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Flipnote Studio 3D Available As A Free Download On Nintendo eShop This Summer

Start to stockpile your creative juices, as Nintendo has released first details on the new features of animation software Flipnote Studio 3D for Nintendo 3DS. To be released this summer as a free download on Nintendo eShop, Flipnote Studio 3D will give you the chance to devise 3D animated masterpieces with the simple aid of your Nintendo 3DS system. Check out the first details by watching the ‘Nintendo Direct Mini – Flipnote Studio 3D’ video on the Nintendo Direct website.

Flipnote Studio 3D follows up from Flipnote Studio on Nintendo DSi, furthering the concept of turning your Nintendo handheld console into an animation studio using your stylus to contrive simple or elaborate sketches, called Flipnotes. For those inspired by old-fashioned flip-pads which create the illusion of movement when flicked through, Flipnote Studio 3D is the virtual equivalent, but with the added benefit of 3D layering, and, as with the original Flipnote Studio, the ability to include audio and share your creations with the world.

The key aspect of the application is the ability to create Flipnotes in 3D by arranging three different layers, before adjusting the 3D depth to your desired level. To help illustrate your artistic master work and bring it to life, an increased number of colours will also be at your fingertips.

Flipnote Studio 3D will allow you to showcase your creativity to others, with the functionality to convert Flipnotes into AVI files making it easier to share animations online, allowing your friends a virtual exhibition! In addition, the application will boast its own online community services. Flipnote Gallery: Friends will be set up for animators to freely share Flipnotes amongst friends, while the introduction of a paid community service, Flipnote Gallery: World, will enable Flipnote users from across the globe to interact with each other’s works for a small monthly fee. A free trial for the first 30 days of use will be offered for this service, while Flipnote users who create Flipnotes that are highly rated by other users may receive their next month’s subscription for free.

40 thoughts on “Flipnote Studio 3D Available As A Free Download On Nintendo eShop This Summer”

  1. Nintendo Commander

    It’s just annoying that the minute someone draws something that says “please rate me!” everyone rates it and thus it becomes pointless…
    Like in Colours 3D…some makes a black dot and tells people to rate his/her stupid dot…

      1. The world site is pay (plus 30 day trail), but the small local community is free. It seems like the regular and Pro service that Flickr uses. Also, Flipnote Application is free this summer in North America.

        Nintendo Direct (North America):

      2. You only have to pay if you want an online gallery and to be able to post things to the world wide online gallery! Not just to use this app. You do not have to pay to post regular flip notes to the regular gallery, btw flipnote has been around longer than you might think. It didn’t start on the DS. Running servers costs money, developing software and updating it costs money! I’m sick of the app store and what it’s done to consumers, now everyone expects something for free! Someone ends up paying even if you get the thing for free! I’m sure the fee will be less than a Netflix subscription fee. Flipnote Gallery: Friends is free and Flipnote Gallery: Worldwide will cost a small fee. You don’t want to share with the world then don’t pay, but if you do then you will be paying… unless you are a damn good animator!

  2. To clarify the subscription fee, because people seem to be confused.

    The application is free.
    You can use it “offline” for free forever.
    You can share animations with friends for free.

    The subscription service is the online gallery where you can share with the world. If your animations are rated highly enough, you don’t pay next month.

    The online gallery is the only part of the app that requires a fee.

    1. isn’t it like that now, you can sub and get extra stuff or not sub still go share you stuff online but less stuff.

  3. A monthly fee for online gallery is just retarded. The community will be that much smaller because of it. Then again it might dominantly include talented artists. I will be left in the dust……sniff.
    I’ll just go and check out the awesome free gallery in Colors 3D.

  4. Nintendo should intergrate flipnote and Mii-verse! I would love animated posts. Also, color. They need to add color other than black so we can make bright intricate drawings!

  5. Paying for online gallery means less stolen videos and crappy scams from little kids. Unless that kid gets lots of stars during the trial, oh boy.

  6. flipnote mario by y dash is the only thing making me want to get this. His flipnotes are amazing. Too bad people will have to pay for it unless he makes his own youtube channel for episodes….

  7. Come on, THIS will stop 8yr olds from stealing flips, they will enjoy the free trial to the MAX! And are gonna make flips worth it, I heard service will be free on weekends

  8. | While everyone is complaining that they have to pay a fee, they don’t realize that it’s not even a big one. Hell, Microsoft charges for Internet. What’s wrong with Nintendo keeping the service up for a tiny little price? Besides. You may not HAVE to pay, and nobody does for their free trial. Oh wait, that’s not enough for you? They have days that NOBODY has to pay ANYTHING to go online. All of you should stop bitching about that fee. |

  9. i mean, im 11, im really good at it. im kinda like bloodrain. and yes, i am geckofreak/sakur. this is stupid

  10. Okay I understand but how do we download the app because when I search for it just shows me the videos for the app. So if someone could tell me how that works it would be great for me.
    Thank you,

  11. lol think about this… if only the best are able to get on the online version, then there won’t be much of an audiance to rate there stuff and plus for an example it takes BosS ages to create one animation on the previous flipnote; it’ll take him even longer now to perfect everything! The thing will just collaps on itself and there will be not much coming out of it.

  12. yep hear they have it for the 3ds and plus its better. don’t believe me just watch :) lol hila ppls :) lol again.

  13. This is gonna be great fun, as I got a 3Ds for my birthday, I’m 11 years old and my drawings aren’t that good.

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