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Fantasy Life Trademark Issued for Europe


Level 5, the publisher behind Professor Layton and Inazuma Eleven, has filed a trademark for the immensely popular Fantasy Life in Europe. The game has been developed by Mother 3 developer, Brownie Brown, and has flown off store shelves in Japan. The Official Nintendo Magazine for Australia and New Zealand said in a previous edition that the Nintendo 3DS game is coming late 2013.

13 thoughts on “Fantasy Life Trademark Issued for Europe”

  1. Is Nintendo telling 3ds owners not to buy a wiiu now cause when i am ready to start saving for 1 boom 3ds games incoming.

  2. I so hope this comes to NA, I’d be so stolked! Hoping it’s like a spiritual successor to earthbound (mother series). And seriously, who doesn’t like professor layton?

    1. Yeah, read that on another site as well. Sounds good.
      Love those types of games cause you playing experience can change each time you play, depending how you play it. Like with Fallout 3.
      Go through stealth, or melee, or pistols, heavy weapons. Lots of fun.
      Can Deus Ex: HR be played through without actually fighting? Wasn’t the first one like that? I know there aree a couple rpgs that had that basis if you wanted but can’t think of what they are.

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