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LEGO City Undercover Launches In the Nintendo eShop On Wii U

lego_city_undercover_screenshotThe digital version of LEGO City Undercover has launched in North America. Instead of waiting for retailers to open in the morning, you can download the game from the Nintendo eShop on Wii U right now. The digital version costs $59.99 and requires 22GB of space, which means Wii U Basic Set owners need an external hard drive in order to download it. Will you be downloading LEGO City Undercover, or are you waiting to pick up a physical copy?

Update:  LEGO City Undercover Actually Costs $49.99 In The Nintendo eShop On Wii U

99 thoughts on “LEGO City Undercover Launches In the Nintendo eShop On Wii U”

    1. Yep, and that’s the stupid way its going to be for a very long time. In my opinion, digital retail is very redundant on consoles because of space and price.

        1. Have to agree with you, Nintendo kinda messed up retail downloads. Ridiculous prices and barely any space on the console itself for them? I know I won’t be downloading any retail downloads anytime soon from them.

          1. You know guus Nintendo cut the memory to dave costs FOR THEMSELVES. They could have been intelligent like Microsoft was and release a third SKU for the people who actually download stuff. A built in 500Gb HDD would have made the Wii U maybe a bit more expensive but because it would be cheap Harddrive memory. How much is a good 500Gb hardrive in a store? About 50-100€ so the people don’t save any money. And if a normal HDD isn’t reliable then why do all the PS3’s, 360’s, original Xboxes still work?

            ~Nintendo fanboy argument destroyed~

            P.S. I don’t call you fanboys

            1. I wanted to say “but because it would be cheap HDD memory the difference wouldn’t be big because the current Wii U has expensive flash memory”

              And I didn’t want to write “dave” I meant “save”

              Damn phone typos….

            2. bro i had 3 original xbox’s RROD and one OG PS3 die on me. Yes more memory makes sense as 32 gig for this gen is a joke.

    1. that was an exception, it’s getting 8.0 to 8.5 on average mostly because of it’s load times. If you aren’t impressed with this, get The Walking Dead, Monster Hunter, or Need For Speed tomorrow

      1. I’m in Aus unfortunately, so I need to wait another 5 days for NFS and MH3U, both have been preordered already, don’t worry haha

        1. There’s no ‘Truth’ in what he said, I’m also not a ‘Nintendrone’. You random trolls just come to Nintendo websites because you literally want to push in the thought to everyone that YOU have no life. Jeez, it’s so sad people like you exist. Get off your mom’s laptop and go back to school.

          1. Don’t encourage them… If you throw insults they’ll just come up with lamer ones which will start a never-ending conversation……

            1. True, I keep forgetting. I think they have heard the same thing about trolls having no lives all the time, yet it’s like; “these sweets are bad for you, son!”, “Okay, mom, won’t eat them again”, next day, gets money and buys them.

                1. Right now it really is the case that “the Wii U has no games” ……. For me
                  I’m not interested in the current offering plus the games I want aren’t out yet and the whole system is still only half finished with an uncomplete online offering and a slow OS.

  1. The Nintendo Reviewer

    I’ll be getting the physical copy tomorrow. I too have been hearing about long load times for this game but that’s something that can be fixed with a Patch. If TT Fusion is smart and cares about the game they will listen to the complaints and make a patch to make the load times a lot faster.

  2. I really wanted to DL it but i’m just gonna wait until Wednesday when Target gets it so I can do the buy 2 get 1 free deal, that way I can get this, Monster Hunter, and Need For Speed.

    Then the next week it’s WEEEGEEE, these 2 weeks are like getting a huge glass of water after being in the desert for the last 4 months.

  3. Wow, $78 retail in Australia. I like the Lego games, but I don’t like them that much. No doubt the digital version will be dearer.

          1. Lol. I come to this site every so often to get an emotional reaction out of nerds, especially that N-Dub Nation freak. The replies I get sometimes give a good laugh.

              1. Not really, its called being a retard with nothing better to do.
                Maybe he will grow up someday, but I wont get my hopes up.

                1. Thats just sad going on sites to fuck people up.
                  Do you have psychological problems cause getting laughs of other peoples anger is just sick.
                  You must have no friends and no social life to be acting like that and i’m wondering at the moment how many laughs posts like this can possibly give you

                  1. mmh don’t think so i’m not angry i’m too old to get riled up like that.
                    I was genuinely wondering why someone would act like that and what fun you could be getting out of this

        1. I find it funny that you’re making fun of people with no lives being up @ midnight to DL a game when you’re up past midnight making fun of said people.

          The irony is too funny.

        2. this is totally a job! spam crap in a web page, lol are you adopted or something? does you family loves you? hahahahaha

          1. Dude, that’s not nice to people who may be adopted or families with parents that don’t like them…regardless of his stupidity, don’t stoop that low :/

        3. You must work as a janitor or some other non-demanding job to have the time to shitpost on video game news sites.

        4. Wow! A job! No way! Guess what! People that drop $300+ on a game console and $50-60/game have them too! Even those up at the ‘staggeringly late’ hour of midnight! Amazing!

          Speaking of which, aren’t you up past yours, little Timmy? Run along now, before Mommy finds you using her computer again for trolling and furry porn.

    1. Oh wow, that’s a creative slam! Spent hours working on that gem, did ya? Clearly you have a bright future ahead of you inquiring about my preference for fries and whether or not I’d like to super size that.

        1. …what made me chuckle that out of all the games to pick that deserve the title (given by you as) “1 Game”, you picked a Lego game….. Duuuude………that’s pretty bad xD

  4. Wel I just started download a little bummed they are charging $59.99 for digital which obviously costs them less than retail to begin with. Retail has been $49.99 everywhere except Frys had preorder for $39.99 but passed that up as I figured for $10 I would prefer digital so went out ought new HDD and $50 download card only to find it was $59.99. Nintendo really needs to rethink digital pricing if they want digital to succeed. A discount seems natural but fine with equal to retail, but feeling a bit jipped with paying a $10 digital surcharge. But obviously I made the choice to fork it over, anyhow. But this move does not build loyalty and I hoe they correct it in the future. It’s bad enough digital buyers miss out on the buy 1 get one half off or buy 2 get 1 free deals. (And yes I know I can still choose retail, and may do so more in the future if things don’t change.)

    1. I’t has to do with retailers.
      if they lower digital prices people wouldn’t buy at retail and retail wouldn’t try to sell their console cause they wouldn’t sell games.
      It’s the same with xbox and playstation new games are 60 or 70 euro’s in the store

  5. Chill I’m jus workin slightly above min wage and barely got a Wii U. Ima have to skip half these games. Nintendo thinking I game like som kinda pro athlete nah I’m on a budget. :(

  6. love how N fans are here for news yet hardcore ps360 nubs are here because they consoles games aint nothing but hoes guns drugs and money living a fake game life that could be real…you fuckin sorrry wiggers

  7. lol @ 22 gigs and more $$ than retail. come on nintendo, I get you need to move systems at retail, but take a cue from the PS store. We expect less $$ for digital.

  8. Don’t forget black Wii U owners get 10% back from anything they buy on the eshop due to the Deluxe Digital Promotion. Just want to make sure everyone knows. Don’t know why the price is higher online though.

  9. Too bad I cant find physical game anywhere…Im so mad at Nintendo. 1st fire emblem now lego city. They are delaying games on purpose. IM NEVER BUYING RETAIL GAMES ON ESHOP! Not if it cost me more money and I have to wait 10 hours for it to download on a hard drive. UGH. I have always loved Nintendo and I want to love Wii U but not when Nintendo is in it for the money only. I miss the old Nintendo. :(

    1. First off, digital download times for titles this big have always sucked regardless of system.
      Second, its hard to find because its more popular than they anticipated.
      Considering all the bashing people have done, nintendo might not have sent out enough physical copies to cover demand, due to thinking that there wouldn’t be many interested in the game.
      That, or the area you live in has to many gamers and not enough stores that carry the game.XD

      1. I know download times have always been bad, but cant ps4 and current computers at least download game before its released so that its ready to go on release date? Maybe not but I thought COD pc was that way. But it is hard to find simply because not enough were made/shipping problems. I called gamestop, toysrus,walmart, bestbuy, and target with different answers. Toys r us said they had it so I went in and then she said sorry, we only have the guide book and pre order lego figure, no actual game. Nintendo has never in my past experience had such delays, back to back now. The area I live in is between Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio so we have lots of gamers.

  10. i dunno

    the reviews seem to be pretty split of this game, i am not really in to the Lego games as they have never appealed to me, i am interested in this, but the main reason i am i think is because of the lack of games on the WiiU, i don’t think there is enough in this to warrant just buying it out of desperation.

    a lot of the reviews have said that the world is pretty empty of things to do, yes there is the stories & things to do, but it is just a bland, clichéd & empty wold.

    1. I had the same complaint about Twilight Princess, bro.
      Overwrites were mostly for traveling, not nearly as secret filled as MM.
      That didn’t ruin the game, though.
      I doubt it will ruin this one, and the general review consensus is that there its more than enough side quests to do to give the game a high amount of quality.

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