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Project Cars Developer Says Wii U Screams Innovation


Slightly Mad Studios Creative Director Andy Tudor believes that the Wii U GamePad just screams innovation. Tudor was speaking in an interview with Now Gamer about the forthcoming Project Cars which is being released for Wii U. Tudor explained to the publication in an earlier interview that Project Cars for Wii U will run at 720p, but says that the game will look and feel amazing. Here’s what Tudor had to say about the Wii U and its unique GamePad.

“The gamepad just screams new innovations for gameplay and is a perfect match when thinking about using the gyroscope as a handheld wheel like in Mario Kart Wii and showing data on the screen such as a map, telemetry, speedo, or rear view mirror.

“When you couple that with Miiverse functionality and community it’s a no-brainer.”

“Honestly, each has their own advantages: the PC will always benefit from the most bleeding edge processors and graphics cards but the Wii U has brand-new ways of interacting via the Gamepad, and the PS3/Xbox 360 versions continue to push those machines to their very limits whilst hooking in to already-popular systems like PSN and Xbox Live.”

“So no one single platform wins I’m afraid!”

98 thoughts on “Project Cars Developer Says Wii U Screams Innovation”

  1. I’m glad my gamepad doesn’t scream “innovation!” That would get annoying after a while.

    I joke. Obviously the gamepad can prove to be quite useful in games. I really look forward to seeing what more devs can do with it. I really want to see some extra creative stuff.

    1. lol . I’m definitely buying this on Wiiu. 720p 30FPS sounds cushty to me as long as all the lighting and shit is good. All other platforms can suck a dick!

      1. PC owns ’em all. Pay 40€ at my local store and get the definitive version with the smoothest framerate, the highest resolution, the most control shemes and best online (if available).

          1. No because I love my Wii U but I just say how it is. If theres a Multiplat then it’s best on PC. A good example is Skyrim. Strong hardware+MODS+much more memory= the definitive version.

            1. Why does everyone make such a big deal out of mods?
              If a game’s good points without player interventions can’t make it stand out on its own, then there’s something wrong with the game. That’s my stance on it.

              1. You dont understand. let say I buy a really old game for my pc, years old, the graphics and lighting etc just aren’t up to par, the game doesn’t feel as imersive so you grab some texture pack mods, lighting mods, or an entirely new campaign to play, look at half life, buy the game once right, can old get so much fun out of the game, but as soon as it gets tiresome grab mods, these can be little to full mods, entirely new games to play, or touch up what ever the case, these mods are free-so for the price of free you can re-enjoy a game or you could get hundreds more hours out of your games using mods, without paying for crap

        1. Yeah , but you have to have a big ass gaming PC to max it out , and I just can’t be bothered managing one of them. I think I will buy a Gaming PC , but only when I can get one for less than £1000 that can keep up with PS4 and 720 multiplats….

          1. My friend….for 1000£ You’ll get something that is even stronger than the PS5, the fourth XBOX and the 9th gen Nintendo. Also it’s a common misconception that people need to upgrade every year. Before I had my new GPU I had a Radeon 4850 which is still able to handle some games very well.

            1. I have a feeling that when the secind wave of proper multiplats for PS4 and 720 come they will require like 10-12GB RAM minimum and an I7 and all that shit…
              I’m probably wrong , I don’t know shit about gaming PC’s really. But I don’t wanna buy one now only to find out it struggles with PS4 , 720 multiplats on a year and a half…

              1. No. The PS4’s processor which is based on the bobcat cpu is pretty ewual to the Wii U’s CPU PER CORE. Having an i7 doesn’t mean anything because i3,i5 & i7 are just feature numbers just like the first number on the radeon GPU’s. If you have an i5 3570k then you have a CPU from.the third gen which can be overclocked and is only about 10% than an i7 3770k. The main difference from i5 to i7 is just that i7’s have an integrated GPU and can do.multithreading. Also 8Gb’s of RAM are even enough for Crysis 3 because most Graphics Cards have their own VRAM.

                1. Even 2GB of RAM is enough for Crysis 3…. WTF are you talking about?

                  AND YES… i have tested it with 2GB, 4GB and 8GB of RAM

      2. They only competition the Wii U has really is the 3DS in terms of competition. Nintendo’s Wii U division has to ask for assistance from that division my goodness the Wii U rising but the 3DS is a beast that stays in beast mode.

  2. People bitch about it not being 1080p, but when I look at that picture, it looks fantastic.
    Also, most the people who are complaining about the graphics didn’t even notice that it was just 720p until the Devs said so, *sigh* graphics whores. . .

    1. actually the human eye is unable to discern the minute differences between 720 and 1080, or is that 180 and 1240… either way the differences are so small that there is no way to really be aware of the slight differences in a video game.

      1. LOL WHAT?

        Resolution has nothing to do with the human eye. LMFAO. What you was going to say is that the Human eye can’t discern the difference between 30fps and 60fps that much.

      2. That’s BS lol. If you have a native 720p no AA next to native 1080p no AA running next to each other , you can easily pick out the 1080p one.

        There isn’t THAT much difference between the 2 , but let’s not be stupid. A hardcore gamer can easily see the difference between the 2.

        1. Being a “hardcore gamer” has nothing to do with being able to tell the difference.
          It comes down to how much someone cares about graphics.
          You don’t have to be a hard-core gamer to be someone that cares just a bit too much about graphical quality.

            1. Nintedward just unknowingly labeled himself as a Hardcore games since he can tell the different, ironically its the term that Nintendo fanboys detested the most, you contradicted yourself.Good Job Sir..

          1. Yeah , that’s what I meant. But typically only hardcore gamers are the ones who really care about the difference in resolution. 60% of gamers don’t give a crap and just want to play the games…

          2. I know that , my point is your average , normal gamer can’t tell the difference between 720p and 1080p or at least they don’t care. The only people who care are your more ”hardcore” gamers.

            1. Sorry but Im not entirely sure what is the differences between “Hardcore Gamers” and More Hardcore Gamers”.

              1. @Nintedward, this is my understanding of what you said, your “More Hardcore Gamers” are graphic whores and Hardcore gamers can are also Nintendo fans such as yourself. Am I right?

                1. You have confused me. Normal gamers don’t care about resolution they think their xbox’s are in 1080p just cus it upscales. Hardcore gamers typically know and care about the difference in resolution…

            2. I’d say that the “hardcore” gamer doesn’t exist. I’d say there are two distinctions: Casual gamers: (Wii Sports, party games, ext.) And just plain Gamers: (Zelda, Halo, God of War, and everything in between)

              1. I’d say this
                Casual/child – party , cartoon , sports games etc

                Casual – doesn’t play much games but does play and enjoy games

                Gamer – plays regularly , plays a good amount of games each year and is knowledgeable about gaming..

                Hardcore gamer – craves for intense gaming , plays hundreds if not thousands of hours a year , plays a large amount of games varying in genre and goes on the internet to read about games very often.

              2. A ‘dedicated’ gamer is someone who plays EVERYTHING. They love video games so much, that they buy every single platform that there is to get the complete gaming experience. A self-professed ‘hardcore’ gamer is someone whom believes that whatever games or genres they deem to be good or bad ARE good or bad and anyone whom disagrees with them is stupid, immature, a fanboy, fanbot, and other expletives and choice adjectives.

                Most people whom are the MOST dedicated gamers either have a LOT OF MONEY or a poor sense of responsibility. What I mean is that they either make a lot of cash so they have a lot of cash to go out and buy all that stuff, or, they spend money that they know they shouldn’t on all that stuff. :)

                There are many different levels of being a dedicated gamer. Some people make not play a lot of games but the few games they have they play on a consistent basis. For instance, I only have two actual XBOX 360 game DISCS (Gears Of War 3, and Modern Warfare 3.) I have a lot of XBLA games. I only have 1 Wii U game disc (NintendoLand), but I have two eShop games (Trine 2: Director’s Cut and Nano Assault NEO.) I don’t play a whole lot, but the games are there when I’m ready. I’m probably closer to being a casual than a dedicated.

      3. Well, actually it falls to the individual and sitting distance. However most people can’t tell the difference between 720p and 1080p so yeah, you were on the right track. Especially when AA or other versions of edge softening is used people can’t tell the difference.

    2. on my 360 there is forza motorsport,4 an 5, an both run in 720p, but crucially at 60fps, an on my ps3 i have gran turismo 5,which is native 1280 by 1080p,an at 60fps, so why on earth is this game not at 60fps? for a racing game 60fps is more important, an theoretically easy to do, as there are allot of repeating textures,an the player doesn’t focus on scenery as its going by so fast, an since wii u is a next gen console, at bare minimum it should be at 720p at 60fps! thats lazy, for ps3 an 360 fair enough, but wii u should be running it at 60fps, no less,if gt5 an forza can run at 60fps, then wii u should be able to run this game at 60fps too,its not a big issue, as long as the 30fps is locked,an vsync too,because i did see on a gameplay of it,with 35 cars on screen, it was pc gameplay, granted,but if the wii u version has 35 cars on screen at once too, then its understandable, but i would prefer them to just make it 12 or a little more, since 35 cars is just a cluster fuk,an everyone just bumps into each other instead of racing clean, like a real race,this is after all suppose to be a sim racer,shame the developers are not using the wii u hard ware to its fulest, we all know it should be able to run it at 720p60fps easy,since if ps3 can run gt5 at native 1280 by 1080p, up scaled to 1920 by 1080p at 60fps, an 360 forza at 720p at 60fps, wii u can too!

    1. There’s quite a difference. If you have an 40” screen, than 720p games will look fantastic, but if you have a larger screen, like 63” you will see the clear diference between 720p and 1080p.

        1. Yep, unless you sit very close to it, like a monitor, you will never tell the diference. Full HD screens are better for 40” and above.

          1. Good thing I got a 40” then :D I also bought my TV for my Wii U, otherwise I have no use for it ;)

        2. I got a 32” 1080p LG aswell. It all has to do with how close you want to sit to the screen. If your eyes are 1 foot away from the screen , you can see all the jaggies and individual pixels , if you’re 2-3 metres away , you can’t and it all looks clearer.

          So with TV size , it’s about finding the right balance between pixels per inch and the distance you sit away from your tv. So if you have a massive room you want a massive TV that you can sit far away from. If you have a smaller front room you should probably get a smaller tv…

          The 3DS and XL have the same resolution , but with the small 3DS you have to hold it closer to your eyes to see it properly. the XL allows you to hold view from a longer more comftorbl range.

            1. Depends what jeans :P . It is bigger but I can fit it into my pocket :) You might want to try it out before you buy it , cus the original 3DS is more portable and has a better PPI. But the Xl is comfier to hold , the 3D is bigger and easier to appreciate and like I said you can hold the XL further away from your face. Like imagine holding a 3DS dead close and squinting a bit at it and then imagine holding one at a relaxed more natural range.. that’s the difference.

          1. Exactly, What I find interesting on WiiU is that non native 1080p content is upscaled. My TV have a feature that tells me the exactly resolution the content is being played. On my PS3 games change from 720p (most), 1080p (only a few like MGS4) and other resolutions like 640p and 1080i. But on WiiU, it only runs at 1080p. every game and menus.

            1. Yeah my TV tells you what resolution is running through it. Everything on Wiiu even the wii feature is all 1080p upscaled or native. If I plug my gamecube in it goes to 480p 60HZ , If I plug my old dvd player in it goes to 576i 50HZ etc etc.

  3. “when thinking about using the gyroscope as a handheld wheel like in Mario Kart Wii”

    …..Yeah we know how “well” that worked.

    I didn’t like the wheel controls so.I switched to either Wiimote+Nunchuck or GC pad.

        1. Depends on the game and if your trying to play an arcade style game or sim. But each to their own. Some games it was loads of fun and when you get used to it, it was great, but with others… Yeah crap.

  4. Tired of hearing these debates go back and forth. Most people don’t even realize that the majority of xBox games are below 720P and still look amazing

    But anyways…… Honestly with a a movie or a video game console, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference betweeon 720P and 1080P in most scenarios. Trust me, as a professional A/V systems designer I deal with this on a day to day basis.

    It all comes down to the size of the screen and you’re viewing distance. As an example, the only way you will notice a difference between 720p and 1080p with a 42″ TV is if you sit closer than 5 feet from the TV. If you sit farther away than 5′, then it is physically impossible for the majority of people to distinguish a difference in the resolution.

    Of course, this changes with the size of the TV. For example, for a 50″ TV, the viewing distance where you could begin to tell the difference is about 6 1/2 feet. Generally, the rule we go by is that it’s impossible for most people to tell the difference between a 720p and a 1080p TV if you are sitting closer than 1.5 times the diagonal screen size.

    1. It’s not very important what number as long as it is clear but there is no reason why the Wij U shouldn’t be able to hamdle it at 60fps. Looking at the supposed specs (custom E6760, Espresso PPC750, Edram cache) I can’t find the reason why it shouldn’t be strong enough. Those specs alone are roughly a bit more than 4*current gen.

        1. Nvidia Titan? That should easiliy handle it at console like settings or is the framerate engine related like Need for Speed Most wamted where a lot of PC’s were only able to do 30fps.

      1. It is interesting that they’re calling it 720P but that its running at 30fps…. Typically 720P means 60 fps….. technicalities aside… I suppose it comes down to how much is rendering on screen, i.e. other cars, weather, background, etc. Perhaps they could have made it run at 60fps by pushing the system harder or having less going on on-screen. Perhaps they’re playing it safe, I don’t know. ….Don’t forget they are processing video for two screens vs. one, and wirelessly streaming to one of them….

        What I do know is that I would rather a game look clear and run smooth at 30fps then be glitchy and full of screen tearing or excessive lag when the action gets busy at 60fps like I’ve seen on some of my xBox 360 games….

        1. You don’t have to worry about tearing on Nintendo consoles because Vsync seems to be something like a “minimum quality requirement” for Nintendo. But the second screen thing could be very well the reason why a lot of games are only 30fps. Another reason could be because Slightly Mad doesn’t want PS360 gamers which are still the biggest part of this economy to feel screwed.

    2. Yes, It is very relative. I found my Wii games really horrible to play on an LCD screen, It just wasn’t in the same resolution as before, but once I sat down a little far from the TV they looked fantastic! even better than on a CRT tv.

    1. My friends are exactly like this. Everybody was impressed with the Zelda Techdemo, “ow man, finally Nintendo has an HD console with great graphics!” but once WiiU specs came out, they stoped believing in their eyes, and instead, started believing the numbers.

      1. I personally wouldn’t want the Wii U to be super strong because of the graphics but because of the games because if the difference to the competition is too big then the Wii U would get either a heavily downscaled version or nothing so Wii would loose anyway.

        1. PS4 and NeXtbox games will not have that much graphically difference over WiiU games. Third-Party games never take full advantages of the hardware, since these companies have to find a balance between the platforms the game will be released. Also, Nintendo games on Wii such as Mario Galaxy and Skyward Sword only suffered (on the graphical side) from not being HD, in comparision with many PS3 and 360 games, Nintendo creative designs really stand out.

          One thing that I always get a Nintendo platform to play is because nintendo is a rare type of companie these days, they don’t sacrifice gameplay over graphics. instead they make a fun, imersive, unique game with creative design choices.

  5. I like the way these guys think, they’re a lot more open minded than the usual american developers (not sure if they’re american, but who cares)

  6. I can’t wait for dual gamepad support! I’m sure game designers will find AWESOME and innovating ways to multiplay where players in the same room have both induvidual information as well as “global” information.

  7. Quote :

    “Honestly, each has their own advantages: the PC will always benefit from the most bleeding edge processors and graphics cards but the Wii U has brand-new ways of interacting via the Gamepad, and the PS3/Xbox 360 versions continue to push those machines to their very limits whilst hooking in to already-popular systems like PSN and Xbox Live.”

    He stated no single platform wins as well. Only that this game will push the PS3 and Xbox360 to their edge. Why buy it for these two machines I ask that are being discontinued in 2014-early 2015 ( PS3 and xbox360 ).

    1. While the main focus won’t be on the PS360 anymore, I can assure you that Sony and Microsoft will continue putting the systems on store shelves as long as they sell. It will also take a while before third parties completely abandon them and jump to the PS4/NextBox.

  8. Wii U is 1080P, 60 frames per second native. Why are nintendo fans, drones and xbots complaining. Not all games are going to be in those resolution frames; especially not the first 6 months to a year of the console. Using the Chainsaw long sword in Monster hunter 3 Ultimate recking face :).

  9. I am really worried about the lack of triggers in the Gamepad. For a racing game you need this functionality. Did you play F1 on Wii? It was hell tryng to control acceleration with a button.

    1. Works fine, played Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed with the gamepad and it was the second best racing game I ever played. Second to Mario Kart Double-Dash of course! :P

    2. An unimportant Bystander

      Or…… put the whole interior of the car in the gamepad, and make a touchable gear shift????

  10. Nintendo Commander

    I want to see how creative this tribe can be with their next game…

    If not then you need to evolve more and stop saying things in advance…

    Second, the power of the Vita is insignificant next to the power of the 3DS…
    No handheld will ever beat us!

    Any so called “Nintendo Fan” that doubts our Empire will be considered an Xbot…

  11. Innovation means nothing when it takes an hour to load games and the internet connectivity is beyond belief. In simple terms, innovation means nothing when the overall experience is horrible.

  12. This guy is intelligent beyond measure!!! I am so buying his game! See, if people want their games to sell well on a Nintedo platform all they need to do is praise the game system! It motivates Nintendo fans to buy their game! EA should take notes 😜

  13. DarklordNintendoFan

    I love these guys. They realize the innovation of the Wii U and the controller. Now if only the other developers would realize this and stop being too lazy to put their games on the Wii U.

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