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The First Wii U Title To Use NFC Is A Pokémon Game

corocoro_pokemon_nfc_scanThe latest issue of CoroCoro Comic reveals that the first Wii U game to use NFC is Pokémon Rumble U, which launches in Japan next month, on April 24th. On the same day the game is out, consumers in Japan can purchase Pokémon figures from Pokémon Center stores that appear in Pokémon Rumble U via the Wii U GamePad’s NFC feature. The Pokémon figures resemble their toy counterparts in the Pokémon Rumble series, and they will cost 200 Yen each, which is roughly $2.

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      1. Lord of the Nintendo Haters


      2. Pachter’s comments are not unlike those of a car salesman selling a car to a completely ignorant buyer. In fact, that’s exactly what he does for a living. He normally talks to business people, who don’t have a clue as to what he is talking about. It’s like telling me that I should buy a car because he has 3655 pistons. I don’t even know what a piston is, but the number sounds impressing. And if this guy in a suit is telling me that 3655 pistons are incredible, I should believe him, shouldn’t I?
        Remember that Criswell guy? That fraud who used to make bizarre predictions about the future of mankind, and who worked with Ed Wood? He summarized his strategy of work by saying that “if you look good and talk well, people will buy almost anything you say.” That’s what happens here.
        Business people are normally pretty stupid when it comes to what the companies they have shares with do. They care about numbers, and that Pachter can provide them with.
        Too bad he gets so much attention.

      3. Everybody needs to see that vid on Pachter. That was dead set and on the point. Amazing thing is, I’ve actually seen ppl in posts defend and/or argue off his points. I phazes me how ignorant that the ppl around him i.e. his employer (if he has one) , the media, and investors can bother spending time with this guy. It’s as bad as a ‘drama’ reality TV show. The tension and aggrevation he brings is all just attention building.
        It would seem this guys sole reason for existing in his line of work is that he moves money for the media. That’s all. And I don’t think it’s a fair argument to just suggest to leave him say whatever he wants, he can just be ignored. It’s ppl like him that can damage the games industry as I believe Nintendo is the biggest innovator and biggest leader giving us genres no one else will explore.
        His end result to gamers is to limit and destroy some of our potential entertainment

    1. Lord of the Nintendo Haters



  1. I don’t know what Pokemon Rumble is like but I hope it like the action RPG Skylanders or Gauntlet Dark Legacy or Diablo.

    1. No, but it’s kinda like a smash up game. The game on Wii was quite simple button smashing, but hopefully they’ll add some depth into the Wii U version.


            1. Lord of the Nintendo Haters

              Oh yes, my life is so “sad”. Such a wonderful and depreciative word, Anon. Some people just don’t have any creativity whens it comes to literature.

              1. sorry for being bearer of bad news, but would you please kill your sad pathetic life, you’ll do everyone a favor.. Thank you :)

    2. Interesting, totally expected but interesting regardless. I dont care for the Rumble games though. Ifvit was Pokemon Stadium or Colloseum then day 1 buy for me.

    3. Brylle The Sony Fanboy-To the Microsoft Fanboy- and now to the best NINTENDO FANBOY!

      What is NFC? Sorry for the noob question

      1. Near Field Communication allows games to incorporate certain outside figures, among other games into the game

    4. I KNEW IT!!!! xP
      This is the FIRST franchise that comes to mind when I think about the NFC feature, they go together perfectly. :P (And Skylanders).

        1. Wow, you figured that by yourself?
          Quotation marks weren’t helping you out at all?
          You really hurt my tiny feelings son… but stay in school, you know its best for you.
          And don’t worry, even though girls evade you, its not them, its mostly you.

          1. Lord of Gay-ters: “Daddy, I’m grown now because I play Halo and Gears of War.”
            His Daddy: “Now child, grown ups play what they choose to play because we don’t follow what people say. A game is a game; they are for entertainment purposes.”
            Lord of Gay-ters: “But Daddy, my friend said…”
            His Daddy: “Boy I don’t care what your friends say! What I tell you about using your brain?”
            His Daddy: “Come here! Guess that spanking didn’t help one bit, fetch me that broom”

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    6. Let’s say we Nintendos are “Social Rejects”, but atleast we are not uncivilized apes like the rest of you of are…

      Better to be a “Virgin” than a slut, STD infected, AIDS contagious animals…

    7. But I was only just managing to stop spending all my money. I’ll never have enough for over 600 figures by the time this comes out.

    8. Out in Japan next month? Damn, that was quick, well done Ninty.
      A Pokemon NFC game with figurines? Straight to the bank! This game is likely to be huge.

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      1. if you want to play a card game, play without using the wii u system. i find that hard to believe how is that going to work with the tablet then it only response one nfc at the time.

    10. $2? That’s mighty cheap. But then again, with six hundred plus pokémon and many people actually willing to “catch ’em all” that’s still $1,200+ not including the game and the system. And there might be more pokémon (chances are less :( )

      1. Well we don’t know how it works yet. Maybe some will be given away free with the game and maybe there will be some free giveaways at Pokemon tournament things. Also, I’m sure they’ll have deals like “buy Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle for $4 instead of $6 as a bundle.” And maybe not all the pokemon are accessed through NFC. Maybe some characters you can access in-game. These are just my theories, but expect some of these… maybe. :P

    11. I can see this selling really well with the two dollar price. Skylanders were really expensive. $10-$20 for one figure? Not worth it if you have to collect many

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    13. Combine NFC with the Pokemon franchise title for the Wii U… and you’re looking at more money printing out and bringing the U back in the weekly Japanese top 5 consoles.

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    15. And all the little kids and japenese kids go to there mommy and say I WANT POKEMON NFS I WANT TO PLAY THE GAME!!!! I WANT THERE FIGURES!!!….. 2 year later…. Pokemon NFS top seller of the generation! lol that exactly whats going to happen all those pokemon addicts will by this game and all the figures. :D GREAT THINKING NINTENDO!!

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    18. Omg1 now Nintendo will make a shitloads of more money!
      THEY ARE DOOOOOOOooooOOOOOOO00000000000OooooooooOOOOOOOOMED!!!! 11

    19. For 2 bucks I may buy some of the figurines without even owning the game which doesn’t really interest me. That’s how you know this will be a goldmine

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