The latest Nintendo Direct shows off the previously unannounced Flipnote Studio 3D. Miyamoto stated in an interview published yesterday that the external animation studio behind the forthcoming Pikmin cartoon series used Flipnote Studio 3D to mock-up samples. Is everyone looking forward to using Flipnote Studio 3D on Nintendo 3DS?

Thanks, John



  1. Sounds nice! Hopefully we will see Water World (RomanticLabyrinth) reworked in 3D :D :D:D:D:D

    Jokes aside, sounds nice, waited so long fo this


  2. Holy crap. This is awesome O.O! I found the original flipnote on the dsi to be both fun and largly entertaining, and now this?! This is awesome news to hear before going to sleep :D


  3. lol someone already translated everything is going to have on tumblr here is the list :)

    1) Export drawings in the app as animated GIFs, a series of GIFs, or AVI movie files

    2)Draw pictures in 3 layers, 6 colors

    3) Sample 3D movies provided

    4)Friend Flipnote Gallery community service lets you comment, evaluate, and download each others’ drawings

    5)Releasing this summer as a free download
    World Flipnote Gallery global community service

    6)This requires a small monthly fee for server
    30 day trial available

    7) Specified free hours for this aspect
    Monthly fee may be waived if your drawings are popular enough

    8) Flipnote Studio DSi community services ending on May 31.

    (I don’t know if i can post this here but if i can’t sorry…)


  4. I can’t wait. I traded my dsi xl to get the 3ds. I made 4 music videos using flipnote for my songs. Here’s one that was featured in Nintendo power magazine and the show Nintendo week on the wii channel…

    -billy (the ghost in you)


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