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Need For Speed Most Wanted DLC Will Come If Sales Meet Expectations


Alex Ward, the Creative Director of Criterion Games, has told a fan on Twitter that the downloadable content for Need for Speed: Most Wanted for Wii U will only come if sales meet EA’s expectations. The Wii U edition of Need For Speed: Most Wanted comes with the Ultimate Speed DLC, but it is missing the Terminal Velocity, Movie Legends and Heroes DLC packs.

“Only one way to solve this. Support the game. If the sales are there it makes sense to do the DLC. Simple as that.”

56 thoughts on “Need For Speed Most Wanted DLC Will Come If Sales Meet Expectations”

      1. As CEO any major decision about the company has to go through even if it is developed and or executed with someone underneath him. Pretty common knowledge about how businesses work.

    1. I know your intentions are good but I’ll rather do this with bayoneta 2 even thou i have never played the game before! :) hmm…. 3DS friend code? ^_^

  1. probably won’t come then. I like Criterion, but the racing genre doesn’t appeal to everyone, and this is an ‘old’ game, so chances are people already own it on other consoles. In any case, not a whole lot of other games are releasing, so that’s good, but i doubt it will sell in the millions

  2. Here’s hoping the game sells really well. I tried to pick up my copy yesterday but every store in my area only got 1 copy each…which sounds really fishy. If stores don’t stock up on the game soon, it may be very hard to meet the sales expectations.

    1. Virus was weird on

      REEEEAAAAALLY fishy!
      I’ve never heard of anything so…fishy.
      (I’m gonna use the word ‘fishy’ more! Lolololol :)

    2. That happens when people do not preorder games. Usually only one or a few copies of games are sent to stores unless a good number of people preorder.

  3. Oh GOODIE we’ll get dlc!
    This makes me so much happier

  4. I’ll be picking it up when the price drops to match the other console versions. You can’t have 360/PS3 versions selling new for about £15, and then charge £40 for the Wii U version. That will seriously dent your sales, by a fuckton.

    I hope it sells well enough that we can get more games from Criterion. But I don’t care about the dlc either way. Will not purchase it even if it does come to the system.

    Side note: does anyone know if the online requires origin? I haven’t played an EA game in a while and I’m not sure if their console games require an origin account? I’m sure there was backlash a while ago over some company requiring their useless accounts for online play, can’t remember if it was EA, Ubisoft or someone else. This is a deal breaker for me.

    1. You do know just that the reason the others are cheaper is cause it sold well and the installed base is huge?

      1. It’s a release date thing more than anything else. Which ties with the sales as you said.

        The other versions would have been full price when they released too of course. Now that they’ve been out a while, the price drops. I know that.

        But releasing Wii U games at full price when the other versions are less than half price, is going to seriously affect your sales. I understand why it happens, but it’s just not acceptable.

        I’ll get it when its £15-20. Not before.

          1. Yea, I saw that. I checked their UK site, but they’ve got it for £45.

            I’ll keep an eye on it though, see if they offer the UK a similar sale. But I think thats asking too much really.

      1. I’m not really sure what Miiverse has to do with anything?

        All games have a Miiverse community, but Miiverse is in no way involved in the online play architecture of the Wii U. It’s just a messageboard, with game integration. It’s nothing to do with the online system.

        Do you know if the 360/PS3 vesions use origin?

    1. It Will Come But only If EA Sees that the Sales Meet the expectations,Current Sales expectations as far as i know are the following: ???

    1. As posted above, they’re selling it for 29.99 and free shipping in the US and Canada on Origin. I bought my copy and for that price, I don’t feel I can go wrong. Even if there is no DLC.

  5. like another said, holding DLC to ransom, thats like releasing it with no color and saying you will get color if sales are big becuase i really need that new escalade.
    typical EA shit.
    i am still getting the game though, preorder on amazon, paid to much.

  6. Traded in my Vita version and bought the Wii U version. Stores like gamestop only had 1 copy other than pre-orders, so there isn’t huge demand right out of the gate. I will say after playing for an hour the graphics are AMAZING. Plus the gamepad functionality is the best yet on Wii U. My 4 year old plays on the pro controller and if he gets stuck or in too much heat I’m there on the gamepad to take over. its awesome. you can turn night to day and traffic on and off with one tap on the pad as well as toggle the use of each controller turned on at that time.

  7. *Sigh*
    It looks like they STILL haven’t learned the key lesson.
    They keep demanding sales to meet their expectations by giving out half-assed ports.


    Take a look at the Deus Ex situation. They’re doing SO MUCH to improve that game for the Wii U.
    Not expecting sales that their LAZY, DLC-LACKING PORT doesn’t deserve.

      1. Its a great port but holding dlc for ransom isnt cool..
        Im not supporting ea after all the shit they pulled.

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