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Japan: Nintendo 3DS Reclaims Top Spot From PlayStation Vita


The Nintendo 3DS has reclaimed the top spot in the Japanese hardware charts after a huge sales boost for the PlayStation Vita. The PlayStation Vita was the best-selling format last week due to a well needed price cut. The Nintendo 3DS sold 69,439 units this week, compared to the PlayStation Vita which sold 36,028 units. Here’s the Japanese software and hardware charts.

  1. [PSP] Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment
  2. [PS3] Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix
  3. [3DS] Super Robot Wars UX
  4. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  5. [PSV] Soul Sacrifice
  6. [PS3] Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F
  7. [PS3] Dynasty Warriors 8
  8. [PS3] God of War: Ascension
  9. [3DS] Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies
  10. [3DS] Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden
  1. Nintendo 3DS XL – 47,985 (39,801)
  2. PlayStation Vita – 36,028 (63,581)
  3. Nintendo 3DS – 21,454 (21,207)
  4. PlayStation 3 – 20,676 (19,567)
  5. PSP – 12,721 (18,023)
  6. Wii U – 9,539 (9,454)
  7. Wii – 1,323 (1,363)
  8. Xbox 360 – 543 (738)

75 thoughts on “Japan: Nintendo 3DS Reclaims Top Spot From PlayStation Vita”

    1. I’d wait before thinking Vita sales are back to normal already, it might be a stock problem. The thing wasn’t selling and all of a sudden it does, most stores probably didn’t get another shipment already.

      Soul Sacrifice sold 75% of its initial shipment, I believe the same might have happened with Senran Kagura, maybe next week things pick up again

        1. It was 60k + for a couple of weeks.

          It’s good for the Vita, but in comparison to other systems, especially after price cuts, yeah it wasn’t that much.

      1. It might have another good week in the next report because of One Piece, although that’s also on PS3.

        After that, all you can say is good luck.

  1. well obviously
    Vita was up there just for some games released
    then when the outbrake ended, it will return down

  2. No duh… Seriously that might be the biggest sales spike of the year for the Vita in Japan which is pretty sad unless I am missing something .

    A price cut + PSO2 + Soul sacrifice+ 1 or 2 other big games , there is no other moment in 2013 confirmed for the vita as big as the one just passed. Killzone mercenary might do good and who knows what may get announced for Vita this year…

    Anyway , 3DS is just going to steamroll Japan , Maybe Vita will pick up momentum in its later years…

    1. I’m thinking the Vita will pick up after the PS4 is launched. Sony seems to quite like the idea of connecting the two systems.

      1. Okay, so for the Vita to sell they need a PS 4. A probable $ 450 and upwards machine really? No, they need games.

        1. There are still a good number of anticipated Vita games that have been announced for Japan and still others for North America. It will have a few more spikes throughout the year.

          1. Thanks simply G. Now that the Wii U has picked up in sales I needed a reason to buy a Vita. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate is Awesome.

              1. I did the impossible to get it …. legaly i traded revelation and Mario 64 ds that a neighbor gave me cause it did not worked but i fixed :D.

                    1. Understandable. I wanted to get it for Wii U but I have to hold back on buying anything I don’t need for a while.

                      *Responsibilities* :/

                    2. Same here.i got lucky i just have to give 12 dollars total but if i could i would have keep the games but if we want monster 4 we need to buy this 1.

      2. Funny thing though. That’s what Nintendo plans to do. For example, the next smash Bros will be on Wii U and 3ds. Suppose to be able to play between the two.

        1. Nintendo has done it in the past, even with the Wii + DS and Wii U + 3DS. I think PlayStation has just really put more focus on it (like PS3/Vita crossplay) and will likely do that even more so with the PS4’s launch.

          Nintendo can do it, but it’s not one of their main focuses.

    1. They are Japanese gamers, the are waiting on Dragon Quest X. Culture differs around the world from America. People just don’t buy COD and FPS related mess because disposable income is not as bountiful as here. The Wii U is fine.

    1. As was said about the Nintendo 3DS in 2011 poor 3DS. Now it is sitting on top of the world. Patience my friends.

      1. That isn’t true at all! Look at other American products like cars, clothes…etc. they love that stuff. You’ll be surprised how many people there wear Levis and Converse.

  3. you should have a 3rd representation that shows 3DS/3DS XL as a added up number, after all the only difference is size, they play all the same games and software. so they are basically the same device

  4. I’m curious about the WiiU sales in europe and america. I think MH3U, Need for Speed and Lego City should have boosted it quite a bit.

  5. Tsk,tsk,tsk. Pso was a huge game that did very little to the vita on japan so i guess i have to forget to get it here :(

  6. Damn… that’s it? Lol, all the Sony fanboys from major game sites were blowing their load hard over the Vita (IGN). 3DS has yet to even bring out X and Y; 3DS just continues to sell at a steady rate.

  7. Huh. Didn’t that happen at first too? For it’s first week, Vita sold pretty well, then started sucking, here it sold great for a week, now it’s going downhill again.

    1. For two weeks, there were highly anticipated games being released, so that gave the system a spike. It sold over 60k each of those weeks.

      Now that the games being released now aren’t quite as popular, then yes, less systems are being moved.

      I expect the same will happen a few other times throughout the year. There needs to be a consistent flow of recognizable games to sell systems.

  8. It’s always curious how the 3DS still sells the most systems, even when other formats are dominating the software chart. I guess Japan just loves 3DS’ o,o.

    That said, I can’t wait until KH HD is released here. I was so tempted to import it.

    1. I think they are cheap enough to have people buy diffrent colors or some 1 sells customs colors 3ds new.

      1. Also the 3ds library is big enough that even old games are moving consoles but not enough to apear on the list.

      2. That and they are personal items. So each person can own a 3DS whereas there’s usually one console (of each kind) to a household.

        So in a family of 5, they can each have a 3DS but share one PS3, for example. I guess.

  9. LOL, I love that whenever the Vita Shows bad sales, SonyDrones completely Ignore it & try to shift the Attention on Wii U. XD

      1. Go to Ign later last head lines was ” Vita out sells the 3ds ” this time will be wiiu still strugles.

  10. Not surprised, and Luigi’s mansion drops in a few days. I predict 3ds being #1 next week as well. Sony, time for another price cut!

  11. oh well, at least the faggot sony fanboys could trash talk the 3ds for one week, saying this is the turning point, where is all your good games, the vita is worse than the wii so far, haha

  12. Dat 3DS!!! I’m really worried about the Wii U though. This sluggish start can only be a bad thing. Nintendo really needs to get the system moving.

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