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Luigi’s Mansion 2 Developer: “We Found Out About The Year Of Luigi At The Same Time You Did”

luigi's_mansion_dark_moon_toadDeveloped by Next Level Games, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, also known as Luigi’s Mansion 2, launches next week exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. Interestingly, the upcoming game’s producer, Ken Yeeloy, claims that he and his team at Next Level Games didn’t hear about the “Year of Luigi” until the Nintendo Direct online presentation in February, which was when Nintendo announced to the public that 2013 belongs to Mario’s green-garbed brother.

“We found out about the Year of Luigi at the same time you did. We woke up that morning and found out through the [Nintendo direct] video!”

-Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Producer Ken Yeeloy

55 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion 2 Developer: “We Found Out About The Year Of Luigi At The Same Time You Did””

      1. Platinum_Johnny Nintendo Commander is a different person. He resides in Europe, while I hold fort in the Pacific north west. This day has me smiling, and in stitches laughing at how level 5 work for nintendo. It’s like a 5 year old that knows how to switch a tv on but does not know how his dad programmer the remote lol.

          1. Trust me Nintendo commander even has me amazed. Have you met warrior? He pops in every 2 weeks. To prove am not nintendo commander, he and I shall be online in monster hunter 3 ultimate when it hit Europe and Capcom uploads the offscreen, region unlock software.

      2. Be careful what you wish for, that dude will probably tell us our arsenal is so potent and high tech amazing even the people developing it don’t know that which the themselves envisioned lol hahahahaha. Then he will end with high command :).

        1. Too bad he is barely online at all but he is probably buying new games to enjoy…

          I so will get Luigi’s Mansion 2 as soon as possible though…

          I just hope High Command is working on atleast 1Metroid game…

          1. Nintendo Commander, the Wii U is receiving games. What our fellow gamers should realize is that now that the Wii U is getting the true block buster games monster hunter 3 ultimate and Lego city. As a start those are the initiators. This allows us to get also previous releases with enhanced PC visuals and mechanics, also DLC included with AI increased such as Deux EX directors cut.

            1. Lego city a blockbuster? Wow joke of the daycman, Lego city’s a joke… Monster hunter is the only initiator right now

  1. I think Nintendo is too secretive and it impresses me, though I think this is also one of the reasons they stumble upon with 3rd parties.

    1. To be fair, finding out about the “year of Luigi” didn’t really affect their game since it’s just an elaborate name to celebrate multiple game releases with Luigi in them. I bet a lot of people didn’t know about it within Nintendo, even the people who are working on those games.

      1. its just marketing. i bet it wasn’t even planned in any way, somebody just noticed “oh hey, we’ve got a couple of luigi games coming out” and decided to spin it into marketing by making it look like “we’ve planned this all along. more luigi for everyone! its the year of luigi!”…. :D

  2. It would have been nice to have a year of luigi logo when you start the game up or a little easter egg about it. Im sure the devs would have done something cool apart from just making an awesome game.

  3. That picture creeps me out almost as much as Donkey Kong Country’s game over screen. Damn, Nintendo. Damn.

  4. I like the secretive direction Nintendo always aims for…

    It makes things that much more interesting for us gamers and developers alike…

    Unlike the other 2 where the sequels of popular games gets announced barely every year…

    What’s the fun about that?…

    1. Don’t forget about god of war ascension. It was announced half a year to a year ago. When it released, it was so common to me it was as though it was a psp game lol. Oh! Then there is the two trick pony xbox, halo new polish space suit and gears of war again lol.

      1. True, I don’t think it’s a bad game but it’s not that special either…

        But people get more impatient each year while companies get more greedy…

  5. I still don’t really get it. Why is it the year of Luigi just because he stars in one game of his own? Has every year before this been the year of Mario?

    1. It’s because he’s getting more recognition, as there would be new games and modes about him (New Super Luigi Brothers U as a mode for New Super Mario Brothers U, a new Mario and Luigi game where Mario goes into Luigi’s dreams, this game, etc.).

  6. I will say something that you may not believe.
    I have the game and reached the old clock works mansion. The game is so great. The first boss in the first mansion ( gloomy manor ) is giant spider. The second boss in the second mansion (haunted towers) is a monster staircase. Now I’m in the old clock works mansion.

    circle pad = move
    (b) + circle pad = run
    (r) = vacuum
    (l) = blow
    (x) = look up
    (a) = strobulb flash
    (y) = dark-light device
    (b) = look down
    [start] = pause menu
    touch screen = map
    (r) + circle pad = catch ghosts

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