Meet Ellie Phillips In The Latest LEGO City Undercover Webisode

Nintendo has released the fourth LEGO City Undercover webisode, in which characters from the upcoming Wii U sandbox-style game are introduced. In the latest episode, Ellie Phillips is introduced as being main character Chase McCain’s co-worker. Throughout the game, Ellie’s task is to help Chase navigate around Lego City. LEGO City Undercover launches in North America on March 18th, and in Europe and Australia on the 28th of the same month.


        1. Until Pikmin 3 comes out there is no reason for me to buy a Wii U. Anyway, until then I won’t be missing out on much.

  1. Metacritic score is 81 for Lego City Undercover so pretty decent. Far from Edge’s review.

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