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Disney Interactive Studios Delays Disney Infinity

disney_infinity_screenshotDisney Interactive Studios has delayed the release of Disney Infinity, which was previously scheduled to release in June, by two months. The upcoming action-adventure game features numerous characters from multiple Disney films, including The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters, Inc., Wreck-It Ralph and Cars. When it arrives in the summer, on August 18th, Disney Infinity will launch on Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows.


      1. You are really interested in this? Maybe your parents or “girlfriend” will buy you this game for Christmas.


      2. Dude calm down you don’t want it don’t buy it. Without games like this the casuals would be giving Nintendo so much money. Games like this have a use. I have no interest in it but people will buy it and that’s more money for Nintendo.


      3. or perhaps you crave for mature games with weapons and such, maybe this industry isnt aiming for people like you…but for minors, children of course! think about it, no variety means that every game will be the same, now where is the fun on that….


      1. … Are you capable of typing more than one word? Oh wait, you’re Gravatar picture answered that for me.


      1. I for one am excited for this game. What kind of games do you like to play? I would love to see the library of gamers who bash games like this. All the COD’s and a couple of other shooters, maybe Minecraft haha. Variety us king, you dont like it, dont buy


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