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GamesTM Awards Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon 9/10


UK games publication GamesTM has awarded the long-awaited Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon a very favourable nine out of ten. The publication says that the game “shows that prehistoric Mario how it’s done”. GamesTM also reviewed Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which it awarded a respectable seven out of ten. They said that the game is “an accessible path into a punishing world.”

94 thoughts on “GamesTM Awards Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon 9/10”

  1. didn’t think i would pre order this one, but as it turns out.. i did
    i pre ordered so many games the last couple days… and now im really looking forward to this one, can’t wait

    1. Trying to downplay the monster hunter 3 ultimate game like it’s not beast. Capcom I couldn’t thank you enough for looking out for us. Great game and probably deserves a 95. With off screen play coming yeah.

  2. Of course it did. This game will get a metacritic score of 88+ , guaranteed.
    It looks llike the 3DS game that has has the most effort put into it out of any of them.

      1. Good point. This game will be better than Kid icarus though because it won’t have controversial controlls :)

  3. God dammit, why did this, Metal Gear, Bioshock, Tomb Raider, and i guess Fire Emblem all have to come out this month >.<

    1. along with Lego City and Monster Hunter. There was nothing to play in February, and now there’s too much to play!

    2. Fire emblem comes out in April and Metal gear rising although I thought it was good , was just way too short. It’s amazing whilst it lasts but you can finish it in like 5-6 hours :/ (not including the VR missions)

      1. Fire Emblem Awakening is one of my favorite 3DS games, along with Kid Icarus and Zelda. You’ll love it!

    1. How about instead of telling us every time you steal an article from My Nintendo News, YOU ACTUALLY LEAVE A GODDAMN COMMENT?!

      1. If you reblog it , it automatically makes that comment FFS. Have you not noticed that there is many different people who leave this comment ?

          1. It’s the equivalent of reblogging a post on Tumblr, but with much less pretentious users like yourself badgering them for it.

  4. Im glad they like the game and had a good time, gave it a 9/10. I don’t really care for ratings though, I would still be buying this game if they gave it a 5/10.

  5. Good, our latest weapon proved to be quite effective on that UK Base…

    Let’s see what EDGE says next…

            1. When you stop cherry picking we can go get some strawberrys also it would have been an achievment if the quality was passed to uncharted 3.

    1. Lol the Vita is catching up. It recently did sell more than the 3DS. What does this game have to do with the Vita dying?

      1. Having fun with a system which only good game is a PS2 port? And how about those sales? Barely 4m and it’s been released for over a year? That shit’s funny to me!

      2. Hell, R.I.P. Sony! They’re DOOMED! Liquidating all their assests, making gigantic quarterly losses? Bye, have a great time! LOL Ssonydrones have fun with your 30FPS multiplats on the PS4 for the few months it’s out.

      3. The PS Vita catching up?…

        It’s barely moving…

        I will increase in sales sure, but catching up to the 3DS is not even on the table now or ever…

      4. The vita is in no way shape of form catching up to 3DS. It took a massive , official price drop and a plethora of pretty much the most anticipated games it has in 2013 to match the sales of what the 3DS sells on an average/low week.

        3DS is on 11M in japan , Vita is on 1M , lol.

        1. If I take what you just said as true, then that means in order to catch up, Vita needs 10 million more units sold. Lets just say that if every week in Japan, the PS Vita sells 10,000 more units than the 3DS, divided by 52 weeks, it will take around 19 years for the PS Vita to catch up to the 3DS in Japan. Right now, I don’t think Sony is going to last 19 years, but that could change.

          1. What is likely to happen is the PS vita will sell faster as the PSP dies and some more games come to Vita.

            I predict lifetime sales of 3DS in Japan at about 30M and Lifetime vita sales at about 10M+

  6. Great about Luigi!! Also, not surprised about the mediocre score for Monster Hunters 3. I wasn’t impressed playing the Wii U demo. It definitely got what it deserves.

  7. Had this pre-ordered at Gamestop for a while.
    I remember playing the original when I was a kid and absolutely loving it, despite how short it was.

    This, LEGO city, and MHU are gonna eat up so much time, along with the backlog of games I have for my 3DS that I haven’t finished.

  8. This game seems to have five mansions-Normal Mansion, Forest, Desert, Snow, and Boss Mansion. I can’t wait!

  9. Nintendo needs some really good games. I don’t think Monster hunter is the type of game that can capture the West’s imagination. Maybe if it played more like Dragon’s Dogma and Monster Hunter put together.

      1. could say that all nuaghty dogs games play alike too, last of us will play like uncharted by looking at it and they have crash elements in uncharted also at some points, nintendo might not be like they used to be but luigis mansion 2 is probably more fresh than a lot of stuff now days, sony fans like you are what make people make hate them so much, sony will never beat microsoft because of its fanbase, which is sad considering there better

    1. Luigi’s Mansion 2 doesn’t use the Circle-Pad Pro, so you’ll be okay.

      Honestly, I think Nintendo have abandoned the CPP. No big loss, IMO.

  10. I CAN’T WAIT for this game!!! Luigi has some of the best animation I’ve ever seen in a Nintendo title.

    …And this is coming from someone who just got a new PC.

  11. i’m going to wait and see if it’s a kid’s game. i really regret pre-ordering Paper Mario Sticker Star!

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