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Sniper Elite 3 Announced, But Not For Wii U

sniper_elite_v2_screenshotSniper Elite 3 is in development and is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and next-generation consoles. The upcoming first-person shooter’s publisher, 505 Games, didn’t announce whether the game will come to Wii U; however, although it was released last year on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows, the game’s predecessor, Sniper Elite V2, will hit Nintendo’s latest console this year.

“Following the worldwide success of Sniper Elite and Sniper Elite V2 released on PC, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3, 505 Games believe in the extremely high potential of this brand.”

-505 Games

155 thoughts on “Sniper Elite 3 Announced, But Not For Wii U”

    1. It will come to wiiu , but because they are releasing V2 , maybe they will delay the Wiiu version and implement some features into it to justify a delayed release.

    1. Yes. Even though Platinum over here seems to have a sniper rifle up his ass, I can assure you they are pretty fun. They are visceral and make you feel like an unstoppable, and extremely intelligent force to be reckoned with. I recommend.

  1. well next-gen means Wii U from what I’ve gathered so far, so I think you guys are looking too hard into it

        1. Yeah, next-gen in the Nintendork generation, not the Gaming generation.

          Which is exactly why it’s competing with current consoles and once next-gen platforms come in and stabilize, you’ll never see a multiplatform game on it again.

          It will once again be a Mario box, but only unlike the Wii, wouldn’t be a second freak of nature and push over 30 million units in little over a year for the casual crowd. Enjoy your Gamecube 3.0 with no fucking games or appeal.

          1. Wii U will almost surely be a very successful console. Have fun sitting in your hovel, honorable keyboard warrior.

            1. Nope, it’s set to be another Gamecube (which unlike that console, probably wouldn’t even have software anywhere near as great).

              1. Nintendo and third-party developers have alreasy announced a plethora of great titles for the Wii U. It will be successful no matter how much more powerful the PS4 and Xbox 3 are. Fight on, keyboard warrior.

                1. Third parties? Funny you mention them seeing as all they’re doing is a bunch of late ports with meaningless touch-ups here and there and selling them at full price while those very games can be had for much cheaper on existing devices.

                  lol seriously “third parties” on the Wii U…that was a good laugh.

            1. I’m sure their “X” will be notable like Xenoblade, but truth is, the mass market doesn’t care about games of such nature anymore and people certainly aren’t purchasing $300+ consoles to play those.

              1. I know :/ I wish people cared more about them. I’d love to see more games localized here but it really is a niche appeal.

                1. Oh, don’t get me wrong, they sell — for the audiences that care about them. They’re just not system sellers; which are the only things Nintendo fanboys ever seem to bring up in a hardware choice discussion.

              2. Who cares about the Mass Market Aeolus, you claim that Nintendo doesn’t have good games, then when a good game is brought to your attention you say: Oh will it won’t sell the WIi U. Seriously who gives a shit. Were core gamers, I’m worried about good games period. Not if Nintendo is going to sell as many copies of Xenoblade 2 as Mario Galaxy 3.

                Your opinions are stupid and bias, Nintendo has plenty of good games. That they will market and sell enough to continue to operate as a successful business. Your just a fucking lowly troll on the internet that has nothing better to do than “attempt” to look smarter than you actually are. Do us all a favor and commit suicide, or shut the fuck up.

              3. yap you are write third party has for the most part has not been good on the Wii U for the most part but but thay have not had time to werk on it and it was stele a little bit better in some spots want NFSMW Wii U PC graphics and better controls at same time cool beans man

          2. Gamecube titles:
            Wind Waker
            Metroid Prime 1 and 2
            Mario Sunshine
            Mario Kart DD
            Paper Mario: TTYD
            Eternal Darkness
            The good version of RE4
            MGS: Twin Snakes
            Pikmin 1 & 2
            FF: Crystal Chronicles
            Skys of Arcadia
            Tales of Symphonia
            Super Smash Bros Melee
            F-Zero GX
            Star Fox Assault
            Star Fox Adventure
            Zelda: Four Swords
            Animal Crossing
            Luigi’s Mansion
            Star Wars:Rogue Squadron.

            “No games”

            Hahahah xD

            1. And…where was this discussion of “Gamecube” having no games again?

              So you try to pretend you have a life, yet you’re stupid as shit and don’t even exhibit the most basic of reading skills.


              1. Who the fuck cares what you actually think?
                Nobody. You’re not the fucking Oracle, you aren’t from the future, you have NO way of knowing how well the WiiU will do, or how many games will be on there.
                And even then, you’re a stupid fanboy anyway a dislike most of the games Nintendo make anyway, so why do you even care!? xD

                You’re not a self righteous prophet, spreading the word, trying to convert people.
                You’re an overactive douche, with his own opinions, that nobody cares about.

                For the 3rd time, get a fucking life xD

                1. 6:50 a.m.

                  “Peace out, mother fuckaaaaaa”

                  6:56 a.m., I still seem to have kept his undivided attention despite suggesting he left and that “nobody cares”.



                  1. but in a sense, perhaps the specimen is correct with “nobody cares”.

                    The fact of the matter is that TheDragon234 is indeed a nobody, so he in fact cares.

                    1. What are you trying to accomplish by “insulting” people on Now watch Aeolus not reply.

                    2. Who cares about the Mass Market Aeolus, you claim that Nintendo doesn’t have good games, then when a good game is brought to your attention you say: Oh will it won’t sell the WIi U. Seriously who gives a shit. Were core gamers, I’m worried about good games period. Not if Nintendo is going to sell as many copies of Xenoblade 2 as Mario Galaxy 3.

                      Your opinions are stupid and bias, Nintendo has plenty of good games. That they will market and sell enough to continue to operate as a successful business. Your just a fucking lowly troll on the internet that has nothing better to do than “attempt” to look smarter than you actually are. Do us all a favor and commit suicide, or shut the fuck up.

                2. Wiiu is what globaly , just over 3 months old ? And Aeolus is judging this consoles entire future on the basis of 3 months.

                  So ……. now we remember the PS3 first 3 months ? = DOG SHIT software , DOG SHIT SALES
                  360 first 3 months ? = RED RING OF DEATH DOG SHIT BARELY NEXT GEN LOOKING GAMES .

                  Nuff said. And as demonstrated by your list of Gamecube games above , Who the fuck cares how much a console sells anyway as long as it racks up a stack of collectibles like that ?

                  If Wiiu doesn’t sell over 50M within 6 years , I will put my pubes on a pizza and eat it…..

          3. you are a dumb ass many great games are coming to the wii u including bayonetta 2 witch is console exclusive so a shit load of people are going to buy will to play that game when it comes out dumb ass

          4. Nintendo and Ouya will compete against each other for the indie games

            Damn man, why do you hate nintendo so much? What the hell did they ever do to you?
            Its a games console.
            Just enjoy the damn games.
            Why do you have to always rain on nintendo fans parade?
            Ouya is weaker than Wii U but I don’t see you trolling them. Ouya is also a next gen system. (Gen= time of release)
            Graphics doesn’t equal generation.

          5. Nextgen refers to feature set. the Radeon 6000 in the Wii U can run accelerated DX11 level of effects (Tesselation). The PS4/Nextbox are also locked in accelerated DX11.

            The only difference is the Wii U probably wont handle the same games in 1080p, and will be fine in 720p…. personally I prefer the talents of Nintendo’s developers. They have more than proven they can do amazing things with limited hardware, so power really isn’t an issue. Only a Sony fangirl would think so…… And if Sony fangirls truly cared about as visuals as they make it sound, they wouldn’t even bother with a console in the first place and just buy a gaming PC.

            The PS4 is pretty limited by the Subpar CPU and midrange GPU… So when I see Sony fangirls taking snipes at the Wii U about graphics, I have to giggle to how quaint they come off.. They are seeing tesselation for the first time in the PS4 unviel and they are acting like cavemen discovering fire…. whats funny is the Nintendo console will have games take advantage of tesselation LONG before the PS4 even goes on market….. Nintendo will be the first console to reach this milestone later this year…. for those who don’t know what tesselation is, is a DX11 level of effect that can take square/triangle polygons and make them appear to be smooth/rounded. It really adds a level of realism to games, and Nintendo is going to take advantage of this effect before Sony or Microsoft… so when the PS4 finally launches, Nintendo fans can say to Sony fans, “welcome to nextgen effects, we have been enjoying it for 6 months already”

          6. Can’t you actually put something useful into a discussion one in a while? All we ever get from you is dribble. I could care less if you don’t like nintendo, sony, MS or PC, but honestly, do yourself a favor and input something of use.

          7. Right, and the PS4 and its ability to stream your gameplay to Facebook while letting someone play for you, because you don’t have the skill to pass a part of a game, all while placing too much emphasis on its RAM and sparkles as selling points, is so very next gen and exactly what REAL gamers want./sarcasm
            You’re just another one of Sony’s loyal cock-suckers whether you admit it or not.

              1. Yeah, i’ll just spend hundred of £’s on a plane journey to whatever country it is you live in, then travel to whatever incest town you live you in to come up to you and slap a little keyboard warrior around who thinks he’s a tough guy because he can say stuff on the internet.

                The fact you even threaten people on the internet just proves how much of a pussy you are yourself, and you probably have the incredibly low self esteem and everyone finds you repulsive, but you’re too much of a coward to do anything, but its okay, big papa internet will look after you.

                Get a life, mate.

                1. You come up with loads of meaningless text and idle banter, yet you can’t do anything to make me leave, nor would you be able to face to face.

                  So carry on with more useless drivel, because at the end of the day you’re still a putrid, wet pussy.

                  1. *shrug*
                    Whatever bro. You clearly have no friends, and everyone on the internet thinks you’re a twat.
                    In the real world, you wouldn’t do shit.
                    I fucking DARE you, to go to a games con, and talk like the vulgar shitlord you are, calling people faggots, and watch you get fucking annihilated by everyone there.

                    You are a stain on the gaming community, and you deserve any hate you get on the internet and in the real life.

                    Peace out, mother fuckaaaaaa

                    1. “Peace out, mother fuckaaaaaa”

                      Watch him stay right here and continue replying to all of the other comments, lol. Can read this guy like a book.

                2. and ‘slap’

                  lol, what sort of a dude even slaps another guy, some serious homoerotic connotations if that’s your fighting method of choice. But if you want to be laying in the pavement with a shattered jaw, that’s fine by me.

                  1. Hahahaha xD
                    Yes, clearly i literally meant slap.
                    When please say, “im gona slap your shit”, they literally mean those words /s
                    Fucking idiot.

        1. And it is /currently/ on the market and if you want to argue any sort of semantics, means it is NOT “next-generation”.

          So…yeah, nice proving my point, unless you’re one of those idiots who call readily available devices next-gen. Developers NEVER consider the Wii U to be in the same league as what will be coming this holiday season, you guys are fooling yourselves.

          1. The xbox 360 was out a year before everything else. Was that not current generation?

            Inb4 this dumbass calls me a faggot or some other derogatory word because i just proved how stupid he is.

            1. Your point is…?

              Nobody should be calling devices that are on shelves “next-gen”. Wii U is not “next-gen”.

              Hell, it’s not even “next-gen” as far as hardware capability goes, so it’s even WORSE in such a regard if you choose to call it that.

              1. Stop trying, nobody fucking cares.
                Stop reading Pachter quotes, and all the PC forums on NeoGaf.
                “Oh Neogaf posted something true once, they must be the ultimate legit source”

                Get a life, seriously.

                1. 6:50 a.m.
                  >”Peace out, mother fuckaaaaaa”

                  6:52 a.m.
                  Is still here, claiming “nobody cares” and whining like a little bitch. Nice to know you’re doing EXACTLY what I predicted you would further up. :)

              2. The Wii U is a next-gen system. It is substantially more powerful than the PS3 and 360. It will have the capability to do anything that the PS4 and XBOX 720 can do for at least 5 years before they start to pull away. The 1st party titles will look as good as anything Sony and Microsoft will put forth anytime throughout the lifespan of the PS4 and 720. The Wii U sold more in 45 days (3.08 million) than the PS2, PS3, XBOX, XBOX 360 GameCube and Wii sold in 5 months with NO GAMES.

                I’m gonna post this every single time you open your yap about the Wii U when I’m around. You’ll have a immature retort to be sure, but since you keep repeating the same BS over and over to try and convince yourself that it is true, I might as well bombard you with the truth over and over so that eventually some sense make seep into your skull.

                1. “It is substantially more powerful than the PS3 and 360. It will have the capability to do anything that the PS4 and XBOX 720 can do for at least 5 years before they start to pull away.”


                  Yep! Developers going to make amazing next-gen looking experiences with 1GB gDDR3 RAM available for gameplay and a mediocre 1.24 ghz PowerPC based processor similar to ones used in Mac G3s… Oh what about that mid-range R7xx GPU from 2007-08 that can barely exceed 350 GFLOPs against PS4’s 1.84 TF GPU or Durango’s rumored 1.4 TF DX11 equivalent solution on likely enhanced Jaguar APUs (for PS4)?

                  Wii U is surely going to deliver on visuals because a late port of racing game that has MAGICAL PC TEXTURES AND 720p 30 fps gameplay mostly because of more RAM available to make use of them says so!

                  keep….dreaming, LMAO.

                    1. Knack-Kiddy games.
                      PS4-Kiddy syssem.

                      Really? I thought it was the WiI U was a kiddy system because it has Mario, Lego, and Disney games.

                      Not a Nintendo hater, I love them and Sony too.<3

                      Not a hater

                  1. There’s no denyine how good need for speed U looks. Just watch a youtube video , it shits all over the current gen versions visualy and that’s all that matters.

                    The Wiiu isn’t much more capable than current gen systems graphically. But it DOES have a trully AMAZING controller which allows me to play games in any room in my house.

                    If the Wiiu didn’t have a gamepad and just had the same specs but came with a pro controller , it would be disappointing. BUT the controller trully redeems the console and makes it unique and awesome.

                    I can’t wait for a PS4 or 720 now as the 360 and PS3 are dead to me due to the awesomeness of Wiiu. It’s like Playing PSP once the 3DS arrived . You just don’t do it.

                  2. there is no doubt the ps4 will be superior to the wiiu in terms of graphics. But please stop quoting wiiu specs. You really don’t know what your talking about, especially considering the gpu is uber custom. And you don’t know much about the wiiu processor either.

                    The fact that you even bother to list its clock speed should be evidence enough. Clockspeeds aren’t always relevant because some processors churn out more performance per clock than others. And the same can be said about Gigaflops as well sometimes. Sometimes that isn’t even the greatest measurement because there are cases where more gigaflops doesn’t always mean more performance….so again…you throwing out rumored number of gigaflops for a completely custom gpu does more to expose you than to prove you have any kind of knowledge of the shit you talk.

                    also, the jaguar isn’t even considered to be a very good processor according to benchmarks. And you can say that it will likely be an enhanced version of it, but you don’t know for sure. Its a medicore processor at 3ghz, and the ps4 is running it at like 1.8 or something, so please relax.

                    didn’t sony claim that the ps3 could do 1.8 teraflops…..who’s to say they aren’t lying now….who’s to say everything we saw at the conference is even possible in game.

                    I don’t doubt the ps4 will be significantly more powerful than the wiiu…but don’t come on here with lies and bullshit. State your opinion, and leave it at that.

                    1. Stopped reading, because it’s a well known fact the Wii U’s GPU is in the same ballpark as R700 series cards. And as soon as you said the Sony is might be “lying” part, it became clear that you’re just another google warrior Nintendo apologist.

                      the clockspeed excuse is getting fucking retarded, it actually /does/ matter. But you don’t know that, therefore I’m not going to waste my time explaining that to sheer ignorance.

                  3. The Wii U is a next-gen system. It is substantially more powerful than the PS3 and 360. It will have the capability to do anything that the PS4 and XBOX 720 can do for at least 5 years before they start to pull away. The 1st party titles will look as good as anything Sony and Microsoft will put forth anytime throughout the lifespan of the PS4 and 720. The Wii U sold more in 45 days (3.08 million) than the PS2, PS3, XBOX, XBOX 360 GameCube and Wii sold in 5 months with NO GAMES.

                  4. SHOW ME… me just how well documented the gpu is
                    rumors…theories….gut feelings…that’s not documentation…documentation suggests facts….so show me all this documentation….just to save you some time..don’t bother with the Digital Foundry article, as it has been debunked as trash on neogaf almost immediately after it was posted.

                    Clockspeed is only relevant when a processor has been benchmarked. Because only then, do you find out how much performance per clock the processor produces. And since the Wiiu cpu hasn’t been benchmarked, nobody, especially not you, knows much about its actual performance. Also, the BASE architecture its been enhanced from is known for solid performance per clock, just so you know.

                    where are the benchmarks? also, if you are to apply your bullshit to the ps4 processors, it too would be garbage because it was considered medicore clocked at 3ghz(quad core)….so imagine how it performs when the clocked down to 1.8ghz..sure they’ll slap 2 of those processors in the ps4 to make a total of 8 cores..but just so you know…it aint nothing too special….im certain it will be more than what the wiiu can do by a significant margin at the end of the day, but it doesn’t mean its anything to write home about either.

                    Please don’t do that….don’t hide behind some lame ass statement…”oh, I wont bother responding because your ignorant”…more like you wont because you cant respond to the specific points I made….im curious to see if you will still hide behind this statement when it comes to providing all this “documentation” on the wiiu gpu. Well, i’ll take being a google warrior over a liar and ignoramus any day. Even if I am indeed just regurgitating what I’ve read, at least it beats wrong assumptions based on little to no facts or DOCUMENTATION.

      1. Actually your gonna see a lot more games coming out on the wiiu simply because it will be cheaper and faster to develop for in the future! And the multi platform releases will be there as well, since the wiiu actually ushered in this next gen… Aeolus, graphics and processing are not innovation! New and imaginative ways to play, even if the franchises are old and tired, is more innovative than more graphical prowess! CPU/GPU means nothing if your playing the same old halo and same old god of war with the SAME OLD CONTROLLER AND INPUT INTERFACES! You are a bigotous child that should have been eaten at birth!

    1. That’s the main focus, but there is also regular guns. It’s third person, and pretty cool. Think Metal Gear with a larger focus on gunplay, specifically sniping. Lots of sneaking, and lots of sniping.

      You really usually only need to take out your target though, and don’t HAVE to go on a snipe spree.

    2. I like sniping in multiplayer, but its never supported :/
      There needs to be a multiplayer with randomised forced team classes, so 1-2 people are sniper and can actually snipe, make every class useful.

  2. “505 Games believe in the extremely high potential of this brand”

    ….what exactly? You just snipe dudes and sneak around poorly.

  3. I’m not picking this up on any system, Doesn’t look that fun. :/
    Also, this comment section is Brutal!
    Have u guys been drinking, cause you’ve been arguing with Aelous throughout this whole article. XD
    You’re obviously not gonna change his mind, U can’t fix Stupid, so ignore or laugh at his ass everytime he posts an ignorant comment. XP

      1. Nice gravatar Jelly. Luigi’s Mansion 2 is gunna be AWESOME. Trust me , it’s gunna be one of the GOTY’s for 2013 even if it doesn’t get voted for.

        1. Gotta say, I have to agree! Cept my favourites will be PMD3, X & Y :P

          Also Nintedward, can I add you on 3DS again?

          1075-0748-5120 :D

          1. YES! There are five main 3DS games I’m looking forward to this year. Luigi’s Mansion 2, PMD3, X and Y, Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem (when it finally comes out in Aus).

          2. Sure thang bro. I’m not with my 3DS right now so I can’t leave my friend code , but I will ,eave it asap. Didn’t I already have you on 3DS FC ? what happened to that ?

    1. Yup, I’ll agree with that. Even though I posted a reply to him earlier on. The kid does seem to have issues though lol.

  4. They said current and next gen systems. That includes the Wii-U. Stop trying to bs us for traffic. They never specified which next-gen systems

    1. That quote didn’t even state a new game is in development. It could be implied, but that’s up for interpretation. The reason why Wii U wasn’t included in the quote is because they used the past tense. This isn’t even news, unless he completely disregarded a huge portion of the statement, in which case that just makes him/her a questionable journalist.

  5. Wii u is next generation! It doesnt play gamcube games and the gamepad doesn’t support Wii Games. And Wii U is way more powerful than Wii was. So what if it has less ram and power than PS4? Big deal. In 2006, aelous didnt put Wii as not being the PS3 or 360 generation and that was more last generation being a gamecube with wiimotes. Wii U not being powerful like PS4 has nothing to do with it. NFC technology on Wii U as will as a being able to operate two gamepads. Miiverse, chatroom, a pro controller, different ways to play family games on Nintendo Land compared to Wii Sports, being able to play games without needing.the.TV. The Gamepad having no slowness in its performance is all shit Wii cant do! Last i check Wii getting.3rd party support too. Nintendo haters are just bitching and using lack of 1st party games right now to support a future dead argument. Samaus, Zelda, Pikmin, SSB4, and other.sellers.will cause.the haters to find something else to criticize over.the.Wii.U.

    1. Remember back in 2005 when Nintendo revealed the “Wii” name and how quickly the criticism died after the Wii games debuted? Same for Wii U. Pokemon is only the 1st NFC game but not the last. I hear next Smash Bros. Unlock able characters may use NFC too. We will find out more about Wii U the same E3 720 and PS4 will be. If Wii U was not next generation it wouldnt be at 2013 E3.

      1. Also if Wii U is not next generarion why is it the gamepad has Nintendo TV which in the future have a working DVR. Part of the reason I believe for Wii U not having gaves yet is because Nintendo knows if they came out with 1St party games right away that would give rivals plenty of time to learn off those games and copy them. Anyone want to play all Stars on PS3 anyone? Its a smart move of not showing the world how to gamepads will be fun to play or how many future different ways the gamepad can really be used. Sony doesnt have a clue how All Stars for Vita and PS4 can work.

        1. When you bring something out first, you cant bring all your shit to the market. This is the main reason no Nintendo games that uses the gamepad to all its capacity aint out yet. 3Rd party just uses it for maps or to check backpack etc. Thats not the ture purpose of the gamepad.

          1. In other word i rather see slow Wii U sales now than bringing all the hyped up games at once. Aelous doesnt know jack shit what new ideas Nintendo will use the gamepad or new ideas and strategies Nintendo has. All Aelous knows is the Wii U is less powerful than PS4 and Wii U sales are down. So he is using those as a defense. The question for Aelous is what is his offense once Wii U sales increase?

            1. Pretty sure this is gonna me a slow generation for all the systems for the next couple years.
              Reason 1. People are still recovering from the recession and don’t necessarily have the money to spend on a new system.
              2. Those that doi have the money have been buying systems, hence the reason the Xbox 360 and PS3 have been selling so well in the last year or two. However that also means that they probably won’t be buying another system for a while.
              3. The prices of the new PS4 and nextbox are likely to be a good chunk more then the Wii U as it stands right now, since some people have already been saying the Wii U is too expensive then that will make the other two systems too expensive as well.

    2. I agree, the only reason the Wii didn’t get third party support was because of money. Its CPU/GPU was really behind the PS3 and X360. In order to do a port, It would be impossible for some games, and really expensive for others. In WiiU case, We have the same standards of image (HD) and also a very close architecture (APU). Ports will have less difference than PC vs Current gen consoles have. Also, I don’t see the games changing in this next gen in a way the WiiU won’t be able to handle. In a developers perspective, we have reached a level, where developers can do ANYTHING they want, games have pretty good aesthetic, scale and content already. what will change, perhaps is most the performance. Games will run at 1080p/60fps. that’s it.

      1. Also, even “without” third-party support on the Wii, we’ve played GREAT third-party games, didn’t we? On the Wiiware I had a blast with Word of Goo, Cave Story and Bit trip games.

        Not to mention they were all exclusives by that time. We also had No more heroes 1 & 2, Mad World, Muramasa demon blade, red steel 2 (say what you want I love the first red steel lol) bloom box, a boy and his blob, little king’s story, and a lot more. all exclusive great games.

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    1. (how did this thing posted by itself while I was writing? ‘-‘) I was saying, We can’t get all the games, good for MS and PS fans.

    2. Also unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo doesnt need to kiss ass by making a souped up console just to keep 3rd party support. Without 3Rd party support Sony and Microsoft would die. Nintendo doesnt bend backwards for no one. They dont need EA!

      1. well, I don’t like microsoft. I think they don’t care about games, they are not here to make this industry grow and create great softwares, they are into games exclusive because of money. Let’s see what they will do with the “Next xbox” because I doubt it will be a gaming machine.

        you see, back in 2000 videogames market were growing a lot, now we are into some kind of crysis and the market is changing very fast. I doubt they will risk it, and launch a videogame, they will launch a “smart machine” which everybody can get interested, even if they don’t like games. games will be a “bonus” or a “possibility” in the next xbox, just like SmartPhones treat games.

    1. You wish it died in 2014. After all you dont even know how it will do once the games roll. Unless you are dumb like patcher

      1. The only way to destroy Pachter it seems, is to destroy the Xbox Division of the Microsoft Realm…
        Which is a real possibility this time around…

  7. So it’s over! Nintendo is wrong, the graphics are still important and intensity console and not gamepley ..

    1. So what you are saying is you would rather just watch a movie? Dude, if gameplay weren’t important then Journey on the PS4 wouldn’t have been such a success. Or cave story, fez, toki tori, walking dead. Really?

    1. hueauheauhae… you’re the worst troll in this site. seriously, stop doing it, you’re not good at it. go back to your xbox, please, :)

      1. I was among the first to buy the Wii U, and now I’m collecting dust and it will be in 2104, onwards! Nintendo screwed us badly!

        1. sorry for you. My WiiU is alive and kicking :)

          I bought it on launch, and I”m having a blast with the system. I could agree if you said it’s lacking some games, but I’m still playing Nintendo Land, Mario Bros U and some e-shop tittles while I wait for Monster Hunter, Lego City and NFS. you don’t have to worry, Nintendo didn’t screwed anyone. Search for the Lineup of PS3, X360, 3DS, Vita and you will see that WiiU has a lot of games compared to these systems.

    1. I got to repeat myself. How do you know what or how Wii U will do when the games arrive the time PS4 comes out? You dont know how or what Wii U games will be like in connection with the gamepad. Also the Wii U has great graphics by the way. You dont know what how graphics on Wii U will look like on full capacity. Personally i really dont think it will be much different on PS4. Look around you and see the 3D in reality is it much different than PS4? Besides if graphics was everything why is nintendo worried about games on smart phones to the 3DS? Arent VitA and 3DS graphics much more powerful too?

      1. Also i played games with pretty graphics. Most of those high graphical games just look pretty but was boring and too confusing for me to enjoy.

        1. Also you haters want to act like Wii U’s graphics arent much different than Wii. Will it is. Wii U doesnt need a built in DVD player because streaming is the thing these days. I can watch Netflix on the gamepad while watching NBA at the same time. Talking about it will fail. Everything on Wii U is not unveiled yet neither technology or games. We have to major upgrades that we hardly know what’s inside for Wii U. The Wii U has been out for 4 months and the only game with NLC tech revealed is Pokemon. You dont know what all is in store with that gamepad. If Nintendo unveiled everything all at once like they Did the Wii then Sony would easily copy it like they did the Wiimote.

          1. Any hater want to tell me how Mario 3D, Zelda, Smash Bros. Starfox, or Pikmin 3 will be look on the gamepad(s). After all unlike 3Rd party support the gamepad won’t be using them to check to see what is inside a backpack or map or a cloned tv screen. 3rd party support doesnt know what to really do with the gamepad. Not Zombi U, AC3. Which is why im playing Ninendo Land and NSMBU way more and has less graphics.

            1. So anyone knows what 3D mario will be like on the gamepad? They are waiting and saving for PS4 and 720. If you bring out everything all at once then the up coming rivals can make changes to their games easily because nothing is unveiled or out yet. Nintendo Wii U arrived first. And people want to act like it is not next generation because of that. But if the Wii U is not next generation, why is it that Gamepads and Wii Us inside Sony and Microsoft’s R&D being took apart down to the last element?

                1. Lastly, you guys do realize most of these 3rd party games are pretty much the same damn thing. First shooters: a big screen representing everything the character sees. You turn left and the player turns left. Pull your gun out and it displays the gun. You see a target and the player aims for the forehead hoping to kill the enemy. Multi player for first shooter is survived mode. The player with the most kills wins. Yet the haters are bitching and complaining about Mario Bros. Since 1984. At least in Nintendo games there are new concepts and different strategies and different ways to play. Play one first shooter game you played them all. The only thing that changes is adding more graphics. Big deal.

  8. yet another third party game not coming to the WiiU, what a surprise, the WiiU is going to be the console with the shortest life ever !

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