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NPD February: 180,000 Copies Of Fire Emblem Awakening Were Sold In U.S


Nintendo has revealed in a statement to IGN that the company sold 180,000 copies of Fire Emblem: Awakening in the United States during February. 117,000 copies of the game were sold at various retail outlets and 63,000 digital copies of Fire Emblem: Awakening were sold on the eShop. Nintendo also added that the previous Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, has sold a little more than 250,000 units life to date in the United States.

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95 thoughts on “NPD February: 180,000 Copies Of Fire Emblem Awakening Were Sold In U.S”

    1. I believe, in terms of generally, it’s an okay amount. However, compared to the other games in the series? It blows all the other sales out of the water.

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    3. For the Fire Emblem franchise, yes.

      Fire Emblem has not been as popular here in the U.S. compared to Nintendo’s other IP, like Nintendo said the last handheld entry only sold a little over 250,000 from 2009 to 2013, and with Awakening it managed to sell 180,000 in just one month.

      I remember how a lot of people was worried the game would not come to the west because it was not as popular. Hopefully this will keep up and we will see more games like Awakening in the future.

    4. I would say it could have been WAY better with the large advertising strategy everyone wanted to buy it but because of the lack of physical copies MANY people didnt buy it until march or not at all.

    5. It is Nintendo’s best selling game of this generation, which a game like Crysis 3 has already surpassed. Nintendo’s such a pathetic company.

      1. Sorry but your Crysis 3 got such a mediocre score, im a bit dissappointed in it given ive played the first and second. Please dont bring up Crysis in the future ever again. Thank You

      2. Dude….crysis 3 got a teribble score while fire emblem got amazing reviews, I suggest you shut the fuck up sonyfag.

      1. Yeah, but it finished recently, meaning the charges were given recently. It’ll be made back in no time anyway.



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  2. Damn. XD Though if the game wasn’t rare as crap, that number could’ve been increased by at least another 75,000.

    1. That’s because it’s not a mainstream game in the west. If I’m correct, no games in the series have even reach 1 million sales each.

    1. Swagbro, you are a disease to the world. Shut being a careless douche and do something meaningful with your life.

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  4. Lol 400+ hrs into game. Got it when people were qestioning if this game was gonna come out to the west or not.

    1. 400 hours ? what the fuck ……. have you like been playing it none stop since it launched . and by none stop I mean you fall asleep with it in your hands , wake up and proceed to play.

        1. 400 Hours in a year is fine if it’s a game that you really really love. But 400 hours since January ? fuck….. lol

              1. Black 2 was the longest it ever took me to finish a storyline in a Pokemon game too. It took 30 hours to get 4 badges before I got sick of catching them all and stormed through the rest of the game in 5 hours with my Magnezone, Arcanine and Lucario.

    2. Hah, nice. I remember I got 500+ hours on Pokemon Pearl. Heck, I get around 200+ hours everytime a new Pokemon game hits and I doubt with Pokemon X and Y coming out, that game wont leave my 3DS anytime soon, till the next one hits. Still need to pick up FE but haven’t seen it at stores. Hope they restock it.

  5. Meanwhile, in Europe, 0 sales, because its still not out yet.

    Seriously, its 2013 Nintendo, does it really need to take this long?

    1. It’s because they have to translate it to the major languages in Europe, which they don’t have to in NA. It really does suck though.

  6. Hello nintendo haters. I thought you haters said 3DS owners only buy MARIO GAMES. So why is this selling at 180,000 units? Makes you wonder how successful Nintendo Wii U and 3DS Will be.

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  7. It’s gotta be the marketing. For a while I saw an ad in nearly every other commercial break on Adult Swim.

    1. I’ve seen a single ad for it in Australia. There’s a good chance that will grow once the game actually comes out here. ):<

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  9. @ the gaf NEOGAF users are trying to rationalize how the Wii U had an over 45% sales increase in february without having hardly any games of worth. That’s what nintendo does. Now the game flood gates have opened :). Onward nintendo onward.

  10. This game has the possibility of becoming my favorite game of all time, and I’ve been an avid gamer since the NES. Seriously, I can’t stop playing it. It has ruined my university education these last few weeks lol.

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