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March 18th Sparks The Beginning Of Luigi Week At Certain GameStop Stores


NekoToshiro of the Neogaf forums has revealed that several GameStop stores are kicking off what they call ‘Luigi Week’ by donning Luigi’s trademark green hat and moustache. The promotion begins on Monday, March 18th for the upcoming release of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. The game launches in North America on Sunday, March 24th.

72 thoughts on “March 18th Sparks The Beginning Of Luigi Week At Certain GameStop Stores”

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        1. You know youre just making it worst by telling people thats your real name, some on here dont even know, i guess they do now..

  1. I’m looking forward to the Luigi DLC for NSMBU , it better not cost a fortune for it though. £15 tops ….

          1. I dont see what is wrong with loving such an iconic man within the gaming business who would cut is own pay to set an example that everyone is equal when facing hard times that few would dare to even try, a man who plainly admit that he would step down if nintendo fail to meet their goals. Tell me, is this not worth admiring as a nintendo fan? If not then Ive lost all Faith in Humanity and ill treat you no better more than an insect and sorry for have wasted my time on the matter. Good day sir

      1. How I know Nintendo it is going to cost max 30$ and may be free if they are feeling that it is needed to sell more Wii Us.

    1. Hey Nintedward what 3DS games do you have?

      I have:

      1. Super Mario 3D Land
      2. Mario Kart 7
      3. Paper Mario: Sticker Star
      4. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
      5. Kid Icarus Uprising
      6. Fire Emblem Awakening

      Next week I will get Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and in the future I will get Animal Crossing New Leaf, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, and Pokémon Y.

      I hope at E3 they announce a new Kirby, Golden Sun, and 2D Metroid, as well as a new Zelda and just confirmation that Grezzo is working on Majora’s Mask 3D.

  2. Because its the year of luigi, maybe they can put something special about him in the next 3d mario or mario kart.

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  3. If you read the post on Neogaf you realize that this article is wrong.
    GameStop employees are not donning hats & moustaches, they’re wearing them.

  4. No doubt that every self-respecting gamer will be staying away from GameStop during that week. There will be too many unmanly pathetic Luigi lovers there.

          1. Yeah, they all are little kids. Why else would they like such kiddish, unmanly games like Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon?

            1. Shut the fuck up, Jesus Christ. Don’t you have something better to do with your sad miserable life? Any article I read, you’re on it, I’m pretty sure you have this website bookmarked so you can make snarky comments about anything and everything.

    1. When you dress has a Nintendo caracter people laugh whit you if you dress has anyone else people laugh at you.

      1. When people dress as an athlete, people applaud you. If you dress up like a Nintendo or comic book nerd, people laugh at you. You mixed it up, little man.

        1. I was talking in video game world trust me you would not want to dress has a final fantasy caracter and walk down the street.

  5. When I first saw this, I was surprised. But, I thought that “I guess GameStop wants their employees to never get laid and look like even bigger nerds than they already are.” It is so sad. I wish they would sense up.

    1. … Okay. Just be cause they have to do this means they will never get laid. Well……. If a woman goes into a game store she will probably inspect to see gamers. If she is shocked then she entered the wrong store.

      1. i just want to make sure people here know that it is me & not someone else pulling your chain, like that ‘im the real bob’ *roll eyes*

        seems a nice bunch of people here that’s all :)

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  7. DARN! I was hoping they’d say that everyone who buys Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon gets a free Luigi hat. What a letdown. Oh well, it would have been too small for my head anyways.

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