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Lots More Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut Wii U Details Emerge


More details have emerged regarding today’s announcement of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut for the Wii U by Square Enix. The latest information from Eurogamer focusses on gameplay changes, visual improvements, and much more. You can read all about the changes to the game below.

  • More than a port
  • Eidos Montreal says it’s the “ultimate edition of the game”
  • Eidos is working with Straight Right on the game
  • Deus Ex’s boss battles were originally outsourced
  • The three bosses have had their map layouts reworked to provide players with alternative potential strategies
  • New hacking challenges are available to players who focus on hacking, and stealth options are available to those who focus on stealth
  • Barrett’s map has been reworked to provide a second additional layer so Jensen can hide, forcing his foe to lose sight of him
  • Energy system is more forgiving on Wii U
  • Can have two energy cell recharge by default on all but the hardest difficulty
  • Players can now use Jensen’s augmentation powers more freely
  • Improved AI for enemies to include the tweaks made for The Missing Link downloadable expansion
  • Enemy cone of vision has been retrofitted into the entire game for the Wii U version
  • Missing Link DLC originally looked better than the main game since the developers were more comfortable with their tools when they came to create them
  • Missing Link’s improved visuals have now been applied to Director’s Cut full game
  • Includes better shaders and revamped lighting system
  • New fog system that “makes the atmosphere really stand out”
  • Choppy shadows are now smoothed
  • Visual improvements not possible on the Xbox 360 since there’s not enough disc space available
  • Anti-aliasing also wouldn’t work on the console but is in for Wii U
  • GamePad ued for new augmentation called Neural Hub
  • The game’s Smart Vision augmentation, which allows players to see enemies through walls, was extended and fused with the GamePad, resulting in the Neural Hub
  • Use the GamePad to see enemy health, armor type (heavy, medium, or light) and loot
  • Can use the GamePad to navigate menus, display the map, augmentation system, inventory, etc.
  • Swipe controls
  • Grenade throwback: equip a proximity detector that alerts him to a nearby grenade
  • If an enemy chucks a grenade at you, the GamePad will vibrate, and you can swipe the touch-screen to pick it up and lob it back
  • Touch screen shows Jensen’s radar by default, which is a sort of hybrid between the main radar and the 2D map
  • Can open the 2D map on the GamePad and use the stylus to write notes that will appear on the main radar screen
  • Use the touch screen for the hacking mini-game
  • Weapons that have a scope (ex: sniper rifle) will let you use your TV to center your target, then enter a precision mode using the touch-screen, which displays the cross-hair
  • Around 8 hours of commentary from Eidos Montreal
  • Icons dotted around the world can activate this voice over, and you’re free to continue playing as you listen

Thanks, Nintedward

83 thoughts on “Lots More Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut Wii U Details Emerge”

  1. Hopefully this will be better than the ME3 port they did, but seeing as Eidos is closely working with SR on this game whereas EA and Bioware just left them alone to just make a quick port, I have high hopes.

    1. The ME3 port was impressive for a launch title and it only took Straight right 6 months to do the port , some say even less time. The touch screen gameplay was awesome , the game runs like a dream and is even more stable than the ps3 and 360 version , the online with voice chat is immense and works like a charm , off screen play , DLC built in etc.

      ME3 special edition was spot on , I think Deus ex directors cut will be way better cus they’ve had more time with the game.

      1. im seriously WAY excited for this lol. it has a ton of things in it that i have thought would be awesome to be in a game since the wii u was announced and since i played the original deus ex. the improved visuals, ai, and boss fights taht actually give you options with how you want to fight them are HUGE improvements, and the icing on the cake was the fact that scoped weapons allow you to use the gyroscope to aim. im totally sold on this game, even if i already own it on pc, these improvements seem totally worth it to me.

    2. Mass Effect franchise in general sucks so much ass. I bought the Xbox trilogy, played for maybe an hour and was BORED out of my mind I turned it off and never turned it on again. What a waste of my money!

      1. Did you only play the original? Have you played any of them before? I ask only because I was in the same boat as you. I played the original for a little bit and was like “how boring, what is all this hype about”. Then, some months later on a deployment to Afghanistan, I ran out of games to beat, so I went back to Mass Effect and gave it another shot. After a bit, I got hooked into the story and finished it, and jumped into ME2, which played much better and ended up buying 3 when it came out and finished all 3 games and did all the side quests and everything by the time I was done. Mind you, this was on the PC versions, which are actually the worst.

        I highly recommend giving it another shot, and push through a bit longer, you won’t be disappointed.

    3. I’ve seen a lot of what’s been ported to WiiU, and although most of it was great, a lot felt very tacked in just for gamepad brag rights, if you know what I mean. Things like simple, normal tasks made a little harder by having to use the gamepad.

      After reading through these, I sincerely feel almost all of them are using the system SINCERELY intuitively. Other than the hacking mini game, it all makes a lot of sense and by the sounds of it, plays great like all the other ports.

      Except this isn’t just a port. Really excited, I’ve always seen Deus Ex. Tempted on Steam, but this takes the cake. :D

    1. Same here! I hope that it’s like $50 instead of the $60. But even if it is $60, I will be buying this to show my support and finish the game!

    1. I Know Right! It’s like the 3DS department, with Japanese people being meek felt bad for the 2011 crazy expensive price of the original 3DS the want every game rpg side scroller and educational software on the 3DS lol.

  2. Cool man, thats a pretty undebatable deal if someone hasnt played this game.
    But, the game is like £5 on PSN and Steam….
    I hope they arent planning on selling this full price.

      1. Well ive been a PS fan since the begining so obviously im excited. I duno if i’ll buy it at launch, i doubt i’ll get it in its first year

    1. Oh you know they are planning just that.

      But it won’t just be full price. It’ll have the extra Wii U tax. Where £40 becomes £45 or even £50.

      1. Try £59 lol greedy taxin c***s if games were back to the £30 range the industry would be healthier in uk and hmv and game wouldnt have had problems

        1. I do not want to sound like a troll or a douce, but I could gladly pay 80£ for some games. Especially long RPGs. This is because the hourly value you get out of the game is far higher than in any other form of Media. If a movie costs 10£ (which they seldom do) and gives you 2 hours of entertainment that is 5£/hour. If a video game is 100 hours long and costs 100£ it is 1£/ hour. Even then when the price is double the current price and I take the cheapest movie examples video games are still more profit for the money for the customer than the most similar form of media. We should be happy that video games offers as much contains as they do at the low cost they come at. Another thing worth to note is that good video games have higher replayability than most movies have rewatchability due to collectables and easter eggs.

          TL;DR Video games are dirt cheap compared to other media forms.

  3. Im gonn buy this for wii u even if i already have it on pc .. its the perfect way to play this game with the gamepad , i cant wait ;)

  4. never played it, but they will charge full price for this :S so i am not planing on buying it (i just know they will charge full price)

  5. I am all but sold at this moment , I’m interested , never played any Deus ex game before …
    Another one to add to the massive list of confirmed 2013 wiiu games I am gettin.

    Lego City
    Monster Hunter Ultimate
    Need for speed U
    Game and Wario
    Pikmin 3
    Wonderfull 101
    Resident evil revelations U
    Deus ex Directors cut
    Yarn yoshi
    Shin megami tensei X fire emblem
    Project cars
    AC4 black flag
    Windwaker HD

    lol and they say Wiiu has no games . Add to this list a buttload that aren’t announced
    and other not confirmed for 2013 like

    Bayonetta 2 , Mario Kart , 3D mario U , X and more :D

    1. How many games you got so far nintedward?

      Ive got

      Batman ac
      COD blops2
      Sing party
      Assasins creed 3
      Zombi u
      Darksiders 2
      Epic micky 2
      Nintendo land
      Mass effect 3
      Ninja gaiden 3
      Tank tank tank

      Not including vc or indie games :-P
      Add me if anyone wants kjebb12
      May see you around miiverse :-D

      1. Here I go , I will write sold next to the game which I have bought , played and sold .

        Nintendo Land
        Ninja Gaiden 3
        AC3 (tyranny of king Washington DLC)
        Blops 2
        Sonic racing
        Batman Arkhum city – sold
        Tekken tag 2 – sold
        Darksiders 2 – sold
        Trine 2 directors cut
        Nano assault neo
        Mighty switch force hyper drive
        Tank tank tank F2P ver

        :) . Getting Need for speed most wanted U and Monster Hunter Ultimate tomorow!

        BTW , how is epic mickey 2 on wiiu ?

          1. There is , but I got a bit bored of it and I needed some money one day… the games I sold are all awesome too , I just needed some money.

        1. Its alright not my cup of tea didnt play the first but I can see the appeal. I forgot to add sonic racing transformed.

          Ive already had £25 back on the premium promo id happily download more but it takes forever to download large games like batman is 22gb I think.

          Took 16 hours :-/

          Router is next to wii u and on wii u is 560kbs on pc its 24.01mbs

          Hope they rectify it or the premium deal is almost useless would tale a few indie vc downloads to hit first £5

      2. Hey, how is epic mickey 2? Wondering cause it’s totally a game that my wife would be willing to play with me and that’s fun! :D

        1. Its a decent chill out game tbh if your going for something a bit easy going with a few challenges then its a good shout it isnt overly violent ie blood and guts you just have paint and thinner good game to spend a bit time with the wife as she wont get bored of it and provides to your gaming needs in a sense of you wont get moaned at lol

    2. Lol, i’m only getting like 4 games from your list. 5 if i play a demo of Wonderful 101 and really like it.

      1. Yeah , I mean I will wait to see how each game is received first before I buy. But I am all set for wiiu games in 2013 :D . If games like Mario Kart and stuff get announced for release this year then I’m gunna be swamped :O Not to mention there is a pretty large list of 3DS must buys coming aswell. Luigi’s mansion 2 , Fire emblem , Animal crossing , Pokemon X and Y and more…

    3. If you’ve played Dishonored, then you somewhat know what to expect in Deus Ex. If you haven’t even played THAT, then get ready to rethink how you play games — because you’ll have to do that for Deus Ex.

      1. i’ve not played dishonoured , i’m looking to pick it up for 360 soon , it’s on my list of tripple A games that I missed. The list also includes games such as Tomb raider …. I will most likely wait unti later this year till they’re dirt cheap second hand…

        1. Hey bro…. I HIGHLY recommend Tomb Raider for the 360. That is one game I got and never put down until I beat it. The multiplayer is not that fun tho…. but it’s ok.

          But the single player is the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have that game from day one!!!!

          Also another recommendation is Gears of war Judgment…….. I can’t put that game down… it’s very fresh from the others.

          Who have xboxlive add me let us do some match………venomjamaica

    4. Nice list man,I will probably pick all them up to.And some others that nintendo keeping quite ie xenoblade 2!!

  6. Considering how many areas that needed improvement that I knew of in the three times I played the game, to see those expected areas be improved is definitely making this game be a must-buy. The graphics for Missing Link were unquestionably an improvement over the rest of the game, so to see the entire game’s graphics improved in that same fashion is awesome. Also, reworked boss fights? Hell yeah. Better energy system? Yes. I’m not sure how I feel about enemy cone vision as I got by not needing that, but I guess it can remind me of Metal Gear or something while I’m playing. Good stuff, good stuff.

  7. Ohhhhh Snaaaap! That’s what I’m talking bout!! The true potential of the Wii U is finally being harnessed it seems! Let the haters become lovers lol

  8. This seems like a must have with all these improvements, and all the people who loved the game, and the freaking 50 dollar price tag. SUPPORT THIRD PARTIES GUYS.

  9. Ok, so it does sound more than just a straight port, and Eidos is working together with Straight Right this time. I was going to get it on PC since I haven’t played, but I might bite; and Eidos is working alongside Straight Right, so it should be better than some of the ports we had for the system.

  10. All that and no ‘mote/chuck support and/or gyro aiming??? C’mon! Some of us CAN’T stand dual analog control in FPS’ and that’s a very small fix! Ugh!

    1. Not an issue with this game. You dont need to make quick movements, its a stealth game really, all your shooting should be done slowly and accurately anyway. The time where it isnt slow its works fine.

  11. “Visual improvements not possible on the Xbox 360 since there’s not enough disc space available.”

    “Anti-aliasing also wouldn’t work on the console { xbox 360 and PS3 } but is in for Wii U.”

  12. Where the hell is Bill? I didn’t see any comments saying how unmanly this is. Ill buy this game to support the system and I never played it.I must have like 10 games at least. Bought 3 yesterday in target. 3rd one was free. I really hope nintendo has a really good E3.

    1. Since monday, the trolls have transformed into believers. Even more juicy was the news EA CEO was stepping down, and EA being voted as the worst company in the US.

      1. You’ve got a nice little imagination there, Gamer.
        Trolls will never change.
        Mark my words, they’ll be back to their usual antics the instant another Pachter article pops up.

  13. I blame all the trolls in good faith for all this wonderful torrential downpour of games on the Wii U. Especially since we are getting the best of upgraded PC level ports and next generational wonders alá Watch Dogs, AC4 etc.

  14. More great news, I guess we just had to make it to the first major release since launch, now we’re officially good to go.

    1. 1) Capcom for coming through with monster hunter 2 Ultimate, Monster hunter 4 and Res revelations.

      2) Ubisoft for giving us Zombie U and AC3, though the Blundered with Rayman Legends.

  15. THAT’S a lot of info on the game including improvements and exclusive features using the GamePad. This is ultimately the first time Square/Enix and Eidos are releasing the Deus Ex franchise on a Nintendo console. Add bonus points for Straight Right for developing another definitive title for the Wii U.

    1. agreed, from what I’ve played of Mass Effect 3: Special Edition (I haven’t finished it yet), they do really good work and they now how to integrate the gamepad as more than just a map

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  17. COME ON THEN BILL say something u lil fag ! No ? No ? Then ther was silence at f**king silence at last ! Gone are the trolls

  18. Game looks impressive. Only, yet another game I have NEVER heard of! I am just waiting for Pikmin 3 and Zelda…

  19. cheap port with cheap aditions and lazy graphics NO THANKS SERIOUSLY THIS ISNT SUPPORT ITS AN INDUSTRY INSULT TO WIIU OWNERS


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