Pikachu Nintendo 3DS XL Confirmed For North America


Pokémon fans will get a jolt of excitement when Nintendo releases the Pikachu Edition Nintendo 3DS XL hand-held system on March 24. This bold yellow Nintendo 3DS XL hardware features a familiar outline of the iconic Pokémon. The system also comes packaged with a 4GB SD memory card and will be available while supplies last at a suggested retail price of $199.99.


    1. Of course it’s not gana…Doesn’t “gana” mean “fans”?…Of course this will sell, just like all the other limited edition systems.

  1. nothing beats the Gameboy Colour where the light, indicating battery power, was Pikachus red chin!

  2. FINALLY! I can stop complaining about this not coming to North America, then I can START complaining about how the heck I’m gonna get the money for it.

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