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NPD February: Wii U Sold Around 80,000, Xbox 360 Sold 302,000


The NPD group has released hardware and software sales figures for the month of February in the United States. Microsoft once again sold the most hardware with the Xbox 360 selling an impressive 302,000 units. Nintendo wouldn’t disclose their figures, but information given to Venture Beat states that the Wii U sold an estimated 55,000 units in January. The console saw a 40 percent increase in February which would put it in the 80,000 range. Nintendo sold 445,000 Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Wii and Wii U consoles combined. Nintendo has yet to issue a press release detailing their figures. Here’s the top ten best-selling software in the United States during the month of February.

1. Dead Space 3 (360, PS3, PC) Electronic Arts
2. Call of Duty: Black Ops II (360, PS3, Wii U PC) Activision Blizzard
3. Crysis 3 (360, PS3, PC) Electronic Arts
4. NBA 2K13 (360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, PSP, PC) Take-Two Interactive
5. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (PS3, 360) Konami
6. Aliens: Colonial Marines 2013 (360, PS3, PC) Sega
7. Just Dance 4 (Wii, 360, PS3, Wii U) Ubisoft
8. Far Cry 3 (360, PS3, PC) Ubisoft
9. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (PS3, PSV) Sony
10. Madden NFL 13 (360, PS3, Wii, PSV, Wii U) Electronic Arts

141 thoughts on “NPD February: Wii U Sold Around 80,000, Xbox 360 Sold 302,000”

  1. I’m more interested in the sales from here on out, now that we’re finally getting games as of next week

  2. I do always lose some of my faith in humanity while reading the list over the best selling games outside of Japan, just saying…

    1. Your argument doesn’t stand. Even if the Wii U were old technology (it isn’t), the hardware has some basis of old tech, not all, but the features incoporated into the hardware aren’t old in the slightest, the Xbox 360 that has sold quite well is however old technology in all basis of the term. It uses hardware that is older technology and has no new features offered in newer hardware which the Wii U does. You are comparing a Direct X 9 machine to the equivalent of a Direct X 11 machine. Learn something.

  3. 64supermarioreturns

    No Way! A console that outsells a system that is far less known and more expensive?! I never would have guessed, well there goes my dream of being like me hero,,,,Patcher…..god that hurt to type.

  4. This was on IGN, I think its the first time I’ve ever read about how many digital copies of any game were sold. Fire Emblem seems more popular than ever on the U.S. :D

    “In a separate statement, Nintendo reported that 455,000 units of hardware were sold in the U.S. in February, pushing 3DS past 8 million units to date. 180,000 copies of Fire Emblem Awakening were sold in the U.S. in February (117,000 at retail and 63,000 digitally). Nintendo added that “by comparison, the previous hand-held entrant in the franchise – Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon – has sold a little more than 250,000 units life to date in the United States.”

    1. My sentiments exactly. I’m amazed COD Blops 2 is still on the list. I see used copies of it everywhere for all the systems lol. People, save your money for something worth buying!

  5. PS3 – 512,000
    XBOX 360 – 362,000
    Wii U – 129,000

    So from first to last the drop-off is nearly half per console. Sony has a lot of good bundle deals right now with the PS3 which is why it is selling so well.

    I have a question. Are we really so arrogant as a nation to think that the only thing that matters are total numbers from from North America all the time, or do news sites intentionally keep bringing up the US numbers in terms of the Wii U to purposefully skew how the console is actually doing overall? Maybe a little bit of both.

    1. Deception, subliminals, no more real journalism and brainwashing is the problem. If the mainstream media wasn’t pushing the anti nintendo agenda all of the time then things would be different. If you can control peoples perception of reality (Nintendo is just for kids) then you can control them. Repitition is the greatest form of control. If they keep telling people nintendo is doomed or nintendo is for kids then it’ll be shown to be so.

    1. There a ton of crap games on that list and you are whinning cause a good game beat another good game? Get out of here.

  6. Why are all the posts lately about how underpowered and outsold the wii u is? Id love to hear more info about upcoming games..

  7. in 12 months time most game publishers will stop the production the most of the ps3 and 460 games and the Wii U games selection along with the other next gen consoles will just grow.

    1. Because the reality of it is that the majority of people don’t actually read, look at or ever know about all these reviews or really care about most of the stuff that is posted on most of these forums. The average person buying a gaming console will not know exactly what is inside it or care for that matter, they will just know about certain games they have heard about and want them.

    1. Not sure I would put Aliens in that list of yours. It could have been a very good sci fi shooter, maybe it still will be on the Wii U… Unlikely I know but the potential is still out there, if it ever gets released that is.


    1. Don’t be too surprised if it goes up a bit more or stays the same. People have a hard time spending money after Christmas cause so many go so far in debt for it. Usually takes a few months for people to start plopping money down again after.

  9. As long as more people are still joing the Nintendo community and Miiverse 80,000 a month from the the States when no games are out is still good lol. Remember thats only in the States. Not amazing but not terrible. Nintendos fanbase is like a Snorlax, huge but abit slow. Once it starts to roll its unstoppable lol. By E3 with MH3U, NFS: MW U, Walking Dead Survival Instinct, Lego City Undercover, Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101, the Wii U will have built up alot of steam.

    1. Thought I was the only one that is kinda looking forward to Walking Dead SI lol. I know the graphics don’t look all that spiffy, but gotta love zombie killing action lol. Prob getting my hopes up too much though, I would love a Left 4 Dead type zombie killer!

      1. I originally way looking forward to it, but changed my mind. The animation is just weird. Stabbing a zombie in the back of the head makes your arm go all rubbery and glitchy in the animation.

  10. I just have to say that I personally love Nintendo. I loved it back when it was cool to love it, then Virtual Boy, and all the way to this very day. In the video game world, they’re the cute-but-unassuming gal who becomes a wild-eyed love beast in the sack. Knows all sorts of moves, and you really need to do is know some button combinations. Or have a really strong wrist.

    1. They’re more like the Christian girl next door that pretends they know what’s best but is really dull, boring, and annoyingly stubborn so nobody really wants to even be around her.

      Nintendo USED to be the girl next door. She converted to a Jesus-freak a long time ago.

      1. Ha! I totally see that…but then, I used to live in the Bible Belt for a spell, and the ladies there don’t just live the Bible Belt, they get spanked by it every now and again. It has been my experience that the Christian girls go even more nuts than the depraved, goth-liner chicks ever would. Like Candace…holy so-and-so, my friend!

    1. what nintendo needs is to make a price drop for wiiu,same shit happened to 3ds so after the 3ds price drop the sales went up

      1. Too early to cut it yet. It’s only a couple months after Christmas and it was released in Nov. Give it the better part of a year or it will show they don’t have faith in their own console.

        1. People aren’t not-buying it for lack of games. They’re not buying it because they know not only will the other consoles be out soon, but they’ll be more powerful AND have more/better games with more 3rd party support and better online services and things like video streaming, system wide party chat, etc.

          To majority of gamers, that beats a console that is basically an XBOX 360 with a tablet controller any day. Sorry.

          1. Majority of console gamers are not looking for powah.
            And when the next consoles hit, parents will check the price and say, nooope,
            you’ll get this cheaper one instead.
            And even though you do not admit it, gamers like you and me, are only the vocal minority.

            1. All you people on this site seem to be labouring under the delusion that the next MS & Sony consoles are going to be super expensive. Based on what? Last gen? You think they’re going to make the same mistake twice? Especially with the economy being way worse than it was in 2005-2006? Are you kidding?

              MS already outlined a $299 price point. And with the rumoured specs in the documents that got leaked, that’s highly plausible. The next XBOX likely won’t have a GamePad controller that makes up almost half the cost of the console like Nintendo’s Wii U; the Wii U GamePad costs more than $120 manufacturing, which is 50%+ of the total manufacturing cost of the console.

              Now, remove that cost, and add the fact that MS will sell the console at even cost or even slightly at a loss, and you can easily see how the next XBOX can be much, much more powerful and have many more features while still being the same cost as Wii U, or cheaper than the Deluxe edition. Easily.

              Secondly, Sony’s will not be more than $400 or so. They’re NOT going to make another $600 console. If you think they will, you’re naive. The specs are powerful, much more than Wii U, but not twice the cost of Wii U. Again, Sony will also sell the console at a slight loss because they know it’s only temporary, and that real money is in software and accessories, not the console hardware itself.

          2. what your saying counts for a small group.
            all the people here on the internet discussing consoles is maybe 10 percent of all gamers
            the mayority your talking about is not that much .
            do you know how many 10 year olds have a xbox my nephews from 7 and 11 both have one all their little friends have xbox.
            do you think all these kids are saving up their money for the next box or station let me tell you the truth they don’t have money
            they’re not even getting one in the coming years not all parents are rich and buy their kids $500+ consoles

            1. My nephew also likes the xbox but thats was before i show him the 3ds and the wiiu and the reason is that he can play both whit out fear and that i enjoy the same games has him. You proved his point a bit has the xbox is the popular cheap console that still gets games.

              1. what i was trying to say is when the next xbox and playstation are out parents will see the wii u 300 and the xbox and ps4 probably around 500+.
                they are not gonna buy a console with almost no games compared to a new wii u wich has a backlog of a year and costs almost half plus the off tv play feature that a lot of parents will love if they wanna watch something else.
                i’m not even talking about the premium subscription for the other consoles whereas with the wii u all services are free parents won’t have to pay for stuff afterwards.
                if you watch this from a consumers perspective where graphics isn’t most important but new games its an easy choice

          3. im sorry to say but parents are not into POWER in a console, they are into games for their kids that’s are not violent also cheap, affordable and reliable. If you think parents buy their console so their kid can stream with strangers then you have one stupid mind.

  11. Nintendo needs to price drop now. That is abysmal sales around the world, it not going to pick up anytime soon without really awesome games and I don’t see any on the horizon with no Bioshock Infinity and no GTA V. Drop it at least $50.00 on both, so $200 for basic and $250 for deluxe. Do it now Nintendo.

    1. sorry for you that you think only gta or bioshock are worthwhile games .
      personally i think bioshock sucks big time it’s also not that good looking and the framerate sucks maybe the xbox version is better

    2. whats the point of doing that when no killer title is their yet? beside there first party is not even their yet so its too early for a price drop.

  12. Nintendo needs to offer more bundles, put a pro controller in the box with Wii U, and offer more game bundles like the Zombie U bundle. Make a New Super Mario Bros U bundle. Make DLC for Nintendo Land that has online multiplayer. Make a Wii U Sports Resort that has online multiplayer. Expand Wii U Sports into a franchise that has a Wii U Sports Basketball Or Football or Baseball or hockey that has online multiplayer.

  13. put a console out early. name it the same with a new letter added. confuse the non-gaming market. old console keeps selling. diehard electronic buyers buy wiiu. diehard nintendo gamers wait for the games they want before buying. hide the real power until other consoles show. have a price $200 cheaper. wait 1year price drop. by then.. mario smash zelda samus mario kart mario sports starfox and so. $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$. pokemon mmo $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$$$.

    1. “Hide the real power”?

      Lmao! Keep dreaming. There’s nothing to hide. It’s been opened up, analyzed, and benchmarked. It’s not even in the same REALM as the PS4 or 720. I know your little heart wishes it’s some big Nintendo conspiracy that games look only as good as current gen games, but sorry to burst your bubble: that’s because aside from the extra power needed to power the GamePad, Wii U is basically an XBOX 360.

      Keep dreaming though.

      1. your talking bullshit about stuff you don’t know go look up neogaff or 3d beyond
        Nobody knows yet what gpu is being used it’s modified like hell and Nintendo doesn’t talk.
        Everybody knows the new playstation and xbox are more powerfull.
        they will also cost almost double the price of an wii u if you can’t see that your the one who’s wishing and dreaming

        1. “modified to hell” you make that sound as if that’s supposed to make it any better that what ballpark GPU they’re similar to. cute.

          1. ” that what ballpark GPU they’re similar to. cute.”
            I don’t understand this.
            That it’s modified indeed makes it better they make sure it works seamless with the rest of the hardware and add features the base card didn’t have

            1. “modified” =/= more powerful, there’s a host of reasons you can “modify” a GPU, like efficiency and power consumption.

            2. and please stop talking out of your ass, unless you care to tell everyone what features were added and what “base card” it is.

              1. Your the one talking out of your ass.
                How do you ask me for the basecard when nobody knows what it is.
                And i never said it was more powerfull i said it was better.
                Also your asking me for features go ask an developer cause they also don’t tell you that.
                If you wanna know why i said added features go search articles for yourself you’ll find them
                You should understand i never talked about power i even stated the new xbox and playstation will be more powerfull your the one searching for something that isn’t there if you know your gaming history you’d know nintendo always modifies there parts thats why everyone is talking about sony and microsoft using of the shelf parts for next generation they don’t do that normally gameconsoles are normally always custom

      2. Why the hell do you keep talking about power? he is clearly talking about the games and you go of topic.

  14. console that got released ust now and is still getting approved vs console that has 7 years out
    i think ill pass this shit

    1. Yeah, they don’t like what you like, so they’ve “gone to the dogs” right?

      Because they don’t want to pay $350 for a console that is only slightly power powerful than the XBOX 360 or PS3 they already have, and has a terrible lineup of existing and announced games by itself let alone by comparison…

      …yeah, nothing to do with any of that, it’s just “people”.

      Give me a break.

      1. You must be missing the huge marked, which will be left after Wii goes off the mainstream.
        Nintendo is not really trying to woo ps360 gamers, though they got me.

      2. “Because they don’t want to pay $350 for a console”
        um people that bought the old xbox and ps3 bought it at the price plus more, that show how much you really are hypocrite.

        1. there difference is they were both significantly more powerful than the previous generation and actually did more than them

          wii u is neither :)

  15. Hope sales get better for the Wii U since games are coming for it soon. But good job for the other consoles.

  16. Reality check, Nintendo: an 8 year old console, that is slightly less powerful, and has already sold MILLIONS over the years, is outselling your new console which is priced for about the same amount.


    Can’t even blame it on the red ring of death anymore, cause that hasn’t been an issue since 2008!

    1. Still some 360 gamers have gone through 3 consoles (amazing tenacity imo).

      But, is your life boring or something?
      I just do not see the point of you hanging here and bashing Nintendo.

      And even though your blind to any kind of common sense, lets have another reality check:
      360 has shitloads of games, 360 doesnt sell, because its a 360, it sells because it has games.
      And 360 is still cheaper than Wii U.

    2. “Reality check, Nintendo: an 8 year old console, that is slightly less powerful, and has already sold MILLIONS over the years, is outselling your new console which is priced for about the same amount.”
      the wii u barely came out last holiday, and people to this day buy xbox 360 even though its outdated compare to the wii u.

  17. not TOO bad considering there was pretty much no games coming out in february. I’m surprised it did better than it did in January. It’ll build momentum in time.

  18. DarklordNintendoFan

    I always find it kind of odd when I see things like, “360/PS3 outsells Wii U!” I mean… of course they’re outselling the Wii U, because the 360 and PS3 have been out longer. They’ve had more time to build up their gaming libraries, whereas the Wii U hasn’t… yet. Just wait a bit longer and the Wii U will begin outselling both consoles.

    That aside, of all the games on this list, the only one I’ve actually played is Metal Gear Rising… that game was awesome. I need to play Dead Space 3 (I need to beat the second one, first) and Sly 4. I’m not interested in any of the other games that are listed, though. Kind of funny that Aliens even made it onto the list… I mean… just… how the hell? After all that has been negatively said about it?

    1. For sake of all thats holy for you, leave it to the 2nd.
      Or dont play 1 & 2, and you might actually enjoy 3rd

  19. nintendo needs to comercialize the wiiu more often like they are doing with 3ds(by also putting real actors/actress)most of my friends dont know what the fuck is a wii u so nintendo needs to commercialize the wii u more often and do a price drop or offers on eshop

  20. I have yet another observation/comment to make regarding this thread. The passion it seems some people have for these gaming systems is terrifying. Obsessions like those I’m witnessing via these comments should be exclusive to pornography or taxidermy (and never a combination of the two, btw).

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