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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut For Wii U Supports Off-TV Play, Miiverse

deus_Ex_human_revolution_director's_cut_wii_uDeus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut will be released in North America on May 7th for Wii U. When the first-person shooter arrives, it will feature Off-TV Play, which allows for playing the entire game on the Wii U GamePad. The game will also feature Miiverse capabilities. For example, via the Wii U GamePad, players will be able to record ‘Infologs,’ which contain in-game screenshots, voice recordings, drawings and notes. The Infologs can then be shared with other Wii U owners via Nintendo’s online community, Miiverse.

74 thoughts on “Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut For Wii U Supports Off-TV Play, Miiverse”

    1. People saying that the wiiu is having late ports never owned a ps3 and they call themselfs hardcore? Pfft this ports are coming way faster than it did on that system.

  1. I’m already sold! This game looks so awesome, I’m so glad they’re bringing it to the Wii U :D

  2. Wow.
    Okay, that in addition to all the other improvements…….
    Yeah, guys, this might be an older title, but that’s a LOT of game-changing improvements right there.
    Perhaps even enough to justify a higher price.

    1. Definitely. this is like Ninja gaiden 3 Razors edge compared to Ninja gaiden 3 , likke 2 different games almost!

    2. I never played the game on my PS3 so to me it brand new and will be downloaded on the 7th of April. Looking forward to playing this on the Wii U.

        1. Re-correction: May 7th, May 7, 7th of May, 5月7日, 7 de maio, 7 de mayo, 7. Mai, il 7. Mai, Die Maii VII, Le 7 mai, 7 Μαΐου, 7 мая, den 7 maj, 7 Mayıs tarihinde, ב -7 במאי, op 7 mei, 7 de maig, Maiatzaren 7an. :P

      1. A game like this use all the buttons on the controller it would be great if they ad the support of it but i see it kind of limitating.

        1. Hey, Maca! But this is what Wii remote + nunchuck are intended for: simplify the gameplay experience. No one will ever convince me about the existence of a better kind of control to FPS games.

          1. And i agree but if they could not have the time to do it or did not knew how the extras made up for the lack of it or would you prefer a copy paste version of the 360 version?

            1. Of course this version will be far superior than the others already released. I’m glad Square Enix is implementing all those new features for the Wii U version. But I’m of those who are completely unable to play a FPS game using analogic buttons; that’s why I’m curious about Wii remote + nunchuck support.

    1. Since it supports off-TV play, it really should. As long as you are not using the touch-screen on the GamePad while playing only on it.

  3. Crap!,i have the gaming dreams about monster hunter (you play it even while sleeping ) it did not happen since fallout 3 and skirym.

  4. Props to Straight Right for their Hard-working efforts in their High quality Port.
    This is an amazing gem. :P

  5. I was sold earlier yesterday with the AI improvements due to the GPGPU. Resolution fidelity, new boss modes I repeat U BOSS modes. Directors cut naration. Now this, PATIENCE is a Virtue.

    1. May 7 is right around the corner. I’m happy with this. I have a lot of faith in straight right after ME3 SE aswell :) Hopefully straight right will become the go to company for wiiu versions of games.

  6. Although this is great news for sure, wasn’t this already confirmed on another report yesterday?…

    1. I think this post is clarifying how the Miiverse will be used and unveiling the off-TV mode as well. May the force be with you, Commander! :)

  7. Nintendo Commander, my words I stated earlier about us getting the best games, even best late ports it more than vindicated my fellow general. What’s your take sir?

    1. I guess both you and I didn’t have any doubts that some games not coming from Nintendo would come eventually that are not simple or worse versions than the original…

      Let’s hope this trend continues…

      I also believe that what we are seeing right now with these uppgraded versions for Wii U are mostly some sort of experiment for later so that their new games in the future can be done even better an utilize the Gamepad in better ways…

      1. Fully agree with your last paragraph. I get this feeling that developpers came to WiiU development with caution, so they just do enhanced ports right now, to have the time to grasp more of the system’s potential for later (“later” being the moment stupid people consider gen 8 has really started).

  8. When does this WiiU additions bonanza end??
    I’m so sold right now, to a point it’s even starting to look too good to be true.

    1. True, it looks as if the Gamepad has twice as many uses as the best Swiss Army Knife out there…

      I think games like Super Mario U and Metroid will show the real capabilities of Wii U…

        1. The hardware is adequate , look at NFSMW U . It litteraly fucking destroys the ps3 and 360 version. We’re not talking a tiny minor difference , it looks like a different version of the game.

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  10. Wii U needs a FPS and RPG, but this is port of old game with enhancements. Wii U has too many ports of old games with enhancements.

    1. I get this feeling that developers came to WiiU development with caution, so they just do enhanced ports right now, to have the time to grasp more of the system’s potential for later (“later” being the moment stupid people consider gen 8 has really started).

  11. Off-TV play is the most boring use of the gamepad and makes me think that if you can play the game with out any use of the second screen, that’s off-TV play, they probably haven’t come up with any good use of the gamepad.

    1. Off-Tv Play is really more of an alternative way of playing a game than the use of it…

      The way I see it, it has 3 main functions…

      1. For those who want to play the game laying in bed or something else…

      2. For those who do not own a HD tv or a tv at all…

      3. Optional controller…thus the Off-Tv Play…

      And this enhanced version really makes good use out of both the Wii U and the Gamepad unlike other ports…

        1. Right, that was one reason I was trying to come u pwith but forgot somehow…
          It’s a big plus for those who do not have many tvs at home and so on…

  12. I never tought off screen play was worth it but when I was able to play cod on the toilet i found the wii u was truly next gen

        1. Yeah , lol . The wiiu really is a shitty console :P . As in you can take a shit whilst doing almost anything with it XD

  13. Bet you all later this year bioshock infinite U will come out with upgraded graphics and more stuff just like the wiiu has human-evolution director cut ;)

  14. Well they kinda have to. If human evolution gets massive sales then ya there’s a 75% chance because it would kinda be stupid not to do it. If they found out that it could work and get a profit off it then most companies would start doing it and Wiiu would start getting upgraded games. Which would lead them to get more and more games that start coming out which would lead to the wiiu getting new 3rd party games which would calls massive sales! But only if human evolution works and the companies start trying it out what human evolution did. Thats my theory of how wiiu will be a successes but that will only come in play if H/E gets massive sales and other Game companies try this idea.

  15. It can only be good news when you hear a game supports off-TV play and Miiverse. I think all devs should make Wii U games support Miiverse and off-TV play.

  16. Yes, now I can play it while in the bathroom. But seriously, this game is looking to be a huge step up with all of the improvements it has.

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