These Three Nintendo Characters Almost Always Don Green

luigi_yoshi_link_nintendo_greenToday, Saint Patrick’s Day, which some people celebrate by wearing green attire or shamrocks, Nintendo of America uploaded the photo above onto its Twitter account. The photo is of three Nintendo heroes – Toon Link, Yoshi and Luigi – all of whom who almost always appear in green. Of course, there are plenty more Nintendo characters that sport the color, including fan-favorite Tingle from The Legend of Zelda series, Slippy Toad from Star Fox, King K. Rool from Donkey Kong Country, and numerous Pokémon. Which green Nintendo character is your favorite?


      1. By the way, you are a liar! I have seen lots of different colored Yoshis and Link wears different colored tunics! EXPOSED! Bahahahahaha! Alba you silly little man!

      2. Alba, you need to update us and post another review for monster hunter:

        GamesTM gave it 8/10 for offline mode, and 10/10 for online.

        Also tell our young Padawans that famitsu gave the original monster hunter tri 40/40 and FAMITSU don’t lie.

    1. You shouldn’t use such a horrible word, young man! I’m surprised at you! I thought you were a nice boy.

      1. Have you sorted out your blue waffle vagina and multiple account trolling disorder ? no , cus you’re a fucking asshole. Now go and bake a cake before I put another burning turd on your doorstep , beeyatch.

  1. Is this what qualifies as news these days?

    More on that at 11.”

  2. Most to Least:
    1) Link
    2) Luigi
    3) King K. Rool
    4) Yoshi
    5) Tingle (I hate him)

    Never played a Starfox game, however I am planning on getting Star Fox 64 3D soon.

      1. He’s not a Pedo, he’s a Delusional Psychopathic Serial Killer(Look in the hidden room in the Jail at Windfall Island; Wind Waker) :P

      2. He had sex with a female fairy on the Good Ending of Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland. :trollface:

      1. yeah or just make a big anouncement saying if you want nintendo news look here lol

    1. Bro next time you want us to visit your site, bring traffic for Alba and sickr. Even my spiritual and philosophical self brings them hits. Then there is the nintendo commander, warrior, dragon829 whatever. Then neutron delusional, ness lost bot Aeolus lost drone, jelly jelly, nintedward, N -dub nation fighters etc. So bro you and your girlfriend that other one that reblogg need to bring traffic here first capish. Blessings and play monster hunter 3 ultimate. But Luigi Mansion Darkmoon and gameon.

  3. My favorite…”green” Nintendo character is Shulk when he’s rocking that Pelt Armor, it’s green. He’s technically owned by Nintendo, so it counts.

      1. wow alba this is the most active I’ve ever seen you lol
        one ? tho-are you a boy/girl?? it’s buggin me :<

      1. My family is Irish , but they moved they moved to England before I was born. Nothing I can do about it. I have to get pissed on Paddy’s day and have some boiled cabbage ad ham!

      2. It was a figure of speech , as in I was about to pass out , but I survived.

        Anyway , Monster Hunter Ultimate got a nice review from IGN!

      3. And thats the 3ds version wich i guess the wiiu one will get a better score.

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  5. Lego city comes out in US tomorow :( , I have to wait till the shitty 28th. an extra whopping 10 days :@ .

    1. I forgot about that O.o
      Shit ( I was too busy to notice) I’ll have to get it when I get the Wii U.

      1. Well I just checked the official website out and it rubbed salt right into my gaping 10 day long wounds :(

      2. That really sucks :/
        btw Are you geting Monster Hunter Ultimate for Wii U or 3DS?

      3. Yeah , I think so ! probs get it for wiiu first and 3DS a bit later.
        I’m swamped at the moment , I’m getting Amazing spider man tommorow for wiiu for riduclously low price from my buddies who own a game store , then I’m getting Need for speed most wanted U on thursday and probably MH too . and then Luigi’s mansion 2 and Lego city both come out on the 28th ….

        It’s an awesome , but slightly overwhelming time for me :D

      4. There is no probably on monster hunter buy it or face shame for eternity.

      1. Lucky guy , I really wanna play it. It just looks so much fun and it’s the quirky exclusive my wiiu deserves and craves for cough rayman legends cough ….

        For the record : lego city >>>>> rayman legends…

      2. For the record you haven’t played either of those games so you’re in no position to judge them.

      3. For the record there has been a Rayman Legends demo available for a while, and Lego city pretty much plays like any other Lego game, just on a bigger scale.

    1. I’m pretty sure this crossover happened five years ago.
      It was the masterpiece we now know as Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

  6. I want to say that Link is my favorite Green character but that would be too predictable. . . . . . . . .

    THE 1-UP Shooms!!!!
    I Don’t care what U say, Those Demonic Shrooms have a mind of their own! @.@

  7. 1. Link
    2. Yoshi
    3. Petey Piranah
    4. King K. Rule
    5. Luigi
    6. Kraid
    7. Slippy
    8. Leon ( Star Fox)
    9. Tingle
    10. Like Every Grass Type Pokemon!

      1. Oh it is King K. ROOL not Rule. More like drool instead of a ruler. I don’t see the third though?

  8. did you know when no one is looking yoshi eats humans………………. yoshi actually wanted to eat mario in yoshis island but luigi was at the castle so they had to bring him there for the feast

  9. In China, green hat means your wife/gf is cheating on you.
    Wonder whats Zelda’s up to while Link tries to rescue her…
    And we all know Luigi is a confirmed bachelor.

  10. Hmm…Link, Luigi, and…uh, Yoshi?
    Thus was my thought when I read this headline in my Live Bookmark.
    Slow news day much?

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