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Need For Speed Most Wanted Wii U Won’t Receive Future DLC


Alex Ward, the Creative Director of Criterion Games, has explained to fans on Twitter that the company has no plans to bring future downloadable content to the Wii U version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The first DLC pack is already included in the Wii U version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted, but Ward clarified that there are ‘No plans at present’ for future DLC.

130 thoughts on “Need For Speed Most Wanted Wii U Won’t Receive Future DLC”

    1. He stated at the moment. Alba and Sickr’s titles are a bit misleading at times lol. DLC no DLC commander the Wii’s games have arrived. Am monster hunting every free time I get with my girl :).

        1. I was saying whether we get DLC or not, starting this week, the Wii U is getting a steady and massive continuous flow of games. On every front. In Japan it is receiving dragon quest X plus Pokemon. What goofy companies like EA and Activision do not realize, is that nintendo gamers think before carrying out any task. We simply won’t camp outside the whole day waiting for propaganda filled mindless FPSs like COD, Playstation or Halo. We purchase games with worth and playability like Monster hunter, Mario galaxy, RES4, Alan Wake, colossus game on ps2 and windwaker.

      1. Eh… actually not. It says that the first DLC pack is already included in the game, and they’re not planning more DLC at the moment.

  1. I’ll prolly pick this up anyways but only if it is truly a reworked from the ground up game like they say it is. I guess DLC depends on sales also.

  2. Now why is it that Nintendo tells me this is a next gen console when we don’t get THE EXPERIENCE of DLC for this or COD? I thought new console like this could download or load game faster than the console befor it. I fucking love Nintendo and I have never bought others products. It’s like you want me to leave you for Xbox. Why?

    1. mmhmm xbox is really nice too, i just got one. Yet again something or a part of something isn’t coming to the WII U, what a shame…..

    2. The console and online functionality is only just starting up most consoles start up rough for they’re first year so just give it a while and it’ll inevitably get better. I think the lack of dlc from ea though is due to a grudge ea has against ninty at the moment. If you don’t know nintendo refused to let ea run the whole of the online network on origin and ea got butthurt and cancelled several games on the wii u some that were already running and complete :/ this is probbly just another stab from them.

    3. So…you love Nintendo’s products and never bought someone elses but now since the Electron Army doesn’t want any future DLC for the Wii U version to be released in the future which has nothing to do with Nintendo, it “forces” you to buy an Xbox?…

      I see…

    4. EA & Konami hates Nintendo

      This is a game created by EA not Nintendo. EA is to blame for not making this game DLC not Nintendo. Why do people always blame Nintendo for the choices that 3rd parties make?
      Everyone knows EA hate Nintendo. Duh !!!

    5. the reality of things

      It’s bcause third party devs are being lazy. Something is better than nothing, but if it were Nintendo’s choice then I’m sure they would want all the DLC.

  3. EA once again shooting down a title before releasing it. And all because of their little beef with Nintendo…it really seems like the company is being run by spoilt brats lately, and I’m not just referring to decisions concerning games for Nintendo platforms

  4. “there are ‘No plans at present’ for future DLC”: is it apply only for Wii U? I mean, do they intend to release DLCs to other platforms?

    By the way: I hate DLCs anyway.

      1. @erich80 I won’t doubt they will. I think EA will show respect if we gamers start supporting companies with our hard earned bucks. But I want original IP’s.

        1. True, it is highly likely since today DLCs are becoming a trend and EA really like this kind of business. But I’m not fully convinced that EA could change their intentions eventually due to whatever reasons and release the DLCs for Wii U once they exist. The saddest thing is to wonder that Criterion supposedly would like to do so since Alex Ward has said elsewhere he and his team are going to support and develop more games to Wii U.

  5. I do not care much for DLC except my precious Battlefield 3, but i have to know what the hell it is between EA and Nintendo, and why they hate eachother SO DAMN MUCH!

    1. Nintendo asked EA about possible assistance in creating their online infrastructure for Wii U.

      EA said “just use origin”.

      Nintendo said “no”.

      Now EA won’t get over it.

      I imagine there were more words than that. It likely had something to do with EA wanting far too much control over it.

      Thats the gist anyway.

  6. I don’t buy DLC myself not my cup of tea. I want to pay 60.00 and call it a day. I can take my DLC money and buy a indie game.

    1. Considering that Target now has buy Any 2 games, get 1 free. just get the game at target for free when it comes out.

  7. First Mass Effect 3: Special Edition, now Need For Speed: Most Wanted U.
    Clever business move Electronic Arts, your just losing more money as well as some of your fans if they haven’t already.

  8. Paying 70$ for a game (with taxes, at least here in Canada) : Okay.
    Paying extra money for micro transactions or DLC : Fuck no.

  9. Fuck the DLC . It will just be a few shitty cars or something , it already has some DLC cars on the disc , the 5 fastest cars in the world.

    1. HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!
      you know what they say…
      that guy dint get to eat the grapes, so he judge that the grapes is sour…

      1. Yeah , By fare the best graphics of the console versions , off screen play , DLC on disc and more. Sour grapes because I am getting by far the definitive version ? lol , stfu idiot.

        1. says the loser who cried for not getting all future DLC… who needs graphic when we got gameplay :)

        2. if you really prefer graphics… wait until PS4 and the next box to come :) it will beat the shit out of Wii U… OH AND btw. this is a war between consoles, dont even talk about PC kay.

            1. says another loser who wont be getting the DLC. sad for you, my friend. Meanwhile in the crappy console, everyone is enjoying the DLC.

          1. Lol, they are all DX 11 machines, the graphics should be fairly similar at first. Of course give it time and the other two will have the advantage especially with RAM, however that is easily solvable with an expansion. The wii u just put out pc ality graphics on this game, the other two consoles aren’t going to surpass that for the time being till more technological leaps are made, but it has been stagnant for a while now, which is why you aren’t going to see any giant graphical jumps in the near future.

    2. Its like Vita VS 3DS…
      Vita has good graphic, more hardcore game, but small variety of games.
      3DS graphic isn’t as good as Vita, though it is better than vita in every way.
      Even the amount that is sold proven 3DS is better.

      Wii U has better graphic than ps360, but so many upcoming future game is not coming to Wii U. And note that UPCOMING GAMES, im not comparing the previous tittles. Obviously ps360 will have larger library since they are old.
      Its people like you who actually destroyed the Wii U for saying “WII U IS THE BEST CONSOLE EVEN THOUGH SO MANY GAME IS NOT COMING!!!”
      because there are so many ass hole that says that, devs will be like Alrighty then, we will skip Wii U since they will still be happy, and we get to save more money.

      1. Guess it depends how you look at it. You are correct in that a few of the recently anounced games ‘might’ not be coming to the Wii U, however there is a whole bunch of games that are only coming to the Wii U.

  10. We who belong to our beloved Empire should show the likes of the Electron Army or the Crytek Tribe what we think of DLC and paying extra…

    Either release a full game like you used to do before the ancient war Nintendo vs Sega ended or most of us won’t buy your products!

    Just look at our wrath during the Ubisoftian problem with Rayman…

    1. Since when has EA, or almost any game company for that matter (excluding micro transaction heavy iOS games) stopped realeasing full games? Do you need the DLC to have a full experience of the game? No. Can you not finish the game without DLC? No. I don’t see the logic behind this argument, and I see it all the time. If you still don’t believe me, look at it this way, if you include the cost of inflation, N64 games would cost over $100 today. That roughly equals the price of a game plus DLC (again, for most games) today. So really, your spending just as much now as you were before.

      1. Inflation or not, 100$ is 100$ and 60$ is 60$…

        If a game cost 100$ no matter what the currency is valued at it would still be absurd…

      2. That’s a matter of opinion. If a game was completed and a brand-new addition was made from scratch to attach to the game, then you can call it true DLC. But when you pay for a game and information is locked away on the game and you have to pay EXTRA for content on a disc you already paid for, then you are literally being robbed of the full game experience.

        That is no different than going to a store, buying a book, and have chapters missing with a note that says “Chapters 22-46 to be released in a future DLC pack. $19.99”

        I’m not against DLC, but against charging people for stuff they already paid for. It’s one thing to use the engine of a game to create new content and then sell similar to what Nintendo is doing with New Super Luigi Bros U.

        The price of inflation of N64 games today is irrelevant to this conversation. Especially since some SNES and N64 carts sold as high as $80.00 anyway. The problem in this case is not that games are too expensive, but paying extra for something you already own. When you go to a restaurant they don’t bring you a bowl of soup and then charge you extra for the spoon. Sure you could eat the soup without the spoon, but that isn’t what should be happening.

        That’s why I don’t mess with DLC. Especially in this Blu-Ray generation where there is more than enough room to fit everything you need on one disc. A good game should stand on it’s own. I don’t need DLC to keep me ‘interested.’ If I need DLC to keep me interested then that means the core game didn’t have much substance at all.

      3. Solid point, however it has become a trend lately for games to leave out the ending, or ‘true’ ending that is added as DLC. To me that is not a full game. I really enjoyed some DLCespecially for FO3 but lots of DLC is half baked and seems like a money grab.

  11. What a shock! Not a surprise that the Wii U is failing right now. Why are Nintendo not bothering to secure DLC? Keep my PS3 edition then! :(

    1. Oh and people not wanting to pay for DLC, that’s your choice. But others do want to pay for it and get longetivity out of their games. That’s where gaming Is headed now. So much for Nintendo’s dedication to online.

      1. Stupid western developers. That’s were part of gaming is headed. Smart intelligent second greatest developers in the world Capcom are giving us free DLC. You idiots pay for xboxlive hahahahaha and want to pay for DLC plus micro transactions.

      2. So what’s the point of forking over 60+ dollars if you’re not getting the full
        potential of the game? It’s a waist of money if you ask me.

      3. If developer doesn’t want to give us DLC don’t put it on Nintendo what are they going to do hold a gun to EA’s head? Nintendo has stepped up slowely and with caution with the year of luigi DLC coming soon.

        But also what happened to when games had replay value out the box. that was free content. Beat the game and get different levels or different difficulty. So everyone buying DLC in my opinion is being ripped off.

        1. I agree that a great game doesn’t need DLC. **IF** the Luigi content is already on the New Super Mario Bros. U game and we have to pay to unlock it, then Nintendo is just as guilty as everyone else who does it.

    2. You are going to keep a lesser of two, when you can get the Wii U’s superior infrastructure beast need for speed :).

      1. Yes I understand that. But I do like the option of having DLC. I got rid of my PS3 copy for COD and was disappointed to learn I can’t get the map packs on Wii U :(

        1. I note valid points there. Have you asked yourself why most western developers are sending us unfinished games. Nonsense is taking precedence in companies like THQ, Virgil, now EA.

    3. What the hell are you talking about? The Wii U’s sales are bad now because there are no games out for it that people want. Also, Need For Speed Wii U has the DLC that the PS3 already has pre-installed. Who’s to say NFS on any system will get any more DLC?

  12. ” but Ward clarified that there are ‘No plans at present’ for future DLC.”

    Do you most commenters especially drones read the whole article? SICKR as in most instances used a trap heading. Ward stated at the moment, establishing that if need be DLC is coming. Stupid western developers and sending out unfinished IPs with day one patches. Morons.

  13. Lol. EA is going to bankrupt themselves. Idiots.
    Developers will seek new publishers, why would they want to work with the most unrespected publishers in gaming? Money? Well money isn’t everything especially when it could cost you your reputation.

    1. Unfortunately there are some that still will…

      The Electron Army will fall the minute the Microsoft Realm falls…

      1. Oh I know, Some devs will remain for other reasons, such as familiarity, misplaced loyalty etc, which is unfortunate. A lot of gamers have no idea that EA has to give the greenlight for games and/or DLC to be created. Instead of getting angry with EA, these gamers target thier blame at the devs, which im sure the devs despise EA for, it’s only a matter of time and repetition that will force even the most loyal to abandon EA’s shameful ways.

        1. Your “Surgical Reports” are well documented Dr.Mario…

          It is true, sooner or later even the most loyal will abandon their turf…

          I just hope that High Command never dissapoints us…

    1. At least criterion move in a good way to make the best version.
      DLC for me is killing some games instead of helping them like the stupid thing konami did whit lord of shadows.

  14. Every day a bad news for Nintendo! whether they see it? The Wii console is the worst in the history of console!

      1. I want you to be here after the Wii U has surpassed the 15 million consoles sold mark. Racist western developers that are butthurt over nintendo destroying every American console ever, with real gaming dislike nintendo. EA on the other hand are not really bad developers but miserable and spoilt brats. Butthurt over their ORIGIN.

    1. Nintendo just owned Japanese February total sales. The owned American sales in totality last month. All there machines combined in January sold nearly 500 000. The little Wii had 80 000, the Wii U had 80 000 ( in a month with no games really releasing ), the 3DS bested sales :). So did the 164 million consoles sold DS. Now what bad news are you stating?

  15. So long as I get a completed game I couldn’t care less. The only thing that would irk me over the lack of DLC is just the opportunity to buy it like everyone else. Doesn’t really affect me though since I’ve yet to buy a single DLC for any game.

    1. This , the only dlc i bought was for trials hd and it was on a black friday xbox live sale in wich both where less than 8 dollars and the left for death 2 map for the same reason.

  16. It again feels like EA doesn’t want to make any effort for their customers and so I won’t be their customer. I used to be for many years, but their attitude turns me off of their games which I had bought for decades before.

  17. to be honest , ho cares for the dlc with a few more cars ? i mean , there is enough cars in the game to go around already :D

  18. All the people complaining… How many of you would have actually bought the extra DLC if it came out?

    In fact, all of the people complaining… How many of you are actually getting this game on the Wii U?

    1. Not the point, DLC should come to WiiU regardless. Need to establish trust with the fanbase. Why should Nintendo fans support EA? EA are not even willing to support thier own products! ME3 is a great example…Great port from S.R, Great game, Great praise on Miiverse, 0 support from EA.

      1. Well, that is sort of different… Bioware didn’t make the port for Wii U, but did make the game and dlc, so it would be up to ea and the devs of the port of that game to port the dlc. We have a better chance with Criterion though, as long as there is large enough adoption rate and people make them selves vocal enough (probably on twitter) then we might get it.

  19. The issue isn’t DLC existing, it’s how it’s often handled. Not producing the same content for every system that’s able to support it, and making it worthwhile and not just a cash-grab, or worse, cutting content from the game to be sold back to the player at a later date.

    The fact that any future DLC for a title isn’t confirmed for all consoles equally is worrying, and stinks of lack of support. Why should gamers support companies that won’t even commit to supporting us?

  20. A bit off topic, but a thought all the same…

    Nintendo is having the same problem they have had since late in the cube’s era, lack of support. This was most evident in the wii… it had some of the greatest games known to the gaming world, a lot from third party, and yet it could have had so many more, okami, conduit, resi 4 and xenoblade being proof. Have you ever played COD on the wii? A lazy, half arsed attempt at something that Sega (Conduit 2) managed to pull off easily, something that could have been a revolution for the series that was let down by laziness. If nobody is willing to modify their games for some of the most revolutionary gaming consoles in the world (see what i did there :) ) in order to truly make something gamers will be proud to own, then Nintendo must step up the plate.

    If Ninty can get enough dev teams under their belt to make a significant amount of games specifically for the pad, those spectacular games will become the standard all producers will be required to strive for (not attempting to strive for this level will cause second-rate games to not sell), and then perhaps a certain few producers will get of their arses and do their jobs, making games EVERYBODY can play and enjoy!

  21. I ended up buying this for 29.99 and free shipping through Origin today. For that price I don’t care about DLC. Anyone else think EA is trying to make Nintendo look bad giving this deep discount on Origin?

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