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Here’s The New Japanese Overview Trailer For Game & Wario

Nintendo has released a new Japanese overview trailer for Wii U title Game & Wario, which launches in Japan on March 28th. There are a total of 16 minigames in the party game, all of which utilize many features of the Wii U GamePad, including its 6.2-inch touchscreen, gyroscope, accelerometer and buttons. Based on the new trailer, it looks like all the minigames in Game & Wario integrate asymmetric gameplay, where in each minigame, the TV and Wii U GamePad display different images, but both of their screens must be used.

Thanks, Daan.

52 thoughts on “Here’s The New Japanese Overview Trailer For Game & Wario”

    1. With Gamepad usage it could become a new sort of Nintendoland who might’ve become bored already? :)
      (I myself haven’t haha)

        1. Trust me it became awkward two articles ago when the imposter jellybean emerged Lolz. Funnier than can be though.

                1. Well, I thought since the game is coming out soon :P And I’ve always thought Luigi was kinda cool :D

    1. Jellybean , search around the gravatar options , there is one bit which is just messing around with the pictures you have uploaded and another bit that actually sets the picture and you have to crop it an shit…

  1. Will there be microgames like previous WarioWare? Because that was what makes the series fun. Because these kind of things (dance battle, taking pictures…) used to be extras in previous ones.

    1. Yes. take a look near the end of the video where there’s the bomb on the bottom of the screen. also, 9-volt’s minigame features the classic microgames

    1. You don’t know how deep the mingames are. They’re obviously gunna have some depth , Nintendo doesn’t fuck around.

  2. You guys know I am a nintendo veteran through and through, but as regards to this game, categorically this IP is not for me. Never really liked Mario land 2, due to Wario. Worse still Wario land or Mario land 3 was a no no.

  3. God dammit, I love these games. The other Wario Wares I still play to this day, the replayability is marvelous. However, this one looks different. I’m eager to see how it turns out.

  4. Eh im gonna pass on this, I loved the warioware gamess because of the spontaneity of them and the amount of them (smooth moves had atleast 100), but the minigames I see here don’t look all that fun and there’s only 16 of them.

  5. Wait… at the very end there’s the Nintendo Network logo… does that mean that this game has online features?!

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  8. Hope they put out a demo. These games always seem to look like crap but then are fun as hell to play. I still play the old one on the GBA.

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