Square Enix Confirms Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut For Wii U


Square Enix has confirmed that Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut is coming to the Wii U. The game was accidentally revealed by Amazon yesterday when the retailer put the listing up a day early. Square Enix says that the Wii U version of the game will be the definitive version and that it offers striking visual improvements. The Directors Cut of the game will include overhauled boss fights, developer commentaries, in-game guides and Miiverse support. Square Enix said that the Director’s Cut release will not appear on any other systems.


  1. Now can they confirm Bravely Default and DQ7 for localization? No? Well then I don’t give a fuck.

  2. Well if they announce it now, they have to have something else prepared for GDC. ;D What do you guys think they will show ?

    1. Final fantasy 15 and Tomb Raider, watch this space :). Maybe even Final fantasy XIII versus, especially after this months Wii U sales spike.

      1. Well i havent seen this months sales so, I really don’t know if there is a sales spike.

  3. Hmmm… I may just pick this one up due to the improvements in visuals and game mechanics. Never played the original on my PS3.

  4. Well I never picked it up for the 360, but it got quite good reception, so I might let myself be tempted by this Director’s Cut :)

  5. Wasn’t the original deus ex from looking glass studios? The original thief developer? I have never played one, but I loved me some thief.

    1. No. If they’e gunna properly overhaul it , it can be close to full price , Exclusive features , content , graphics etc . As long as it’s not a lazy port and they make an effort.

  6. Saw some people crying on that Kotaku post:
    ‘I hate them!’ ‘Can the other versions get these changes too?’ ‘Don’t care about Wii U’.
    This is the 1st Wii U game (besides ‘X’) that sold the system for me.

  7. One of the best games of the last generation, but lets hope the Wii U doesnt just become a home for updated versions of year(s) old titles

  8. Paid full price for it on ps3 at launch, so unless its 40-50€, not really that interested.
    But will buy at some point, never finished the ps3 version.

  9. Still feel its an odd choice. There about 4-5 other SE titles that have sold a lot better on 360/PS3, seeing as Nintendo have the Dragon Quest crowd at the moment, I thought it would at least made more sense to release Final Fantasy, even Kingdom Hearts.

  10. I played this game on the 360, didn’t beat it, and loved it. I will probably be getting this one for a full play through! Hopefully the improved visuals will be noticeable and the GP implementation will be nice… Even if it’s just off screen play, I’m fine with that. I love the off-screen option of the Wii U. My kids can play the Wii while I play the Wii U, this is huge for me!

  11. EPIC FAILLLLLL in STEAM 3 € LOLLL no selft 1 unit XD MUAHAHA patetic nintendo patetic wait for sell wii u go ps4 ¬¬

  12. So we Wii U owners get a visually improved game AND its exclusive too…. I love owning a Next gen console -w-

  13. I haven’t played this game, so I’m definitely buying this.
    I’ve been watching some gameplay and I found it to be an interesting game, and it has original concepts, even in the middle of a generic fps generation.

    Also, I really hope it’s the definitive version, with enhaced visuals and gameplay as this list says. People who didn’t play the game, shouldn’t be complaining that it’s a “old port”, for me it’s an opportunity.

  14. In conclusion, the director’s cut version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a Wii U exclusive…? Two thumbs up for Square/Enix (and [if that rumor is true] Aussie developer Straight Right).

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