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Straight Right Want To Develop More Wii U Games And Maybe 3DS


Tom Crago, CEO at Straight Right, who are the developers behind the Mass Effect 3 Wii U port, have revealed that they would love to be able to develop more games for the console. Crago says that the development studio can’t talk about what they are working on just yet, but it’s rumoured that they have a couple of Wii U games in the pipeline. Crago also said that he’s really interested in the Nintendo 3DS, so who knows? We might see a Nintendo 3DS game from Straight Right in the future.

“We can’t talk about what we’re working on right now, but we certainly hope to be able to develop more titles for Wii U. On the subject of Nintendo platforms, we’re also really interested in the 3DS. It’d be fun to do something there in the next year or so too.”

Thanks, Dennis

62 thoughts on “Straight Right Want To Develop More Wii U Games And Maybe 3DS”

    1. Nintendo never has any news, so this site has to rehash crap over and over. Another reason why unmanly Nintendo will fail.

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  1. Nintendo Commander

    Aslong as they are first rate ports or entirely new games you’re welcome but we don’t want 2nd class garbage on our system…

    1. Nintendo Commander

      That ship has sailed…

      I’d rather have them working on ME4 instead and make it as good as possible…

    1. Time constraints. Time constraints everywhere. Also EA, i imagine they gave straight right bare money.

    2. You’re obviously somone that didn’t play ME3 for WiiiU. It is currently the best port on WiiU and those major framerate issues you speak of are actually very minor, most people won’t even notice.

      1. ***Note: I am the Anonymous who wrote the comment you responded to.***

        I played ME3 for 8 hours (the last 8 hours before I finished the story) straight this sunday. I’m playing it through the 2nd time atm. When you are in-action during missions there are almost no framedrops but when I go for a walk in the citadel, my eyes BLEED from the 15-20FPS (that is a H-U-G-E frame drop). The console itself was ice cold even after 8 hours gameplay, so it is all about a bad optimized port not taking full advantage of the new hardware.

        Personally, I would consider 30 FPS constant (almost what ME3 is at now) as a frecking terrible port (however it’s more OK whith controller than with mouse). I’m used to playing games at 120Hz on my PC, but now as I got the “next-gen” WiiU, nobody can blame me for at least excpecting 60FPS constant in at least all old games ported over. I have experience with the PC port for NFSMW which makes me believe that even though the machine is theoretically and thecnically capable to run a specific game at a specific framerate, many current-gen engines are designed to run at 30FPS (something that I certainly hope will and believe they [the game industry] will change ASAP).

        There are many people over the internet that really has to stop acting like elitist pricks who judge others based on basically nothing. My first comment stated a positive opinion followed by a fact, which I then gave my opinion on. You can argue on my opinions, but when you come here dressed as Mario and says I’m having the worng facts, while you bring me (and this site) false facts, I’m must admit that I snapped.

        The sad thing is that you belive that most people won’t even notice. Take a look for yourself:

      1. No they’re arent, are you insane?
        So im guessing GREZZO made Ocarina of Time now, all the way back on the N64, we jus didnt know it?
        They’re not even close to being the same thing.

          1. “I just trolled you”

            No you didn’t, you were just wrong and took the “oh i was just trolling” way out, rather just saying, “i was wrong”.

            Your lips, take them off Nintendo’s asshole, you make the rest of us look bad.

            1. What the fuck is wrong whit you? I was just making a joke that developing and porting is the same thing has you for doing either needs the same skills next time your mom dosnt give you your milk bottle get your anger to some where else.

  2. I wonder when new third party games will be revelead for the WiiU. E3 is so far ahead…
    I hope it’s a great game, maybe the new final fantasy that will be at E3 2013.

  3. Just visited their site, :
    Their enthusiasm for gaming is pure- makes me want to support them!
    Who knows whether Wii U will get all the big-name 3rd party titles, but I’d
    prefer developers like this who have a passion for video games.

  4. Tom Crago and Straight right Games, need to call CRITERION and ask for assistance on how to use the Wii U’s beautiful resources and custom architecture. In fact someone tell us both their emails so as we encourage them to have cross developer communication. It shall benefit us and both these companies greatly.

  5. Third party AAA Wii U didn’t get, Crysis 3 hahahahaha really? How is Crysis 3 AAA. Talk about nonsense.

    Tomb Raider, maybe I loves me some old school Lara Croft with the sexy body, boobs and lips. I really don’t know for sure how I feel about the new iteration, her face is too everyday common.

    1. Lol! That is so random. I agree with you about Crysis 3. However, You wish to purchase Tomb Raider so you can frap to a video game character? That’s just wrong.

      1. hahahaha. I really liked the old Tomb Raider games. I have a girl so no! lol. This is great news though, Straight right being real.

  6. Nintendo Commander

    Most Xbots or Sony Units get excited about any game the minute their leaders show them action cinematics for new games that have absolutely nothing to do with the gameplay…

    Then they are called AAA games just because the developers said so…

    And the minute something is called AAA or other mainstream related irrelevance, people buy it with almost no hesitation…

    I love Nintendo, but if I don’t like a Nintendo game right away or don’t even like a gameplay video, I don’t buy it…

  7. Nintendo direct end of month with regards to third party games coming up.I would love final fantasy game back on nintendo console not been good one since ten and the best one was six which was on super nes.

  8. Hope they continue supporting the wii u. Sounds good so far, also now Nintendo has released more updated dev kits to devs they have the ability to up the ante like criterion did with nfs. The future is looking bright.

    1. Well said and articulated. Most posters don’t realize that some developers got the best dev kits last September; some are receiving them as we speak.

  9. What I want is the Mass Effect trilogy on Wii U. Is that so much to ask for? Possibly port over some other great third party games that Wii missed out on as well.

    1. that’s what I was thinking, as much as I want new games, we’ve gotta catch up with some stuff we’ve missed

  10. From what I’ve heard, Straight Right is working on two Wii U games, both ports from what I understand, and one of them is an AAA Square Enix game which will probably be Deux Ex or Sleeping Dogs

  11. Im playing mass effect 3 since I got it on my Wii U four weeks ago. Thereplayability of the online multiplayer mode is limitless. I’m lvl 878 N7 and #5 in Canada right now :)

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