and need for speed most wanted all inclusive PC edition has them drooling. Then Lego city undercover the like due to the intuitive dynamics it is bringing.

        1. Nintendo Commander

          That’s excellent! With that much contact we will gain millions in new recruits in the near future!

          I have Australia, Scandinavia and Germany to attend to myself…

          1. Uhhh, I’ll try my little cubby in Canada, but most people I know don’t actually play a whole lot of games, and the ones that do just recently bought the 360 and aren’t going to be getting anything new for the next few years lol.

  12. Nobody is debating your ability as a company to keep the Wii U around, Mr. Miyamoto. It’s in what capacity and what quality that is under question.

    As I’ve said before, Nintendo seems to be stuck in the 80’s and 90’s with this idea of “everyone getting together under one roof”. Hardly anyone does that anymore. How often do ANY of you have groups of people playing games together? Hardly at all, I’m sure of it. Some of you will try to convince me that you do it all the time, in defense of your favourite company/console, but I really highly doubt it.

    Furthermore, it likely only ever happens with Wii U & other Nintendo consoles because 1) The Nintendo console market is generally geared toward younger gamers who are more likely to have friends over for sleep-overs and things like that, and 2) Nintendo purposefully creates consoles and games that are more (and almost completely) focuse on local multiplayer, thereby FORCING their fans to do so.

    Again, stuck in the past. This may still be big in Japan, but in the rest of the world, especially with older gamers, convinience rules. And making people all drive, sometimes an hour or more for people in rural areas like myself, just to play Mario for an hour or two is absurd, costly, and terribly inefficient and inexcusable with today’s technology and standards.

    Lastly, how many of you REALLY use a Wii U as a “family device”? I can count on NO hands how many friends I have that have their console(s) hooked up to the TV in the living room. Who does that? In a world where more and more kids/teenagers/young adults have TVs in their rooms, or have their own places/apartments, Nintendo is really catering to an issue that doesn’t exist. Maybe it does amongst Japanese children, but designing hardware around that market alone is asinine unless you’re really only releasing it in that area (which they obviously aren’t).

    Couple that with dated tech that barely performs along the lines of almost decade old consoles, visually speaking, and you’re left with a console that nobody really wanted. Nintendo fans obviously buy it because it’s says “Nintendo” on it and because they want HD Mario, Zelda, and Metroid games, but think of this just for a second: wouldn’t you end just as happy if those HD games were on, say, XBOX 720, where there is far, far more power, far better 3rd party support, far more developer interest, and a lot of other really great indie and first-party/exclusive games like Fable, Halo, Forza, Gears of War, etc.?

    I know some if not most of you will reply to that with something like, “Eew, fuck MicroShit! Red ring of death! Boo!” But XBOX 360 is a very flexible, capable, and versatile machine, not to mention red ring of death hasn’t been an issue since 2007/2008. It has a ton of quality games, great variety, great 3rd party developer support, some actually surprisingly fun casual games both controller-based and Kinect-based, and is a media hub even more so than Nintendo wishes the Wii U to be (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, XBOX Music, live event streaming and Twitter integration, Facebook integration, etc.). And now with SmartGlass (which I use and love), it’s even better. Hell, I can control my XBOX with my iPhone and it’s great. Yes, it’s not as versatile as a native tablet controller like Wii U, but it’s an 8 year old console for one thing, and for another thing Microsoft is doing more already with SmartGlass than Wii U is doing with the GamePad!

    Now just think of all that but with a NEW console: your favourite Nintendk games with more power as flexibility than Nintendo could ever want to use for both amazing visuals AND fantastic gameplay/physics/environments, a HUGE online backbone with XBOX Live, tons of social media integration (unlike MiiVerse which is just another thing to sign up, have to learn, and not everyone you know has access to, whereas XBOX + Facebook = limitless), and soon integrated video streaming to Twitch or YouTube, spectator mode for your friends to watch you play, basic video/clip editing and uploading, etc.

    Nintendo has NONE of that right now. I would be RIDICULOUSLY stoked to see Nintendo go software-only that way, with exception to 3DS: they do well in handhelds, basically for lack of any real competitition, really. Vita is as if Sony is barely even trying with handhelds anymore, and is no real threat and provides no real significant reason to purchase for a lot of people; same thing with Wii U. Sony and Nintendo really have a unique role-reversal that way.

        1. Pretty much everything you just said was your opinion and not actual fact, a lot of people have the exact opposite opinion of yours but does that make you wrong or them wrong, No. It’s only when you try and pass an opinion off as fact is when your wrong, like you are clearly trying to do.

    1. The rest of the world still has people that play together in homes and parks. The abducting of children is not that common in other countries as it is here in the US. Thus nintendo is correct in letting us have co-op offline and online facilities. The only reason the Wii U sales slowed are due to bad business discussions and maneuvers by Gearbox and Ubisoft. Nintendo could have push a million or two more units by releasing their own wonderful games. This time around the listened to whiny third party developers and let those MORONS release their ports and iterations first. Sorry third parties COD and mass effect are not interesting enough for nintendo gamers who are smart individuals that use common sense. We can never pay for online services such as exbox live gold. Really paying for something I can get on Sony and nintendo platforms for free. Whose dumb now? Also every port xbox360 had PS3 hard, wow! for whom ever bought an xbox and didn’t buy Alan wake, gears or halo. If you bought an xbox360 for multiplats only, the you need prayers, therapy and reading of books that stimulate the cranium.

    2. You lost every credibility by saying stoked. So American gamers would like nintendo to go third party software only because the morons at Microsoft studios probably didn’t have daddy growing up, so all the know is violence and elves ( not even the good kind like in lord of the rings ). If any company that is irrelevant to gaming it’s Microsoft. Let them concentrate on PCs and sale their 1 IP halo to Sony. Cause everything Microsoft xbox720 can do, you best believe the PS4 can do and then some. Sony out guns Microsoft in gaming IP but for their bone head leader Tretton.

    3. PS4 will lose the next-gen race, let me explain why.

      >PSN purchases won’t carry over to PS4

      >No physical backward compatibility

      >Used games can be blocked

      >Gaikai Electric Lagaloo

      >Share button

      >Social media integration, social media fucking everywhere

      >PS4 has no 3rd party exclusives

      >PS3 controller doesn’t work with PS4

      >Killzone and Infamous, yawn.

      >Charging for online multiplayer, etc

      >EU devs drop from 53 to 28

      >Waggle 2.0

      >Kinect 2.0

      >PS1 controller with 2″ touch screen

      >Every game is multi plat

      >Sony have posted eight consecutive quarterly loses.

      >Sony have lost 90% of their value since 1999, $100 billion to just $10 billion company.

      >They had to sell their US and Japanese headquarters to raise money.

      >Sony still has 87 cents in liabilities for every dollar in assets

      >Sony stocks and credit rating still at junk status.

      >Hasn’t seen a profit since 2007.

      >TV division hasn’t turned a profit in eight years and they’ve conceded drastic smartphone share

      >Firing people at a rate of 10 000 people per year for the past 5 years.

      >Sony stocks took a nose dive after the PS4 reveal.

      >Vita unprofitable failure.

      >PS3 a billion dollar failure.

      >Vita has no developer support.

      >PS4 losing developer support before its even launched

        1. “Try again.”

          PS4 will lose the next-gen race, let me explain why.

          >PSN purchases won’t carry over to PS4

          >No physical backward compatibility

          >Used games can be blocked

          >Gaikai Electric Lagaloo

          >Share button

          >Social media integration, social media fucking everywhere

          >PS4 has no 3rd party exclusives

          >PS3 controller doesn’t work with PS4

          >Killzone and Infamous, yawn.

          >Charging for online multiplayer, etc

          >EU devs drop from 53 to 28

          >Waggle 2.0

          >Kinect 2.0

          >PS1 controller with 2″ touch screen

          >Every game is multi plat

          >Sony have posted eight consecutive quarterly loses.

          >Sony have lost 90% of their value since 1999, $100 billion to just $10 billion company.

          >They had to sell their US and Japanese headquarters to raise money.

          >Sony still has 87 cents in liabilities for every dollar in assets

          >Sony stocks and credit rating still at junk status.

          >Hasn’t seen a profit since 2007.

          >TV division hasn’t turned a profit in eight years and they’ve conceded drastic smartphone share

          >Firing people at a rate of 10 000 people per year for the past 5 years.

          >Sony stocks took a nose dive after the PS4 reveal.

          >Vita unprofitable failure.

          >PS3 a billion dollar failure.

          >Vita has no developer support.

          >PS4 losing developer support before its even launched

    4. All the time. I play certain games online, generally COD type games (FPS’s). However nearly every time I get together with my extended family we have giant family gaming nights lol, its so much fun. Some of them don’t have any gaming consoles so it what they want to do. Also I play games together with my wife quite regularly. It’s fun.

    1. Says the kid who goes around trolling people by calling them names and 3rd grade insults. Seriously, how old are you? I’m genuinely asking… it’s just a question.

      1. It is hypocritical that Skadoofus is calling other’s “immature” when he is using words like “virgin” as an insult. Also, being a videogame site troll is not exactly… “hardcore” and definitely makes you look less than mature. How old are you? -This is a serious question, I really am wondering.

        1. Actually, if anyone says something bad about Nintendo, you’re probably there whinging. If skadoofus gets on your nerve, just don’t comment. I honestly have no issue with skadoofus, (except for the long essays he/she writes -_- ) Skadoofus isn’t a blind hater and isn’t a blind fanboy. He/she actually provides reasons.

          Besides, I’ve seen what he or she writes. If that gets on your nerves, you’re screwed in the real world.

  13. Nintendo Commander

    It’s intruiging how these Xbots and Sony Units base their arguments on which system has the most PC like interior…

    First, Nintendo does not aim to be anything like a PC which is basically what the other 2 are after…

    Second, if Sony is after having a PC like exprience, it will become utterly pointless within the console war since it will cease to exist as a console machine, giving Nintendo room to evolve and expand our swarm…

    Third, gameplay is not the same as graphics, specs or other system definition attributes as you do not play with it…

    And no matter what, the Wii U is more innovative than the rest, and having some what inferior machine doesn’t change that in any way because we at Nintendo buy Nintendo consoles to PLAY, not to use other multimedia nonsense that most already have separately…

    1. PC architecture means developers can port to it easier without modifying code, and it also means quicker development time, which means more games and higher turnover rates. It also means less bugs, and more flexibility.

      And no, it won’t cease to exist, because consoles are a concept: an all-inclusive machine made to play games; a piece of hardware that is uniform for each user, so that developers know exactly what hardware each user will be using, so as to take full advantage of it and to know what their limitations are: something that’s not possible with PCs.

      “And no matter what, the Wii U is more innovative than the rest” <– Typical Nintendo fan: thinking his/her opinion on a subjective topic is objective fact. Priceless. I bet you also think your favourite band is THE best band in the world, and everyone else has to agree, right? Lol.

      1. Nintendo Commander

        Maybe I do some minor spelling error sometimes, I’m not perfect…

        However you being a developer yourself taking sides with greedy Microsoft Realm and Sony Dominion and even calling some “Virgins” shows just how wrong this industry is…

        If the future of gaming are decided by uncivilized so called developers like you then by all means end your lives now and spare us the mess…

  14. Hey! Guys if anyone wants to come around and play some games your welcome! Trolls can come too. I have Wii U or we can play xbox 360 if thats more to your taste? We can smoke some weed and chill, eat some delicious cake maybe? People are forgetting to play games and instead just troll internet site to pick fights. Gamers are forgetting the fun of our amazing hobby!!! Never forget the games! Wii U ps3 xbox 360. Its all fun! Come on guys.

  15. Well, at this point it’s hard to believe. Nintendo is really gonna have to dig deep and pull some magical rabbits out of their hats to breathe life into the Wii U. The only confirmed title that I know of that’s coming out is Pikmin 3. The Smash Bros., Mario Kart and Super Mario games are still so early in development that we haven’t even heard anything about them or seen any screen shots. I keep feeling as if the Wii U was released too soon.

    1. If you think about it though, Even if the Wii U “was” released too early, it won’t effect the overall sales. People will just get one when they are ready. Plus Nintedo is already ahead of the next gen by releasing it’s console first. It feels bad now, but it will get a whole lot better real soon!

  16. It’s encouraging to see that he is so optimistic about the future. The Wii U is definitely going to have to put up a fight against the PS4 and NeXbox. The drought of games right now isn’t helping the system any but I have a feeling that the Wii U will sell pretty well during the holiday season as well as other systems. This generation is going to be a close one.

    1. Well, if it becomes an issue I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to plop in more RAM since that is what so many people are complaining about lol. It’s been done before, I’m sure it might happen again if it were necessary, and since DDR3 is so cheap it shouldn’t even cost that much.

  17. Someone has to develop a killer app for the system. It could be a first party, but it could be a third party too. Something that will make people say I need to buy this game & system. Something that Wii U owners can brag about.

  18. I think that the Wii u has been receiving a lot of bad press. It’s sales are on par with what the Xbox 360 sold at the end of its 1st quarter back in 2006. Overall the economy is much worse than it was then. Not to mention the extra completion of smart phones and tablets. I agree that nintendo needs to market the wii u more. So far I have been pleased with my wii u. I have enjoyed playing Mario u, call of duty, nintendo land, sonic all star racing, scribblenauts unlimited, tekken all of which I thought were good games. I just got lego undercover and monster hunter 3. It’s seems like everyone is complaining about lack of games, but there seems to be a good amount this early in its life cycle.

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